Charles II, 1661: An Act for granting unto the Kings Majestie twelve hundred and threescore thousand pounds to bee assessed and levied by an assessment of threescore and ten thousand pounds by the moneth for eighteene moneths.

Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1625-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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'Charles II, 1661: An Act for granting unto the Kings Majestie twelve hundred and threescore thousand pounds to bee assessed and levied by an assessment of threescore and ten thousand pounds by the moneth for eighteene moneths.', Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1625-80, (s.l, 1819), pp. 325-348. British History Online [accessed 17 June 2024].

. "Charles II, 1661: An Act for granting unto the Kings Majestie twelve hundred and threescore thousand pounds to bee assessed and levied by an assessment of threescore and ten thousand pounds by the moneth for eighteene moneths.", in Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1625-80, (s.l, 1819) 325-348. British History Online, accessed June 17, 2024,

. "Charles II, 1661: An Act for granting unto the Kings Majestie twelve hundred and threescore thousand pounds to bee assessed and levied by an assessment of threescore and ten thousand pounds by the moneth for eighteene moneths.", Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1625-80, (s.l, 1819). 325-348. British History Online. Web. 17 June 2024,

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Reasons for the present Grant.

£1,260,000. granted in the Manner following, but not to be drawn into Example.

We your Majesties most dutifull and loyall subjects the Commons assembled in Parliament taking notice of the present and important occasions for your Majesties supply and of your Majesties abundant grace and bounty to your people in the late Act of free and generall pardon indempnity and oblivion and withall considering that the great and heavy taxations which your people have lately undergone were cheifely if not onely for the paying off those publique debts to the Army and Navy which were contracted in ill times and most of them for ill purposes under the late tyranicall and usurping powers insomuch that wee are nowe to provide for all those necessities your Majestie hath beene reduced to by the new setling [of (fn. 1) ] your Majesties household without any setled revenue by the putting forth of severall Fleets and Navies to sea although your Majestie found the stores neere exhausted by the provisions for the Garrison of Dunkirke and the establishment att Tangiers and alsoe att Jamaica three great additions of honour att present and wee hope of plenty hereafter by securing our trade and commerce besides the charges of those guards to your royall person which the implacable spirits of some men have for some time made necessary and that noblest expence of all in bringing home your Royall Consort (whom Almighty God preserve and blesse to the joy and comfort of your Majestie and to the happines of all future generations) Nevertheles that your Majestie may see wee are no way discouraged by the charge or difficulty of the present occasions and that your enemies may see and knowe our readines to assist your Majestie with the utmost hazards both of our lives and estates Wee your said Commons doe hereby freely and cheerefully give and grant unto your Most Excellent Majestie the sum of twelve hundred and threescore thousand pounds to be raised and levied in manner following And although wee cannot but knowe that the ancient and usuall parliamentary course of raising moneyes for the aid and supply of your Majesties extraordinary occasions is and hath beene by way of subsidies which wee desire may bee observed in future times And that the course hereby taken may not bee drawne into example for the time to come and considering that the way of subsidies hath for many yeares last past been disused and that the regulac[i]on of that method in raising moneys would require more time and occasion more delay then your Majesties pressing and urgent affaires can well permit Wee therefore your Majesties faithfull and obedient subjects the Commons assembled in Parliament beseech your Majestie that it may be enacted [And be it enacted (fn. 2) ] by the Kings Most excellent Majestie by and with the consent and advice of the Lords Spirituall and Temporall and of the Commons in this present Parliament assembled That the su[m]me of threescore and ten thousand pounds by the month for eighteene moneths begining from the five and twentieth day of December One thousand six hundred sixty one shall bee assessed taxed collected levied and payed by six quarterly payments in the severall Counties Cities Burroughs Townes &places within England and Wales and the Towne of Berwicke upon Tweed according to the severall rules and proporc[i]ons and in such manner as is hereafter expressed (that is to say) for every moneth of the said [eighteen (fn. 2) ] moneths Upon

The County of Bedford the su[m]me of nine hundred thirty and three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Berks the su[m]me of one thousand fowerscore and eight pounds seaventeene shillings and ten pence.

The County of Buckingham the sum of one thousand two hundred fourscore and three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Cambridge the su[m]m of one thousand one hundred and two pounds ten shillings.

The Isle of Ely the su[m]m of three hundred threescore and seaven pounds ten shillings.

The County of Chester the su[m]m of seaven hundred threescore and ten pounds.

The City and County of the City of Chester the su[m]m of fourscore and five pounds eleaven shillings and two pence.

The County of Cornwall the su[m]m of One thousand six hundred thirty three pounds six shillings [and (fn. 3) ] eight pence.

The County of Cumberland the su[m]m of One hundred and eight pounds.

The County of Derby the su[m]m of nine hundred thirty and three pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Devon the su[m]m of three thousand and three pounds fifteene shillings and six pence.

The City and County of the City of Exon the su[m]m of [One (fn. 2) ] hundred and seaven pounds six shillings and eight pence

The County of Dorsett the su[m]m of One thousand three hundred and eleaven pounds ten shillings and six pence.

The Towne and County of Poole the su[m]m of Ten pounds and fourteene shillings.

The County of Durham the su[m]m of One hundred fifty three pounds fourteen shillings and four pence.

The County of Yorke with the City and County of the City of York the su[m]m of Three thousand forty three pounds eight shillings and ten pence.

The Towne and County of Kingston upon Hull the su[m]m of Threescore and seaven pounds thirteene shillings foure pence.

The County of Essex the su[m]m of Three thousand and five hundred pounds.

The County of Gloucester the su[m]m of One thousand six hundred twenty six pounds six shillings eight pence.

The City and County of the City of Gloucester the su[m]m of One hundred threescore and two pounds eleaven shillings and two pence.

The County of Hereford the su[m]m of One thousand one hundred threescore and six pounds thirteene shillings and foure pence.

The County of Hertford the sum of One thousand and four hundred pounds.

The County of Huntington the su[m]m of Six hundred twenty two pounds foure shillings and six pence.

The County of Kent with the City and County of the City of Canterbury the su[m]m of Three thousand six hundred fifty five pounds eleaven shillings two pence.

The County of Lancaster the su[m]m [One (fn. 4) ] nine hundred thirty three pounds six shillings eight pence.

The County of Leicester the su[m]m of One thousand fourscore and eight pounds seaventeen shillings and eight pence.

The County of Lincoln with the City and County of the City of Lincoln the su[m]m of Two thousand seaven hundred twenty two pounds four shillings ten pence.

The City of London the su[m]m of Four thousand six hundred threescore and six pounds thirteene shillings and foure pence.

The County of Middlesex with the City and Liberties of Westminster the su[m]m of One thousand seven hundred fourscore and eight pounds seaventeene shillings and ten pence.

The County of Monmouth the su[m]m of Foure hundred threescore and six pounds thirteene shillings four pence.

The County of Northampton the sum of One thousand and four hundred pounds.

The County of Nottingham the su[m]m of Nine hundred and three pounds four shillings and four pence.

The Towne and County of the Towne of Nottingham the sum of Thirty pounds two shillings four pence.

The County of Norfolke the sum of Three thousand six hundred twenty four pounds eight shillings ten pence.

The City and County of the City of Norwich the sum of One hundred fourscore and six pounds thirteene shillings four pence.

The County of Northumberland the sum [of (fn. 5) ] One hundred threescore and nineteene pounds nineteene shillings ten pence.

The Towne of Newcastle the su[m]m of Thirty five pounds eleaven shillings eight pence.

The County of Oxon the sum of One thousand one hundred twenty seaven pounds fifteene shillings six pence.

The County of Rutland the sum of two hundred threescore and twelve pounds four shillings and six pence.

The County of Salop the sum of One thousand three hundred twenty two pounds four shillings and foure pence.

The County of Stafford the su[m]m of Nine hundred and nineteene pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The City and County of the City of Lichfeild the sum of fourteen pounds.

The County of Somersett the su[m]m of two thousand seaven hundred twenty two pounds four shillings six pence.

The City and County of the City of Bristoll the sum of One hundred threescore and eleaven pounds two shillings and two pence.

The County of Southampton with the Towne and County of Southampton the su[m]m of Two thousand twenty two pounds foure shillings and four pence.

The County of Suffolke the sum of Three thousand six hundred fifty five pounds eleaven shillings and two pence.

The County of Surrey the sum of One thousand five hundred threescore and five pounds five shillings and six pence.

The Burrough of Southwarke the su[m]m of [One (fn. 6) ] hundred fourscore and four pounds fourteen shillings and six pence.

The County of Sussex the sum of One thousand nine hundred and five pounds eleaven shillings and two pence.

The County of Warwicke with the City and County of the City of Coventry the su[m]m of One thousand two hundred forty four pounds eight shillings and ten pence.

The County of Worcester the su[m]m of One thousand one hundred fourscore and two pounds four shillings and four pence.

The City and County of the City of Worcester the su[m]m of threescore and two pounds four shillings and six pence.

The County of Wilts the su[m]m of One thousand nine hundred forty foure pounds eight shillings and ten pence

The County of Westmerland the sum of threescore and thirteene pounds nineteene shillings and four pence.

The Isle of Anglesey the sum of One hundred thirty five pounds fourteen shillings four pence.

The County of Brecknock the sum of Three hundred threescore and one pounds thirteen shillings four pence.

The County of Cardigan the sum of Two hundred and thirteen pounds and ten shillings.

The County of Carmarthen the su[m]m of Three hundred fifty and two pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The County of Carnarvan the sum of Two hundred and two pounds four shillings and four pence.

The County of Denbigh the sum of Two hundred threescore and twelve pounds four shillings and six pence

The County of Flint the sum of One hundred thirty five pounds fourteen shillings and six pence.

The County of Glamorgan the su[m]m of Four hundred fifty and eight pounds seaventeen shillings and eight pence

The County of Merioneth the su[m]m of One hundred twenty four pounds eight shillings and ten pence

The County of Mountgomery the su[m]m of Two hundred fourscore and fifteen pounds and eleven shillings

The County of Pembroke the su[m]m of Four hundred and six pounds

The County of Radnor the su[m]m of Two hundred fifty four pounds six shillings and eight pence.

The Town of Haveford West the su[m]m of Fourteen pounds eleven shillings and eight pence

And the Town of Berwick upon Tweed the su[m]m of Five pounds sixteene shillings and eight pence.

Commissioners named.

And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid that all and every the persons hereafter named shall be Commissioners of and for the severall and respective Counties Cityes Boroughs Townes and Places hereafter named that is to say.

( (fn. 7) )

For the County of Bedford Francis Lord Russell Robert Lord Bruce Sir Beauchampe S[en]t John Sir Samuel Browne Sir Loodwick Dyer Sir John Napier Sir Roger Burgoin Sir Thomas Alston Sir Humphrey Winch Sir Humphrey Monox Sir St John Charnock Sir Henry Chester Knight of the Bath Sir Samuel Luke Sir William Palmer of Warden Sir William Palmer of Hill Sir John Duncombe Sir James Beverley Sir William Beecher Sir Clement Armiger Sir George Blundell Sir Henry Piggot John Keeling Serjeant att Law Stephen Anderson St John Tomson Oliver Luke John Osborne Francis Dives William Boteler Francis Crawley Richard Tayler Richard Dyer Thomas Suagy William Geery James Mountague Samuel Cotten John Neale John Harvey Walter Rolt John Vaux William Cheney of Sundon Thomas Chaney of Bramingham John Huxley Robert Crompton Robert Audley William Spencer Walter Cary John Ventris John Rotderam Francis Wingate Mathew Denton Gaius Squire John Mathewes Stanton Esquires.

Towne of Bedford

For the Towne of Bedford The Maior for the time being Robert Lord Bruce Sir Humphrey Winch Sir Henry Chester Sir William Beecher Sir George Blundell William Boteler Esq[uire] Richard Tayler Esq[uire] John Keeling Serjeant at Law William Spencer John Gardiner Robert Beverley John Beaumont Doctor of Phisick John Barber Thomas Christi William Foster William Riseley Simon Beckett Esquires John Hancock Crawley Robert Fitzhugh Aldermen Lewis Harding Robert Little William Scot senior.


For the County of Berks George Fane Esquire John Lovelace Esquire Sir George Stonehouse Sir Thomas Draper Sir Thomas Rich Sir Richard Powle Sir Edmund [Sawyer (fn. 8) ] Sir Robert Pye Sir Richard Braham Sir Thomas Dolman Sir Cesar [Colchough (fn. 9) ] Sir Henry Winchcombe John Davis George Purefoy Peregrine Hobby Robert Packer Richard Aldworth Richard Harrison Thomas Sanders William Backhouse John Elwaies John Southby Richard Nevill John Allen John Whitfeild John Blagrave Henry Henn William Nelson William Trumball William Hyde William Barker [Anthony Barker (fn. 10) ] Francis Peacock Esquires Mr John Parr William James Thomas Southby Mr Dalby Paul Colton Samuel Woodcock The Maiors of Reading Abingdon Windsor and Wallingford for the time being Richard Palmer Peregrin Wilcockct Mr Day Mr Piggott Mr [Coulton (fn. 11) ] Mr Loder senior of Wallingford Mr Weston of Newberry James Herne senior Doctor Hungerford George Starke Esq[uire] William Baker Esquire Robert Massey Esq[uire] Mr Whisler of Alder Humphrey Hyde senior Humphrey Hyde junior Edward Hobby Richard Broderick William Wilmot


For the County of Bucks Thomas Lord Wenman Sir Thomas Tirrell Justice of the Co[m]mon Pleas Sir Richard Temple Baronett Sir Toby Tireill Sir John Burlace Sir Francis Henry Lea Sir Anthony Chester Sir Heneage Proby Sir William Drake Sir Ralph Verney Sir William Smith Sir Richard Napier Sir William Bowyer Baronetts Sir William Tirringham Knight of the Bath James Herbert Esquire Sir William Parsons Sir Henry Andrewes Baronets Sir Richard Ingoldsby Knight of the Bath Sir Edmund Pye Knight and Baronet Sir Thomas Longvile of [Molverton (fn. 12) ] Baronet Sir Robert Croke Charles Cheney Thomas Proby Richard Hampden Francis Ingoldsby John Dormer Richard Greenvill Symon Bennet Thomas Saunders of Hadenham Thomas Stafford Robert Lovett Thomas Duncumbe of Broughton Esquires Sir Purbecke Temple Knight Brett Norton Thomas Hacket Esquires Sir Thomas Lee Baronet John Green Edmund Petty Alexander Croke Robert Croke William Fleetwood, William Burlace William Penn Edmund Varney William Salter Edward Waller Edmund Waller of Esquires Thomas Berringer George Tash Nicholas le Grice Thomas Farrer senior Thomas Farrer junior John Egglestone James Lowe Thomas Risley Roger Price Francis Tirringham Knightley Purefoy Bernard Turney Duke Dorrell William Lane William Claver of Weeden Esquires Captain Styles Sir Robert Geares Knight and Baronett Sir Thomas Hampson Baronet Sir Thomas Clarges Knight Sir Richard Pickett Ralph Deane Peter Dayrell junior Edmund Dayrell Esquires Sir John Croke Dudley Rewse Francis Duffeild Thomas Weedon Esquires Thomas Audley Richard Burton John Turner Gentlemen William Hackwill Esquire James Perrot Gentleman Richard Winwood Thomas Waller Esquires The Bayliffe of Buckingham for the time being The Maior of Wickham for the time being.


For the County of Cambridge The Lord Allington Sir William Compton Sir Dudley North Sir Francis Russell Sir Thomas Hatten Sir John Cotten Sir Thomas Willis Sir John Cutts Sir Thomas Bennet Sir Thomas Dayrell Sir Isaac Thornton Sir Thomas Wendy Thomas Chichley ( (fn. 13) ) Levinus Bennet ( (fn. 13) ) John Bennet [Esquires (fn. 13) ] Sir Anthony Cage Samuel Thornton John Millisent Samuel Fortrey Thomas Story William Legat Thomas Ducket Robert Piggot Jeoffry Nightingale John Wildbore William Layre Humphrey Gardiner Thomas Martin Roger Pepys Thomas Dodd Esquires Mr Barnes.

For the University and Towne of Cambridge

For the University and Towne of Cambridge The Vice Chancellor of the University for the time being The Maior of the Towne for the time being Sir Thomas Slater Baronet Richard Minsall Theophilus Dillington Doctors of Divinity Andrew Owen Doctor of Law Robert Eads Mathew Barlowe Henry Pamant James Jackson Brady Doctors of Phisick Thomas Crowch Esq[uire] Clement Nevile Doctor Gostlyn Thomas Gearing Samms Robert Crane Doctor of Law Walter Catstrey John Peachel John Boord Roger Pepys Recorder of the Towne Samuel Spalding Christopher Rose Chapman Thomas Tifford John Ewen John Jenkinson Rowland Simpson John Tymms.

