Charles II, 1660: An Act for the present Nominating of Commissioners of Sewers.

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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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23 H. VIII. c. 5. § 1. recited

Commissioners of Sewers to be made, by the Lord Chancellor, and others, before the 23d October next ensuing.; Their Power.

Whereas by a Statute made in the Three and twentyeth Yeare of the Raigne of King Henry the Eighth It is enacted That Commissions of Sewers shall be directed in manner as in the said Actis expressed to such persons as shall be named by the Lord Chauncellour and the Lord Treasurer of England, and the two Cheife Justices for the time being or by three of them, wherof the Chauncellor to be one. And whereas our Soveraigne Lord the King hath not as yet beene pleased to make or constitute any person to be Treasurer of England, or Cheife Justice of either Bench. In default wherof noe Commissioners of Sewers can at this present time be named according to the appointment of the said Statute. And now great Dam[m]ages haveing lately happened in many parts of this Realme by Inundations of Waters which are likely to increase to the greater dammage of the people unlesse speedy remedy be in this behalfe provided Bee it therefore Enacted by this present Parliament that Co[m]missions of Sewers shall and may at any time before the three and twentyeth day of October next ensueing and not after be directed according to the manner and forme expressed in the said recited Statute, to such persons as the Lord Chauncellor, the Lords Co[m]missioners of the Treasury, the Chauncellor of the Dutchy of Lancaster, the Lord Cheife Barron of the Exchequer and the Justices of either Bench for the time being, or any three of them; whereof the Lord Chauncellor to be one; shall nominate and appoint, Which said Commissioners which shall be soe nominated shall have full power to doe and execute all matters and things as fully in all respects as any Co[m]missioners of Sewers at any time heretofore named by the Lord Chauncellor Lord Treasurer, the two Cheife Justices or any three of them ever had, or might have by vertue of the said Statute, or any other Law now in force, the said recited Statute or any other Law or Statute to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding.

II. 23 H. VIII. c. 5. not repealed

Provided alwayes that this Act or any thing therin contained shall not extend to repeale or make void any Clause, Article, Sentence or Power expressed or comprised in the said Statute made in the three and twentieth Yeare of King Henry the Eighth touching Sewers from and after the three and twentyeth day of October next ensueing, but that the same shall be of full power force and vertue as if this Act had never beene made.

III. The King's Assent not to determine this Parliament.

Provided alsoe and it is declared that His Majesties Royall Assent to this Act doth not, nor shall determine this present Session of Parliament.