Charles II, 1662: An Act for [the] restoring [of] all such Advowsons Rectories Impropriate Gleeb Lands & Tithes to His Majesties Loyal Subjects as were taken from them and making void certain charges imposed on them upon theire Compositions for Delinquency by the late usurped Powers.

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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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Recital that many loyal Subjects had been constrained by the Long Parliament to pay large Sums of Money, and to settle Advowsons, Rents, &c. without a valuable Consideration, as Compositions for pretended Delinquency.

Such Grants, &c. void in Law. Proviso for Rights accrued (Exception) before May 19, 1662.

WHEREAS many Loyal Subjects of our late Soveraigne Lord King Charles the First and of the Kings Majesty that now is were upon pretence of Delinquency for adhering unto and faithfully serving theire said Majesties according to theire Duty and Allegiance enforced and constrained by the pretended power of the Long Parliament not onely to part with great su[m]ms of money in satisfaction of the said supposed Delinquency but likewise to setle all or part of such Advowsons Rectories Gleeb Lands and Tithes Estates and Termes as they or any in trust for them were then seised or possessed of and to make grants & assurances of Rents and Annuities to and upon such Trustees as were appointed by the said Long Parliament as well for the augmentation of certain Vicarages as for the use and maintenance of Preaching Ministers and Lecturers without any valuable considerac[i]on given for the same other then some abatement of those excessive Fines imposed upon them for theire pretended Delinquency and exacted from them by those arbitrary powers to the impoverishing and undoing of many of the Kings most Loyal Subjects Be it therefore enacted by the Kings most Excellent Majesty by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons in this present Parliament assembled and by Authority of the same That all Grants Feoffments Bargaines and Sales Releases Confirmations and other Conveyances and Assurances in the Law of any higher or lower nature whatsoever had or made by any such pretended Delinquents theire Heires Executors or Administrators or by any person having any Estate or Interest in Law or Equity in Trust for them or by any other person or persons having any Estate or Interest joyntly or in Common with them or in Reversion or Remainder after them to any person or persons Bodies Politick or Corporate of any such Advowsons Rectories Impropriate Gleeb Lands Tithes Estates Termes Annuities and Rents as aforesaid to or for the uses aforesaid as part or in full of theire Compositions for such p[re]tended Delinquency as aforesaid and all Securities touching or concerning the same only be and are hereby adjudged from henceforth null and void in Law to all intents and purposes whatsoever Saving to all persons other then the said Trustees and theire Heires and all claiming under them all right to the said Rectories and p[re]misses as hath accrued unto them before the Nineteenth day of May One thousand six hundred sixty and two

II. Tenants, of such Advowsons, &c. to pay their Rents to Persons entitled before such Grants, &c.

And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid That all Tennants Lessees and Occupiers of all such Advousons Rectories Impropriate Gleeb Lands Tithes and Premisses so granted or setled to or upon such Trustees as aforesaid for the uses or purposes aforesaid shall pay all such Rents as shall hereafter growe due and payable to such persons onely unto whom the right and interest of and in the same Advowsons Rectories Gleeb Lands Tithes and p[re]misses before the said Conveyances or Assurances (intended to be annulled and made voide by this present Act) did or should of right belong or appertain

III. Recital that Redemises of some of the Premises comprised in such Grants, &c. were executed at certain Rents for Augmentation of Vicarages and Maintenance of Ministers.

Purchasers to pay and former Owners to hold the said Rents, with Remedies by Distress, &c.

And whereas the said Conveyances and Assurances in and by this Act intended to be made void were some of them of Estates in Fee Simple and some of them long Termes for yeares made to Trustees who redemised the same at and under such yearely Rents and Su[m]ms of Money as were then appointed to be the Augmentation of certain Vicarages or maintenance for Preaching Ministers since which time many of the Rectories and Lands so conveyed and leased have been absolutely sold and the Redemises thereof granted and assigned by the Owners thereof for the benefit of such purchasers Be it further enacted and ordained by this present Parliament and by the Authority of the same that the said Purchasers theire Heires and Assigns shall pay and the said former Owners of the said Lands and Rectories theire Executors Administrators and Assignes shall have hold and enjoye the said Rents and Su[m]ms of Money so reserved for the Augmentation of the said Vicarages & maintenance for Preaching Ministers upon the said several Redemises and shall have the same and the like remedies by Distresse or by action of Debt for the recovery thereof as the said Trustees who redemised the same should or might have had if this Act had not been made


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