Charles II, 1660: An Act for the raiseing of seaventy thousand pounds for the further supply of his Majestie.

Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1625-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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'Charles II, 1660: An Act for the raiseing of seaventy thousand pounds for the further supply of his Majestie.', in Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1625-80, ed. John Raithby( s.l, 1819), British History Online [accessed 25 July 2024].

'Charles II, 1660: An Act for the raiseing of seaventy thousand pounds for the further supply of his Majestie.', in Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1625-80. Edited by John Raithby( s.l, 1819), British History Online, accessed July 25, 2024,

"Charles II, 1660: An Act for the raiseing of seaventy thousand pounds for the further supply of his Majestie.". Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1625-80. Ed. John Raithby(s.l, 1819), , British History Online. Web. 25 July 2024.

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Grant of £ 70,000,

to be assessed in the manner and by the Commissioners appointed by c. 21. ante.; Commissioners to meet 5th July 1661, and execute the like Powers, &c. as in the said Act are mentioned.; .

THE Commons assembled in Parliament doe give and grant unto your most excellent Majestie the summe of seaventy thousand pounds to be raised and leavyed in manner following and doe pray your Majestie that it may be enacted And Be it enacted by your most excellent Majestie by and with the advice and consent of the Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled that the summe of threescore and ten thousand pounds for one moneth onely begining from the first day of July One thousand six hundred sixtie and one shall be assessed taxed collected levyed and paid in the severall countyes cittyes burroughes townes and places within England and Wales and the towne of Berwicke upon Tweede according to the severall rates rules and proportions and in such manner and forme and by the same Commissioners as in and by a certaine other Act passed this parliament for raiseing the like summe of seaventy thousand pounds for one moneth onely begining from the twenty ninth of September One thousand six hundred and sixty entituled An Act for the speedy raiseing of seaventy thousand pounds for the present supply of his Majestie, are mentioned or referred unto and intended which Commissioners shall meete upon or before the fifth day of July One thousand six hundred sixtie and one, and are hereby enabled and required to use and execute all and every the like powers and authorities as in and by the said Act are mentioned, or referred to and intended as fully and amply as if the same rates rules proportions powers and authorityes had beene perticularly inserted in this present Act,

II. Monies raised to be paid by Receivers General into the Exchequer 1st August 1661.

And be it further enacted by the authoritie aforesaid that all and every the summes of money charged by this Act upon the severall Countyes Cittyes Townes Burroughs and places aforesaid shall be raised levyed and paid into his Majestyes receipt of the Exchequer upon or before the first day of August One thousand six hundred sixty one by the severall Receivers Generall who shall be appointed by the said Commissioners.

III. Proviso for Lands, &c. in the Possession of the King or Queen, or of Ecclesiastical Persons, and formerly assessed.

Provided alwayes And it is hereby declared that noe Mannors Lands Tenements and Hereditaments which were formerly assessed and taxed for and towards former assessments and Land taxes and are now in the possession or holding of his Majestie or of the Queenes Highnes or of any ecclesiasticall person or persons, or his [her (fn. 1) ] or their farmers and tennants shall be exempted from the [paym[en]t of ye (fn. 1) ] severall summes of money in this Act comprised, but that the said Mannours Lands Tenements and Hereditaments shall be rated assessed, and taxed for and towards the said severall summes of money in this Act comprized in such manner and forme as they were of late rated taxed and assessed for and towards the said former land rates, Any law statute or custome to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding

IV. Proviso for Peers.

[Provided allwayes that neither this Act nor any thing therein contained shall be drawne into example to the prejudice of the auntient rights belonging to the Peeres of this Realme, (fn. 2) ]

V. Commissioners added for the several Counties, &c. herein mentioned.

And be it declared and enacted by the authoritie aforesaid that these persons hereafter named shall be added Commissioners for their severall Countyes places and precincts respectively and shall exercise the same powers as the other Co[m]missioners intended by this Act are authorized and impowered to doe that is to say


For the County of Berks Peregrine Hobby Richard Harrison Esquiers, John Fettiplace of Ferneham Esquire and Samuell Woodcox.

Burrough of New Windsor

For the Burrough of New Windsor Andrew Plumpton Richard Fishborne Gent.