Isle of Ely.

For the Isle of Ely William Covell William Fisher Lawrence Oxburgh Thomas Marsh Thomas Steward Robert Steward Robert Balaam William Balam Anthony Buckworth Anthony Fisher Mathew Tayler Humphrey Gardner Robert Swaine John Swayne Thomas Edwards Robert Glapthorn Edmond Farrer Robert Twelve Michael Holman.


For the County of Chester Robert Lord Cholmley Sir William Stanley Sir Peter Leicester Sir Thomas Manwaring Sir Richard Grosvenor Sir George Warburton Baronets Sir Philip Egerton Sir John Ardern Sir Fulke Lucy Sir John Booth Knights Thomas Cholmondeley of Vel-Royall Richard Leigh Edward Warren Henry Brooke Thomas Marbury Henry Legh John Crew of Utkinton Edward Legh ( (fn. 14) ) Henry Bunbury ( (fn. 15) ) Edward Hide Edward [Legg (fn. 16) ] Peter Dutton Richard Wathall [Roger Wilbraham of Nampwich (fn. 17) ] Roger Wilbraham of Deerfold John Belot William Lawton John Daniel William Liversage Peter Pindare Alexander Fitton Somerford Oldfeild Robert Tatton Richard Masley Ralph Horton Esquires.

City of Chester.

For the City and County of the City of Chester Thomas Thrope Maior of the said City Sir Thomas Smith Baronet John Ratcliffe Esquire Recorder Charles Walley Robert Harvey Thomas Cooper William Ince Edward Bradshawe William Crompton John Johnson William Bennet Robert Bird William Wright Peter Leigh Richard Minshull Gerrard Jones Arthur Walley The Maior for the time being.


For the County of Cornwall Robert Roberts Esquire Sir Chichester Wrey Knight and Baronett Sir John Trelawney Knight and Baronett Sir John Carew Sir Richard Vivian Baronets Sir William Godolphin Knight and Baronet Sir Richard Edgecombe Knight of the Bath Sir Francis Godolphin Knight of the Bath Sir Nicholas Slaning Knight of the Bath Sir John Arundell Sir Peter Courtney Sir Peter Killigrew Sir Samuel Coswarth Sir Richard Prideaux Sir James Smith Sir William Tredinham Knights Charles Grills Peircy Edgecombe Jonathan Trelawney John Coryton Hender Roberts Richard Arundell Bernard Greenvil Hugh Biscawen Jonathan Rashley Charles Trevanion Charles Roscarrock Francis Buller Walter Langdon William Pendarvis John Elliot John Buller John Arundell Nicholas Arrundel William Scawn Edward Boscawn William Cotten John Harris Samuel Trelawney John Trelawney John Penrose John Speccot Renatus Billet Humphrey Noy Esquires John Tanner James Prade Thomas Robinson Edward Nosworthy Arthur Spry Thomas Hearl John Rashley Richard Rouse William Godolphin Richard Erisie junior John Polewheel Digory Polewheel Walter Kendal Walter Moyl Nicholas Burlace Edmond Prideaux Oliver Sawle Thomas Trefry John Moulsworth John Nicholls of Trewane John Carnsew Francis Jones Ezekiel Arrundel Richard Pendarvis Anthony Chinoweth William Painter Hannibal Buggins George Hele Samuel Ennis John [Bonthen (fn. 18) ] of Carclew Hugh Trevanion Nathaniel Trevanion Colan Blewet Hugh Pomeroy Christopher Cooke Hugh Courtney Thomas Wills Thomas Castle Michael Hill Nathaniel Mohun Esquires Thomas Hoblin of St Stephens Gent. John Accland George Potter Merchants Isaac Maudite senior. ephens Gent. William Trevisa John Bligh Richard Porter Henry Spur Henry Spur junior Leor Tremain Esquires Francis Robinson Gent. Hugh Piper James Bond Digory Tremain Chamond Greenvil John Peirce John Billing Christopher Billet Joseph Sawle Esquires Hugh Trevanion Marke Silly William Spry Richard Hawke William Courtney of Sde; William Trevisa John Bligh Richard Porter Henry Spur Henry Spur junior Leor Tremain Esquires Francis Robinson Gent.Hugh Piper James Bond Digory Tremain Chamond Greenvil John Peirce John Billing Christopher Billet Joseph Sawle Esquires Hugh Trevanion Marke Silly William Spry Richard Hawke William Courtney of St Erme John Mathews Humphrey Arscot Thomas Hoblin of Goran Samuel Gully Thomas Hicks John Verman John Williams Richard Williams John Burgesse Edmund Phillips Andrew Cory Francis Burgis William Williams Charles Grills Bernard Kendall William Mohun William Webber David Moyl Nicholas Sawle Robert Soyle John Edwards Francis Hearle James Crocker Stephen Polewheel Nathaniel Lugger Gentlemen Reynald Hawkey Thomas Pyker Richard Erisie John Vivian Thomas Wadden Peter Jenkin Edward Hearle James Erisie Edward Elliott Charles Biscawen John Ceely Esquires Edward Hender Gentleman John Thomas William Hender Richard Carter Esquires John Conock Mathew Vivian.


For the County of Cumberland Sir Philip Musgrave Knight &Baronett Sir Patricius Curwen Baronet Sir William Dalstone Knight and Baronett Sir George Fletcher Sir John Lowther [Sir John Lowther (fn. 17) ] Sir Edward Musgrave Baronets Sir Thomas Dacre Sir William Huddlestone Sir William Carleton Sir Philip Howard Sir Wilfrid Lawson Sir Francis Salkeld Knights Christopher Musgrave John Lamplugh Christopher Blencow William Musgrave Daniel Fleming Richard Skelton William Musgrave William Layton George Denton Richard Tolson John Barwis William Briscoe John Eglanby Jonathan Atkins Christopher Potter Christopher Richmond Thomas Denton Anthony Bouch John Senhouse Edward Stanley John Warwick Esquires The Maior of Carlisle for the time being.


For the County of Derby Henry Viscount Mansfeild William Lord Cavendish Anchitel Gray Esquire George Pierpoint Esquire Sir Thomas Gresley Sir Francis Burdet Sir John Harper Baronets Sir John Curson Knight and Baronett Sir Edward Coke Sir Henry Every Sir William Boothby Baronets Sir John Harper Sir Samuel Sleigh Knights John Fretchvile German Pole John Ferrers John Mundey George Vernon Richard Coke John Milward Walter Horton Charles Agard Gilbert Thacker William Fitzherbert Charles Cotton Henry Gilbert Nicholas Willimot Robert Eyre James Abney Godfrey Clarke William Bullocke George Sitwell Simon Degg Esquires Roger Alestry John Dalton William Woolly Maior of Derby for the time being Thomas Sleigh John Donage Aldermen George Tayler William Wright Rowland Eyre of Bradway Francis Barker Gent..


For the County of Devon Sir William Morrice Principall Secretary of State Sir Peter Prideaux High Sheriffe Sir Edward Seymour Sir George Chudley Sir Francis Drake Sir Thomas Hele Sir Hugh Pollard Sir Courtney Poole Sir Copplestone Bampfeild Sir John Northcot Sir John Chichester Sir William Courtney Sir John Davye Sir Edmund Fowell Sir William Morrice Sir Thomas Carew Sir John Drake Baronets Sir Edward Wise Sir John Roll Sir Nicholas Slanning Knights of the Bath Sir John Chichester Sir Henry Carew Sir John Young Sir Thomas Stewkley Sir Robert Cary Sir Richard Prideaux Sir Peter Ball Sir James Smith Sir William Stroud Sir Edmund Fortescue Sir John Skelton Knights Edward Seymore Peter Prideaux Arthur Bassett William Jennings Arthur Northcoat John Fowell Thomas Clifford Robert Fortescue Thomas Hele Walter Young John Giffard Edmond Tremain Thomas Southcoat Edmond Parker Richard Cabal John Courtney John Bury John Arscote George Yeo Thomas Carew Edward Pyne John Speccot John Tanner Amos Pollard John Pollard Nicholas Dennys Robert Walker John Tuckfeild George Potter Samuel Trelawney George Howard John Kelland William Bogan Jonathan Sparke James Clifford Nicholas Duck Thomas Reynel Mathew Halls Thomas Carew of Bowhill Thomas Stafford John Stowell John Jacob John Harris of Hotham Thomas Wood William Williams Balthazar Bear Thomas Berry of Northam John Harris of Radford John Kelley Henry Norleygh Josias Calmady Ambrose Roope Thomas Gibbons Edmond Fowell John Martin Arthur Champernone [Philip Champernone (fn. 19) ] Mathewe Heale John Wise John Hawkins Thomas Prestwood John Trelawney Edward Walrond Francis Drewe John Fry [Benjamin Colme John Willoughby Thomas Beare John Fry (fn. 19) ] William Walrond William Putt ( (fn. 20) ) Richard Duke Thomas Southcote Gideon Haydon John Bragg Philip Shapcote James [Huich (fn. 21) ] Ellis Bartlett Henry Ford Samuel Tanner William Martin Henry Stevens Henry Newte Esquires The Maiors of Totnes Plimouth Tiverton Dartmouth and Barnstaple for the time being Christopher Clobery Peter Fortescue Esquires.

City of Exon.

For the City and County of the City of Exon Sir Thomas Mallet Knight one of his Majesties Justices of the Kings Bench The Maior for the time being Sir Peter Ball Recorder Sir James Smith Knight Robert Walker John Were Esquires John Bidgood Doctor of Phisick Nicholas Isaac Sheriff John Marten Merchant Henry Walker Gent. Thomas Shapcote Gent. John Accland George Potter Merchants Isaac Maudite senior.


For the County of Durham Sir Thomas Widdrington Knight Sir John Conyers Sir Thomas Lyddell Sir Gilbert Gerrard Baronets Sir George Vane Sir Francis Bowes Sir Francis Lyddell Sir William Darcy Sir Nicholas Cole Sir Joseph Craddock Knights Thomas Burwell Doctor of Lawes John Hilton Esquire Thomas Delaval James Clavering Cuthbert Carr Anthony Byarly Nicholas Frevill Christopher Conyers Ralph Cole George Darcy Ralph Davison Thomas Shadforth Anthony Dodsworth John Tempest Thomas Fetherstonhaugh Cuthbert Pepper Esq[uire]s Timothy Whittingham Esquire.

Newcastle upon Tyne

For the Towne and County of Newcastle upon Tyne Sir John Marley Knight present Maior Sir Nicholas Cole Knight and Baronet Sir Thomas Anderson Knight Sir Francis Bowes Knight Mr Robert Shafto Recorder Mr Robert Shafto Mr Marke Milbanks Mr John Emerson Aldermen Mr Thomas Jenison Sheriff Mr Henry Madison Mr Thomas Davison Mr Ralph Grey junior Mr Thomas Wetherell Mr John Dobson junior Mr Ralph Tayler.


For the County of Dorset John Lord Digby Sir Francis Hollis Sir Gerrard Napier Sir Hugh Windham Baronets Sir Francis Fulford Sir John Strangewaies Sir Walter Earle Sir Ralph Banks Sir John Fitz James Sir John Lowe Knights Giles Strangewayes John Strode Humphrey Wilde John Morton John Strangwaies John Tregonwell of Anderston Henry Henly George Pit Robert Culliford Winston Churchill Henry Whitaker James Gould John Churchill Bullen Reymes Humphrey Bishop Thomas Freake Nathaniel Naper John Tregonwell of Milton Edward Hooper Robert Coker John Rogers Thomas Trenchard Thomas Fownes Thomas Moore George Fulford John Turbervel Robert Lawrence Robert Naper Maximilian Mohun Michael Harvey George Hussey Thomas Baynard Esquires John Browne William Constantine William Thomas George Grey Henry Butler William Floyer Robert Tyderleigh John Ryves of Damare John Gould John Abington Arthur Radford William Okeden Edmond Uvedall George Savage of Deane John Michel John Jeffreys Dillaline Hussey John Hardey Wolle Miller William Ellesdon George Strangwaies William Caldecote Mathew Davis John Still Arthur Fooks Gregory Gibbs George Strenchard John Dolling John St Lowe John Hoskins John Ironside William Fautleroy Esquires George Style Henry Herbin Gentlemen Thomas Chaff Peter Hoskins John Hurden George Browne James Smith Robert Freak Robert Seymour Robert Williams of Heringstone Richard Newman Esquire.


For the Towne and County of Pool Sir John Fitz James John Morton Esq[uire] Colonel William Skut Robert Cleeves Richard Dolberry Moses Durrell Aaron Durrel.


For the County of Essex Sir Edward Turner Speaker of the House of Comons Sir Harbottle Grimstone Master of the Rolls Sir John Barrington Knight and Baronet Edward Russell Esquire Sir Henry Appleton Sir Benjamin Ailoffe Sir William Hicks Sir William Wiseman of [Cawfeild (fn. 22) ] Sir Andrewe Jenner Sir Capell Luckin Sir Martin Lumbley Sir Thomas Abdy Sir Samuel Tryan Sir Robert Abdy Sir William Wiseman Sir Henry Wright Sir Thomas Smith Baronets Sir John Brampstone Sir James Altham Knights of the Bath Sir Humphrey Mildmay Sir John Tyrell Sir Robert Kempe Sir Thomas Bowes Sir Richard Wiseman Sir Anthony Browne Sir Thomas Fanshawe Sir Edmond Peirce Sir Thomas Gardiner Sir Mundeforde Brampstone Sir William Glascock Sir John Shawe Sir Cranmer Herris Knights Thomas King John Bendish Charles Fitz Gamaliel Capel Richard Sames Charles Maynard senior Thomas St George Oliver Raymond Thomas Meade Peter Solme Thomas Argoll John Atward Tristram Conyers Henry Wollistone Henry Pert John Eldred senior Salter Herris John Eldred junior George Walton John Godbold John Paschall Robert Joselin Thomas Midleton Gulston William Glascock Thomas Luther Thomas Cambell William Umfreven James Silverlock Thomas Roberts John Aylet William Hicks John James Francis Nicholson William Houlcrat Thomas Bland Haynes Barley William Appleton Charles Maynard junior Richard Cooper Lancelot Slamby John Tyrel Daniel Andrewes John Berners Esquires John Lowen Doctor of Lawes John Turner John Berriff Esquires The Maior of Colchester for the time being Thomas Talcost John Radams Thomas Peake Thomas Renolds Andrew Fromanteel Henry Lambe Robert Legg Thomas Raynald junior Peter Johnson Bailiffs of Malden for the time being Rubin Robinson Doctor of Phisick John Stynnens Samuel Plumbe Bartholomew Brickwood Francis Gurney Joseph Hall The Maior of Harwich for the time being Daniel Smith George Coleman Richard Fuller Anthony Wollward Humphrey Jaggard Henry Wright Esquires.


Henry Lord Herbert Robert Viscount Tracy Sir Henry Capell Knight Sir William Ducy Baronet Sir Henry Frederick Thynne Baronet Sir Edward Bathurst Sir Richard Ashfeild Sir John How Baronets Sir Robert Pointz Sir Robert Atkins Knights of the Bath Sir William Catchmay Sir Nicholas Throckmorton Sir Baynham Throckmorton Sir Edmund Bray Sir Gabriell Lowe Sir John Newton Sir Thomas How Knights William Cooke Thomas Masters William Dutton Francis Norwood John Winter William Try William Stratford Sir Baynham Throckmorton Baronet Sir Edward Massey Knight John How Esquire Evan Seys Esq[uire] Serjeant at Law John George Esq[uire] Richard Dowdeswell Esq[uire] Sir Hugh Middleton Baronet Fleetwood Dormer Esquire Lord Cheife Baron Hales George Mountague Esq[uire] Philip Sherrard William Selwin Sir Thomas Stephens Sir Thomas Overbury Knights Sir Christopher Gyse Knight William Cope Esq[uire] Philip Sheppard Richard Whitmore Nicholas Veale John Stephens Thomas Chester Richard Atkins John Fettiplace John Coddrington Thomas Seymour John Chamberlain Richard Sackvile William Bourcher John Barrow Duncumb Colchester Henry Paul John Smith Charles Cox John Rich Andrewe Barker Richard Cox senior Esquires Mr. David Williams Mr John Driver Mr Thomas Morgan Mr William Jones Mr William Morgan Mr Thomas Aylway Edward Rich Thomas Horton Robert Pleydell Thomas Thynne Esquires Richard Baugh Esquire The Bayliffs of Tewkesbury for the time being Mr. William Wilson Mr Edward Jenings Mr William Hancock Mr John Carver Mr. John Dobbins Mr Conway Whitterne Mr William Dowdeswell Mr. Henry Browne Mr William Freame Mr. William Dobbins Thorpe Esquire.


