Charles II, 1662: An Act for Distribution of Threescore thousand pounds amongst the truly Loyal & Indigent Commission Officers and for assessing of Offices and distributing [the] Moneys thereby raised for theire further supply.

Pages 380-388

Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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Recital that there was a loyal Party which bore Arms in defence of the late and present King;

and that by means thereof the King had returned in Peace and Triumph.; Reasons for passing this Act.; £60,000 to be distributed amongst the loyal and indigent Officers.

Whereas there was a Loyall Party which through all hazards and extremities in the defence of the Kings Person Crown and Dignity the Rights and Priviledges of Parliament the Religion Lawes and Honour of the English Nation did beare Armes by the Command of His late Majestie of ever blessed Memory according to theire duty and the known Lawes of this Land and did with an unwearied Courage Faith and Constancy with theire lives and fortunes oppose that barbarous Rebellion raised against His most Excellent Majestie in the yeare One thousand six hundred forty and twoe by some of the men then sitting at Westminster till by expresse Orders from His Sacred Majesty in One thousand six hundred forty and six the said loyall and worthy persons were commanded to render and disband which Orders being obeyed and a new discovery being made of further Treasons against the life of theire most gracious Soveraign they entred into severall fresh attempts to save Him in which some fell a noble Sacrifice for theire Countrey and the rest asserted with the same vigorous and active Loyalty after the horrid murder of that glorious Prince the Rights and Interests of His Royall Successor and with the same restlesse zeale opposed all succeeding Usurpations untill that Great Captaine-the Duke of Albermarle (a person for ever to be remembred by all English men with Honour and Admiration) and other worthy persons did improve the long expected opportunity of theire Conjunction with the Loyall [Party (fn. 2) ] of this Nation by meanes whereof His Sacred Majesty returned in Peace and Triumph and in the safety and government of His gracious Majesty all the good people of England are restored to the well being of the Publique and to all theire Lawes Liberties and Fortunes Wee therefore the Lords & Commons for the perpetuall memory of the eminent deservings of the said Loyall Party and the encouragement of Loyalty to future ages do hereby declare and make manifest our high esteeme of theire great services and sufferings exceeding all possibility of present compensac[i]on but that provision might be made for theire honourable Wants (so far as stands with a Kingdome exhausted by the Rapine & Oppression of a long Rebellion) wee have else where beseecht Your most Excellent Majesty to enact a certaine annual Rate upon Parishes for the supply of all the Loyall and Suffering Souldiers in generall And wee doe herein most humbly beseech Your Majesty That it may be enacted and be it enacted by the Kings most excellent Majestie by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons in this present Parliament assembled and by the Authority of the same That the su[m]m of Threescore thousand [pounds (fn. 1) ] be with most convenient speed distributed amongst such truly Loyal and Indigent Officers who have had real Command of Souldiers according to theire several Commissions and who have never deserted His Majestie nor His blessed Fathers service during the late times of Rebellion and Usurpation and who have not a sufficient livelihood of theire own nor have since His Majesties returne obtained any Reward Office or Imployment sufficient for a livelyhood by such wayes meanes and proportions as shall be hereafter appointed

II. To be paid to a Treasurer chosen by Commissioners at the times and by the means herein mentioned

13 Car. II. Stat. 2. c. 3.; And upon Payment the Acquittance of such Treasurer to be a Discharge to Receiver General.; Receiver General not paying to Treasurer may be sued.

And to that purpose it is hereby enacted by His most Excellent Majesty (out of His special Grace and Favour towards His faithfull Souldiers and Servants) that Threescore thousand pounds of good English money be paid unto such person as shall be chosen Treasurer by the Commissioners according as is hereafter declared at such time or times and by the wayes and meanes following (that is to say) That all the severall Moneys or Taxes ariseing out of the Assessments of and from the Counties of Cornwal Rutland Monmouth Lancaster Westmerland and Anglesey for all the Eighteen Monthes according to an Act entituled An act for granting unto the Kings Majesty Twelve hundred and threescore thousand pounds to be assessed and levied by an Assessment of Threescore and ten thousand pounds by the Moneth for Eighteen Moneths shall be duly paid unto such Treasurer as aforesaid by the respective Receivers General or such other person or persons as are or shall be appointed by His Majesty for the Receipt thereof in all or any the said Counties according to the several times and dayes of Payment directed them in the said act [Any thing in the said act (fn. 1) ] contained to the contrary nowithstanding And upon Payment of the said Moneys accordingly the Acquittance under the Hand and Seale of such Treasurer as aforesaid shall be a sufficient discharge to any such Receiver General for such respective Payment against the Kings Majesty and every other person or persons whatsoever and after such Payment made noe such Receiver General shall undergoe any trouble or payment of Fees by reason of Processe from the Exchequer for the same Moneys But if any such Receiver General or such other person or persons as are or shall be appointed by His Majesty for the Receipt of such Assessments in the said several Counties shall refuse or faile to pay the same respectively unto such Treasurer as aforesaid according to the times and dayes of Payment aforesaid that then it shall and may be lawfull for such Treasurer to sue for the same in any Court of Record at Westminster and to recover the same with damages.

