Charles I, 1640: An act for the better raising and levying of Mariners Saylers and others for the present guarding of the Seas and necessary defence of the Realme & other his Majesties Dominions.

Pages 133-134

Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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c.5. ante, recited.

Reciting that a Fleet is preparing for the Defence of the Realm. ; Lord Admiral, &c. empowered to impress Seamen.; Such impressed Men to have conduct Money at the Rate of 1d. per Mile; and to have Wages and Entertainment at the like Rate as for the Three Years last past.; Seamen, &c. refusing to be impressed, or hiding, &c. themselves. Imprisonment.

Whereas there was an act this present Parliament intituled An act for the better raising and levying of Mariners Sailers and others for the present guarding of the Seas and necessary defence of the Realm which act is now expired And Whereas alsoe a Fleet is now in preparing to be set forth with all expedition for the guarding of the narrow Seas and necessary defence of this Realm and other his Majesties. Dominions in this time of imminent danger which cannot accordingly be performed unlesse the same be furnished with fit and sufficient men for that service. Be it therefore enacted by the authority of this present Parliament That the Lord Admirall that now is shall and may at any time or times betweene the tenth day of December 1641. and the first of November next coming by himselfe his Vice Admirall Commissioner or Commissioners or other Officer or Officers or any of them togeather with one or more Justices of the Peace next the place where any presse shall be made shall raise levie and impresse such and so many Mariners Sailers Watermen Chirurgions Gunners and Ship Carpenters as shall be requisite and necessary for this present expedition or for any such further defence of the Realme or any other of his Majesties Dominions which said Mariners Sailers and other such persons so to be levied and impressed as aforesaid and every of them shall have paid and delivered unto him upon such his impressing by the person that shall soe impresse him for conduct money for every mile from the place where he shall be soe impressed to the Ship or place to which hee shall be appointed to make his repaire the sum of one penny and the like sum of one peny for every mile from the place of his discharge unto the place of his abode and shall be allowed for his service the best wages and entertainment which have or hath beene allowed by his Majestie to any such person or persons respectively at any time within three yeares last past And if any Mariner Sailer Waterman Chirurgeon Gunner or Ship Carpenter shall wilfully refuse to be impressed in or for the said Service or shall voluntarily hide and absent himselfe at the time of such presse to avoid the said service that then every such person soe offending shall suffer imprisonment by the space of three monthes without baile or mainprise

II. Proviso for Masters, Masters' Mates, &c. that shall be in Employment, and for other Persons described.

Provided alwaies That this act shall not extend to the pressing of any master or masters mate gunner carpenter or [Boatswain (fn. 1) ] of any Ship or Vessell that is or shall be in imployment or of above one of ten Mariners of any Ships that shall be inward or outward bound nor to any person that shall be under the age of eighteen or above the age of fifty nor to any person that was rated in the last Subsidies or shall be rated in any Subsidies hereafter to be granted before the time of his being impressed

III. No Reward to be taken, or corrupt Practice used, in executing act; Penalty £20.

Provided alwaies And be it enacted that no money or other reward shall be taken or any corrupt practise used by any the persons authorized by this act in or for the pressing changing sparing or discharging of any person or persons to be impressed by force of this act under paine of forfeiture of twenty pounds by the person so offending for every such offence the one halfe to his majesty his heires and successours the other halfe to him that will sue for the same to be recovered by action of debt bill plaint or information in any of his Majesties Courts of Record or before the Justices of Assisse Oyer and Terminer Goal Delivery or the Justices of the Peace of the County City or Towne Corporate where such offence shall be committed at theire generall Quarter Sessions wherein no Wager of Law Essoign protection or injunction shall be admitted or allowed.


  • 1. Boatson O.