For the Citty and County of the City of Gloucester The Maior of Gloucester for the time being Edward Lord Herbert Sir Robert Atkins Knight of the Bath Sir Edward Massey Knight Evan Seys Serjeant att Law Sir Christopher Gyse Knight John Grubhamhow Esquire William Cooke Richard Atkins Silvanus Wood William Selwin Esquires William Singleton William Capel Thomas Pury Dennis Wise Luke Nourse Lawrence Singleton Henry Cugley James Stephens Toby Jordan Robert Pain Thomas Pyers Thomas Lugg Aldermen John Dorney Esquire John Powell Thomas Yate Thomas Price Gentlemen Edward Nourse Esquire Henry Nourse Esquire.


For the County of Hereford Henry Lord Herbert John Lord Viscount Scudamore James Scudamore Wallop Brabazon Esquires Sir James, Bridges Sir John Kirle Sir John Scudamore Sir William Powel Baronets Sir Edward Harley Sir Henry Lingen Knights of the Bath Sir Edward Hopton Sir Herbert Perrot Knights [Fitzwilliams (fn. 23) ] Coningsby Thomas Whitney Thomas Tomkins John Prise Thomas Prise Herbert Aubrey senior Walter Pye John Scudamore senior Roger Vaughan Humphrey Cornwall Herbert Awbrey junior Herbert Westfaileing Esquires Job Charleton Serjeant at Law James Pit Thomas Cornwall John Scudamore junior Thomas Cockes Edward Cornwall John Skipp Reynold Grayham Richard Hopton Bennet Hoskins Giles Bridges John Barnaby Thomas Geeres Thomas Carpender Humphrey Howorth William Gregorie Francis Unet John Hanford Humphrey Baskervile John Birch John Vaughan John Booth of Hereford Thomas Harley Ambrose Elton Richard Wigmore John Nurse Rudhale Guillym Nicholas Wallwin Thomas Rodd John Booth of [Broynton (fn. 24) ] Thomas French Thomas Wigmore Robert Rodd Richard Reed Thomas Whittington Thomas Veynal Timothy Cowles Herbert Masters William Bridges John Barnaby of Brockhampton John Dansey William Dansey Esquires John Guyllin of Willington Gent. Humphrey Tayler of Withington John Kidley of Bromley Thomas Gomond of Kilpeck Arthur Winwood senior John Carver Gentlemen The Bayliff for the Burrough of Leominster for the time being Edward Rodd Gent. Richard Rodd of Rodd Esquire Thomas Blaney Priamus Davies Edward Freeman

City of Hereford.

For the City of Hereford The Maior for the time being Sir Henry Lingen Knight Herbert Westfailing John Booth of Hereford Thomas French Esquires Charles Booth Richard Philpots David Bowen William Phillips Walter Wall Jerom Addis Thomas Homes Robert Symonds William Edwin John Rawlins Thomas Paynard Thomas Davids Gentlemen Edward Aldern Doctor of Lawes James Smith Nicholas Philpots Thomas Bond Hugh Rodd Thomas Clarke Gentlemen John Hill John Barnes.


For the County of Hertford Sir Edward Turner Knight Speaker of the House of Commons Lord Fanshaw Sir Thomas Fanshaw [Knt (fn. 25) ] of the Honourable Order of the Bath Sir Thomas Leventhorpe Sir Edward Atkins one of the Barons of his Majesties Exchequer Sir Richard Atkins Sir Richard Francklin Sir Harbottle Grimstone Sir Ralph Baesh Sir Thomas Hewet Sir Thomas Dacres Sir Fetherston Sir Phillip Butler Sir Henry Cæsar Sir John Gore Sir Rowland Litton Sir Henry Coningsby. Sir Broket Spencer Sir Richard Combes [Sir (fn. 26) ] Thomas Dacres Mr: Poulter Mr. William Willoughby Mr. Graveley Norton Mr Needham Mr William Glascock Mr Coppin Mr John Cotton Mr Ralph Gore Mr Edward Brograve Mr Edward Cason Mr Henry Beecher Mr Thomas Stanley Mr Thomas Dockwray Mr John Heydon Mr Robert Austin Mr William Hales Mr Arthur Sparks Mr John Fetherley Mr Maurice Rawden Mr John Jesson Mr James Wilmot Doctor Harris Mr Edward Atkins Mr Ralph Freeman junior Mr William Cecill Mr Algernon Cecil Mr Richard Jennings Mr Edward Feild Mr Edward Smith Mr Robert Sadler Mr Erasmus Harby Sir John Wats Sir Francis Butler Mr Ralph Freeman senior Sir John Hales Sir Henry Blount Mr George Blombley Mr Saunders Mead Mr Edward Briscoe

Burrough of St Albans

For the Burrough of St Albans Sir Harbottle Grimstone Sir Henry Coningsby Sir Richard Combes, The Maior of the Towne for the time being Mr Edward Haynes Mr Thomas Cawley Mr William Marstone Mr Edmond Smith Mr Thomas Dockwray Mr Robert Sadler Mr Richard Jennings Doctor Arris Mr Thomas Oxton Mr John Jesson Mr Alban Cox Mr John Briscoe Mr Charles Chamberlaine Mr Edward Eames Mr Algernon Cecil Mr Joshua Lomox.


For the County of Huntington Robert Viscount Mandevile Edward Mountague Francis Compton Esquires Sir Thomas Cotten Sir John Hewet Baronets Sir Robert Bernard Knight John Cotton John Stone Henry Williams Robert Appreece John Bernard Richard Elmes Nicholas Pedley Lawrence Throckington Lionel Walden John Heron Jasper Trice William Bradley Robert Payne Anthony South John Farrer Esquires Mr Richard Nayler Mr Thomas Colstone.

Town of Huntington

For the Towne of Huntington Sir Robert Bernard Nicholas Pedley Lionel Walden Lawrence Throckington Esquires Richard Weaver Thomas Ashton Thomas Judson Aldermen Richard Astrey Gent.


For the County of Kent Lord Buckhurst Lord Stranghford Sir Thomas Twisden one of the Justices of the Kings Bench David Pothel Esquire High Sheriff Sir Thomas Peyton Sir Roger Twisden Sir Edward Hales Sir Edward Monins Sir Henry Palmer Baronets Sir John Tufton Knight and Baronet Sir Thomas Styles Sir Edward Deering Sir Oliver Botler Sir Richard Hardress Sir Marmaduke Gresham Sir Norton Knatchbull Baronets Sir John Reyney Sir Thomas Peirce Sir William Wilde Sir John Rivers Sir Francis Vincent Sir Stephen Lemard, Sir Robert Austin Sir John Seliard Sir Humphrey Millar Sir John Wroth Sir William Leech Baronets Sir George Sands Knight of the Bath Sir John Mennes Sir Anthony Aucher Sir William Man Sir Walter Vane Sir John Darell Sir John Boys Sir Edward Felmer Sir William Batten Sir Thomas Culpeper senior Sir Francis Clarke Sir Arnold Braems Sir Theophilus Biddulph Sir John Marsham Sir Edward Master Sir William Hugeson Sir William Boreman Sir Richard Sandys Sir Thomas Godfrey Sir William Meredith Sir Bernard Hyde Sir William Swan Sir Edmund Peirce Sir Anthony Bateman Knights Walter Franklin Esquire John Heath Attorney of the Dutchy of Lancaster Robert Barneham Herbert Kendal John Scot Thomas Lambert Philip Packer George Bournham George Polehill John Evelyn Henry Gilborne Robert Heath Francis Heath John Seyl[i (fn. 25) ]ard John Hyde John Culpeper Norton Curtis William Leonard William Swan of Southfleete Henry Washington Thomas Crispe Maximilian Dallison Francis Lovelace Recorder of the City of Canterbury William Boys Samuel Boys William Buggins Richard Amhurst Richard Head Thomas Culpeper of Bedgbury George Newman Richard Duke Thomas Fludd John Munn Edward Finch, Thomas Hinman Thomas Lake John Horsmanden Maurice Diggs James Brockman John Best Thomas Hardres John Boys of Fretvel Thomas Peake Richard Masters Anthony Foule Richard Hulse Richard Marsh William Rooke Thomas Broadnax Nicholas Toke senior Robert Lewkenor Henry Thornehill Zouch Brockman John Boys of Hoad Alablaster Flud Thomas Knatchbull Ralph Buskin John Smith Esquires George Curtis William Maddox Doctor Mason Master of Requests John Trouts Peter Heyman Francis Twisden Richard Manley Francis Barrel Thomas Brewer George May Thomas Manley Christopher Allanson Peter Pett George Woodyer Robert Oliver Edward Wyat John Knatchbull Francis Barrel James Newman Robert. Davell of Quekes Henry Petit John Cason John Austin James Fortree Stephen Alwise Robert Fowler Esquires Herbert Randall.


For the City of Canterbury The Maior for the time being Francis Lovelace Recorder Sir William Man Sir Edward Master Thomas Peake Esquire William Stanly and Henry Twiman Aldermen.


For the Town and Port of Dover The Maior for the time being, Captain Jacob Michael Eaton Captain West Mr Matson.


For the Town and Port of Sandwich The Maior for the time being Tobias Cleer John Verier Jeoffry Wells Jeoffry Sackett James Thurbane


For the Towne and Port of Rumney The Maior for the time being Robert Wivell Jeremy Standford Stephen Bret Thomas Chalcroft.


For the Towne and Port of Hith The Maior for the time being Mr Finch James Pashley.


For the Towne and Port of Feversham The Maior for the time being John Trouts John Upton Robert Watson.


For the Towne of Maidstone The Maior for the time being The Maior of Gravesend for the time being The Maior of Queenburrough for the time being The Maior of Tenterdon for the time being The Bailiff for the Towne of Lid for for the time being Richard Allen Recorder of Rochester Captaine Cox Thomas Brett Godfrey Martin.


For the County of Lancaster Charles Earle of Ancram Edward Stanley William Stanley William Spencer Esquires Sir Richard Hoghton Sir George Midleton Sir Robert Bindlos Sir Edward Moseley Baronets Sir Roger Bradshaigh Knight John Molineux Richard Kirekby Roger Nowell Edward Fleetwood Henry Banister William Farrington Edward Rigby Hugh Dickenson William Radley Esquires Sir Ralph Ashton of Whaley Baronett Robert Holt of Castleton Lawrence Rawstorne Nicholas Townley of Royle Thomas Preston Nathaniel West John Girlington Robert Rawlinson Jeoffery Rishton Doctor of Phisick John Parker of Extwisle Nicholas Banister Alexander Osbaldeston Thomas Holt Sir Ralph Ashton Baronet Richard Standish Alexander Rigby of Middleton Richard Pennington Thomas Norres Richard Leigh John Lightbowne Alexander Rigby of Layton Richard Fleetwood of Russal Thomas Butler of Kirkeland Sir Gilbert Ireland Knight Thomas Bradal Esquire John Townley of Hurstwood Gent. Christopher Barker Esquire John Halsteed of Bankhouse Gent. Nicholas Moseley John Byrom Robert Heywood James Duckenfeild Peers Leigh John Entwisley Cuthbert Ogle John Risley Bartholomew Hesketh Sir Henry Slayter Knight Henry Hoghton William Banks junior Esquires Nicholas Fezakirly Gent. Captain Byrom Captain Ashton of Peicketh Henry Porter George Hutton William Fyffe Thomas Carus Thomas Greenhalgh Esquires Roger Kenyon James Hodgkinson William Turner Gentlemen The Maior of Lancaster for the time being Richard Fleetwood John Aynsworth of Plesington William Wall William Hodgkinson Gentlemen Captain Brabine Seth [Backhurst (fn. 27) ] Gent. Captaine Longworth Robert Heywood Esquire Nicholas Pennington Gent. The Maior of Leverpoole for the time being Alexander Woodward Gent. Luke Hodgkinson


For the County and Town of Leicester Lord Beaumont Lord [Gerrard (fn. 28) ] John Lord Roos Beamont Dixy Esquire George Faunt Esquire Sir George Villiers Baronet Sir Charles Sudley Baronet Sir Woolstan Dixy Baronet Sir Thomas Smith Sir John Pettyman Sir Henry Hudson Sir Edward Smith Baronets Sir Erasmus De la Fountaine Sir John Cave junior Sir William Hartop Knights Thomas Merry Richard Lister William Whaley Mathew Babington John De la Fountaine Esquires Sir John Hartop Baronet James Winstanley Esquire Sir Clement Clarke Baronet Philip Sherard William Street John Orton John Cave William Boothby Theophilus Cave John Morton junior George Pochin Thomas Brudnell William [Sheffington (fn. 29) ] Richard Roberts John Turvil Thomas Bradgate Everard Goodman Thomas Caldecote William Roberts Edward Arnold Henry Bigland Thomas Staveley John Chamberlain John Mitton William Bent John Danvers John Needham Walter Bracy Hood Needham Christopher Bradgate Samuel Gervase Esquires.

Leicester Towne

For the Towne of Leicester Henry Hungate Esquire Daniel Deacon Thomas Overing Gent. Edward Browne William Major Thomas Browne George Resin Gent. Walter Rydings Esquire John Clerke Gent. Edmond Sutton Gent.


For the County of Lincolne and City and County of the same George Viscount Castleton John Lord Ross Robert Lord Willoughby Sir Francis Fane Knight of the Bath William Peirpoint Esquire Sir Philip Tirwhit Sir John Mounson Sir Thomas Hussey Sir Thomas Williamson Sir Michael Armin Sir Robert Bowles Sir John Brownlowe Sir William Brownlow [Sir William Tirill Sir (fn. 30) ] Richard Earle Sir William Hickman Sir Robert Markham Sir William Trollop Sir William Wray Sir Charles Hussey Sir Thomas Ellis Sir Robert Dallison Sir John Buck Sir Edward Barker Sir Anthony Oldfeild Sir John Anderson Sir Richard Rothwell Sir Humphrey Winch Sir Edward LakeSouthcoate Baronets Sir John Mounson junior Sir Adrian Scroope Sir Henry Heron Knights of the Bath Sir Anthony Irby Sir Martin Lister Sir John Wallpool Sir Edward Rosseter Sir Sutten Cony Sir Edward Aiscue Sir Charles Dallison Sir Thomas Meers Sir Edward Dymock Sir Christopher Clapham Knights Philip Tirwhit Robert Car Richard Brownlow John Bowles John Newton William Whitchcot William Skipwith Charles Pelham senior Charles Pelham junior Charles Hall Cecil Tirwit Edward Maddison William Marwood Marmaduke Darrell Francis Goodrick William Bard Jervas Holles Master of Requests Robert Christopher George Sherwood Anthony Thorold John Sherrard Thomas Hatcher Robert Peirpoint George Mountague William Mountague William Stafford Christopher Nevil Erasmus de Ligne Thomas Ellis John Hatcher Redman Burrel Edward King William Blith Charles Dymock John White Mollineux Disney John Teigh Francis Wingfeild William Hyde Charles Halford John Saunders Francis Hatcher William Savil Edward Skipwith Thomas Welby Thomas Rands Charles Bawdy William Welby Richard Sherrard John Jay Adam Claypool John Booth George Booth Thomas Ogle Atland Welby Thomas Hall Richard Coney Lewis Palmer John Hobson John Empson Mathew Woolmer Thomas Roulton Anthony Oldfeild John Lockton Henry Burwell Esquires Anthony Hall Thomas Thory Henry Stone Thomas Petchell Thomas Key John Palmer George Caborn Thomas Browne Matthias Brown Toller George Slee William Yorke Charles Radley Heely William Lister John Elmore Richard Williams Anthony Tredway William Broxholm Thomas Harrington Anthony Weberley Stephen Rothwell Mr Long of Kirkby William Perkins Doctor Denham Doctor Edward Stourton Mr Miller Marmaduke Darel junior Samuel Jackson Eastoft Charles Bishop Esquire Thomas Welcome William Fitzwilliams John Wilson John Dymock John Farmery John Tilson Austin Coldorn Robert Coldorn William Rivet William Thornton Edward Rothwel James Ashton Thomas Audley Robert Snouton Anthony Gibbon John Luddington Henry Fynes Esquire Lionell Hollingworth The Maiors of Lincoln Boston and Grimsby for the time being The Aldermen of Grantham and Stamford for the time being Henry Morley [ (fn. 31) ] of Sutton William Bishop Edward Blow Mr Keyte Mr Rosse Alderman William Hall William Woolley Joseph Whitinge Richard Butcher Luke Blythe Daniel Thorowgood John Balgay George Hill John Palmer John Mason Mr ( (fn. 32) ) Robinson Richard Walley Henry Gedney Leonard Town William Town William Garnon Robert Humphrey Poplewell Robert Meldley Robert Bisle Richard Balder Thomas Milles Thomas Grant Andrew Pool Symon Dagg Esquire William Darwin Esquire Samuel Ludding