For the County of Bucks William Tirringham Esquire Sir Thomas Hampson Baronet Sir Phillip Palmer Baronet Thomas Ratcliffe Esquire.


For the County of Cambridge Sir Thomas Dayrell John Bennet Esquire Sir Anthony Cage Levinus Bennet.

Isle of Ely

For the Isle of Ely Roger Jennings Esq[uire].


For the County of Chester Sir George Warburton Baronet Edward Warren ( (fn. 3) ) Jeffery Shakerley ( (fn. 3) ) Henry Leigh [Esquiers. (fn. 3) ]

Citty of Chester

For the Citty and County of the Citty of Chester The Maior for the time being.


For the County of Cornewall Robert Roberts Esq[uire] Sir William Tredingham Joseph Tredingham Thomas Penhallow The Knights and Burgesses that serve for the said County and James Eirsey Gent. The Maior of Lostwithell for the time being John Mollesworth Esq[uire] William Williams of Trevithen.


For the County of Cumberland Mr Anthony Bouch Mr Richard Uriell Mr Thomas Croswhat Mr Robert Webster.


For the County of Devon Nicholas Davies Doctor of Phisicke William Jennens Gent. Edmond Tremaine ( (fn. 3) ) William Putt ( (fn. 3) ) John Kellond ( (fn. 3) ) William Bogan ( (fn. 3) ) George Howard ( (fn. 3) ) John Kelley ( (fn. 3) ) James Rodd [Esquiers (fn. 3) ] Walter Jago Francis Drew Esq[uire] William Walrond Esquire John Blagdon Gent. John Hamm Gent. Henry Newte


For the West Riding in the County of Yorke Wellbury Norton ( (fn. 4) ) Robert Wivel [Esquiers (fn. 4) ] Richard Roundhill Gent. William Hamond ( (fn. 4) ) Walter Hawkesworth [Esquiers (fn. 4) ] Cuthbert Wade John Preston Gent. Arthur Ingram Esquire Edward Atkinson William Witham Gent. Samuell Sunderland Esquire Thomas Ward Gent. Sir William Ingram Knight Sir John Goodricke Baronet Sir Thomas Wentworth ( (fn. 5) ) Sir Edward Rodes ( (fn. 5) ) Godfrey Copley of Sprotsbrough John Claiton Josua Horton Thomas Stringer Esquiers The Alderman of Leedes for the time being.

Yorke North Rideing

For the North Rideing in the County of Yorke Sir William Caley Arthur Caley Esq[uire] William Wivell Esq[uire] Sir Thomas Gower Baronet Thomas Worsley ( (fn. 4) ) Charles Tankred [Esquiers (fn. 4) ] Sir William Franklin Baronet The Bailiffes of Scarborough for the time being Tristram Fish Robert Belt Esquiers Thomas Robinson Thomas Scudamore Esquiers.

Yorke Citty

For the Citty and County of the Citty of Yorke All the Aldermen of the Citty of Yorke.

Kingston upon Hull

For the Towne of Kingston upon Hull Mr George Crowle


For the County of Essex Mr Edward Glascock Mr Miles Hubbert Mr John Smart Captaine Hunter Deane Tindell Esq[uire] Isaac Wincall Thomas Clopton Thomas Peek Peter Johnson Thomas Manby Esquiers.


For the County of Glocester Thomas Freame Thomas [Floid (fn. 6) ] Samuell Sheppard Phillip Sheppard William Morgan Richard Daston John Tooke Esquiers Robert Lord Tracy Thomas Morgan Esq[uire] Sir Nicholas Throckmorton Knight William Bromage Gent. William Winter of Dimmock Gent. Richard Matchen Gent. John Winnyat Gent. Thomas Aylway Gent..


For the County of Hereford Sir Herbert Parret Knight, John Barnaby of Brookehampton Esq[uire] Thomas Baskervile of Collington Gent., John Booth of Hereford Esq[uire].

Citty of Hereford

For the Citty of Hereford Thomas Davies Esq[uire] Maior, James Lawrence Gent. Thomas Clerke Gent..


