The Records of St. Bartholomew's Priory and St. Bartholomew the Great, West Smithfield: Volume 1

By E A Webb. The history of the priory until the second suppression of 1559-60. Includes a chronological account of the priory, as well as information on possessions, rentals and valuations, and abstracts of charters, letters patent and related wills.

St Bartholomew's Priory, Smithfield, Records. Originally published by Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1921.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
Corrigenda to volumes 1 and 2 iii
Preface v-viii
List of figures and tables xxii
Records and Authorities: Manuscripts xxiii-xliv
Records and Authorities: Printed Books xliv-lv
Contractions used lv-lvi
List of houses lvii
Introductory: The monastery 1-18
Introductory: The Augustinian order 19-34
Introductory: Priors and rectors 35-36
The founder: To 1123 37-55
The founder: From the Royal Charter (1133) 55-75
The hospital 76-92
The twelfth century: Priors Thomas and Roger 93-100
The twelfth century: Six Royal Charters 100-105
The thirteenth century: To 1255 106-129
The thirteenth century: From 1255 onwards 129-139
The fourteenth century: Prior John de Kensington 140-149
The fourteenth century: Prior John de Pekesden 149-163
The fourteenth century: Prior Edmund de Broughyng 163-165
The fourteenth century: Prior John de Carleton 165-167
The fourteenth century: Prior Thomas de Watford 168-177
The fourteenth century: Prior William Gedeney 178-181
The fourteenth century: Prior John Eyton 181-194
The fifteenth century: Prior John Watford 195-203
The fifteenth century: Prior William Coventry 203-211
The fifteenth century: Prior Reginald Collier 211-219
The fifteenth century: Priors Pulter, Tollerton and Guy 219-222
The sixteenth century: Prior William Bolton 223-238
The sixteenth century: Prior Robert Fuller 238-252
The suppression 253-261
After the suppression (1540-53) 261-276
The resuscitation and second suppression 277-288
Sir Richard Rich 289-297
Bartholomew Fair 298-317
Conventual seals 318-320
Possessions of the priory: Outside London 321-365
Possessions of the priory: City and suburbs of London 365-377
Valuations: Taxation (1291) and Valor Ecclesiasticus (1535) 378-384
Book of Foundation in Middle English: Book 1 385-405
Book of Foundation in Middle English: Book 2 405-427
The Bodleian Rental: Outside London 428-464
The Bodleian Rental: City and suburbs of London 465-477
Royal Charters and Letters Patent 477-489
Other charters and deeds: 1137-1445 489-500
Other charters and deeds: 1539 onwards 500-528
Abstract of wills 528-557