For the County of Middlesex Sir Edward Turner Speaker of the Honourable House of Commons Henry Viscount Cornebury Sir Edward Nicholas Principal Secretary of State Sir Harbottle Grimstone Baronet Master of the Rolls Edward Russell George Mountague James Sheiffeild Edward Noell William Pagett Esquires John Ashburnham Esquire Daniel Oneale Sileus Titus of his Majesties Bedchamber William Ashburnham Cofferer of his Majesties Household Sir John Glynn Sir John Maynard his Majesties Serjeants at Lawe Sir Heneage Finch Baronet His Majesties Solliciter General Sir Gilbert Gerrard Sir Thomas Fisher Sir Richard Browne Sir Jeremy Whitchcot Sir John Robinson Leiutennant of the Tower Sir Richard Francklin Knight and Baronet Sir William Roberts the younger Sir Joseph Ash Baronets Sir Thomas Draper Baronet Sir Charles Cornwalles Sir John Nicholas Sir Robert Atkins Sir John Bennet Knights of the Honorable Order of the Bath Sir Henry Bennet Sir Henry Herbert Sir Thomas Ingram Sir Thomas Reynell Sir Thomas Allen Sir Edmond [Bower (fn. 33) ] Sir Thomas Rowe Sir William Waller Sir Christopher Abdy Sir Nicholas Crispe Sir George Benion Sir Henry Wroth Sir William Bateman Sir Francis Gerrard Sir Philip Warwicke Sir Allen Broderick Sir Gilbert Gerard Sir Thomas Bide Humphrey Weld Mr William Sandys John Cary Charles Chaney Henry Mildmay Thomas Allen John Maynard Christopher Abdy Ralph Hawtrey Nicholas Rawton George Pitt Henry Rowe Francis Philips Richard Peacock Richard Proctor John Hutchinson John Hawtrey Edwin Rich Edward Rich Giles Hungerford Joseph Ayliffe of Grayes Inne Francis Crawley Edward Chard John Jones John Wentworth William Megg Robert Peyton John Page Richard Powell senior John Goldsmith Michael Holeman John May Daniel Procter John Smith Charles Pitfeild John May Esquires Sir Thomas Player junior Thomas Henshawe Robert Page William Page Francis Blower Thomas Collett John Greene Ralph Hatsell William Goldesbrough James Norfolk Esquires John Wilford William Bowler John Rives Nathaniel Snape Thomas Beverley Thomas Lane John Browne Richard Cheyney James Hawley William Geery Benjamin Baron Robert Bladwell Thomas Bayles Edward Shelton Esquires Sir Lancelot Lake Knight Thomas Lake of Cannons Esquire Henry Haughton Esquire Sir Thomas Littleton Richard Adams William Glascock Edward Smith Esquires.


For the City of London Sir John Frederick Lord Maior Sir Thomas Adams Sir Richard Browne Sir Thomas Allen Knights &Baronets and Aldermen of the said City Sir John Robinson Knight and Baronet Leiutenant of the Tower of London Alderman, Alderman Fowke Alderman Chiverton Sir John Laurence Alderman Sir Anthony Bateman Alderman Alderman Warner Alderman Peake Sir Richard Ford Alderman Alderman Chard Alderman Fisher Alderman Culling Alderman Bathurst Alderman Meynell Alderman Sterling Sheriffs Alderman Bolton Deputy Nodes Sir William Tomson Sir Theophilus Bidolph Sir John Cutler Knight and Baronet Sir William Wale Sir Thomas Chamberlaine Sir Thomas Bludworth Sir George Smith Sir Lawrence Bromfeild Sir Abraham Cullin Sir Nicholas Crispe Sir William Bateman Sir Andrew King Sir John Shaw Sir William Gardiner Knights John Jolliff Thomas Turgis John Jones Henry Dunster Thomas Gower John Saunders Colonel Trussell Thomas King Esquires Richard Mills Treasurer of St Bartholomews Hospital John Pory Esquire Thomas Cannam Colonel Nevil Colonel Claget Collonel Allot Deputy Thomas Minn Deputy Robert Hanson Deputy Humphrey Cliff Robert Bidolph Thomas Tite Thomas Pearle Nicholas Penning Peter Mills Lawrence Blomley Henry Hanson Deputy Thomas Clowes Deputy Ailmer Richard Spencer Benjamin Albin John Sharpe Abraham Johnson Gentlemen.


For the City and Liberties of Westminster and St Martins le Grand Sir George Cartwright Vice Chamberlaine to his Majestie Sir Charles Berkley Comptroller of his Majesties Household Sir John Nicholas Knight of the Bath Sir Robert Howard Sir John Denham Knight of the Bath Sir William Throckmorton Knight Marshall Sir William Playters Knight and Baronett Sir Gilbert Gerard of St Martins in the Feilds Knight Sir Philip Warwick Sir Richard Everard Sir Edmond Pye Knights Sir Thomas Littleton Sir John Pettus Baronet Sir Robert Bowles Sir Edward Ford Sir Hugh Cartwright Sir Anthony Irby Sir Edward Broughton Sir Thomas Clarges Knights Colonel William Howard George Mountague John Ashburnham William Ashburnham John Cotton Alexander Popham Thomas Morton William Legg Reynold Graham John Harvey Esq[uire] Simon Smith Charles Whitaker William Glascock Edward Penrudduck Richard Atkins Thomas Coppin Thomas Fisher Richard Newman William Hoare Doctor of Phisick John Clarke Doctor of Phisick George Farewell Walter Bridal Richard Adams William Bell Esquires Samuel Argal Doctor of Phisick Brian Barnaby George Plucknet Thomas Stevens Thomas Edwards William Dolben Francis Dorington Robert Mawer Rice Hamond William Gape Thomas Morris George Cooper Walter Lapp Robert Bradbury John Porey William Newington John Hammond Philip Hanbury Richard Stanlake Edmund Bury Godfrey George Merrifeild Job Williams George Greens Sir Edward Wingfeild William Sandys John Fox Esquires.


For the County of Monmouth Henry Lord Herbert of Ragland William Lord Herbert of Cardaffe Sir Edward Morgan Sir Trever Williams Sir Thomas Morgan Baronets Sir George Probert Sir Baynham Throckmorton Knights Thomas Morgan of Tredegar William Morgan of the same William Jones of Treowen Edmond Morgan Harry Proberts Thomas Lewis of St Peen William Morgan of Pencrick Thomas Hughes Thomas Morgan of Lanfore Charles Hughes Charles Van of Coldrey Charles Proger Herbert William Herbert William Jones Edmond Jones Lewis Morgan Henry Morgan of Penlloyne Searth Roger Oates Edward Kemis of Bertholey Roger Williams Henry Chambers William Jones of Tregirong Philip Cicill John Parry James Prichard of Campson Esquires George Morgan of Pullhead Gentleman Christopher Perkins Thomas Williams of Carlion Esquire Walter Morgan of Landilo Walter Rumsey Esquire Hugh Lewis Esquire The Maior of the Towne of Monmouth for the time being John Rumsey Gent. William William Gent. John Walter Esquire Roger Audey Gent.


For the County of Norfolk Sir Edward Turner Speaker of the House of Commons Thomas Lord Richardson Sir John Tracy Sir Charles Cornwalles Sir Edmond Bacon Sir Philip Woodhouse Sir Charles Mordant Sir John Hobart Sir Richard Berney Sir Edward Barkham Sir Nicholas le Estrange Sir John Holland Sir William Paston Sir John Palgrave Sir Ralph Hare Sir John Potts Sir Robert Kempe Sir Jacob Ashley Sir Edward Ward Sir Thomas Deareham Baronets Sir John Knivet Sir Edward Walpoole Sir Christopher Calthorpe Knights of the Bath Sir Charles Herbert Sir William Doyley Sir Thomas Guibon Sir Robert Paston Sir William Hovel Sir Thomas Rant Sir Thomas Meadowe Sir John Creamer Sir William Hewit Sir Joseph Paine Sir Justinian Lewin Sir Allen Apseley Knights John Cooke John Spelman James de Gray Robert Gawsell Thomas le Crosse John Windham Edward Barkham Augustine Palgrave John Potts William Doyly William Gibbon Roger Spelman Erasmus Earle Serjeant at Lawe William Gaudy Philip Harbord Maurice Shelton Peter Glean Buts Bacon Robert Buxton Thomas Gaudy Thomas Berney William Crane Robert Yallop William Cooke Thomas Barker Henry Repps Oliver Neave Phillip Beddingfeild Robert Suckling Humphrey Beddingfeild [[Thomas Bacon (fn. 34) ] Francis Bacon (fn. 35) ] Robert Long Robert Balddock Robert Steward Edward Pepys Nevil Catline John Earle Francis Cory Suckling Gay Leonard Mapes Thomas Cory Christopher Jay John Kendall John Shadwel Lawrence Oxburgh Robert Canny Richard Godfrey John Anguish William Barnes Anthony Frestone William Brampton Edward Barber Nicholas Rookewood Nicholas Stileman Thomas Talbot Jacob Preston Robert Haughton Anthony Drury Robert Drury Thomas Drury Bassingborn Gaudy Charles Gaudy William Davis of Ellingham Edmond Skipwith James Long Nathaniel Knivet Edmond Brittiff Simon Brittiff Edward Denny William Rant John Lovel Edward Chamberlaine William Nixon Thomas Write of Kilverston Thomas Write of Opington Edmond de Gray Thomas Townshend William Cooke senior Robert London John Bladwel le Estrange Calthorpe Thomas Dey Robert [Keldington (fn. 36) ] Robert Tirrell of Wilton Francis Thirsby Thomas Lilly Samuel Smith Samuel Harsenet Leonard Gooch Mr Scarborough Thomas Browne of Elsing.

Burrough of Kings Linn

For the Burrough of Kings Linn The Maior for the time being Robert Steward Recorder Walter Kirby John Basset Thomas Greene John Bird Benjamin Holly Henry Bell William Wharton Robert Thorowgood Thomas Robinson Aldermen.

Burrough of Great Yarmouth

For the Burrough of Great Yarmouth The Bailiffs for the time being Jeoffry Ward Abraham Castle Sir Thomas Meadow Nicholas Cutting James Symonds Thomas Cooch George England John Woodroff Nathaniel Ashby James Johnson Thomas Lucas Mr Rowe.

Burrough of Thetford.

For the Burrough of Thetford The Maior for the time being Sir Allen Apseley Knight William Gaudy Morris Shelton Esq[uires] Burrage Martin Osmond Clarke John Kendal Robert Tyrrel Edmond Hunt.

City of Norwich.

For the City and County of the City of Norwich The Maior for the time being Sir Joseph Paine Knight Francis Cory Esquire Recorder William Wats Esquire Steward Henry Wats Edmond Boreman John Bayley Bernard Church William Barnham John Man Thomas Toft John Salter Christopher Jay John Hobart John Osborn Francis Bacon Thomas Bacon John Earle Esquire The Sheriff for the time being Thomas Cory Esquire Edward Chamberlain John Norris Esquire John Crosshold Matthias Sutterton Richard Wenman Robert Homes William Hayward Augustine Briggs Thomas Wisse Robert Bendish Richard Cowldham Francis Norris Aldermen Edmond Cock John Richers John Manser Henry Woods William Trundel Henry Herne.


For the County of Northampton Obrian Lord Cullen Charles Lord de le Spencer George Mountague Henry Howard Robert Spencer William Mountague Esquires Sir Thomas Crew Knight Edward Mountague Esquire Sir Justinian Isham Sir Thomas Cave Sir Roger Norwich Sir Henry Yelverton Sir Samuel Danvers Sir William Dudley Sir George Buswel Sir Oliver St John Sir John Robinson Baronets Sir Edward Griffin Sir John Egerton Sir Samuel Jones Sir John Bernard Knights Richard Rainsford Serjeant at Law Lewis Palmer William Stafford George Clarke Richard Samwel Henry Robinson Francis Lane Maurice Tressham Edward Palmer Philip Holman William Downhall Humphrey Orme George Tressam Edward Onely William Adams Richard Kinsman Miles Fleetwood Godward Pemberton Thomas Chubnal John Syers William Tate Francis Crane Robert Clarke Bryan Janson John Willoby John Rye William Lisle Samuel Trist George Ashby John Browne Nicholas Steward Thomas Elmes John Lyn Walter Kirkham Christopher Thursby Thomas Dove Thomas Blincoe Robert Pargiter Edward Death John Delaval Esquires Francis Kirkham Esquire The Maior of Northampton for the time being Thomas Thornton Jonathan Whishton Edward Colles Hatton Farmer.


For the County of Northumberland Henry Lord Viscount Mansfeild Thomas Grey of Chillingham Ralph Grey of Chevington Esquires Sir William Fenwick Baronet Edward Widdrington of Felton Esquire Sir Ralph de Laval Baronet Sir Thomas Widdrington Sir Robert Collingwood Sir William Forster Sir Francis Liddel Sir Henry Widdrington of Blacke Heddon Knights Edward Gray of Heaton Robert de Laval Cuthbert Hearon James Ogle Ralph Gray of Bradford Hugh Potter Thomas Forster of Ederston William Struther of Kirk Newton Mark Milbank Sheriff William Widdrington Ralph Hebron Gilbert Swino John Salkeild William Fenwick of Bywel Robert Shafto of Benwel John Clarke Robert Widrington of Auxley Ralph Jenison of Elswick Richard Stots of Gesmond John Roddum Thomas Benwick of Closehouse Ralph Anderson of Ovingun Ralph Batts of Hollawel Esquires John Ridley of Hardrideing Nicholas Whitehead of Flatworth William Warren of Chillingham Gentlemen The Bailiffes of the Burrough of Morpeth for the time being.


For the Town of Berwick upon Tweed Benjamin Clarke Esq[uire] Maior Sir Thomas Widdrington Colonel Edward Grey John Sleigh Thomas Watson Ralph Hebburn Andrew Moor Esquires Mark Scot James Scot Mark Armorer Barrow Morton ( (fn. 37) ) Caterel George Harrison senior Robert Scot William Anderson James Ord Gent.


For the County of Nottingham Henry Lord Viscount Mansfeild Gilbert Lord Houghton Patrick Lord Chaworth William Peirpoint Arthur Stanhope William Willoughby Anshatell Grey Esquires Sir Gervas Clifton Sir George Savell Sir Francis Mullineux Sir Thomas Williamson Sir William Hickman Sir Hardolph Wastneys Baronets Clifford Clifton Robert Peirpoint Anthony Eyre Henry Sacheveril William Willoughby Esquires Sir John Digby Knight Cicill Cooper. Francis Leeke William Stanhope Philip Leacock William Clarkson Robert Butler Thomas Charlton William Cartwright John Moseley Esquires Sir Ralph Knight [Kn t (fn. 38) ] Rowland Dand Rutland Mullineux Francis Stringer Francis Sandys John Grubham How Esquires William Herbert Esquire John Rainer William Skevington Peneston Whalley Acton Burnell Thomas Wawen Robert Mellish William Savil Rayson Mellish William Childers James Lane William Leeke William Braisford John Crosse George Camm William Sampson Thomas Smith John Hickman John Cartwright William Booth George Booth George Coles Henry Halfehead John Darrell Mathew Jenison The Bailiffs of East Retford for the time being The Maior of Newarke for the time being.


For the County of Oxford Henry Lord Viscount Falkland Thomas Earl of Down Thomas Lord Viscount Wenman Sir Anthony Cope Sir Thomas Spencer Sir Francis Henry Lea Sir Thomas Peniston Sir Thomas Chamberlain Sir William Walter Sir William Fleetwood St. William Morton Sir Timothy Tyrril Sir Thomas Hord Sir Francis Norris Sir Henry Jones Sir Edmond Bray Sir John Robinson Sir John Clarke Sir Thomas Tipping Sir Francis Wenman Sir Robert Jenkinson Sir Compton Read Sir George Croke Sir John Fettiplace Sir Thomas Clayton James Fienns Broom Whorwood Robert Dormer David Walter Rowland Lacy William Dormer Edmond Lenthall William Cope Thomas Hord George Bury William Knollis William Cartwright William Draper John Clarke William Barber John Taverner Thomas Cobb William Ganock John Osbaldeston George Chamberlain Littleton Osbaldeston Charles Holloway Serjeant at Law John Doyly Vincent Barrie William Sheppard Richard Croke Anthony Libb William Wheat Thomas Saunders Robert Parrot Esquires John Wickham William Wright John Machen Gentlemen Sir Philip Harcourt.

City of Oxford.

For the City of Oxford The Maior for the time being The Lord Viscount Falkland Sir Anthony Cope Baronet Sir Thomas Clayton Knight Broon Whorwood Esquire Richard Croke Esquire Recorder James Huxley George Lowe Esquires Francis Harris Martin Wright John Nixon Thomas Dennis William Wright Aldermen Sir Sampson White Knight Leonard Bowman Gentleman Henry Silvester Walter Cave Mathew Langley Richard Miller John Lamb William Baily Roger Griffin Robert Whorwood John White.