For the County of Hertford Marmaduke Rawden James Willimot junior Gent. Thomas Arras Doctor of Phisicke Richard Combes Esq[uire] Sir Robert Joslin Knight Thomas Coppin Edward Briscoe John Halsie Esquiers Mr Fetherston of Blakeswere Edward Brograve Ralph Gore Thomas Brograve Edward Cason Thomas Bonest Henry Becher Henry Chauncey George Bromley Alexander Meade John Crouch James Willimot junior George Poyner Gent. John Jesson Esquire Sir Edward Alston Knight.

St Albanes

For the Burrough of St Albanes William Foxwist Esquire Recorder Mr John New Mr Edward Eames Mr Thomas Cowley senior Mr William Marston Sir Henry Conningsby Edmond Smith Alban Cox Richard Combes Esq[uire] Thomas Marston Gent..


For the County of Kent Sir William Mann Sir Edward Masters Thomas Peake Esq[uire] Sir Thomas Godfrey The Maior of Maidston for the time being Sir William Merideth Baronet Sir Thomas Peirse Baronet Mr Richard Manley Mr Thomas Manley.


For the Towne of Sandwich John Verrier, Peter Peke Gent..


For the County of Lancaster Henry Banister Esq[uire] Jeofrey Rushton Gent. Richard Fleetwood Gent. John Mollineux Esq[uire] William Fife Esq[uire] Sir George Midleton Knight and Baronet Mathew Richardson Esq[uire] Robert Heywood Esq[uire] Roger Stowton of the Citty of London Thomas Butler Richard Farrington William Wall William Turner Henry Brabin William [Hodgekenson (fn. 7) ] Gent..


For the County of Lincolne and Citty and County of the same Edward Turney ( (fn. 8) ) William Lister [Esquiers (fn. 8) ] Sir Robert Dallison Baronet Sir Charles Dallison Knight William Draper Samuell Proctor William Thompson Humphrey Walcot Thomas Mills Michaell Dalton John Watson William Willoughby Henry Heron Marmaduke Darrell John Ogle Anthony Treadway William Skipwith Thomas Browne of East Kirby John Almore Mr Skinner of Thornton Colledge Thomas Harrington William Whichcot Charles Pelham junior Roger Pelham Mr John Lockton Mr John Hobson junior Mr Henry Hall Mr Charles Bawdes Mr John Colthurst Mr William Bishop and Mr Edward Blaw Aldermen Mr William Perkins Mr Thomas Mills Mr Peregrine Bucke Mr William Dowman Mr Thomas Dickenson Mr John Thornton and Richard Wetherell Aldermen.


For the Citty of London Nicholas Delves Esq[uire] Benjamin Albin Richard Spencer.


For the County of Midlesex Sir John Robinson Baronet Leiutenant of the Tower Sir Richard Browne Thomas Bide Thomas Harrison of South Mims Sir William Bateman Leiutenant Collonell Powell Charles Pittfield Esq[uire] Robert Peyton John Jones John Limbrey Edward Chard Richard Shelton [Esquiers (fn. 8) ] William Page Esq[uire] Roger Jennens Esq[uire] Sir Heneage Finch Baronet his Majestyes Sollicitor Generall, Cheney of Hackney Esq[uire] Leiutenant Collonell Powell Charles Cheney of Chelsey Christopher Abdy Esq[uire] Sir Allen Broadricke John Barton Esq[uire].


For the Citty of Westminster and Liberties thereof Gabriell Becke Esq[uire] Mr Graham Peter Maplesden George Plunknet Thomas Kirke William Greene George Farewell Ralph Darnell


For the County of Monmouth William Jones of Frowen Esq[uire] James Proger Charles Proger.


For the County of Northampton Edward Onely ( (fn. 8) ) John Thornton ( (fn. 8) ) John Willoughby [Esquiers. (fn. 8) ]


For the County of Norffolke George Windham Robert Doughty of Hanworth ( (fn. 8) ) Robert Legar [Esquiers (fn. 8) ] Henry Scarborough Gent. Mr John Repps Mr Thomas Talbot Mr Henry Blackborne Gent..

Burrough of Lyn Regis

For the Burrough of Lyn Regis John Basset Maior Robert Steward Esq[uire] Recorder Thomas Greene William Wharton Henry Bell Robert Thorowgood Alderman Holley.

Great Yarmouth

For the Towne of Great Yarmouth Nicholas Cutting James Simonds Bailiffes there Sir John Potts Knight and Baronet Sir William Doyley Knight Sir Thomas Medow Knight Thomas Gooch George England John Carter Nathaniell Ashby Thomas Lucas John Woodroffe James Johnson Esquiers George Tilyard Gent..