III. Commissioners named for granting Certificates to Officers.

And be it enacted That for granting Certificates to such Officers as are before declared all and every the persons hereafter named shall be Comissioners of and for the several and respective Counties Cities Burroughs Townes and Places hereafter named that is to say.


For the County of Bedford Robert Lord Bruce eldest sonne of Thomas Lord Bruce of Wharleton in the Kingdome of England and Earl of Elgin in the Kingdome of Scotland Sir Lewis Dives Sir Lodowick Dyar Sir William Palmer of Hill Sir George Blundell Sir John Keeling Sir Humphrey Winch Francis Crawley Stephen Anderson Richard Taylor Robert Audeley Richard Conquest Esquires.


For the County of Berks George Fane John Lovelace Esquires Sir Richard Braham Knight and Baronett Richard Nevil John Davis Richard Aldworth Humphry Hide Richard Harrison Esquires Sir Richard Powell Knight of the Bath Sir Thomas Draper Baronet.


For the County of Bucks Sir John Burlace Sir Edmond Pye Sir William Bowyer Sir Philip Palmer Sir Robert Croke Sir William Smith Sir William Tirringham William Burlace Henry Alnut Esquires Sir Toby Tirrell Baronet Sir Ralph Verney Bret Norton [Esq[uire] (fn. 3) ] Robert Crooke Esq[uire].


For the County of Cambridge The Lord Allington of Killard in the Kingdome of Ireland Sir William Compton Sir Thomas Wendy Thomas Chicheley Esquire Thomas Crouch Esquire Sir John Cotton Sir Thomas Dayrel Sir Isaac Thornton John Millicent Esquire and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge for the time being.


For the County of Chester and County of the City of Chester William Lord Brereton of Laghlin in the Kingdome of Ireland Thomas Needham Esquire Sir Thomas Smith Sir George Warburton Baronets Sir Philip Egerton Sir Jeffery Shackerly Sir Robert Cotton Knights Henry Leigh of Leigh Thomas Leigh of Adlington Thomas Cholmondly Esquires Sir Richard Grosvenor Baronett.


For the County of Cornwall Sir Chichester Wray Knight and Baronet Sir John Trelawney Knight and Baronet Sir John Coryton Baronet Sir John Arundel Sir James Smith Bernard Greenvile Esquire Colonell Trelawney Colonel Richard Arundell Colonel Edgcombe Colonel Trevanion Colonel Godolphin Colonel John Arundel John Trelawney Esquire Leivt. Colonel Scawen Leivt. Colonel Robinson Major Degory Polewheele William Pendarvis Charles Roscarrock Esquires.


For the County of Cumberland Sir Philip Musgrave Sir Patricius Curwen Sir William Dalston Sir Edward Musgrave Baronets Sir William Huddleston Sir Thomas Dacres Sir William Carleton Knights John Lamplew William Musgrave George Denton John Lamplew Esquires.


For the County of Derby The Lord Cavendish eldest Sonne of William Earle of Devonshire Anthil Grey Esquire Sir John Harpur Knight John Frechvile John Milward Esquires Sir Henry Ivory Baronet George Vernon of Sudbury William Fitzherbert of Tissington Edward Vernon John Low William Bullock Esquires Rowland Eyre of Bradway Francis Barker Gentlemen Charles Cotton Henry Gilbert Richard Cooke Esquires Roger Allestry Gent[um] William Milward Esquire.


For the County of Devon and City of Exon The Right Honourable Sir Hugh Pollard Comptroler of His Majesties Household Sir Edward Seymour Sir Thomas Heal Sir Courtney Pool Baronets Sir James Smith Sir Thomas Stuckley Sir Robert Cary Knights Arthur Basset John Giffard George Yeo Esquires Thomas Clifford John Vowel Esquires Sir Coppleston Bampfeild Sir William Courtney Baronets


For the County of Dorset Colonel Strangewayes Colonel Lawrence Colonel Bishop Colonel Reymes Colonel Radford Leivt. Colonel Uvedale Leivt. Colonel Butler Leivt. Colonel Philips Major Hastings Major Dolling Major Hoskins Major Stiles Captaine Churchill Captaine Strangewayes Captaine Daubenay Captaine St. Loe Captaine Miller Captain Freek Captaine William Ellisdon [Coronet (fn. 4) ] Hussey.


For the County of Durham Sir Nicholas Cole Sir Gilbert Gerrard Baronets Sir William Blakiston of Newton Sir Francis Anderson Sir Joseph Cradock Doctor Thomas Burrell Colonel John Tempest Colonel Anthony Bierly Cuthbert Car Esquire Colonel William Blakiston Colonel Forser.

Newcastle upon Tyne.

For the Town and County of Newcastle upon Tyne Sir John Marlay Maior Sir Nicholas Cole Knight and Baronet Sir Thomas Davison Knight Henry Marlay Henry Brabant Esquires.


