Charles II, 1662: An Act against importing of Foreign Wool cards Card wire or Iron wire.

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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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Recital of 3 E.IV. c.4. §1. 39 Eliz. c. 14. § 1.

that many Poor People have been employed in the making of Wire and Wool Cards; that of late Foreign Card Wire and Wool Cards have been imported, and also that Persons have been engaged in making false Wool Cards; and that great Inconveniences have thereby arisen.; Foreign Wool Cards or Card Wire, &c. not to be imported; nor false Wool Cards put to sale. Importing, or making and putting to Sale false Wool Cards; Penalty.

WHEREAS by the Acts of Parliament made in the Third yeare of King Edward the Fourth and the Nine and thirtieth yeare of Queen Elizabeth and several other Statutes before that time made It is enacted (amongst other things therein contained) That no Cards for Wooll nor Iron thread (commonly called white Wire) shall be imported sent or conveyed into this Realm of England wherein the best Iron thread or Wire for making Wooll cards is made and by the said Manufacture of making and drawing of Wire and Woolcards very many poore people of this Kingdome and their Families have beene imployed and maintained and the Woolcards made thereof are of great concernment to this Kingdome for the good making of Woollen Cloth And whereas contrary to the said Statutes not onely much Foreigne Card Wire but alsoe Forreign Woolcards have been in these late times imported into this Kingdome and alsoe within the same many old Wool cards are by ill disposed persons (for their private lucre) bought up and the old Iron wire of the said old Woolcards (being very weake and insufficient for the well carding of Wooll) is put into new Leather and new Boards and so uttered and sold to ignorant people for new Wool cards to theire great detriment and the indamaging of their worke carding of Wooll and the Cloth made thereof By all which very great [Inconvencies (fn. 1) ] have been found by experience of Clothiers in their making of English Cloth which is lately much debased and decayed and wherein this Nation is greatly concerned to uphold and encourage the well making thereof in and by all wayes and meanes in any wise conducible thereunto Be it therefore enacted by the Kings most Excellent Majesty by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and the Commons assembled in Parliam[en]t and it ( (fn. 2) ) hereby enacted by the Authority aforesaid That no Forreign Wool cards or Forreign Card wire or Iron wire for making of Wool cards be imported into this Kingdom of England Dominion of Wales or any parts thereof nor used within the same nor any Card wire taken out of old Cards be from henceforth put into new Leather and new Card Boards nor any such Wooll cards made thereof be put to sale upon the paines penalties and forfeitures hereafter following (that is to say) Every person or persons who shall import or bring any Forreign Wooll cards or Foreign Card wire or Iron wire for making of Wooll cards into this Kingdom of England Dominion of Wales or any parts thereof or make any Wooll cards of any such old ( (fn. 3) ) wire as aforesaid or put the same to sale shall forfeit the said Wooll cards and Card wire or Iron wire for making Wool cards or the value thereof if the same be not seised the one halfe part thereof to the Kings Majestie and the other halfe part thereof to such person or persons who shall first seise or sue for the same by Action of Debt Plaint Bill Information or Indictment in any of His Majesties Courts of Record att Westminster or within the County City Burrough or Town Corporate where such Offence shall be committed wherein no Essoign Protection Wager of Law or Injunction shall be allowed or admitted

II. Proviso for amending Wool Cards, or exporting overworn Wool Cards.

Provided alwaies That this Act shall not extend to hinder the Owners of any Wool-cards to cause them to be amended for their owne use or to transport or sell (for Transportation onely) any their old Over worn Wool cards into any parts beyond the Seas out of his Majesties Dominions.


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