For the whole Burrough and Corporation of Theftford The Maior for the time being Mr John Kendall Gent. Mr Bourage Martin Maurice Shelton Esquire [Mr (fn. 9) ] Robert Keddington Gent. Mr Nicholas Rookewood Mr Robert Wright of Kilveston.

Newcastle upon Tine

For the Towne and County of Newcastle upon Tine Sir John Marley Sir Nicholas Cole Knight and Baronet Sir Francis Bows Knight Sir Francis Anderson Knight.


For the County of Nottingham Francis Sandis Esq[uire] Thomas Bristow ( (fn. 10) ) William Newton [Gentlemen. (fn. 10) ]

East Retford

For the Burrough of East Retford The Bailiffes for the time being.


For the County of Oxon William Glin ( (fn. 11) ) John West [Esquiers (fn. 11) ] John Coker Gent. James Herbert Esq[uire] Sir Thomas Tippin.

University of Oxford

Mr Robert Withers Mr Edward Master Mr David Thomas Mr Gregory Ballard Mr Timothy Horton.

The Citty of Oxford

For the Citty of Oxford Francis Holloway William Cornish


For the County of Salop Charles Baldwin( (fn. 11) ) Samuel Baldwin [Esquiers (fn. 11) ] Mr Moore of Midleton Mr [Bishop (fn. 12) ] of the Moore Benjamin Buckley.


For the County of Stafford Thomas Rudiard Esq[uire] John Colclough ( (fn. 13) ) Timothy Edge [Gentlemen. (fn. 13) ]


For the County of Somerset William Orange Esq[uire] William Bacon Senior Gent. John Cridland Gent. Mawdley Samborne ( (fn. 11) ) John Carew ( (fn. 11) ) Roger Newborough ( (fn. 11) ) James Haise [Esquiers. (fn. 11) ]

For the Citty of Bristoll

For the Citty and County of the Citty of Bristoll The Maior and Sheriffes for the time being John Knight the elder William Coulston John Bradway William Coles.

For the Citty of Bath

For the Citty of Bath John Peirce John Masters Aldermen.


For the County of Southampton with the Towne and County Mr Essex Powlet Richard Lucy ( (fn. 11) ) Gabriel Whistler [Esquiers. (fn. 11) ]

Isle of Wight

For the Isle of Wight Thomas Bowreman Esq[uire] John Oglander of Newport Gentleman.


For the County of Suffolke George Winiffe William Blumfield Esquiers [Isaac Motham Esq[uire] Gardiner Web Gent. (fn. 14) ] Mr John Brooke Mr Milton of Ipswich Mr Edmond Bedingfield Mr Francis Langley Mr Thomas Read Mr Rabbit of Bramfield.

St Edmonds Bury

For St Edmonds Bury Francis Smith Robert Sharpe Samuell Hustler.


For the County of Surrey Edward Evelin ( (fn. 11) ) John Yates ( (fn. 11) ) Richard [Knippe Esquiers (fn. 15) ] Mr John Parker Sir Purbecke Temple ( (fn. 16) ) Sir Thomas Bludworth [Knights (fn. 17) ] Thomas Rogers ( (fn. 11) ) Charles Good Harmon Atwood Esquiers ( (fn. 18) ) John Parker of Rigate.

Rie in the County of Sussex

For the Towne of Rie Samuell [Pembrig (fn. 19) ] James Welsh Thomas Osmonton.


For the County of Worcester Sir John Packington Baronet Sir Rowland Berkley Knight Sir John Windford Knight Samuell Sandis ( (fn. 11) ) Henry Townsend ( (fn. 11) ) John Bearecroft [Esquiers (fn. 11) ] Sir Ralph Clare Knight of the Bath.

