Charles II, 1660: An Act for a Perpetuall Anniversary Thanksgiveing on the nine and twentyeth day of May.

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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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His Majesty's Restoration on His Birth-day.; The 29th May to be annually celebrated.

FORASMUCH as Almighty God the King of Kings and sole Disposer of all Earthly Crownes and Kingdomes hath by his Alswaying Providence and Power miraculously demonstrated in the view of all the World his transcendent Mercy Love and Gratiousnes towards His most Excellent Majesty Charles the Second by his especiall Grace of England Scotland France and Ireland King Defender of the true Faith and all his Majestyes Loyall Subjects of this his Kingdome of England and the Dominions therunto annexed by his Majestyes late most wonderfull glorious peaceable and joyfull Restauration to the actuall possession and exercise of his undoubted hereditary Soveraigne and Regall Authority over them, (after sundry yeares forced extermination into Forraigne parts by the most Traiterous Conspiricies and armed power of usurping Tirants and execrable perfidious Traiters, and that without the least opposition or effusion of blood through the unanimous cordiall loyall Votes of the Lords and Commons in this present Parliament assembled and passionate desires of all other his Majestyes Subjects, which unexpressible blessing (by Gods owne most wonderfull dispensation) was compleated on the twenty nineth day of May last past, being the most memorable Birth day not onely of his Majesty both as a man and Prince but likewise as an actuall King, and of this and other His Majesties Kingdomes all in a great measure new borne and raised from the dead on this most joyfull day wherin many thousands of( (fn. 1) ) Nobility [Citizens Gentry (fn. 2) ] and other his Lieges of this Realme conducted His Majesty unto His Royall Cittyes of London and Westminster with all possible expressions of their publique Joy and Loyall Affections in farr greater triumph then any of His [most (fn. 3) ] Victorious Predecessors Kings of England returned thither from their Forraigne Conquests, and both His Majestyes Houses of Parliament with all Dutyfull and Joyfull Demonstrations of their Allegiance publiquely received, and cordially congratulated His Majestyes [most happy (fn. 3) ] Arrivall and Investiture in His Royall Throne at His Pallace of Whitehall., Upon all which considerations, this being the day which the Lord himselfe hath made and crowned with soe many publique Blessings and signall Deliverances both of His Majestie and His People from all their late most deplorable Confusions Divisions Warrs Devastations and Oppressions To the end that it may be kepte in perpetuall Remembrance in all Ages to come, and that his Sacred Majesty( (fn. 4) ) with all His Subjects of this Realme and the Dominions thereof and their Posterities after them might annually celebrate the perpetual memory therof by sacrificeing their unfaigned hearty publique Thanks theron to Almighty God with one heart and voice in a most devout and Christian manner. for all these publique benefits received and conferred on them upon this most joyfull day, Bee it therefore Enacted by the Kings most Excellent Majesty the Lords and Commons in this present Parliament assembled and by the Authority of the same That all and singular Ministers of Gods Word and Sacraments in every Church Chappell and other usuall place of divine service and publique prayer which now are or hereafter shall be within this Realme of England and the respective Dominions therof and their Successors shall in all succeeding Ages annually celebrate the twenty ninth day of May by rendering their hearty publique Praises and Thanksgivings unto Almighty God for all the forementioned Extraordinary [Merces (fn. 5) ] Blessings and Deliverances received, and mighty Acts done thereon and declare the same to all the People there [assemlled (fn. 6) ] and the Generations yet to come that soe they may for ever praise the Lord for the same, whose Name alone is Excellent, and his Glory above the Earth and heavens,

II. All Persons to resort to some public Place of Thanksgiving on that Day.

And bee it further Enacted That all and every person and persons inhabiting within this Kingdome and the Dominions therunto belonging shall upon the said day annually resort with diligence and devotion to some usuall Church Chappell or place where such publique thanksgivings and praises to Gods most Divine Majesty shall be rendered, and there orderly and devoutly abide dureing the said publique Thanksgiveings Prayers Preaching Singing of Psalmes and other service of God there to be used and ministered.

III. Notice of this Act to be given the Lord's Day next before 29th May.

And to the end that all persons may be put in minde of their duty theron, and be the better prepared to discharge the same with that piety and devotion as becomes them Bee it further Enacted That every Minister shall give Notice to his Parishioners publiquely in the Church at morning prayer the Lords day next before every such twenty ninth day of May for the due observation of the said day, And shall then likewise publiquely and distinctly reade this present Act to the people.


  • 1. the O.
  • 2. Gentry Citizens O.
  • 3. interlined on the Roll.
  • 4. will O.
  • 5. Mercies O.
  • 6. assembled O.