For the County of Essex Sir John Brampston Knight of the Bath Sir Henry Apleton Baronet Sir Edmond Peirce Knight and Colonel Sir Henry Clerke Knight Sir William Ayloffe Baronet Colonel Gamaliel Caple Esquire Captaine, William Bramston Captain, William Herris Captain John Turner Captain John Fanshaw Major John Robinson Gent[um]


For the County of Gloucester and the City and County of the City of Gloucester Henry Lord Herbert of Ragland eldest Sonne of Edward Lord Marquesse of Worcester Robert Viscount Tracy of Ratchul in the Kingdome of Ireland Sir Baynham Throckmorton Baronet Sir Nicholas Throckmorton Sir William Morton Knights Colonel Richard Atkins Esq[uire]uire Sir Henry Frederick Thyn Baronet Sir Robert Pointz Knight of the Bath John Grubham How Thomas Chester Esquires Sir Gabriel Low Knight William Trye Richard Dowdswel Esquires Sir Richard Ashfeild Sir Edward Bathurst Baronets Thomas Masters John Chamberlaine Esquires Sir Robert Atkins Knight of the Bath Captaine Thomas Price Henry Powel Esquire ( (fn. 5) ) Earl of Newburgh in the Kingdome of Scotland Sir Edward Massey.


For the County of Hereford and City of the same Henry Lord Herbert of Ragland eldest Sonne of Edward Lord Marquesse of Worcester John Viscount Scudamore of Sligoe in the Kingdome of Ireland James Scudamore Esquire Sir Edward Hopton Sir Thomas Tomkins Fitzwilliam Conningsby Roger Vaughan Humphrey Cornwal Herbert Westphaling Thomas Price Esquires Edward Aldern Doctor of Law Herbert Awbrey John Skip Thomas Cocks Esquires Sir John Kirle.


For the County of Hertford Sir Edward Turner Knight Speaker of the Commons House of Parliament The Lord Viscount Fanshawe of Donnamore in the Kingdome of Ireland Sir Thomas Leventhorpe Baronet Sir Philip Boteler Sir Ralph Bash Knights of the Bath Sir Francis Boteler Sir John Gore Sir John Wats Knights Sir Thomas Fanshaw Knight of the Bath William Willoughby Arthur Sparks Esquires.


For the County of Huntington Colonel Henry Williams Sir John Hewet Baronet Lionell Walden John Heron Robert Apreece Richard Nayler John Cotton Anthony South Esquires Sir Francis Compton.

London and Westminster

For the Cities of London and Westminster Sir Edward Turner Knight [Speakers (fn. 6) ] of the Commons House of Parliament Sir Charles Berkley Knight Treasurer of His Majesties Household Sir William Compton Sir George Carterett Sir John Denham Andrew Newport Esq[uire] Sir Jeoffery Palmer Knight and Baronet His Majesties Attorney General Sir Henage Finch Knight and Baronet His Majesties Sollicitor Generall Daniel Oneale Esquire William Legg Esquire Sir Henry Bennett Sir Philip Warwicke Sir Allan Appsley Sir Gilbert Gerrard Sir Nicholas Crisp Major General Egerton Sir John Robinson Leivt of the Tower Colonel Robert Philips Renold Graham Esquire Sir Herbert Price Baronet Sir Robert Haward John Ashburnham William Ashburnham Esquires Sir Richard Ford John Birkenhead Doctor of Lawes Francis Finch Esquire Sir Thomas Smith Sir Robert Peake Sir Edmond Pearse Knight William Garraway Esquire Sir John Harrison Sir John Jacob Sir John Wolstenholme Sir John Shawe Sir Edmond Pye Sir Edward Ford Sir Richard Everard Sir Robert Bowles Sir Lancelot Lake Sir Thomas Allen Sir George Benion Sir John Talbott John Russell Esq[uire] Colonel Henry Washington Robert Lord Bruce eldest Sonne of Thomas Lord Bruce of Wharlton in the Kingdome of England and Earl of Elgin in the Kingdome of Scotland Edward Progers Esquire Sir Thomas Ingram Sir Robert Biron Sir Edward Broughton Thomas Morrice Esquire Thomas Nevil Sir Richard Browne Sir Thomas Bludworth Sir Charles [Herbord (fn. 7) ] Knight His Majesties Surveyor General Colonel Richard Atkins John Porie Esq[uire].


For the County of Kent and City of Canterbury Sir Thomas Payton Sir John Tufton Baronet Sir John Menns Knight and Colonel Sir Francis Clarke Colonel Sir John Mayney Knight and Colonel Sir John Boys Knight and Colonel Sir Edmond Peirse Knight and Colonel Colonel Thomas Colpeper Colonel Charles Finch Colonel Thomas Hestlackenden Leivt. Colonel Henry Norwood Leivt. Colonel Richard Oxenden Major Manley Captain Richard Lee Captaine Pordage Sir Anthony Aucher Knight John Heath Esquire Sir William Swan. Sir Francis Clerke Colonel.