Worcester Citty

For the Citty and County of the Citty of Worcester Edward Soley Alderman Samuell Smith ( (fn. 13) ) Thomas Twitty [Gentlemen (fn. 13) ] Henry Townsend Esq[uire] Sir William Moreton Knight Humphrey Tyrer ( (fn. 13) ) Richard Heming ( (fn. 13) ) Stephen Richardson [Gentlemen (fn. 13) ] Sir John Packington Sir Rowland Berkeley Sir Ralph Clare Sir John Winford Samuell Sandis Esq[uire]


For the County of Warwicke Lister of Alveston Esq[uire] Richard Bishop of Stratford Esq[uire]


For the Citty and County of the Citty of Coventry Sir Arthur Caley Knight The Maior of Coventry for the time being Henry Smith Alderman Sir Richard Hopkins Knight William Jesson ( (fn. 20) ) Thomas Norton [Esquiers (fn. 20) ] Mr Thomas Love ( (fn. 21) ) Mathew Smith ( (fn. 21) ) Samuell Snell ( (fn. 21) ) William Jelliffe ( (fn. 21) ) Robert Beake ( (fn. 21) ) James Nailer [Aldermen. (fn. 21) ]

Towne of Warwicke

For the Towne of Warwicke Sir Henry Puckering Baronet Sir Clement Throckmorton Knight John Rouse ( (fn. 20) ) Nathaniell [Stounton (fn. 22) ] John Stanton [Esquiers (fn. 20) ] Lister of Alveston Esq[uire] Richard Bishop of Stratford.


For the County of Wilts Walter Buckland ( (fn. 20) ) Thomas Mompesson ( (fn. 20) ) William Caley [Esquiers (fn. 20) ] Mathew Rayman Gent. Thomas Hunt Gent. Robert Chaundler Robert Nicholas of Alcainings William Broomewich t. Samuell Eyre Gent. Simon Spatchurst Esquire Christopher Gardiner Gent. Mr Francis Parry.


For the Citty of New Sarum Samuell Eyre Gent. Simon Spatchurst Esq[uire] Christopher Gardiner Gent.


For the Isle of Anglesey Robert Lord Viscount Bulkley.


For the County of Cardigan James Phillips ( (fn. 20) ) Morgan Herbert ( (fn. 20) ) Thomas Jenkins ( (fn. 20) ) Erasmus Lloyde ( (fn. 20) ) Thomas Evans ( (fn. 20) ) Henry Vaughan Thomas Price the Elder ( (fn. 20) ) Thomas Lloyde of Yinshen ( (fn. 23) ) Morrice Vaughon ( (fn. 23) ) John Price [Gentlemen (fn. 23) ] Thomas Parry Reighnold Jenkins John Bowen Thomas Lewis Hector Phillips Nicholas Lewis William Jones Abell Griffin Esquiers Wactkin Lloyde ( (fn. 23) ) John Griffith of Noyadd [Gentlemen (fn. 23) ] The Maior of Cardigan for the time being Rees Guyn David Morgan Aldermen.


For the County of Carmarthen Jonathan Lloyde Walter Lloyde Walter Mansell.


For the County of Carnarvon Griffith Bodurda John Lloyde of Nangwiniadale Robert Winn of Conway William Wynn of Pengwoone William Thomas of Carnarvon Jonathan Lloyde Walter Lloyde Walter Mansell.


For the County of Denbigh Francis Manley Esq[uire].


For the County of Flint Kenricke Eaton Esq[uire]


For the County of Glamorgan John Price of Courtcarne Morgan Morgan Esq[uire].


For the County of Mountgomery William Oakely Edmond Wareing David Morrice Esquiers John Mathewes Henry Pursall John Kiffin William Price of Lanligan John Lloyde of Conway.

Haverford West

For the Towne and County of Haverford West Sir Herbert Perrot Knight William Browne Alderman.


  • 1. interlined on the Roll.
  • 2. annexed to the Original Act in a separate Schedule.
  • 3. Esq[uire] O.
  • 4. Esq[uire] O.
  • 5. Knt O.
  • 6. Lloyde O.
  • 7. Hodginson O.
  • 8. Esq[uire] O.
  • 9. interlined on the Roll.
  • 10. Gent. O.
  • 11. Esq[uire] O.
  • 12. Bushop O.
  • 13. Gent. O.
  • 14. interlined on the Roll.
  • 15. Knipe Esq[uire] O.
  • 16. Knt O.
  • 17. Knight O.
  • 18. Mr O.
  • 19. Bembrigg O.
  • 20. Esq[uire] O.
  • 21. Alderman O.
  • 22. Stoughton Esq[uire] O.
  • 23. Gent. O.