Charles I, 1627: An Act for the further reformacion of sondry abuses co[m]mitted on the Lords Day co[m]monlie called Sonday.

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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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Carriers, Drovers, &c. not to travel on Sunday.

Penalty 20s; Butchers not to kill or sell on Sunday; Penalty 6s. 8d.; Such Offences being committed in view of Justice, &c. or proved by Oath of Witnesses, or Confession of the Party.; Penalties how levied.; Distress.; Penalties to the Poor; but Justice, &c. may give Part to Informer.

FORASMUCH As the Lords Day co[m]monlie called Sunday is much broken and p[ro]faned by Carriers Waggoners Carters Waynemen Butchers and Drovers of cattell to the great dishonor of God and reproach of Religion, Be it therefore Enacted by the Kings most excellent Majestie and the Lords Spirituall and Temporall and by the Co[m]mons in this p[re]sent Parliament assembled and by the Authoritie of the same, That no Carrier with any Horse or Horses nor Waggonmen with any Waggon or Waggons nor Carremen with any Cart or Carts nor Waynemen with anie Wayne or Waynes nor Drovers with any Cattell shall after fortie daies next after the end of this p[re]sent Session of Parliament by themselves or any other travell uppon the said Day, uppon paine that every p[er]son and p[er]sons so offending shall lose and forfeit twentie shillings for every such offence, Or if any Butcher by himselfe or any other for him by his privitie or consent shall after the end of the said fortie daies kill or sell any Victuall uppon the said Day, That then every such Butcher shall forfait and lose for every such offence the so[m]me of six shillings and eight pence The said offences and every of them being done in view of anie Justice of ( (fn. 1) ) Peace Mayor or other head Officer of any Cittie or Towne Corporate within their lymitts respectivelie or being proved uppon oath by two or more witnesses or by the Confession of the partie offending before any such Justice Mayor or head Officer within their severall limitts respectivelie wherein such offence shalbe co[m]mitted, To which end every such Justice Mayor or Head officer shall have power by this Act to minister an Oath to such witnesse or witnesses. All which so[m]mes or penalties shall or may be levied by any Constable or Churchwarden by warrant from any such Justice or Justices of the Peace Mayor or other Head officer as aforesaid within their severall lymitts where such offence shalbe co[m]mitted or done by distresse and sale of the offendors goods rendring to the partie the overplus or shalbe recovered by any p[er]son or p[er]sons that will sue for the same by Bill Plaint or Informacion in any of His Majesties Courts of Record in anie Cittie or Towne Corporate before His Majesties Justices of the Peace in their generall Sessions of the Peace. All which forfeitures shalbe imployed to and for the use of the poore of the Parishes where the said offences shalbe co[m]mitted or done Saving onelie that it shalbe lawfull to and for any such Justice Mayor or Head officer out of the said forfeitures to reward any such p[er]son or p[er]sons that shall informe or otherwise p[ro]secute any p[er]son or p[er]sons offending against this p[re]sent Act according to their discrecions so that such reward exceed not the third part of the forfeiture.

Information, &c. prosecuted in County where Offence committed; General Issue.; Limitation of Information, &c.; Continuance of Act.

Provided that such Bill Plaint or informacion shalbe co[m]menced sued and p[ro]secuted in the Countie City or Towne Corporate where such offence shalbe co[m]mitted and done and not elsewhere, wherein no Essoyne Proteccion or wager of Lawe shall be allowed to the Defendant, Provided allwaies that it shalbe lawfull for any Constable or Churchwarden that shall have any Suit or Accion brought against them for any distresse by them or any of them to be taken by force of this p[re]sent Act to pleade the generall issue, and to give the speciall matter in evidence. Provided likewise that no p[er]son or p[er]sons whatsoever shalbe impeached by this Act, unlesse he be thereof questioned within six Monethes after the offence co[m]mitted. Provided further that this Act shall not in any sort abridge or take away the Authoritie of the Courts Ecctiasticall, This Act to continue to the end of the first Session of the next Parliament.


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