For the County of Lancaster The Honourable Edward Stanley Esq[uire]uire William Stanley Esq[uire] Sir George Middleton Baronet Sir Henry Slaughter Sir Jeffery Shakerley Colonel Richard Kirkby Colonel Roger Noel Major William Farrington Major Thomas Carus Captain Thomas Norris Robert Holt Esq[uire] Sir Roger Bradshaigh Thomas Preston Hugh Dickenson Esquires Major [Cothbert (fn. 8) ] Ogle John Heath Esquire.


For the County of Leicester Sir John Bale Sir [Wastan (fn. 9) ] Dixy Baronets Sir John Bale Knight Sir Eusaby Pelsant Knight Edward Farnham of Quarnden Henry Turvill of Aston John Butler Esquires Robert Everard Gent[um] Philip Sherard Esquire.


For the County of Lincoln the City and County of the same The Lord Viscount of Castleton in the Kingdome of Ireland Sir Thomas Meres Sir Thomas Hussey Sir William Hickman Sir Francis Fane Knight of the Bath Sir Philip Tirwhit Baronet Sir John Mounson Baronet & Knight of the Bath Sir Robert Bolles Sir Robert Markham Sir William Thorold Sir Robert Dallison Sir John Newton Sir Charles Hussey Baronetts Sir Adrian Scroope Knight of the Bath Sir John Walpool Sir Charles Dallison Knights Charles Pelham Jarvis Hollis Erasmus Deligne Edward Tirwhit William Whitchcoat Ralph Evers Redmain Burrell Henry Hall Edward Turney Thomas Thorie Charles Baodes Adam Claypool John Locton Thomas Booth Thomas Browne Esquires Mr. William Bishopp Edward Blow.


For the County of Middlesex Sir Edward Turner Knight Speaker of the House of Commons Sir Jeffrey Palmer Knight and Baronet His Majesties Attorney General Sir Heneage Finch Knight and Baronet His Majesties Solicitor General Sir John Bennet Knight of the Honourable Order of the Bath Sir Robert Howard Sir Thomas Ingram Sir Thomas Allen Sir Henry Wroth Sir Francis Gerrard Sir Philip Warwick John Ashburnham Daniel Oneale Humphrey Weld Esquires John Cary Esquire George Pitt Esquire Sir Lancelott Lake Knight Sir Henry Herbert Sir George Binion Sir John Talbott John Russell Esquire Colonel Henry Washington Edmond Waller Esquire.


For the County of Monmouth Henry Lord Herbert of Ragland eldest Sonn of Edward Lord Marquesse of Worcester Sir Anthony Morgan Sir George Probert Knights William Jones of Lanarth Thomas Morgan of Lansoan Miles Morgan William Morgan one of His Majesties Houshold Charles Hughes Roger Williams of Kentila Esquires James Progers Esquire.


For the County of Northampton Sir Jeffrey Palmer Knight and Baronet His Majesties Attorney General Sir Justinian Isham Sir Thomas Cave Sir Samuel D'Anvers Baronet Samuel Clarke John Bagshaw Henry Edmonds John Willoughby Richard Kingsman John Syers Lewis Palmer Humphrey Orme Christopher Thursby Walter Kirkham John Lynn Christopher Pickering Goddard [Pemberton (fn. 10) ] William Stafford Esquires Colonel Henry Howard George Clarke Esquires.


For the County of Nottingham Sir Jervase Clifton Knight and Baronett Sir John Digby Francis Leeke Esquire Colonel Isham Perkins Major General Anthony Eyre Cicil Cooper Esq[uire] Colonel Anthony Gilby Leivt. Colonel Hugh Carthwright Anthony Eyre Esquire Arthur Stanhop Henry Sacheveril Esquires.( (fn. 11) )


For the County of Norfolke and City of Norwich Lord Richardson of Cramond in the Kingdome of Scotland Sir Ralph Hare Sir Allan Apsley Knight Roger L. Strange Edmond D'Grey Peter Glean Esquires John Anquish Thomas Bozonn William Bladwel Robert London Gent[um] Thomas Le Crosse Le Estrange Calthrope Esquires Sir Philip Woodhouse Baronet John Cooke Esquire.


For the County of Northumberland and Town of Berwick upon Tweed Henry Lord Viscount Mansfeild eldest Sonne of William Lord Marquesse of Newcastle Colonel Edward Grey Sir Francis Liddell Sir Henry Widdrington Colonel Thomas Fo[r (fn. 12) ]ster Colonel Ralph Hebburn Colonel James Ogle Leivt. Colonel John Rodliam Leiut Colonel John Salkeild Daniel Collingwood.


For the County and City of Oxoñ The Lord Falkland in the Kingdome of Scotland Sir Henry Lea Sir Anthony Cope Sir William Morton Sir Edmond Bray Colonel Sandys David Walter Esq[uire] Major Healing Sir Thomas Penyston William Knowles Esquire Sir John Clark Broom Whorwood Esquire Mr. Leonard Bowman now Maior of Oxford Colonel Philip Wenman Sir Thomas Tipping George Chamberlain George Berrie of Culham Esquires Sir Timothy Tirrel Roger Gregory Esquire Thomas Earl of Down in the Kingdome of Ireland Sir William Walter Sir William Fleetwood Rowland Lacy Esq[uire] William Shepard Captain Peter Langston Doctor Birkenhead John Wickham Gent[um] James Herbert Esquire and the Vice Chancelor of the University of Oxford for the time being John Stone Doctor Dalben Doctor Mewes Doctor Samuel Jackeson.


