Charles II, 1666: An Act against importing Cattell from Ireland and other parts beyond the Seas and Fish taken by Forreigners.

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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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Recital of 15 C. II. c. 7. 13.

Importation of Cattle declared a common Nuisance.; Importing Cattle; (Exception); Cattle to be seized.; How Seizure to be proceeded with.; In what Case to be forfeited.

Whereas by an Act of this present Parlyament entituled An Act for the encouragement of Trade amongst other things some Provision was made for the preventing of comeing in of vast Numbers of Cattell whereby the Rents and Values of the Land of this Kingdome were much fallen and like dayly to fall more to the great Prejudice Detriment and Impovrishment of this Kingdome which neverthelesse hath by experience beene found to be ineffectuall and the continuance of any Importation either of the Leane or Fatt Cattell dead or alive herein after specified not onely unnecessary but very destructive to the welfare of this Kingdome Bee it therefore enacted by the Kings most Excellent Majestie by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spirituall and Temporall and Commons in this present Parlyament assembled That such Importation from and after the second day of February in this present yeare One thousand six hundred sixty and six is a publique and common Nusance and shall be soe adjudged deemed and taken to be to all intents and purposes whatsoever, And that if any great Cattell Sheepe or Swine or any Beefe Porke or Bacon (excepte for the necessary Provision of the respective Shipps or Vessells in which the same shall be brought not exposeing the same or any part thereof to Sale) shall from and after the said second day of February by any wise whatsoever be imported or brought from beyond Seas into this Kingdome of England Dominion of Wales or Towne of Berwicke upon Tweede That then it shall and may be lawfull for any Constable Tythingman Headborough Churchwardens or Overseers of the Poore or any of them within their respective Liberties Parishes or Places to take and seize the same and keepe the same dureing the space of Eight and forty houres in some publique and convenient place where such Seizure shall be made within which time if the Owner or Owners or any for them or him shall make it appeare unto some Justice [of the Peace2] of the same County where the same shall be soe seized by the Oath of two credible Witnesses which Oath the said Justice of Peace is hereby impowered and required to administer That the same were not imported from Ireland or from any other place beyond the Seas not herein after excepted after the said Second day of February Then the same upon the Warrant of such Justice of Peace shall be delivered without delay But in defaulte of such Proofe and Warrant then the same to be forfeited, One halfe [thereof (fn. 1) ] to be disposed to the use of the Poore of the Parish where the same shall be soe found or seized the other halfe to be to his or their owne use that shall soe seize the same.

II. Importing Fish taken by Foreigners;

to be seized and disposed of.

And for the better encouragement of the Fishery of this Kingdome Bee it further enacted by the Authoritie aforesaid That if any Ling, Herring, Codd or Pilchard fresh or salted, dryed or bloated or any Salmons Eeles or Congers taken by any Forreigners Aliens to this Kingdome shall be imported uttered sold or exposed to sale in this Kingdome That then it shall and may be lawfull for any person or persons to take and seize the same, The one halfe thereof to be disposed of to the use of the Poore of the Parish where the same shall be soe found or seized, the other halfe to his or their owne use which shall soe seize the same.

III. Proviso for Importation of Cattle from the Isle of Man.

Continuance of Act.

Provided alwayes That noe thing in this Act shall be construed to hinder the Importation of Cattell from the Isle of Man in this Kingdome of England soe as the number of the said Cattell doe not exceede Six hundred Head yearely And that they be not of any other Breed then of the Breed of the Isle of Man And that they be landed at the Port of Chester or some of the members thereof and not elsewhere This Act to continue untill the end of seaven yeares and from thence to the end of the first Session of the next Parlyament.


  • 1. interlined on the Roll.