For the County of Rutland Bennett Lord Sherard Edward [Noe (fn. 39) ] Philip Sherard Esquires Sir Thomas Mackworth Baronet Sir Edward Heath Knight of the Bath Sir Richard Wingfeild Sir Edward Wingfeild Sir Francis Mackworth Sir Eusebeus Pelsunt Knights Alexander Noel Christopher Browne Samuel Browne Abel Barker Edward Falkener Esquires.


For the County of Salop William Peirpoint Andrew Newport Esquires Sir Thomas Harris Sir Thomas Woolrich Sir William Whitmore Sir Francis Lawley Sir Walter Acton Sir Henry Frederick Thinn Sir Vincent Corbet Sir Thomas Littleton Sir Henry Vernon Baronets Sir Thomas Whitmore Knight of the Bath Sir William Owen Sir Richard Prince Sir John Weld Sir Richard Otley Sir Clement Throckmorton Sir William Child Knights Job Charlton Timothy Littleton Serjeants at Law William Fowler Timothy Tourneur Philip Eaton Richard Scriven Francis Thorne James Lacon Robert Sandford Roger Kynaston [Thomas Baldwin Robert Lighton Philip Prince Richard Lister Edward Kynaston (fn. 40) ] Samuel Wringfeild Thomas Whitmore George Weld Robert Berry George Ludlow Thomas Rock Charles Baldwin Edward Baldwin Thomas Jones Samuel Baldwin Robert Charlton Henry Barnard Thomas Powis Thomas Kettleby William Jones Robert Corbett of Hall Hussey Thomas Holland John Cotes William Oakely Edmund Waring of Ouldbury Sommerset Fox Richard Fowler John Walcot Thomas Walcot Adam Otley Robert Cresset Thomas [Crimpe (fn. 41) ] John Cole Francis Charlton Thomas Higgons Robert Owen Edward Powell Edward Loyd of Lanvarda Thomas Loyd Thomas Lockyer Thomas Smalman John Lacon Thomas Lochard John Kynaston Wil: Owen of Perkington John Newton Thomas Kinersley of Badger William Cotton Richard Mitton Rowland Hill Vincent Edwards Thomas Acton Goodricke of Plash Thomas Harris of Cruckton The Maior of the Town of Shrewsbury for the time being The Bailiffs of Bridgnorth Ludlow Wenlock and Bishops Castle for the time being Andrew Hill Francis Smith Richard Walker John Whitaker Thomas Hayes Richard Clarke Andrew Vivers Robert Forster Richard Tayler John Harding Arthur Hincks John Baugh Edward Woolaston Alexander. Middleton Samuel Loyd Edward Richards Richard Davis of Ludlow Roger Gough Benjamin Buckley Somerset Hall Robert Betton Thomas Jones of Sheet Richard Charlton William Bowdler Richard Hosier Francis Hincks Captain Philip Jennings Henry Sprot Esquire.


For the County of Somersett Lord Hawley Francis Pawlett Sir Thomas Mallet one of the Justices of the Kings Bench Sir William Portman Sir John Sidenham Sir Maurice Berkley Sir Hugh Smith Baronets Sir John Stowell Sir John Coventrey [Knight (fn. 42) ] of the Bath Sir Henry Berkley Sir Thomas Bridges Sir John War Sir George Norton Sir George Farmer Sir William Basset Sir Hugh Windham Knights Sir Edward Hungerford Knight of the Bath Sir William Windham Baronet Alexander Popham Edward Phelips Edmond Windham George Speake Francis Luterell John Mallet Henry Rogers Peregrine Palmer Samuel Gorges William Hellier of Cother Francis Windham William Prynne William Waldron Edward Berkley William Ball Thomas War John Hippesley Thomas Piggot John Buckland Francis Roll Charles Pim Edward Court John Churchhill John Harrington Thomas White William Doble Henry Bull William Carrant George Trevillian Francis Baber Richard Jones William Lacy George Stawell John Tynt Warwick Bamfeild George Sydenham Robert Hunt Michael Mallet Robert Hawley Anthony Pawlet Roger Bourne Henry Light John Harbin Edward Bampfeild John Moor Angell Grey John St. Albans Hugh Tynt Hugh Norris William Speake Henry Walrond John Winter William Bacon John Cridland William Harbord John Hall Roger Newborough Maudley Samborne Thomas Mallett Thomas Trevillian Francis Vaughan John Hody Edward Philips junior Esquires And for the City of Wells and the Towns of Bridgewater Chard and Taunton the respective Maiors for the time being.


For the City and County of the City of Bristoll The Maior of the City for the time being Thomas Earle of Ossory Sir Humphrey Hooke Knight Nathaniel Cale John Lock Alexander James John Gunning Richard Balmam Henry Creswick William Colston William Fitzherbert Walter Sandy John Knight the elder Esquires The Sheriffes of the said City for the time being Thomas Stevens John Hicks Richard Grigson Robert Cann John Pope John Lawford Robert Vickris John Knight the Younger Thomas Langton John Bradway Robert Yeomans Richard Streamer William Cole Henry Gough John Floyd John Fitzherbert.


For the City of Bath The Maior Recorder and the two ancientest Aldermen of the said City for the time being John Pearce John Chapman John [Brish (fn. 43) ] John Fisher.


For the County of Southampton Charles Lord St. John of Basing Henry Lord Pawlet Sir Robert Howard Sir Henry Worsley Sir John Mills Sir John Norton Sir William Lewis Sir Hugh Stewkley Sir William Meux Sir Richard Lucy Sir Nicholas Steward Sir Andrew Henley Sir Thomas Bad Sir John Trot Sir Robert Dillington Baronets Sir Humphrey Bennet Sir John Leigh Sir Richard Uvedal Sir Richard Kingsmil Sir Robert Mason Knights Richard Norton Richard Goddard of Winton Lawrence Hide Richard Whitehead Henry Wallop John Button John Bulkeley Thomas Knollis William Oglander Robert Dillington John Collins Thomas Jervoyse John Richards Henry Whitehead Edward Trussell George Pit Thomas Brook Leonard Bilson Francis Rolle John Hooke Thomas Cole Edward Goddard Philip Leigh James May Richard Compton Benjamin Ruddiard Giles Hungerford Francis Rivet Roger Gallop Francis Tilney John Lloyd Henry Bromfeild William Pitt Arthur Bold William Collins Edward Norton Daniel Norton John Wolveridge' Edward Exton William Stanley Robert Richbill William Wither John Worsley senior Edward Worsley Edward Hooper of Chilworth Edward Hooper of Pairtree Edward Fleming Francis Dickins Francis Leigh John Stewkley Bartholomew Price Nicholas Bowell Henry [Tulfe (fn. 44) ] William [Tulfe (fn. 44) ] Thomas Edmonds Robert Oxenbridge Robert Goffe Richard Love Essex Paulet Thomas Feilder Gabriel Whistler Anthony Yalden Thomas Newnham Esquires John Dean John Oglander William Wall John Dingley Thomas Mason Richard Ailliff Thomas Higgons Edward Hide Bartholomew Smith John Smith Esquires Peter Clungeon William Horn Thomas Cornelius James Clungeon Joseph De la Moat Nicholas Clement Gentlemen The Maior of Winton The Maior of Southampton The Maior of Portsmouth The Maior of Newport The Maior of Basingstoake The Bailiff of Andover for the time being Edward Downs Thomas Brooke Esquire.


For the County of Stafford Sir Thomas Leigh Knight Sir Thomas Wilbraham Sir Edward Bagot Sir Edward Littleton Sir Charles Wolseley Sir Francis Lawley Sir Walter Wrotesley Sir Cesar Colclough Baronets Sir John Bowyer Knight and Baronet Sir Brian Broughton Knight and Baronett Sir John Broomfeild Baronet Sir Charles Egerton Sir John Wyrley Sir Theophilus Biddolph Sir Thomas Whitgrave Knights Henry Gray William Sneyd John Skrimsher [or (fn. 45) ] Norbury Gerard Skrimsher of Aquilat Randal Egerton Walter Chetwind junior George Digby Edward Mainwaring John Lane Broom Whorwood Robert Levingston Robert Milward William Chetwind Charles Cotton Rowland Cotton Henry Archbold John Shilton Amos Walrond John Whitehall John Peirsehouse Henry Vernon Anthony Dyott Rowland Okeover Jonathan Cope Thomas Kinnersley George Parker William Orm John Swinfem Edward Broughton Walter Grosvenor Walter Fowler junior Thomas Villars and Daniel Watson Esquires Samuel Terrick John Colclough Timothy Edge Thomas Palmer and Thomas Bagnal Gentlemen Walter Littleton Doctor of the Lawes Samuel Hinton Doctor of the Lawes Francis Whitwick Edward Morton senior Richard Congrave Jonathan Woodnanth Edward Arablaster Thomas Whitby Esquires William Farmer Richard Braccgirdle Thomas Rugeley John Gough Gentlemen William Whitby Esquire Thomas Scot Leicester Barbour Gentlemen The Bayliffs of Tamworth for the time being.


For the City and County of the City of Litchfeild The Bailiffs for the time being Michael Biddulph Anthony Dyct John Hill Henry Archbold Esquires Thomas Caterbank Gentleman Jeoffry Glasier Gentleman.


For the County of Suffolke Sir Dudley North Sir Charles Cornwallis Sir Nicholas Bacon Sir John Knivet Knights of the Bath Walter Devereux Esquire Sir Edmund Bacon Sir Lionel Tolmache Sir Henry Felton Sir John Barker Sir Robert Kempe Sir John Castleton Sir William Spring Sir Henry Bacon Sir Henry North Sir Gervas Elwyes Sir Thomas Darcy Sir Robert [Cardal (fn. 46) ] Sir John Rous Sir John Warner Sir John Crofts Sir Charles Gawdy Sir Edward Duke Sir Robert Brooke Sir Philip Parker Baronets Sir Henry Crofts Sir ( (fn. 47) ) William Pooley Sir Edmond Pooly Sir John Duncombe Sir William Doyley Sir Philip Parker Sir Thomas Barnardistone Sir George Reve Sir Robert Brooke Sir Thomas Hervey Sir John Pettus Sir Thomas Smith Knights John Hervey Isaac Appleton Thomas Walgrave Thomas Holland Thomas Cullum Maurice Barrow John Poley Richard Cooke John Sicklemore William Bloys senior Henry Warner Thomas Stewart John Garnish Henry Parker Joseph Brand Thomas Edgar Hamond Claxton Clement Heigham William Gipps Edmond Harvey Wiseman Bokenham Henry Stebbin John Thurston Robert Stile Fitznonne Lambe Henry Coppinger Philip Haward William Dawtry Thomas Arris Doctor of Phisick, Peregrine Doyley George Weneve Framlingham Gawdy John Duke Jeoffrey Burwell Isaac Botham Thomas Vesey Robert Appleton Joseph Beaumont Borowdale Millisent Edward Spencer Thomas Bacon Humphrey Moseley Thomas Dade Thomas Scrivenor Nevil Catlin William Blomfeild Thomas Leman William Bloys junior Robert Buts [Thomas Day junior Thomas Buts (fn. 48) ] Robert Brownrig Francis Cheney Robert Marriot William Goodwin Thomas Edgar of Glemhan Robert Nanton Gardner Webb Thomas Wright Barnaby Gibson Thomas Read John Bence Robert King Doctor of the Civill Law Henry North of Lackfeild Miles Edgar Edward North Edward Man Thomas Man Edward Brampton John Rivett Thomas Tirrel Francis Theobald Edmond Firnely John Southby Thomas Ogle Robert Gasnold Robert Penning Lionel Playters [Edward Spencer John Playters (fn. 48) ] John Braham of Ash junior The Maior of Sudbury for the time being William Byat Joseph Man John Warner Esquires John Cole Esquire Robert Maltiward Esquire.

Burrough of Ipswich.

For the Burrough of Ipswich The Bailiffs for the time being Sir Emanuel Sorrel John Sicklemore Recorder John Smithier Nicholas Philips Robert Sparrow Robert Clerke Gilbert Windfeild

Burrough of St Edmonds Bury.

For the Burrough of St Edmonds Bury The Alderman for the time being John Southley Recorder Sir Edmond Poley Sir John Duncombe James Cob Esquires Stephen Coke Samuel Hustler Edward Bourne Robert Sharpe Gentlemen.

Burrough of Alburrough

For the Burrough of Alburrough The Bailiffs for the time being Sir Robert Brooke Francis Bacon Recorder William Shipman Thomas Elliot Richard Browne John Burwood Alexander Blowers Gentlemen.

Burrough of Orford.

For the Burrough of Orford The Maior for the time being Walter Devereux Thomas Cock Joseph Hastings Edward Johnson Esquires John Copping [James Copping (fn. 48) ] Richard Copping Gentlemen.


For the County of Surrey [Rober (fn. 49) ] Duncombe High Sheriff of the County Charles Earle of Ancram Francis Lord Aungier Benjamin Weston Esquire Sir Henry Capel Knight of the Bath Sir Francis Vincent Knight and Baronet Sir Walter St. Johns Baronet Sir Adam Browne Baronet Sir Thomas Trevor Knight and Baronet and Knight of the Bath Sir William Moore Sir Marmaduke Gresham Sir John Evelin junior Sir Richard Stidolfe Sir Abraham Cullen Sir George Ascough Sir John Brumfeild Baronets Sir Ralph Freeman Knight one of the Masters of the Requests Sir Richard Onslow Sir John Lenthal Sir Edmond Bowyer Sir Charles Howard Sir John Evelin Sir William Haward Sir Thomas Bludworth Sir Daniel Harvey Sir John Maynard Sir Robert [Parkehurst (fn. 50) ] Sir Richard Hatton Sir Lawrence Smith Sir Allen Broderick Sir Nicholas Carew Sir Purbeck Temple Sir Edward Bish Knights Colonel Robert Phillips one of the Groomes of his Majesties Bedchamber Edmond Hoskins Serjea[n (fn. 48) ]t att Law Henry Hilliard Arthur Onslow George Chute Roger James John Scot Christopher Buckle Edward Evelin Anthony Bowyer Thomas Foster George Evelin George Smith John Holmden Richard Evelin Esquires Thomas Turner 0Doctor of Law Edward Thurland Anthony Thomas William Hoskins Dixey Long George Moore John Thynne William Owfeild William Wimondsold Mathew Carlton William Muschampe Henry Weston Thomas Turgis Erasmus Gainsford Robert Holman Charles Bickerstaffe George Browne John Westbrooke George Vernon George Duncombe Samuel Rowse James Gresham John Parker Edward Leventhorpe George Woodroffe Thomas Rogers William Elliot John Loyd John Jones Lawrence Marsh Peter Hussey Richard West James Austin George Garth Dawes Wimondsold Thomas Dalmahoy Vincent Randhill Doctor Windibanck Richard Heath William Boothby John Wight William Street Anthony Covert Peter Quennel senior Esq[uire]s

The Burrough of Southwark

For the Burrough of Southwark Sir John Brumfeild Baronet Sir John Lenthal Sir Edmond Bowyer Sir Thomas Bludworth Knights George Chute John Scot George Moore Anthony Thomas Anthony Bowyer James Austin Thomas Lee Robert Backhouse Giles Warcup John Thorpe Esquires Thomas Swinfeild Samuel Hyland Edward Cooke George Mayot Peter De-la-noy Edward Ball William Lock Hugh Currer John Neale John Luntley James Burton Richard Lewin William Whitworth Gentlemen.