For the County of Rutland Philip Sherrard Sir Edward Heath Sir Richard Winckfeild Sir Edward Maria Winckfeild Aelex Noel Esquire Abel Barker Esquire.


For the County of Salop Sir Francis Lawley Baronet Sir Thomas Woolrich Sir Walter acton Sir John Weld Sir Richard Otley Andrew Newport Francis Thornes James Lacon Robert Sandford John Walcott Vincent Edwards Richard Fowler Francis Walker Thomas Crumpe William Oakeley Esquire Edward Lloyd of Llanbardo.


For the County of Stafford and City and County of Litchfeild Walter Lord Aston in the Kingdome of Scotland Sir Brian Broughton Knight and Baronet Randolph Egerton John Skrymsher the younger Esquire John Lane Edward Vernon Anthony Dyott John Peirsehouse George Parker William Orme Esquires William Chetwynd Esq[uire] Henry Gray Esq[uire] Sir Edward Bagott Baronett Robert Milward Esq[uire] Sir Walter Wriothesly Baronet Colonel Harvey Bagott Richard Snead Esquire.


For the County of Somersett Francis Lord Hawley of Duncannon in the Kingdome of Ireland Amyas Pawlett John Pawlett Esquires Sir Henry Berkley Sir Francis Dodington Sir Thomas Bridges Sir Hugh Windham Colonel Edmond Windham Colonel Francis Windham Colonel George Stawell Colonel Robert Phillips Colonel Pigot Colonel John Tint Colonel Helyer Edward Phillips Peregrine Palmer George Sydenham Robert Hawley Esquires John Mallett Esq[uire].


For the City and County of the City of Bristol Francis Lord Hawley of Duncannon in the Kingdome of Ireland Sir Humphry Hooke Knight Nathaniel Cale Esq[uire] William Colston Richard Gregson John Thrustone William Cole John Knight the elder Henry Creswick John Lock Thomas Chester Sir Maurice Berkley John Knight the younger Sir Robert Pointz Knight of the Bath.


For the County of Southampton and Towne and County of the same Charles Lord St. John of Basing eldest Sonne of John Lord Marquesse of Winchester Sir John Mills Sir John Norton Baronets Sir Humphrey Bennett Knight Sir William Courtney Knight and Baronett Richard Goddard Esquire Sir William Meux Colonel Walter Slingsby Edward Worsley Esquire Leivt. Colonel Turney William Lisle [Esq[uire] (fn. 13) ] Sir Richard Ford Knight Laurence Hide Esquire.


For the County of Suffolke Sir Henry Felton Sir Henry North Baronets Sir Edmond Pooley Sir George Reeve Knights John Hervey Esquire Benjamin Cutler Fitz Nun Lambe Esquires Francis Cheney Gent[um] Henry Jermin Esquire Colonel Farr Deputy Governour of Languedforth Sir John Hanmer Sir Robert Brooke Baronet Sir John Rouce Baronett Sir Robert Brooke Knight Sir Henry Crofts Christopher Milton Esquire Sir John Walkner.


For the County of Surrey Sir Adam Brown Sir Francis Vincent Baronets Sir Edmond Boyer Sir William Hayward Knights Sir Charles Howard Charles Earle of Ancrame in the Kingdome of Scotland Edward Evelyn George Chute Esquires Sir Ralph Freeman junior Knight Sir Henry Capell, Leivtennant Colonel Gardner George Moore Esquire John Weston Esquire George Duke Esquire.


For the County of Sussex Sir John Covert Sir John Lewkner Sir Edward Ford Sir Thomas Woodcock Colonel Bishop Colonel Sackvile Percy Goring William Garaway Ferdinando Marsham Esquires John Ashburnham Henry Goring Esquires Sir George Courthop Sir John Pelham Baronet.


For the County of Worcester and City of Worcester Sir Henry Littleton Sir John Packington Sir William Russell Baronets Thomas Savage of [Clinby (fn. 14) ] Castle William Sandys Esquires Sir Rowland Berkley Sir John Winford Knights Sherrington Talbott Philip Brace Thomas Wild Edmond Carew William Sheldon of Broadway Bridges Nasau Thomas Street Esquires Captaine William Sheldon of Finstoll Edward Barret Gent[um] Sir John Talbot Colonel Samuel Sandys Captaine Thomas Wilde Henry Bromley Esq[uire] Sir Henry Herbert Sir Ralph Clare Francis Finch Esquire.


For the County of Warwick and City and County of Coventry Sir Robert Holt Sir Henry Puckering al[ia]s Newton Sir Clement Fisher Sir Herbert Prise Baronets Sir William Bromley Knight of the Bath Sir Charles Adderley Sir John Repington Sir Charles Lee Sir Clement Throckmorton Sir Arthur Caley Knights Hervey Baggot Francis Fisher Giles Palmer Thomas Corbin William Somerfeild Esquires Sir Edward Boughton Sir John Knightly Baronet John Bridgman Esquire Sir Thomas North Sir Richard Hopkins.


