Charles II, 1660: An Act for supplying and explaining certaine defects in an Act entituled An Act for the speedy provision of money for disbanding and paying off the forces of this kingdome both by Land and Sea.

Pages 225-226

Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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c. 9. ante.

Householders, within Two Days after Demand, to deliver to Assessor, &c. List of all Persons above 16 residing in their Families.; Penalty £5, and for every Person omitted 10s.

For the supplying and explaining of certaine defects in an Act of this present Parliament (entituled An Act for speedy provision of money for disbanding and paying off the forces of this kingdome both by Land and Sea) It is hereby enacted by the Kings Most Excellent Majesty and by and with the consent and advice of the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled and by the authority of the same That every Householder being Master or Mistris of a family shall within two dayes after demand made by any Assesser or other Officer therunto appointed deliver unto such Assessor or Officer of every parish towne or place wherin such Householder being Master or Mistresse shall dwell a true and perfect list of all persons above the age of sixteen yeares as shall be inhabiting or residing in their respective families together with the names sur-names degrees and qualities of such persons and if any such Master or Mistris shall make default of such delivery being therof convicted before any two of the Commissioners in the said Act named, he or she shall forfeit the summe of five pounds to the uses in this Act expressed and for every person ommitted out of such list as aforesaid the summe of ten shillings, the one moyety of such forfeiture to be imployed to the Informer, the other moyety to the uses in the said Act expressed, which forfeitures shall be leavyed by distresse and sale of the offenders goods rendering the overplus to the Owner.

II. Commissioners before 20th Oct. next to return into Exchequer Duplicates of Rates and Names of Collectors.

And Bee it further enacted by the authority aforesaid that the Commissioners of the severall and respective Countyes Cityes and Places in the said Act mentioned shall at or before the twentyeth day of October next returne into the Court of Exchequer true and perfect duplicates of all summes of money taxed rated and assessed by vertue of the said Act together with the names of the respective Collectors appointed for receiving of the same,

III. Commissioners for London and Middlesex to pay Monies received by them to the Treasurers appointed by the said Act, whose Acquittance shall be a Discharge.

And it is further enacted by the authority aforesaid that the Commissioners in the said Act named and appointed for taxing and assessing of all and every person within the Citty of London and Liberties thereof and the County of Midlesex shall (after the receipt of all and every summe and summes of money paid unto them by the severall Collectors within the said County Citty and Liberties) immediately pay over the same unto the Treasurers in and by the said Act appointed (and not unto the Sheriffes of the said Citty) whose acquittance or acquittances shall be from time to time a sufficient discharge in that behalfe,

IV. The 1d. in the Pound allowed by the said Act to be taken by the Treasurers as well in Discharge of incident Charges as for rewarding Persons employed by them.

And whereas the Treasurers in the said Act named are authorized thereby to take unto themselves one penny in the pound out of such moneyes paid in by vertue of the said Act to be distributed unto such person or persons as they shall imploy in receiving and issueing of the said moneyes in such manner and proportion as they shall thinke fitt, It is hereby further enacted by the authoritie aforesaid that the said one penny in the pound shall be taken by the said Treasurers as well in discharge of all incident charges as the said Treasurers shall be putt unto for carrying on the said service as for rewarding such persons as they shall thinke fitt to imploy in and about the service aforesaid in such manner and proportion as the said Treasurers shall thinke fitt,

V. Persons having Estates in one or more Counties, and paying in one for his greatest Proportion in the several Counties, in what case discharged in all the other Counties.

And be it further enacted by the authoritie aforesaid that if any person have an estate in one or more Counties and shall pay in any one County or place what he shall or can be charged withall as his greatest proportion for his degree or whole estate in the severall Counties and places (if the same shall exceed his degree, and produceing an acquittance or certificate thereof, the Commissioners in the said Act named are hereby authorised and required to discharge such person in all other Countyes and places where he shall happen to be taxed and assessed,

VI. Commissioners to issue out Warrants under Hand and Seal to Officers to distrain on Tenants for Default of Landlords.

Officers to distrain accordingly.

And bee it further enacted by the authoritie aforesaid that the said Commissioners or any three of them are hereby required and impowered to issue out their warrant or warrants under their hands and seales or under the hands and seales of any three of them to the Constables Pettie Constables or other his Majesties Officers Ministers or other persons inhabiting within the severall Countyes Cittyes Townes and places respectively requireing them or any of them to distraine the goods and chattells of all and every person and persons and every tennant and tennants for and on the behalfe of his her or their respective Landlord, who shall refuse or negclect to pay the respective summes charged upon him her or them by vertue of the aforesaid Act, And the said Constables Petty Constables and other his Majesties said Officers and Ministers and other persons inhabiting as aforesaid are hereby required to make such distresse accordingly

VII. Stewards, &c. of Peers to deliver Lists of the Families of Peers.

[Provided alwayes That neither this Act nor any thing therein contained shall extend or be construed to extend to any Peere or Peeres of this Realme, but that the Steward of any of the Peeres or some other servant of the said Peeres shall deliver in the lists of their families to such as are appointed by this Act, and that noe Peere or Peeres shall be assessed otherwise then as in the said recited Act. (fn. 1) ]


  • 1. annexed to the Original Act in a separate Schedule.