For the County of Sussex Lord Peircy John Ashburnham Esquire Thomas Leonard Esquire Sir John Pelham Sir Henry Goring Sir Charles Shelley Sir William Culpeper Sir John Covert Sir Herbert Springet Sir John Stapeley Sir William Thomas Sir Denney Ashburnham Sir John Fag Sir William Wilson Baronets Sir John Lewkenor Sir William Morley Knights of the Bath Sir John Morley Sir Thomas Dyke Sir Thomas Woodcock Sir Thomas Nut Sir George Courthop Knights George Parker George Nevil Thomas Sackvil Henry Goring Esquires William Garraway Henry Peckham John Steward Hugh Potter Esquires John May John Heward Thomas Gray Robert Anderson John Farrington Allen Carr Brewen Bickley Thomas Palmer Thomas Peckham Esquires The Maior of Chichester for the time being John Bine Thomas Middleton Henry Chowne Bray Chowne Edward Eresfeild Nizel Rivers Samuel Got Walter Burrel Anthony Shirley John de-la-Chambri Richard Bridger Walter Duble William Spencer Stephen French William Lane Ambrose Trayton John Oliver Henry Goring of Cobden John Shelley Anthony Eversfeild William Screice John Bagshall John Gratwicke William Gratwick of Jervis Henry Onslow Thomas Bettesworth Thomas Gray Harbert Morley Edward Blaker Thomas Board Peter Courthop Henry Bill Richard Mills Robert Palmer Thomas Barnard Percy Goring Christopher Coles Thomas Pain George Edmonds William Gratwick of Torton Thomas Collings Walter Everden Robert Fowle Edward Polhil Roger Shewswell Walter Roberts John Dunk Richard Alchorne John Dine Robert Edsam Richard Sheppard Thomas Brumfeild William Dyke of [Haunt (fn. 51) ] John Baker of Stoneland Thomas Luxford Edward May Anthony May Nicholas Gildridge Edward Paine Richard Linsey Sackvil Graves John Fuller of Waldron John Hay of Glinborn Edward Michelburn Edward Chowne Esquires Henry Shelley Peter Farneden Joseph Newington William Dyke junior Charles Bret Simon Smith Robert Rochester John Harford William Markwick Thomas Delves William Parker Gentlemen The Maior of Hasting The Maior of Rye The Maior of Winchelsea The Bailiff of Seaford The Bailiff of Pevensey George Easeman Edward Peake Thomas Harrison Peter Guard Stephen Elphick Mr Grinfeild of Rye James French junior Gentlemen.


For the County of Warwick Sir William Compton Knight George Fane Charles Leigh Esquires Sir Robert Holt Sir Richard Temple Sir Henry Puckering alias Newton Sir Edward Boughton Sir Roger Burgoigne Sir John Knightley Sir Thomas Norton Sir Clement Fisher Sir Thomas Rouse Baronets Sir William Bromly Sir Stephen Hailes Knights of the Bath Sir Simon Archer, Sir George Devereux Sir Francis Willoughby Sir Charles Adderley Sir John Repington Sir Charles Lee Sir William Palmer Sir Arthur Cailey. Sir William Underhill Sir Combe Wagstaffe Sir Richard Hopkins Sir Clement Throckmorton Knights Sir Herbert Price Baronet Amos Walrond Walter Chetwind senior William Booth of Witton John Bridgman John Ferrers Richard Lucy Thomas Archer Clement Throckmorton William Somervil Francis Willoughby Thomas Gibbs Seabright Repington William Dilks John Lisle William Purefoy Harvey Bagot Richard Newdigate Serjeant at Law Thomas Temple Bazil Feilding Thomas Boughton Boughton of Causton John Rous Thomas Flint Henry Beaufoy John Clopton Henry Ferrers William Colmore Charles Newsham Lister of Alveston Richard Verney of Compton Verney Richard Verney of Kingston Charles Bentley Giles Palmer Edward Underhill Thomas Marriot Robert Dod Humphrey Jennings Thomas Corbin John Fetherston Mathew Holbeck Ambrose Holbeck John Stanton James Prescot John Wagstaff Thomas Rawlins of Stratford Bishop Serjeant at Armes John Main Richard Willoughby Samuel Eborall George Feilding Greswold of Cubington Nathaniel Stoughton Draper Esquires John Westley Adolphus Wooton Richard Woodward Henry Smith Thomas Dighton Walduce Willington [Thomas Willington (fn. 52) ] of Whateley Gentlemen The Bailiff of Warwick for the time being The Bailiff of Stratford for the time being The Bailiffs of Tamworth for the time being.

[For the City and County of Coventrey.

Mr Thomas Pigeon the present Maior Sir Thomas Morton Baronet Sir Richard Hopkins Knight Sir Arthur Caley Thomas Hales Edmund Palmer Isaac Walden Robert Beak Alderman James Naylor John Wooldridge Julius Billiars Henry Smith Mathew Smith Samuel Snel Joseph Chambers Aldermen Abraham [Gibbows (fn. 53) ] Gentleman. (fn. 54) ]


For the County of Westmorland Sir Philip Musgrave Sir William Dalston Sir George Fletcher Sir Richard Sandford Sir John Lowther junior Sir John Lowther of Lowther Baronets Sir Thomas Strickland Knight Richard Musgrave John Lowther Allin Bellingham Daniel Fleming Walter Strickland James Ducket John Dalston Richard Crackinthorpe Richard Braithwait of Warcop Richard Braithwait of Burinside Robert Hilton Edward Nevison Thomas Braithwayt John Otway Nicholas Fisher Thomas Sandford Lancelot Machel Thomas Gabelas Esquires The Maior of Appleby for the time being. The Maior of Kendell for the time being.


For the County of Wilts Henry Lord Herbert John Lord Seymour William Lord Herbert Henry Viscount Cornbury Sir Edward Nicholas Knight one of his Majesties Principal Secretaries of State James Mountague Edward Howard Charles Seymour Esquires Sir Walter St John Sir Seymour Pile Sir George Grobham How Sir Walter Erule Sir George Hungerford Baronets Sir Edward Hungerford Sir John Nicholas Sir John Coventrey Sir Edward Baynton Knights of the Bath Sir Robert Hide one of his Majesties Justices of the Co[m]mon Pleas Sir Wadham Windham one of the Justices of the Kings Bench Sir James Thinne Sir John Evelin Sir Thomas Hall Sir John Talbot Sir ( (fn. 55) ) Edward Poole Sir Thomas Escourt Sir John Lowe Sir Thomas [Joy (fn. 56) ] Sir Henry Coker Sir William Calley Knights Alexander Popham Edward Seymour Richard Grobham How Richard Lewis Edward Nicholas Lawrence Washington Henry Clerke John Pleydell William Glanvil William Jordan Robert Philips John Erule George Ayliffe William Pawlett Edward Hungerford Edward Tooker Ralph Freke ( (fn. 57) ) Thomas Mompesson of Corton William Duckett Edward Hide Edward Goddard of Standen William Brounker Henry Hungerford Walter Bokeland Gilbert Raleigh Duke Stonehouse Joseph Stockman John Warnford Henry Baynton John Nordell Thomas Gore Jeffery Daniel Thomas Wancklin George Lowe William Yorke John Kent John Long Henry Trenchard Henry Long Thomas Lambert William Willoughby Thomas Grub John Foyle John Collins Edward Manning Giles Eyre William Kent Thomas Hawlis Edward Topp James Ash Rowland Plot John Bowles Thomas Bennet of Pithouse Richard Southby John Danvers Benjamin Gifford Nevil Maskline William Broomwich Richard Escourt George Joy John Hawkins Thomas Stewkley William Fisher Edward Goddard of Ogborne John Eyre Samuel Ire Simon Spatchurst John Davenant Edward Not Thomas Hungerford Henry Wallis John Curl Richard Long Samuel Ash John Awbry Michael Erule William Swanton Seymour Bowman Walter Parker Edmond Web Isaac Burges John Mompesson John Fitzherbert William Sadler Richard Bowle Thomas Chafin Esquires John Elliot Edward Yerbury Mathew Raymond Edmond Pike Richard Green Richard Callow Robert Challoner Robert Chandler Paul Methwin Ferrers Greisley Charles Yorke Peter Keblewhite Richard Crowch Ephraim Westley Jeffery Pinnel Christopher Gardiner Gentlemen John Holt Richard Davy The Maior of New Sarum for the time being Stephen Fox Esquire William Joyce Alderman Edward Edmonds Thomas [Oriat (fn. 58) ] Thomas Ray Maurice Greene Nicholas Johnson Sir John Denham Knight of the Bath John Birkenhead Doctor of the Laws Thomas Gardiner John Glanvil Thomas Sadler The Maior of Wilton The Maior of the Devizes for the time being Walter Sharpe.

New Sarum.

For the City of New Sarum Sir Walter Erule Baronet Sir John Low Knight Edward Tooker Thomas Hawles William Swanton John Holt Thomas Darrel Esquires Thomas Ray Thomas [Oriat (fn. 59) ] Gentlemen Mr Richard Davy Mr Thomas Mumpesson.


For the County of Worcester Sir John Pakington Baronet Colonel Sandys Sir William Russel Sir Henry Littleton Baronets Sir Ralph Clare Knight of the Bath Sir Henry Herbert Sir Rowland Berkley Sir John Winford Sir John Talbot Knights Thomas Savage of Elmely Edward Pits William Sandys Henry Bromley of Holt Henry Bromley of Upton Henry Jefferies of Horncastle Henry Townshend Joseph Walsh Edward Cary Edward Bushel William Sheldon of Broadway William Mucklow Walter Savage Edward Pennel Thomas Jollife George Symonds Thomas Wilde Richard Dowdswel John Bearcroft Thomas Foley William Kite Thomas [Walson (fn. 60) ] William Sheldon of Finstal Edward Vernon Francis Sheldon of Aberton John Nanfan Philip Parsons Philip Brace Edward Dingley of Charleton Anthony Crump William Baldwin Theophilus Andrewes Francis Finch Samuel Sandys junior Thomas Childe William Washborne William Hancock John Charlet Thomas Street Somerset Draper Esquires The Bailiffs of the Burrough of Droytwich for the time being The Bayliff of Bewdley for the time being The Maior of Evesham for the time being.

City of Worcester.

For the City and County of the City of Worcester The Maior Aldermen and Sheriffes for the time being Sir Rowland Barkley Sir William Moreton Knights Richard Carwardin Richard Henning Robert Sollars John Higgens John Bearcroft Thomas Street junior Humphrey Tyrer Gentlemen Thomas Hall Thomas Street Esquires Robert Wild Thomas Harrison Thomas Twitty Edward Cooksey Edward Warring Francis Hughs Gent..


For the Westriding in the County of Yorke Sir Thomas Osborne High Sheriff of the County George Viscount Castleton Henry Viscount Earwin Thomas Lord Fairfax Conyers Darcy Esquire Sir George Savil Baronet Sir Francis Wortley Baronet Sir Francis Fane Knight of the Bath Sir John Goodrick Knight and Baronet Sir John Kay Sir Thomas Slingsby Sir Francis Bland Sir Solomon Swaile Sir Metcalfe Robinson Sir John Armitage Sir Richard [Mallever Baronet (fn. 61) ] Sir Richard Tankard ( (fn. 62) ) Sir William Rookbey Sir William Ingoldby Sir John Reasby Baronets Sir Jordan Crosland Sir Thomas Wentworth Knights Sir Godfrey Copley Baronet Walter Hawesworth Thomas Robinson Robert Wivel Thomas Stringer Esquires Sir Miles Stapleton Sir Edmond Jenninges Knights Thomas Danby Francis Nevil William Adams Esquires Sir John Dawney Francis Goodrick William Lowther Doctor Burrel John Richard Welbery Norton Richard Hutton Francis White Charles Tankerd of Whixley Henry Atkinson Ambrose Pudsey Hugh Potter William Drake Esquires Sir William Ingram Knight William Stockdel Parker of Bronsam Esquires Sir Christopher Clapham Knight Inglebert Leeds Thomas Yarbrugh Esquires Cuthbert Wade John Preston The Maior of Pontefract for the time being Edward Atkinson John Stanhope Robert Branlin John Beelby William Witham Esquires The Maior of Doncaster for the time being Roger Portington Esquire Sir George Wynn Baronet.

For the Northriding in the said County of Yorke Lord Bruce Conyers Darcy Esquire Sir Christopher Wyvel Baronet Sir John Goodrick Knight and Baronet Sir John Lowther Sir Thomas Gower Sir John Hotham Sir Metcalfe Robinson Sir Solomon Swaile Baronets James Darcy Esquire Sir Henry Stapleton Baronet Henry Darcy Esquire Sir Roger Langley Baronet Sir Robert Strickland Sir Thomas Strickland Sir Jordan Crosland Knights Henry Chater Esquire Sir William Dalton Sir John Yorke Knights Sir William Cholmley Sir James Pennyman Knight Sir David Fowles Baronet Sir Thomas Ingram Knight James Medcalfe Esquire William Weddal Walter Strickland Mathew Hutton Esquires Sir Thomas Heblethwait John Turner Esquire John Beverley Humphrey Wharton Thomas Robinson Reynold Grayham Richard Grayham Esquires Sir Henry Cholmley Knight Major Norton Esquire Sir Henry Franklin Knight Sir William Franklin Baronet Thomas Norton Thomas Jackson Thomas Rookby William Robinson Robert Layton Roger Talbot Henry Marwood Edward Croft Charles Tankard of Arden Esquires Sir Joseph Craddock Knight John Calverly George Norton Esquires Thomas Waite Gentleman The Alderman of Richmond for the time being William Trueman Timothy Maleverer John Dodsworth William Thompson William Hickham Christopher Wandesford Esquire Edward Trotter Anthony Lowther Roger Colvel Esquire.

For the Eastriding in the said County Sir John Hotham Sir Francis Boynton Sir Watkinson Paylour Sir Robert Hilliard Baronets Sir Mathew Appleyard Sir Francis Cobb Knights Tobias Jenkins Stephen Thompson Esquires Sir John Ledyard Baronet Michael Wharton Esquire Sir Thomas Rudston Baronet Sir Thomas Remington Knight Sir Philip Mountain Knight Thomas Grantham Durand Hotham John Constable Henry Holmes Christopher Hilliard Hugh Lister Esquires Sir Hugh Bethel Knight Sir Hugh Bethel of Rize Knight George Mountain John Vavosour John Headlam William Osbaston William Grimston Esquires Sir William Cobb Knight Robert Sotheby John Hearn Thomas Crompton Samford Nevil William Gee Richard Leadgeard Tobias Hodgson Esquires Richard Thompson.

City of Yorke

For the City and County of the City of Yorke James Brook Lord Maior Sir Medcalfe Robinson Baronet John Scot Esquire George Manklings George Lamplough Aldermen Mr Cressey Burnet Mr Henry Thompson junior Mr Henry Speman Mr John Kilvington Mr Edward Elwick Mr John Loftus Mr John Tayler Mr Edward Calvert Mr Philip Herbert Mr William Richardson Mr Robert Scot Mr Richard Coltman Mr Thomas Setterthayht Mr Francis Chadderton Mr Francis Brice Mr Edward Basford Mr James Breary Sir Thomas Slingsby Sir Miles Stapilton William Fairfax Henry Fairfax James Moyser Thomas Robinson Lewis D'Arcy Richard Rowndall Esquires.

Kingston upon Hull.

For the Town and County of Kingston upon Hull Mr George Crowle now Maior Colonel Anthony Gilby William Lister Esquire Mr Thomas Rakes Mr William [Dadson (fn. 63) ] Mr Robert Ripley Mr William Maister Mr Robert Berrier Mr William Foxley Mr William Ramsden Mr Christopher Richardson Mr Richard Robinson Mr Richard Wilson Mr William Raikes Mr Richard Vevers Hugh Lister Esquire Andrew Marvel Esquire Mr Edmund Popple Mr Anthony Lambert senior Mr William Thompson Mr John Horner.


For the Town of Beverley The Maior for the time being Thomas Johnson Edward Grey senior William Wade William Forge William Colson William Dunn Timothy Grey Robert Fotherby William Newcomb Edward Grey junior John Todd William Nelson William Garthwait Abraham Burnet Thomas Gossip George Davies William Hunter Robert Richardson.


For the County of Anglesey Robert Lord Viscount Bulkley Thomas Bulkley Esquire Nicholas Bagenal Esquire Rouland Bulkley Esquire of Porthomwel John Robinson Esquire Peirce Lloyd senior Peirce Lloyd junior Richard Owen Theodore Esquires Sir Hugh Owen Knight and Baronet John Bodvel Rowland White William Bould Thomas Wood Hugh Hughes John Griffith Esquires John Owens John Owens Penrose Gentlemen Conisby Williams Gents Henry Lloyd Esquire Henry Jones Gents David Lloyd Esquire William Lewis Gents John [Wine (fn. 64) ] of Esquire.


For the County of Brecon Henry Lord Herbert of Ragland Sir William Lewis Sir Herbert Price Sir Henry Williams Baronets John Herbert Esquire High Sheriff George Gwin Milburn Williams John Jefferies Lewis Morgan Walter Vaugham Edmond Jones John Stedman Thomas Williams of Abercamlayes William Morgan of Newton Thomas Lewis Hugh Powel Meredith Lewis James Watkins John Gwin Esquires William Vaughan of Lanihangel Nantbrain William Lloyd of Wernos Rees Prise Lewis Gunter James Williams Henry Stedman Gentlemen The Bailiff of Brecon for the time being Thomas Bowen Esquire Edward Games Esquire Henry Williams of Languttock John Morgan of Wenalt William Lloyd of Llangamarch Jeoffrey Jeffreys of Liwel William Bowen junior Howel Powel Gentt Henry Rumsey.