For the County of Wilts and City of New Sarum and Close of the same Henry Lord Viscount Cornbury eldest Son to Edward Earl of Clarendon Lord Chancellor of England Edward Howard Esquire Sir James Thynn Sir John Hall Sir Henry Coker Sir Thomas Mompesson Knights Thomas Wancklyn Henry Clerke Henry Baynton Richard Bowle William Kent Richard Davy Walter Bokeland Gilbert Rawleigh Edward Nott Robert Chaloner Thomas Hunt John Dean John Yerbury William Duckett Edward Penruddock Esquires Edward Hide of Hatch Walter Sharpe Esquires John Earnley Sir Edward Hungerford Knight of the Bath Anthony Hungerford Esq[uire].


For the County of Westmerland Sir Philip Musgrave Sir John Lowther of Lowther Baronets Sir Thomas Strickland Knight John Lowther John Dalston James Ducket Walter Strickland Richard Braithwait of Burnside Esquires Robert Hilton Thomas Sandford Esquire John Lowther Esquire.


For the County of Yorke and City of Yorke Robert Lord Bruce eldest Son of Thomas Lord Bruce of Wharleton in the Kingdome of England and Earl of Elgin in the Kingdom of Scotland Colonel Conyers Darcy Sir Thomas Gowre Sir Thomas Osborne Sir John Goodrick Sir Thomas Strickland Sir Thomas Slingsby Sir Mathew Appleyard Sir Solomon Swale Sir Jordan Crosland Sir Richard Mauleverer Sir Thomas Ingram Sir William Lowther Richard Hutton Esquire Colonel Gilby Colonel Warton Colonel Pudsey Colonel Scot Leiut Colonel Strickland Major Talbot John Wandesford Sir Robert Strickland Sir Robert Hillyard Sir Philip Monckton Sir Francis Cobb Sir Richard Tankard Sir Thomas Wentworth Sir James Penyman Colonel Jenkin Colonel Daniel Colonel Atkins Leivt Colonel Wickham Sir John Key Sir Godfrey Copley Sir Francis Fane Colonel Henry Cheator George Mountague Esquire The Lord Erwyn in the Kingdome of Scotland Sir Christopher Wyval James Darcy Esquire Sir Joseph Craddock Christopher Wandesford Esquire Major Norton Esq[uire] Major Thomas Norton.


For the Isle of Anglesey Colonel John Bodvel Colonel John Robinson William Bold John Wyn Esquires Major David Lloyd Captaine Henry Jones Captaine John Owens of Lanvaithley Nicholas Bagnold Esquire.


For the County of Brecon Sir Herbert Price Baronet Sir John Herbert Knight now Sheriffe Edward Progers Esquire John Jeffreys Milborn Williams John Stedman Esquires Thomas Roberts Alderman Daniel Winter Gent[um].


For the County of Cardigan Sir Richard Price Baronet Sir Francis Lloyd Knight James Lewes Esquire Henry Vaughan Jonathan Lloyd Morgan Herbert Esquires.


For the County of Carmarthen Sir Francis Lloyd Sir Henry Vaughan Knight William Gwinne of Talliaris John Vaughan of Court Dertlis Walter Vaughan of Derwith Captaine Anthony Rise Walter Mansell Thomas Lloyd of Danyraht Thomas Williams of Tally John Vaughan of Trescot Esq[uire].


For the County of Carnarvan Sir Richard Wynne Sir Griffith Williams Baronets Sir John Owen Sir Richard Lloyd Knights John Bodvel William Griffith of Kynn Hugh Wynne Esquires Mr. Hugh Bodurda.


For the County of Denbigh Sir Evan Lloyd Baronet Sir Richard Lloyd Sir Robert Townsend Knights Sir Edward Broughton William Owen of Glanden Esquire Colonel Hugh Wynne Colonel John Robinson Colonel Robert Broughton Bevis Lloyd Charles Salisbury Esquire John Lloyd of L'anvuis Esquire.


For the County of Flint Sir Thomas Hanmer Sir Henry Conway Sir Roger Mostyn Baronets Robert Davyes John Mostyn Roger Whitley Esquires William Hanmer.


For the County of Glamorgan Sir Edward Thomas Baronet Sir John Awbrey Knight and Baronet Sir Richard Basset Knight Robert Thomas David Mathewes David Jenkins William Thomas Sir Edward Mansell Baronet Miles Mathewes Esquires.


For the County of Merioneth Sir Richard Wyn Sir Thomas Midleton Baronets Sir John Owen Sir Richard Lloyd Knights William Price Lewis Lloyd Rowland Vaughan Esquires Richard Jones Gent. William Vaughan William Salisbury Howel Vaughan John Lloyd Roger Mostyn Esquires.


For the County of Montgomery Sir Edward Lloyd Andrew Newport Esquire Richard Owen John Price John Blaney Esquires Richard Herbert Esquire Charles Salisbury Esquire John Purcell Esquire.


