Cartulary of Trentham Priory: Bradeburn (Derbys.)

Staffordshire Historical Collections, Vol. 11. Originally published by Staffordshire Record Society, London, 1890.

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'Cartulary of Trentham Priory: Bradeburn (Derbys.)', in Staffordshire Historical Collections, Vol. 11, ed. G Wrottesley, F Parker( London, 1890), British History Online [accessed 20 July 2024].

'Cartulary of Trentham Priory: Bradeburn (Derbys.)', in Staffordshire Historical Collections, Vol. 11. Edited by G Wrottesley, F Parker( London, 1890), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024,

"Cartulary of Trentham Priory: Bradeburn (Derbys.)". Staffordshire Historical Collections, Vol. 11. Ed. G Wrottesley, F Parker(London, 1890), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024.

Bradeburn (in Derbyshire).

O. Xti fidelibus hoc p' scriptum visuris vel audituris' Henricus, filius Roberti de Tydiswell salutem in Domino, "Noverit universitas vestra me cartam domini prioris et conventus de Trentham de terra suâ de Bradeburn sub hac formâ ab eis in me et heredibus meis recepisse," universis S. matris ecclesie filiis ad quos p' scriptum pervenerit' Frater Rogerus dictus Prior de Trentham et ejusdem loci humilis conventus sal' in Domino' Noverit univ' vestra nos dedisse, &c., Henrico filio Roberti de Tytewell (sic) pro homagio et servicio suo totam terram nostram de Bradeburn, (fn. 1) cum omnibus pertinentiis et libertatibus et aziamentis, &c., infra villam et extra illam scilicet terram quam Jhordanus de Thoc nobis dedit. Habend' et tenend sibi et heredibus suis de nobis et successoribus nostris in perpetuum reddendo ille et heredes sui nobis et successoribus nostris viginti solidos argenti per annum. Apud Trentham, videlicet ad festum S. Michaelis decem solidos, et ad festum, &c. [power to distrain, if the rent was not paid, being reserved, warranty and seal]. Hiis testibus, Henrico de Esseburne domino de Bradeburn, Stephano de Yrton, Henrico de Mapilton, Symone de Clifton, Roberto de Caldewell, Galfrido de Coknage, Willielmo de Lylleshull, Ricardo Dymer, et aliis. [The seal is oval, a bird in the centre, surrounded by the inscription "Henri de Tidiswell."]

Grant from Nicholas, miller of Trentham, to John his eldest son, of a messuage with curtilage and buildings in Trentham, which he had of the gift of Richard Cope of Newcastle-under-Lyne, lying, in width, between the mill-waye on one side, and the holding that was William de Lalfull's on the other, and stretching, in length, from the high road to the place of the grange of William de Lalfull; to hold of the chief lords of the fee freely, &c. [warranty and seal]. H. T. William de Chetwynd, Ralph Burgullon, Simon Griffin, Thomas le Demur, John de Aston, Robert the Baker. At Trentham, the Thursday next after the Feast of the Purification. 12 Ed. II. (1319 A. D.)

Tenore presentium nos prior et conventus domûs sive monasterii B Marie et om' sanctorum de Trentham in Coven' et Lichf' Dioc', ordinis Sancti Augustini, collectores secunde medietatis subsidii domino regi in ultimo prelatum et cleric' convocatione concessi, prebendam de Codesall', propter non solucionem subsidii hujus, ecclesiastico supponimus interdicto Inhibentes ne quis in eâdem prebendâ divina quoque modo celebrare presumat sub penâ juris, donec et quousque subsidium, &c., plenarie fuerit satisfactum. Datum sub sigillo quo in hac parte fungimus, primo die mensis Junii. A. D. milessimo quingent quinto. (1505 A.D.) (fn. 2)

An agreement between Robert, Prior of Trentham and convent, and William Whitehurst of Toftes, done at the Chapter House of Trentham on the 10th day of November, 1526. [The seal is about 3½ inches long, oval, and bearing, apparently, a figure seated on a stool. The head has unluckily been broken off. B.V.M.]


  • 1. Bradburn is the Bradburn in Derbyshire, 5 miles from Ashborne. Jordan de Tok., c. 1200–10 A. D.
  • 2. Shows how subsidies were imposed on the clergy by the representatives in Convocation and how payment was enforced and collected.