For the County of Cardigan Sir Richard Price Baronet Sir Francis Lloyd Knight James Lewis senior John Vaughan Jonathan Lloyd Henry Vaughan James Lewis junior Edward Vaughan Erasmus Lloyd Morgan Herbert Reignald Jenkins David Lloyd Thomas Jenkins Richard Herbert Thomas Perry John Lewis Thomas Lloyd of Rhue Arthen John Jones Esquires David Evans Thomas Lloyd of Ynis Gentlemen


For the County of Carmarthen Francis Lord Vaughan Sir John Vaughan Knight of the Bath Sir Edward Mansel Sir William Russel Baronets Sir Edward Rice Knight John Vaughan of Lanelthy William Gwyn of Telliaris Henry Vaughan of Derwith Henry Middleton John Vaughan of Dertlis Nicholas Williams Thomas Lloyd of Dengralt John Lloyd of the Forrest James Jones of Talicothy Penry Vaughan John Vaughan of Place Gwyn Evan Thomas Morgan Jones Thomas Lloyd of Bertlandoet Walter Vaughan John Lewis of Lisimeth Esquires John Powel junior Gentlemen Owen Bristoc Walter Jones Charles Gwin of Gwempe Esquires.

Burrough of Carmarthen.

For the Burrough of Carmarthen The present Maior Anthony Jones David Goffe Griffith Burion Thomas Jones Aldermen.


For the County of Carnarvan Robert Lord Viscount Bulkley Thomas Bulkley Esquire Sir Richard Wynne Baronet Sir Roger Mostin Sir Griffith Williams Baronets Sir John Owen Sir Richard Lloyd Knights Nicholas Bagnal Griffith Jones John Bodvel William Griffith William Vaughan Thomas Winne Owen Winne Richard Thomas John Bodurda Thomas Vaughan John Williams William Hookes Richard Cuffin Maurice Winne of Crogen Esquires Hugh Bodurda William Williams Gentlemen.


For the County of Denbigh Sir Thomas Middleton Knight Sir Richard Winne Sir John Salisbury Sir Thomas Powel Sir William Meredith Sir Thomas Middleton Baronets Sir Thomas Trevor Knight &Baronet Sir Evan Lloyd Baronet Sir Richard Lloyd Sir Edward Broughton Sir Robert Agbrow Knights William Owen of Landur Simon Thelwal John Robinson John Winne of Watstay Mutton Davis Bevis Lloyd Thomas Jones Hugh Winne Kenrick Eyton John Wynne of Melay Robert Wynne of Voylay John Thelwal John Edisbury William Wynne of Grath kuman Fouk Middleton Edward Bruerton John Jefferies Richard Middleton of Lansylin Charles Middleton William Parry Robert Price of Geeler Watkin Kiffin David Maurice John Thelwal Owen Thelwal Hugh Roberts George Bostock Francis Manley Esquires Humphrey Lloyd Gentleman Robert Wynne of Garthwynne Howel Lloyd Gentlemen.


For the County of Flint Roger Puleston High Sheriff of the County Sir Thomas Hanmer Sir Henry Conway Sir Roger Mostin Baronets Sir John Hanmer Knight William Hanmer Robert Davies Thomas Ravenscroft Thomas Lloyd Roger Whitley John Parry Peter Griffith Thomas Salisbury Robert Whitley David Pennant Mutton Davies Richard Young John Broughton William Mostin Robert Mostin Evan Edwards Edward Lloyd Owen Barton Hugh Pennant Thomas Cratchley Esquires.


For the County of Glamorgan Henry Lord Herbert William Lord Herbert of Cardiffe Sir Richard Lloyd Knight Arthur Trevor Esquire Sir Edward Mansil Sir Edward Thomas Sir John Awbry Baronets Sir Thomas Lewis Sir Richard Basset Sir William Lewis Knights Thomas Lewis William Basset Bussey Mansel William Herbert Edmond Thomas David Mathew Thomas Mathew Thomas Carne David Jenkins William Thomas Herbert Evans Esquires Evan Seyes Serjeant at Law Humphrey Windham Thomas Stradling senior Thomas Stradling junior John Windham William Morgan Thomas Awbry John Carne Esquires Doctor William Basset Thomas Thomas Walter Thomas Myles Button Gabriel Lewis Richard Longer Edmond Gamage Esquires Doctor Crofts Edward Mathew John Van Miles Mathew of the Ulstrid Richard Seyes Edward Mansel Charles Bowen Henry Basset Henry Hill Roger Williams Esquires Mr. ThomasBasset Mr. William Jones Mr. Richard Jenkins of Pantenowall Mr. Edward Jenkins of Cowbridge Mr Robert Corrock Mr. Reece Hopkins Mr William Deere Mr David Evan of Lantwit Verdra Mr George Williams of Baylan Mr John Prichard Mr George Gibbons Mr Morgan Miles Mr Stephen Edwards Mr David Richards Mr George Lucas Mr John Thomas of Peterston super Montem Mr Watkin Jones Mr William Morgan Mr Thomas Powel Mr Edward Jenkins.


For the County of Merioneth William Salisbury Esquire High Sheriff of the County of Merioneth Sir Richard Wynne Sir Thomas Middleton Baronets Sir John Owen Sir Richard Lloyd Knights William Price William Vaughan William Winne of Barthginan Maurice Winne of [Rogen (fn. 65) ] Lewis Lloyd Howel Vaughan of Glin-yllyn John Lloyd John Pugh Roger Mostin John Winne of Rihwgoch Robert Winne Griffith Lloyd Lewis Owen William Vaughan of [Cothle (fn. 66) ] John Nanney of Llanventheged Edmond Merick Humfry Hughes John Vaughan Rowland Vaughan Maurice Williams Richard Anwill Ellis Edwards John Morgans Henry Winne Esquires. William Tudir Lewis Gwyn Thomas Lloyd Richard Lloyd of Carrog John Lloyd of Ddualt John Owen of Havod Dowilth. John Foults Evan Lloyd of Goppa Richard Winne Gentlemen


For the County of Mountgomery Andrew Newport Esquire Sir Mathew Price Baronet Sir Edward Lloyd Knight John Purcel John Blayney John Pugh Richard Herbert Francis Buller Edmond Waring William Okely Richard Owen John Price of Parks Mathew Morgan William Penchin Roger Mostin Thomas Maurice Edward Glynn of of Glyn Edward Evans of Rhydy Carrow John Whittingham David Powel Thomas Inks Edward Edwards of Coltfrin John Blodwell Thomas Wind Thomas Corbet Esquires Samuel Bigs Michael Middleton Gentlemen Robert Lee Esquire Henry Purcel Evan Vaughan John Kiffin Humfry Nicholas Gent. Francis Fitz herbert Esquire Edward Whittingham Gent. Robert Leighton Esquire Charles Salisbury Robert Griffiths Esquires John Okely James Penrhyn Evan Evans of Coome-yr-Annel Gent.


For the County of Pembroke Sir Erasmus Phillips Sir John Stepney Baronets Sir Hugh Owen Knight and Baronet Sir Herbert Perrot Knight Essex Meyrick Rowland Langharn Roger Lort Arthur Owen Henry White Thomas Warren Lewis Barlow Hugh Bowen George Barlow William Scowrefeild William Phillips James Bowen Thomas Owen Thomas Parry George Haward James Lloyd Isaac Lloyd Arnold Thomas Thomas Lloyd of [Marvile (fn. 67) ] David Morgan Thomas Wogan of Langstinan John Lort Walter Cuny Nicholas Adams William Mordant Thomas Cozens John Mathias Esquires The Maior of Pembroke for the time being Richard Browne Mathew Bowen Aldermen The Maior of Tenby for the time being Richard Wyat John Protherough Aldermen.

Haverford West.

For the Town and County of Haverford West Sir Erasmus Phillips Sir John Stepney Baronets Sir Hugh Owen Knight and Baronet Sir Herbert Perrot Knight Rowland Langharne Arthur Owen [Rogert (fn. 68) ] Lort Henry White Isaac Lloyd George Barlow Thomas Lloyd Arnold Thomas Esquires William Meyler William Williams Henry Bowen Thomas Davies Philip Wall Richard Bateman William Walter Aldermen John Thomas Thomas Bowen William Howel Baltazer Walford George Knethel Daniel Freeman Gentlemen.


For the County of Radnor Sir Richard Lloyd Knight Arthur Trevor Esquire Sir Edward Harley Knight of the Bath Sir Robert Harley Knight George Gwin Richard Fowler James Price Thomas Corbet Henry Williams Lewis. Morgan John Walcot Thomas Harley Samuel Powel Nicholas Taylor Evan Davies Andrew Phillips Charles Lewis Henry Probert Herbert Weston Griffith Jones Hugh Powel Richard Meredith Thomas Eckleston Robert Cutler Francis Richards John [Richards (fn. 69) ] Rowland Higgens Esquires The Bailiff of New Radnor for the time being

III. Commissioners to meet to execute Act on or before 20th Jan. next, and to divide themselves.

And be it further enacted and declared that the several Commissioners aforesaid shall meet togeather at the most usual and comon place of meeting within each of the said Counties Cities Burroughs Towns and places respectively on or before the twentieth day of January now next ensueing and the said Commissioners or so many of them as shal be present at the said first General Meeting or the major part of them are hereby authorized and required to put this present Actin execution according to the best of theire judgements and discretions and shal then subdivide and distribute themselves so into lesser numbers as two or more of the said Commissioners may be appointed for the service of each hundred or other division and as may best conduce to the carrying on of his Majesties service hereby required

IV. And to set down in Writing what Number shall act in each Division.

And for the more effectual performance thereof Be it enacted and declared that the Commissioners att the aforesaid first General Meeting or the major part of them shall agree and sett downe in writing who and what number of the said Co[m]missioners shall act in each of the said divisions or hundreds to the end that there be no failure in any part of the due execution of the service by this Act required

V. Commissioners to cause Assessment to be equally made, and to appoint Assessors,

who are to assess by a Pound Rate.

And bee it enacted and declared by the authority aforesaid that the Commissioners within the several divisions or hundreds or any two or more of them are hereby authorized and required to cause the said several proporc[i]ons charged on the respective divisions and on every parish and place therein for the said eighteen moneths assessment to be equally assessed and taxed and to appoint two or more assessors in each parish or place for the perfecting thereof who are hereby required withal care and diligence to assess the same equally by a pound rate as formerly upon all Lands Tenements Hereditaments Annuities Rents Parks Warrens Goods Chattels Stocke Merchandize Offices usually rated Tolls Profits and all other Estates both real and personal within the limits circuites and bounds of theire respective parishes and places.

VI. £210,000, the first quarterly Payment, to be paid to Receiver General, and by him into the Exchequer on or before 25th March 1662.

Second Payment 24th June.; Third Payment 29th September.; Fourth Payment 25th December.; Fifth Payment 25th March 1663.; Last Payment 24th June.

And bee it further enacted by the authority aforesaid that the su[m]m of two hundred and ten thousand pounds being the first of the said six quarterly payments hereby imposed shal bee assessed collected levied and paid into the Receivors-General of the said several Counties who shall be appointed by his Majesty and who are hereby required to transmit or cause the same to be paid into his Majesties Receipt of his Exchequer on or before the five and twentieth day of March in the yeare of our Lord One thousand six hundred sixty two and the sum of two hundred and ten thousand pounds being the second of the said quarterly payments on or before the twenty fourth day of June in the yeare of our Lord One thousand six hundred sixty two and the su[m]m of two hundred and ten thousand pounds being the third of the said quarterly payments on or before the twenty ninth day of September in the yeare of our Lord One thousand six hundred sixty two and the su[m]m of twoe hundred and ten thousand pounds being the fourth of the said quarterly payments on or before the twenty fifth day of December in the yeare of our Lord One thousand six hundred sixty two and the su[m]m of two hundred and ten thousand pounds being the fifth of the said quarterly payments on or before the twenty fifth day of March in the yeare of our Lord One thousand six hundred sixty three and the su[m]m of two hundred and ten thousand pounds being the last of the said quarterly payments on or before the twenty fourth day of June in the yeare of our Lord One thousand six hundred sixty three.

VII. Assessors to deliver Copy of Assessment to Commissioners, who are to sign and seal two Duplicates and deliver one to Sub-collector, whom they are to appoint, together with a Warrant to collect the Assessment.

Monies to be paid to Head Collectors, and by them to Receivers General, and by them into the Exchequer.; The other Duplicate to Lord High Treasurer.

And for the compleating [of (fn. 70) ] the whole su[m]ms charged upon the same and to the end the aforesaid su[m]ms charged upon the several and respective Counties Cities Burroughes Towns and places may be equally and indifferently assessed according to the true intent of this Act and the money duly collected and true accompt thereof made the said Assessors are hereby required to deliver one Copy of theire respective assessments fairely written and subscribed by them unto the said Commissioners And the said Commissioners or any twoe or more of them are hereby ordered and required to signe and seale two Duplicates of the said Assessments and the one of them to deliver or cause to be delivered to one or more honest and responsible person or persons to be Subcollector or Subcollectors which the said Commissioners are hereby authorized to nominate and appoint for each parish or place with warrant to the said Subcollector or Subcollectors to collect the said eighteen monthes assessment payable as aforesaid so as the said several su[m]ms may be paid in to the head Collectors to be nominated and appointed by the said Commissioners to receive the same so timely as they may by them be paid in to the said Receivers Generall and by them into the receipt of his Majesties Exchequer at the respective times aforesaid And the said Commissioners are hereby required to deliver or cause to be delivered the other of the said Duplicates of each parish or place to the Receiver General of each County City Town or place respectively to be by him the said Receiver General transmitted to the Lord High Treasurer of England which the said Receiver General is required to perform accordingly

VIII. Commissioners to appoint Head Collectors.

And be it further enacted and declared that the said Commissioners in theire respective divisions or hundreds or any two or more of them shal and are hereby impowered to nominate and appoint under theire hands and seales an honest able and responsible person to be head Collector unto whom the moneys received by the Subcollectors within the division or hundred shall from time to time be duly paid And the said head Collector is hereby required upon the receipt thereof to pay the same forthwith to the Receiver General of each county respectively.

IX. Collectors to pay to Receivers General, who are to pay into Exchequer.

Salary to Receiver General of 1d. in the Pound.

And bee it further enacted and declared that the particular Collectors and sub collectors are hereby required to pay in all and every the su[m]ms so received by them to the said Receivers-Gen[er]all aforesaid who are hereby required forthwith to transmit or cause to be paid the moneys by them received into the Receipt of his MajMa[jes]ties Exchequer And the said Lord Treasurer is hereby authorized to allow the said Receiver Generall of each County City and Town respectively in case he hath returned up to him a duplicate of the Assessment of each parish or place in county city or Town for which he is appointed Receiver General a Salary for his paines not exceeding one penny in the pound upon the cleareing of his accompt.

X. Salary to Sub-Collectors of id. in the Pound.

Allowance to Head Collectors of id. in the Pound.; Allowance to Commissioners Clerks of 1d. in the Pound.

And it is hereby further enacted and declared That the Sub Collectors of each parish or place which shall bee appointed by vertue of this Actshall upon the collection of the whole su[m]m appointed to bee collected by them and payment thereof as is hereby and before appointed have and receive for theire paines in collecting and paying the moneys one penny in the pound which the said several head collectors are hereby authorized to pay unto them and the several head Collectors which shall bee appointed by vertue of this Actshall upon the payment of the whole su[m]m due from theire Hundred or Division to the Receiver-Generall of each County have and receive for theire paines in receiving and paying the said moneys one penny in the pound which each ReceiverGenerall is hereby authorized to pay and allow unto them accordingly And alsoe upon the Receipt of the whole assessment of the County City or Town for which he is appointed Receiver General in case he hath received the severall Duplicates of each parish or place therein and not otherwise to allow and pay according to such Warrant as shall bee in that behalfe given by the said Commissioners or any three of them one penny in the pound for the Comissioners Clerkes for theire paines in faire writing the Assessments Duplicates and Copies Provided that no head Collector shall be appointed for any City or Town which is by this Act particularly charged with the payment of any su[m]m towards the assessment hereby to be levied and for which a Receiver General is to be appointed excepting within the City of London

XI. Persons rated refusing to pay. Distress.

Collectors may break open Houses, Chests, &c. calling to their Assistance Constables, &c.; Questions upon Distresses to be determined by Commissioners. Conveying Goods away so that no Levy can be had. Imprisonment. Except Peers.