For the County of Pembroke and Town and County of Haverford West Sir John Stepne Baronet John Barloe Rowland Langharn Esquires Colonel Miles Button Leivt Colonel George Owen Captain William Williams Arthur Owen Esquire Geo: Barloe Esq[uire]uire.


For the County of Radnor Sir Richard Lloyd Knight John Walcote Esquire High Sheriffe of the County of Radnor John Vaughan Esquire Richard Fowler of Abby Comhir James Price of Pillith Samuel Powell of Stanedge Marmaduke Lloyd Griffith Jones of Trewern Evan Davies Andrew Phillips Esquires.

IV. Commissioners authorized to apportion the Monies raised under this act in the manner herein mentioned.

Commissioners to nominate Treasurer, &c. taking Security; and to allow Salaries, &c.; Commissioners in the Counties to send Certificates concerning Officers to Commissioners at Westminster.; Breviates of such Certificates to be entered.

And be it further enacted That all the persons above named or any Nine or more of them shall be Commissioners hereby authorized to apportion the moneys which shall be received or raised by vertue of this act and for executing all the Powers and Clauses of this act in manner following that is to say They or any Nine or more of them are hereby directed and appointed to meet First in the Star-Chamber near Westminster Hall on the first day of June One thousand six hundred sixty and two in the Afternoon and from and after that time they are to meet in the said place every Tuesday only in the Afternoon until the powers and duties directed in this act be fully executed and finished And at their [said (fn. 15) ] first meeting they or the major part of them shall nominate a Treasurer a Register and one or more Collector or Collectors taking good and sufficient Security severally of them for discharge of their several Trusts to whom the said Commissioners may make such allowance upon the clearing theire Accompts for necessary Expences and Salaries as they shall judge reasonable so as such Allowance and Salaries togeather with all contingent expences whatsoever shall not exceed three pence in the pound out of what shall be assessed and received by any person or persons by vertue of this act And to the end that the Commissioners sitting att Westminster may knowe to whom and in what proportions the moneys to bee received and levied by vertue of this act shall be apportioned and distributed the respective Commissioners in the severall Counties are hereby directed and appointed to send Certificates as is hereafter declared unto the Commissioners sitting att Westminster concerning all such Officers as aforesaid in each respective County sometime before the Nine and twentieth day of September One thousand six hundred sixty and two which said Certificates shall be signed and sealed by the major part of the Commissioners which shall be present at such publique meetings and all such Certificates shall be safely kept by the said Register and Breviates of every such Certificate shall be fairely entred by him into a Booke in such method as the Commissioners shall direct and the said Register shall also from out of the Journall of the Commissioners Orders and Proceedings transmit and enter against the Brcviate of each Officers Certificate the Su[m]m of Money ordered to him by the Commissioners for his proportion according to the distribution by vertue of this act

V. No Certificate after Sept. 29, 1662.

And it is hereby declared That after the said nine and twentieth of September One thousand six hundred sixty & two no Certificate shall be admitted nor any distribution thereupon made

VI. What such Certificates to contain;

And to avoid mistakes it is further enacted That every Certificate shall particularly describe the degree and quality of the Officer therein certified and shall recite the qualifications according to this act of such as ought to receive distribution in manner following To the Honourable the Commissioners for distributing the monies given by act of Parliam[en]t amongst the truly loyal and indigent Officers These are to certifie That it doth appeare unto us that A. B. of C was a Captaine & (Et sic mutatis mutandis) and that he is truly loyal and indigent and hath had a real command of Souldiers according to his Co[m]mission and hath never to the best of our knowledge or information deserted His Mãties or his blessed Fathers service during the late times of Rebellion and Usurpation and that he hath not a sufficient livelihood of his owne nor hath since His Majesties returne obtained any Reward Office or Imployment sufficient for a livelihood Wherefore wee do hereby recommend him as a person fit to receive a p[ro]porc[i]on of all such monies as are to be by you distributed according to act of Parliament And every

to be signed and sealed by certain of the Commissioners.

such Certificate shall be signed and sealed by the major part or any five of the respective Commissioners of any County Cities or Places respectively where the Officer so certified doth at present reside otherwise the Certificate shall be invalid and not to be allowed by the Commissioners sitting att Westminster as aforesaid

VII. Commissioners meeting at Westminster, or a certain Number of them, to proportion Monies raised under this act.

Payments ordered, and other Proceedings thereon.; In what Case only Commissioners to issue Warrants for Payment.; Treasurer not to issue monies but on receipt of Warrants from Commissioners.; Treasurer accountable to His Majesty.

