Cartulary of Trentham Priory: Elkesdon

Staffordshire Historical Collections, Vol. 11. Originally published by Staffordshire Record Society, London, 1890.

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, 'Cartulary of Trentham Priory: Elkesdon', in Staffordshire Historical Collections, Vol. 11, (London, 1890) pp. 331-332. British History Online [accessed 26 May 2024].

. "Cartulary of Trentham Priory: Elkesdon", in Staffordshire Historical Collections, Vol. 11, (London, 1890) 331-332. British History Online, accessed May 26, 2024,

. "Cartulary of Trentham Priory: Elkesdon", Staffordshire Historical Collections, Vol. 11, (London, 1890). 331-332. British History Online. Web. 26 May 2024,

Elkesdon. (fn. 1)

Patent Rolls (memb. 33) 11 Ed. III (1337 a.d.).

Letters patent reciting that whereas the king had granted licence to the Prior and Convent of Trentham to acquire £10 worth of land, in spite of the statute of mortmain (lands held "in capite" excepted). He now gives leave to Matilda Basset of Eton, to give to Trentham Priory four messuages, forty acres of land, four of meadow, and eighty of moor in Over Elkesdon and Nether Elkesdon, which are holden of the king in capite, and which the king's official values at 35s. 4d. a year, to have and to hold for ever to them and their successors in value for four marks, leaving to the chief lords of that fee the services due and wont. (S.L.)

Cartæ Miscellaneæ, No. 4, Vol. 15, Record Office.

Sciant p et f quod Ego Galfridus (fn. 2) Griffin dedi et concessi et hac p cartâ mea confirmavi de me et hered' meis in perpetuum, pro salute anime meo, Deo et ecclesie omnium Sanctorum de Trentham et canonicis ibidem Deo servientibus, cum corpore meo ibidem sepeliendo, in liberam p. et perpetuam elemosinam totam terram meam de Olkesdon (sic) infra villam et extra, cum omnibus edificiis, redditibus, hominibus et eorum serviciis, cum molendino bosco et parco pratis pasturis, approviamentis eisiamentis et cum toto stauro meo ibidem, et cum omnibus pertin' suis. Tenendam et habendam sibi et successoribus suis libere quiete, etc., in viis et semitis, aquis et molend', brueriis, turbariis et omnibus aliis rebus ad dictam terram pertinentibus sine omni contradictione, vel reclamatione, vel vexatione mei vel heredum meorum, ita libere sicut unquam aliqua elemosina, etc., dari aut teneri possit. Faciendo inde annuatim servicium quod pertinet ad capitalem dominum cum forinseco servicio. Ego autem (warranty). His testibus, Dño Ricõ de Dreicote, (fn. 3) Dnõ Roberto de Mere, (fn. 3) Ada de Audileg, Ada de Ruchstone (sic), Ada de Moneford, Randl de Stanlawe, Thoma Choine, (fn. 3) Willo de Burgilun, Alano de Landimur. (C. 1210–15 ?)


  • 1. Adam de Elkesdon sued the Prior in 1253 a.d. for Elkesdon Manor. (Staff. Hist. Coll., Vol. IV, p. 127.)
  • 2. 1256 a.d., John de Elkesdon, and the other coparceners, (Agnes Basset being one of them), sue the Prior of Trentham for over Elkesdone manor, excepting four messuages, sixty acres of land, sixty acres of park, sixty of pasture, 100 of wood, and a mill, saying that Adam, their ancestor, died seised of it. The Prior called to warranty Geoffrey Griffin, who asked why he was so called and the Prior proffered a charter of his father another Geoffrey, giving that manor to Trentham Priory for the good of his soul and other evidence. Geoffrey then pleaded that his father had not been of sound mind at the time it was done, but the jury decided that he was. It ended in another trial, when Geoffrey was defeated by John and the coparceners, and ordered to compensate the Priory out of other of his lands. In 5–6 Ed. I, Geoffrey complained that all the Elkesdon land, without exception had been given to the coparceners, and his lands at Clayton Grffin assessed to the Priory to the full value of the whole Elkesdon Manor, to his great loss. The Sheriff had valued all Elkesdon at £15 2s. 11d., and the excepted tenements at £5 16s. 6d., and it appeared the Priory now held land in Clayton valued at £8 3s. 6d. (some small deductions being due on it however), land valued at 39s. 7d. was therefore still due to the Prior, and the Sheriff is to give it him out of Geoffrey Griffin's estate. In 7, 14, 17, 21, Ed. I (Vol. VI, p. 1) are further suits.
  • 3. All living about King John and early Hen. III.