Charles II, 1660: An Act impowering the Master of the Rolls for the time being to make Leases for yeares in order to new build the old houses belonging to the Rolls.

Pages 301-303

Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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Recital that the House of the Rolls is out of Repair, by reason that the Master of the Rolls is not enabled to grant Leases.

The Master of the Rolls enabled to grant Leases for 41 Years.; The Chapel and House of the Rolls, &c. excepted.; Proviso as to Provision for new-building of Houses.

Whereas the Mansion House Ground and Tenements with the appurtenances belonging to the Master of the Rolls as Master of the Rolls are much out of repaire and not capeable of improvement in regard the former Masters of the Rolls were not enabled to grant such leases, and for such termes as might incourage tennants to build and to repaire Be it therefore enacted by the Kings Most Excellent Majestie and the Lords and Commons in this present Parliament assembled And it is hereby enacted by the authoritie aforesaid That the Master of the Rolls for the time being and his successors Masters of the Rolls shall have good right full power and lawfull authority dureing the time he or they shall continue Master of the Rolls by writing indented under hand and seale to grant and make leases for one and forty yeares or for any lesser terme to commence from the makeing of any such leases of all and singular the premises or any part thereof the Chappell of the Rolls with a convenient Mansion House Court Yard Garden Stable Coach house and other Outhouses and buildings fitt for the use and habitation of the Master of the Rolls onely excepted, which lease and leases soe to be made shall be good and effectuall in law to all intents and purposes as if such Master of the Rolls for the time being as shall soe make the same had beene seized of the premisses of a good estate in fee simple. Provided that in leases where provision is made for new building of houses or tenements that the yearely rent of twenty shillings at the least shall be reserved upon every lease of such a quantity of the said premisses as shall be sett out and assigned by the Master of the Rolls for the time being for any one house or tenement to be built upon, and that in leases where there is noe provision for new building the like usuall rent that hath beene paid or reserved for the greater part of seaven yeares now last past or more shall be yearely reserved. Provided alsoe that the Master of the Rolls for the time being or any succeeding Master of the Rolls after the premises have been once letten according to the power given as abovesaid shall not grant or make any new or concurrent lease untill within seaven yeares of the expiration of the lease then in being, nor for any lesser rent then was reserved upon the former lease, nor for any longer terme then for the terme of one and twenty yeares from the makeing of such new Lease.

ITEM quedam petic[i]oes privatas p[er]sonas concernentes in se formam Actus continentes exhibita fuerunt p[re]dco Dño Regi in Part p[re]d quarū tituli subscribuntur viz


1. An Act for restoring of Henry Lord Arundell of Warder to the possession of his estate.

2. An Act for restitution of Thomas Earle of Arundell, Surrey, and Norfolk to the dignity and title of Duke of Norfolke.

3. An Act to restore to Wentworth Earle of Roscomon of the Kingdome of Ireland all the Honours Castles Lordships Lands Tenements and Hereditaments in Ireland whereof James Earle of Roscomon his Great Grandfather Robert Earle of Roscomon his grandfather, or James late Earle of Roscomon his father were in possession on the three and twentieth of October One thousand six hundred forty one.

4. An Act for enabling of John Newton the younger and William Oakeley to make sale of Lands for payment of debts and raising portions.

5. An Act for restoreing Sir George Hamilton unto his Lands and estate in Ireland.

6. An Act for maintenance of the Viccar for the time being of the Viccaridge of Royston in the Counties of Hertford and Cambridge and of his successors Viccars of the said Vicaridge.

7. An Act for enabling Sir William Wray to sell Lands for payment of his debts, and raising of portions for his younger children.

8. An Act for naturalizing of Gerrard Vantethusen Daniell Demetrius Theodore Cocke John Cravenburgh & others

9. An Act for the levying of certaine moneys due upon the collection for the protestants of Piedmont.

10. An Act for the naturalizing of John Boreel Esq[uire] eldest sonne of Sir William Boreel Knight and Baronet.

11. An Act for the naturalizing of Abraham Watchtor borne beyond the Seas.

12. An Act for restoring of Sir Thomas Crimes Baronet to his estate.

13. An Act enabling George Faunt of Foston in the County of Leicester Esq[uire] to sell and convey part of his Lands for payment of severall debts and legacies charged upon his estate by Sir William Faunt Knight deceased and for the raising of portions for his younger children and makeing his wife a joynture.

14. An Act for naturalizing of [Frances (fn. 2) ] Hyde and others.

15. An Act to enable Joseph Micklethwaite an infant and his trustees to sell land for payment of his fathers debts.

16. An Act for raising portions and makeing provision for maintenance for the younger children of Sir Edward Gostwicke Baronet.

17. An Act for confirming the sale of the Manour of Hitcham sold to Charles Doe by Sir John Clarke Knight and Baronet, and for setling and disposing other the Lands of the said Sir John Clarke and Dame Philodelphia his Wife.

18. An Act for the setling of some of the Manours & Lands of the Earle of Cleavland in trustees to be sold for the satisfieing of the debts of the said Earle and of Thomas Lord Wentworth his some.

19. An Act for the disappropriating of the Rectory appropriate of Preston and uniting and consolidating of the said Rectory and of the Vicaridge of the Church of Preston and for the assureing of the Advowson and right of patronage of the same unto the Master Fellowes and Schollers of Emanuell Colledge in Cambridge and their successors.

20. An Act for makeing the precinct of Covent Garden parochiall.


  • 1. This Act received the Royal Assent in the Form of a Private Act, vizt "Soit fait come il est desire;" and is in the Bundle of Private Acts at the Parliament Office; but it is inrolled as a Public Act on the Fourth Part of the Rolls of this Year, and has usually been printed as Chapter XXXVI.
  • 2. On the Roll the Name is not intelligible, the Letter "e" remaining with a dot or tittle at the top as an "i", but in the Original Act it is "Frances."