And be it enacted &declared That if any person shall refuse or neglect to pay any su[m]m of money whereat he shall be rated or assessed that then it shall and may bee lawfull to and for the said Collectors Sub Collectors or any of them who are hereby authorized and required thereunto to levie the su[m]m assessed by distresse and sale of the goods of such persons so refusing or neglecting to pay deducting the su[m]m assessed and reasonable charges of distraining and restore the overplus to the owner thereof and to breake open in the day time any house and upon warrant under the hands and seals of two or more of the said Commissioners any Chest Trunk or Box or other thing where any such goods are and to call to theire assistance the Constables Tythingman and Headborough within the Counties Cities Towns or places where any refusall neglector resistance shall be made which said Officers and Forces are hereby required to bee aiding and assisting in the premisses as they will answer the contrary att theire perills And if any question or difference happen upon takeing of such distresses betweene the parties distressed or distrained the same shall be ended and determined by the said Commissioners or any two or more of them And if any person or persons shall refuse or neglect to pay his or theire assessment and convey his or theire goods or other personall estate whereby the su[m]m of money so assessed cannot be levied according to this Act then the respective Commissioners or any twoe or more of them are hereby authorized to imprison the person (except a Peere or Peers of this Realm) and him and them in prison to detain and keepe untill the money so assessed and the charges for the bringing in the same be paid and satisfied and no longer

XII. Tenants to pay Rate on Land and deduct out of Rent.

Landlords to allow such Deduction.

And the severall and respective tennants or tennant of all Houses and Land which shall be rated by vertue of this Act are hereby required and authorized to pay such su[m]m or su[m]ms of money as shall be rated upon such house or lands and to deduct out of the rent so much of the said rates as in respectof the said Rents of every such house and lands the Landlord should or ought to [pay & (fn. 71) ] beare And the said Landlords both mediate and immediate according to theire respective Interests are hereby required to allow such deductions and payments upon the receipt of the residue of theire Rents

XIII. Tenant so paying acquitted for Amount of Payment.

Commissioners may settle Differences between Landlords and Tenants.; Persons aggrieved by Assessment may complain to Commissioners, who may relieve.

And it is enacted and declared that every tenant paying the said Assessment shall be acquitted and discharged [for (fn. 71) ] so much money as the said Assessment shall amount unto as if the same had bee actually paid unto such person and persons unto whom his rents should have been due and payable And if any difference shall arise betweene Landlord and Tennant or any other concerning the said Rates the said severall Commissioners or any two or more of them in theire several divisions shall and have hereby power to settle the same as they shall thinke fitt And if any person or persons shall find him or themselves [agreived (fn. 71) ] in that the Assessors have over rated him or them and shall within six dayes after demand made of the su[m]m of money assessed on him or them complain to the Commissioners who signed and allowed his or theire assessment the said Commissioners or any two or more of them who signed or allowed such assessment shall have and have hereby power within the said six dayes after the demand of the assessment as aforesaid to releive such person or persons and to charge the same on such other person or persons as they shall see cause

XIV. If Assessment be not fully paid, Commissioners, &c. may re-assess;

and the new Assessment to be paid accordingly.

And in case the proportions set by this Actupon all and every the respective Counties Cities Towns and Places shall not be full assessed levied and paid according to the true meaning thereof or that if any of the said assessments shall be rated and imposed upon any person not being of ability to pay the same or upon any empty or void house or land where the same cannot be collected or levied or that through any wilfulnes negligence mistake or accident the said assessment charged upon each County City Town or Place by vertue of this Act happens not to be paid to the receipt of his Majesties Exchequer as in this Actis directed that then in all and every such cases the several and respective Commissioners Assessors and Collectors aforesaid and every of them respectively are hereby authorized and required to assesse or re assesse or cause to bee assessed or re assessed levied and paid [and (fn. 72) ] all and every such su[m]m or su[m]ms of money upon the respective Counties Cities Towns and Places or upon any of the Divisions Hundreds and Parishes therein as to the said Commissioners or such number of them as by this Act are authorized to cause the first assessment hereby required to be made shall seeme most agreeable to equity and justice the said new assessment to be made collected and paid in such manner and by such meanes as in this Act for this Assessment is declared and directed.

XV. Persons refusing to execute Act;

Commissioners may fine them, not exceeding £20.; Fines to whom paid; .

And be it further enacted and declared by the authority aforesaid that if any person or persons shall wilfully neglector refuse to performe his or theire duty in the due and speedy execution of this present Act the said respective Commissioners or any three or more of them have hereby power to impose on such person or persons so refusing or neglecting theire duties such fine or fines as to them shall be thought fitt and to cause the same to bee levied by distresse and sale of his and theire Goods Provided that no fine to be imposed by any of the said Commissioners shall for any one Offence exceed the su[m]m of twenty pounds And that all fines that shall be imposed by vertue of this Act shall be paid to the respective Receivers General and by them to the Receipt of his Majesties Exchequer

XVI. Receivers General, Collectors, &c. not paying or detaining Monies received by them, Commissioners may imprison them, and seize their Estates Real and Personal.

And it is further enacted and declared that if any Receiver General Collector or Sub Collector that shall by vertue of this Act be appointed for the receipt of any su[m]m or su[m]ms of money thereby to bee assessed shall neglect or refuse to pay any su[m]m or su[m]ms of money which shall [be (fn. 71) ] by him so received as aforesaid and not pay the same as in and by this Act is directed [& shall detaine in his or theire hands any money received by them or any of them & not pay the same as by this Act is directed (fn. 71) ] the Commissioners of each County City or Town respectively or any two or more of them in theire respective divisions are hereby authorized and impowred to imprison the person and seize and secure the estate both real and personal of such Receiver-General Collector or Sub Collector theire heires executors or administrators where ever the same can be discovered and found And the said Commissioners who shall so seize and secure the Estate of any Receiver General Collector or Sub Collector shall be and are hereby impowred to appoint a time for the general meeting of the Commissioners of such County City or Town and there to cause pubique notice to bee given at the place where such meeting shall be appointed ten dayes att least before such general meeting And the Commissioners present at such general meeting or the major part of them in case the moneys detained by Receivers General Collectors or Sub Collectors be not paid and satisfied as it ought to bee according to the directions of this Actshall and are hereby impowred to sell and dispose of all such estates which shall be for the causes aforesaid seized and secured and satisfie and pay such County and Place the su[m]ms that shall be soe detained in the hands of such Receiver-General Collector or Sub Collector and return the Overplus to such Receiver-General Collector or Sub Collector their heires executors and administrators.

XVII. At the Expiration of Times for quarterly Payments, Commissioners to call Collectors before them, and assure themselves of Payments of Monies charged.

In case of Failure, Commissioners to levy the same.

And it is hereby further enacted and declared that at the expirac[i]on of the respective times in this Actprescribed for the full payment of the said quarterly Assessments the several and respective Commissioners or any two of them within the division and hundred shall and are hereby required to call before them the cheife Collectors and Sub Collectors within each respective Division and Hundred to examine and assure themselves of the full and whole payment of the particular su[m]m and su[m]ms of money charged upon the said Division Hundred and every parish and place therein and of the due return of the same into the hands of the Receiver-General of the said County City Town and Place respectively And by such Receiver General to the Receipt of his Majesties Exchequer to the end there may bee no failure in the payment of any part of the assessment by vertue of this Act to be assessed and paid nor any arreares remaine chargeable upon any of the said Counties Cities Towns or places respectively And in case of any failure in the p[re]misses the said Commissioners or any two of them are hereby to cause the same to bee forthwith levied and paid according to the true intent and meaning of this Act.

XVIII. If Controversies arise in which Commissioners interested, such Commissioners to withdraw.

And it is hereby enacted and declared that in case any controversies arise concerning the said assessments or the dividing apportioning or payment thereof which concern any of the Commissioners by this Act appointed that the Commissioners so concerned in the said controversies shall have no voice but shall withdrawe at the time of the debate of any such controversie untill it be determined by the rest of the Commissioners.

XIX. Privileged Places, Fee Farm Rents, &c. liable.

Proviso for Tenants thereof paying.

And be it hereby enacted and declared that no priviledged place or person body politick or corporate within the Counties Cities and Townes aforesaid shall be exempted from the said Assessments and taxes but that they and every of them and alsoe all Fee Farme Rents and all other manner of Rents Payments and su[m]ms of moneys and Annuities issuing out of [any (fn. 74) ] Lands within City or County shall be lyable towards the payment of every su[m]m by this Act to be taxed and levied and all the tennants of any Fee Farme Rent other rent su[m]ms of money or Annuities aforesaid are hereby directed and authorized to pay them proportionably according to the Rates and Assessments by this Act appointed and directed And all such Tennantsshall be hereby saved and kept harmelesse by authority of this Act from any further payment of such portion of any such Rent Rents su[m]ms or Annuities either to the Exchequer or to any other person or persons to whom any such Rent Rents su[m]ms of moneys or an[n]uities as aforesaid should or ought to bee paid to all intents or purposes whatsoever as fully and as amply as if they had paid the same into the Exchequer or to any other person or persons to whom the same is reserved or become due.

XX. Proviso for the Universities, and the Colleges of Winchester, Eaton, Westminster, Free Schools, Hospitals, &c. and for Lands, &c. of St. Bartholomew, Bridewell, St. Thomas, and Bethlem Hospitals.

Provided that nothing contained in this Act shall be extended to charge any Master Fellow or Scholar of any Colledge in either of the Universities or in the Colledge of Winchester Eaton or Westminster or in any other Free Schooles or any Reader Officer or Minister of the said Universities Colledges or Schooles or of any Hospitals or Almes-houses for or in respect of any Stipend Wages or profit whatsoever ariseing or growing due to them in respect of the said several places and imployments in the said Universities Colledges Schools Hospitals or Almeshouses nor to charge any of the houses or lands belonging to Christs Hospital St. Bartholomew Bridewel St. Thomas and Bethelem Hospitals in the City of London and Burrough of Southwarke or any of them for or in respect of any Rents or Revenues payable to the said Hospitals being to bee received and disbursed for the immediate use and releife of the poore in the said Hospitals.

XXI. But Tenants under Lease from said Hospitals, to pay.

Provided that no Tenants that hold or enjoy any Lands or Houses by lease or any other grant from any of the said Hospitals do claime and enjoy any freedome exemption or advantage by this Act But that all the houses and Lands which they so hold shall be rated [& (fn. 74) ] assessed for soe much as they are yearely worth over and above the rents reserved and payable to the said Hospitals

XXII. Person dwelling in London in one Parish, &c. and having Goods in other Parishes, &c. charged where he dwells.

Provided alsoe That where any person inhabiting within the City of London hath his dwelling house in one of the parishes or wards therein and hath any Office goods wares or merchandizes in one or more of the other parishes or wards within the same that then such person shall be charged taxed and assessed for such his Office Goods or Merchandize in the parish or ward where he dwelleth and not elsewhere in the said City.

XXIII. The like as to Persons dwelling out of London and having Office within.

Provided alsoe That where any person inhabiting without the City of London and hath any Office within the said City that then such person shall be taxed and assessed for such his Office in the place or parish where he dwelleth and not elsewhere.

XXIV. No Clause in this Act to lessen Payment.

Provided nevertheles That no Clause or Proviso in this Act shall extend to the lessening or abatement of the full su[m]m by this Act appointed to be taxed levied and paid but that the same be fully assessed taxed levied collected and paid in the several and respective Counties Cities and Towns aforesaid in such manner and form and to such uses as is herein before menc[i]oned and declared

XXV. Commissioners to account to Lord Treasurer, &c.

And that the several and respective Commissioners and every of them shall from time to time give a true and perfect accompt of all theire doings and proceedings in the execution of this Actto the said Lord Treasurer or to other such persons as his Majesty shall appoint

XXVI. If Pound Rate be found prejudicial, Commissioners may assess in the manner usual in respectctive Counties, &c.

Provided alwaies And bee it hereby enacted and declared that in case the way or manner of assessing by a pound rate shall prove any way prejudicial or obstructive to the said speedy bringing in of the assessment or any part thereof appointed by this Act That then and in all such cases the respective Commissioners or any twoe of them are hereby authorized to order and direct the respective Assessors who are hereby required to proceed accordingly to assesse the respective sums charged on the respective Counties Cities &Burroughs Townes and Places mentioned in this Act according to the most just and usuall way of rates held and practised in such Counties Cities Burroughs Towns and Places respectively, Any thing in this Act to the contrary thereof contained in any wise notwithstanding

XXVII. This Assessment not to be drawn into Example.

Provided alwaies That the apportionment of the assessment according to the Rates and [p[ro]portions (fn. 74) ] of this Act upon the several Counties Cities and Burroughs assessed shall not be drawne into president or used for any example for the future.

XXVIII. Proviso for the Bishops, Peers, and Clergy, Universities, &c.

Provided alsoe That nothing herein contained shall be drawn into example to the prejudice of the ancient rights belonging unto the Lords Spiritual and Temporal or Clergy of this Realm or unto either of the Universities or unto any Colledges Schools Almes houses or Hospitals.

XXIX. Proviso for Agreements as to Taxes between Landlord and Tenant.

Provided alwaies that nothing in this Act contained shall be construed to alter change determine or make void any Contracts Covenants Agreements or Usages whatsoever between the Landlord and Tenant touching the payment of taxes or assessments Any thing herein before mentioned to the contrary notwithstanding.

XXX. Places to be assessed in such Hundreds, &c. as heretofore.

Provided alwaies And bee it further enacted and declared by the authority aforesaid that for the avoiding of all obstructions and delayes in collecting the su[m]ms by this Act to be raised and assessed all Places Constable wicks Divisions &Allotments shall pay and be assessed in such hundred rape and wapentake as the same hath heretofore usually beene assessed in and not elsewhere

XXXI. In Actions brought for executing Act General Issue may be pleaded.

Treble Costs.

And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid that if any action plaint suit or information shall bee co[m]menced or prosecuted against any person or persons for what he or they shall do in pursuance or in execution of this Act such person or persons soe sued in any Court whatsoever shall or may plead the generall issue not guilty And upon any issue joyned may give this Actand the speciall matter in evidence And if the Plaintiff or Prosecutor shall become nonsuit or forbeare further prosecution or suffer [a (fn. 75) ] discontinuance or if a verdict passe against him the defendant shall recover theire treble Costs for which they shall have the like remedy as in any case where costs by the law are given to defendants.

XXXII. No future monthly Assessment.

Provided alsoe And it is hereby enacted That no future aid or supply of money to the King by Parliament in charge of the people shall at any time hereafter be granted or levied by way of monethly assessment.

XXXIII. Fee to Officers of Exchequer in respect of Fee Farm Rents to the King or Queen Dowager.

Provided that no Auditor of his Mat.ies Exchequer or other Officer shall upon allowance to bee made to any person or persons assessed within this Act for any fee farme rent due to his Majesty or the Queen-Dowager take or receive any other fee for the same then the su[m]m of four pence for any debt upon such Allowance


  • 1. interlined on the Roll.
  • 2. interlined on the Roll.
  • 3. O. omits.
  • 4. of O.
  • 5. O. omits.
  • 6. interlined on the Roll.
  • 7. Bedford O.
  • 8. Sayer O.
  • 9. Colclough O.
  • 10. interlined on the Roll.
  • 11. Caulton O.
  • 12. Wolverton O.
  • 13. Esq[uire] O.
  • 14. Esq[uire]s O.
  • 15. Esq[uire] O.
  • 16. Glegg Esq[uire] O.
  • 17. interlined on the Roll.
  • 18. Bonithon O.
  • 19. interlined on the Roll.
  • 20. Esquires O.
  • 21. Huishe O.
  • 22. Canfeild O.
  • 23. Fitz William O.
  • 24. Braynton O.
  • 25. interlined on the Roll.
  • 26. Mr O.
  • 27. Blackhurst O.
  • 28. Sherard O.
  • 29. Skeffington O.
  • 30. interlined on the Roll.
  • 31. The Roll is illegible here, but it is "Baulder" in the Original Act.
  • 32. Blank in Original.
  • 33. Bowyer O.
  • 34. interlined on the Roll.
  • 35. Francis Bacon Thomas Bacon O
  • 36. Kedington.
  • 37. Blank in Original.
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  • 39. Noell O.
  • 40. interlined on the Roll.
  • 41. Crumpe O.
  • 42. Knights O.
  • 43. Bish O.
  • 44. Tulse O.
  • 45. of O.
  • 46. Cordall O.
  • 47. Sr O.
  • 48. interlined on the Roll.
  • 49. Roger O.
  • 50. Parkhurst O.
  • 51. Faunt O.
  • 52. interlined on the Roll.
  • 53. Gibbons O.
  • 54. annexed to the Original Act in a separate Schedule.
  • 55. Sr O.
  • 56. Ivy O.
  • 57. Thomas Mompesson of Battington O.
  • 58. Ovyatt O.
  • 59. Ovyatt O.
  • 60. Watson O.
  • 61. Maleverer Baronetts O.
  • 62. Kt O.
  • 63. Dobson O.
  • 64. Wynne O.
  • 65. Crogen O.
  • 66. Cathle O.
  • 67. Morvile O.
  • 68. Roger O.
  • 69. Rickards O.
  • 70. interlined on the Roll.
  • 71. interlined on the Roll.
  • 72. O. omits.
  • 73. interlined on the Roll.
  • 74. proportionO
  • 75. interlined on the Roll.