Charles II, 1666: An Act Explanatory of the Act for raiseing Moneyes by a Poll and otherwise towards the Maintenance of this present Warr.

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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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Recital of c. 1. ante.

Upon what Persons the Sum of 12d. in the said Act mentioned is to be charged.

Whereas by an Act of this present Session of Parlyament intituled An Act for raiseing moneyes by a Poll and otherwise towards the Maintenance of this present Warr It is enacted That all and every person and persons shall pay unto His Majestie the summe of Twelve pence over and above the other Rates charged upon them by [this (fn. 2) ] Act. To prevent all doubts that may arise in the execution thereof Bee it enacted and declared by the Kings most Excellent Majestie by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spirituall and Temporall and Commons in this present Parlyament assembled and by the Authoritie of the same That the said summe of Twelve pence shall be charged upon and be paid by every person of what age sex or condition soever within the Kingdome of England Dominion of Wales and Towne of Berwicke upon Tweede other then such persons who receive Almes from the Parish and the Children of any person remaining in his or her family who by reason of their poverty doth not contribute unto the Rates for Church and Poore and which are under the age of sixteene yeares and are therefore exempted by the said Act.

II. Parents, &c. to pay for Minors.

And be it further enacted That the respective Parents Guardians and Tutors of every person under the age of One and twenty yeares shall upon defaulte of payment by such person and upon demand pay Twelve pence for every such person resideing in their family or under their Tuition and not exempted as aforesaid.

III. Persons charged compellable to pay by the Rules, &c. of the said Act.

And bee it enacted That every person charged or appointed to make any payment by vertue of this present Act shall be compellable by the Coo[m]mi?ers appointed by the before recited Act or any two or more of them to pay the same according unto the Rules and Methods and under the Penaltyes for paying the Rates expressed in the said recited Act.

IV. Appeal for Persons overcharged.

And bee it further enacted and declared That every person or persons charged by the said recited Act for his or their Profession Office or in respect of any other capacitie chargeable by this or the aforesaid Act who shall finde him or themselves overcharged shall and may upon his or their Appeale before the Coo[m]mi?ers in the said Act mentioned or any two or more of them upon his or their severall Oathes discharge him or themselves in such manner and forme as persons overrated for their personall Estates are by the said Act enabled.

V. Lodgers and Servants to berated where resident.

And bee it enacted That all persons not being Householders nor haveing a certaine place of abode and all Servants shall be taxed at the place where they shall be resident at the time of the execution of the said Act and not otherwise.


  • 1. This Chapter is intituled Chapter I. 19 Car. II. and the consequent Numbers observed in the Seven subsequent Acts as of 19 Car. II. in the common printed Editions; in the Long Calendar at the Parliament Office it is entered thus, Nu. 12. Ann. Car. II: 18° et 19°
  • 2. the said O.