And be it further enacted That the said Commissioners or any Nine or more [of (fn. 16) ] them meeting att Westminster in manner as is before declared shall and may according to theire best discretions after the First Day of November One thousand six hundred sixty and two proportion the monies to be received or levied by vertue of this act amongst such Officers as aforesaid according to the number of such true Certificates then sent in and that they afterwards proceed to vote and order payments to be made to every of such Officers or theire Assigns or to such Person whom such Officers or any of them shall under Hand & Seal before twoe sufficient witnesses depute to receive the same respectively And after such Vote and Order thereupon the said Co[m]missioners or any Seaven of them present at the making such respective Order or Orders are hereby directed to issue forth severall Warrants according to the several Orders for payment of the several proportions or distributions of the said moneyes to such Officer or Officers as aforesaid or to his or theire Deputy or Assignee as aforesaid but the said Co[m]missioners shall issue forth no Warrants for payment of any moneys unlesse such monies be first ordered to be accordingly paid by the major part of the Commissioners mett according to the directions of this act And that the said Treasurer shall issue no monies paid to him by vertue of this act unlesse upon receipt of Warrant under the Hands and Seales of Seven or more of the Commissioners before named which Warrant shall be a full discharge to such Treasurer upon cleering his Accompts who is hereby made accomptable to his Majesty or whom he shall depute as alsoe to the Commissioners appointed by this act or any Nine or more of them for all monies by him received by vertue of this act.

VIII. Distribution to be according to Proportion of Pay.

And it is hereby further enacted That the distribution of all monies (by vertue of this act) amongst the said Officers shall be according to the proportion of theire different pay according to his Majesties present Establishment amongst his Forces now in England so that a Colonel of Foot shall have soe much more then a Captaine of Foot by how much such Colonels pay doth exceed such Captains pay and the like Rule and Proportion is to be observed and kept by the said Commissioners for and betwixt all other Officers as aforesaid whatsoever

IX. Recital that Offices have not been assessed.

Recital of 13 C. II. st. 2. c. 3.; Commissioners, or certain Number of them, authorized to assess Offices before 1st August 1662.; Duplicates to be kept, and Monies paid to Treasurer before 1st Nov. 1662.; Rates of Assessment on Office of £100 per Annum, and of greater or less Value.

And whereas the severall Offices within England and Wales and Town of Berwick upon Tweed doe yeild annually to the Officers or Owners of them great su[m]ms of money and profitt and have hitherto either not been assessed at all or but easily assessed in proportion to Lands and Rents of the same yearely value in the same places And whereas an act is past for granting to the Kings Majesty an Assessment of Threescore and ten thousand pounds by the Moneth for eighteen Monthes commencing from the five & twentieth day of December One thousand six hundred sixty and one To the end therefore that all yearely incomes perquisites and profits whatsoever may contribute equally towards the necessary charge of the Government of this Nation and be proportionably and impartially assessed for the said eighteen moneths commencing the five and twentieth of December One thousand six hundred sixtie and one Be it enacted by the Authority aforesaid That the Commissioners before named or any Nine or more of them being mett att any time as aforesaid or the major part of them so mett are hereby appointed and authorized to rate and assesse all and every Officer or Officers that holds any Place or Office within this Realme or Town of Berwick upon Tweed of the yearely value of five pounds or more and they are hereby impowred and directed by Oath other then of the Officer himselfe if they find cause and by all other lawfull wayes to find out with convenient speed the full value of all Offices as aforesaid to the intent that all the Offices and Officers may be assessed before the First of August One thousand six hundred sixty and two whereof Duplicates are to be kept and all the moneys soe severally assessed are to be levied and paid to the said Treasurer before the First of November One thousand six hundred sixty and two And the said Commissioners are hereby authorized and directed to rate or assesse every Officer (the prequisites and profits of whose Office shall be by them adjudged to be clearely worth One hundred pounds per Annu[m]) to pay for all the said eighteen moneths the full su[m]me of twelve pounds and so proporc[i]onably for any Office or Place of a greater or lesser value so as such Office be not under the value of five [pounds (fn. 17) ] per Annu[m] And the said Register is hereby to enter all Rates or Assessments so made by the said Commissioners into a Booke and to deliver Duplicates of them signed by the said Register unto the said Collector or Collectors and they or any of them according to such Duplicates are hereby impowred to demand and leavy respectively the several su[m]mes of money therein contained

X. Officer not paying within 20 Days after Notice;


And be it enacted That if any such Officer shall not pay his Tax or Proportion so rated or assessed sometime within twenty dayes next after notice left thereof in writing signed by the said Register at his Office or att the usual place of his abode and after demand thereof made at such place by some Collector that then it shall and may be lawfull for such Collector or Collectors to distrain upon any [of (fn. 16) ] the goods and chattels of such Officer and the same to sell and to restore the Overplus deducting his own reasonable Charges in taking the distresse

XI. Collectors vested with Powers of 13 C. II. st. 2. c. 3.

And be it further enacted That the Collectors herein appointed for the better levying & receiving the several Rates and Taxes that are or shall be imposed according to this act are hereby impowered to make use of all such Powers and Authorities as are given to any Collector or Sub Collector by the late act intituled (An act for granting unto the Kings Majestie Twelve hundred and threescore thousand pounds to bee assessed and leavied by an Assessment of Threescore and ten thousand pounds by the moneth for eighteen monthes)

XII. Such Assessments on Offices how to be distributed.

And be it enacted That all the moneys so to be-raised out of Offices or Officers shall be alsoe distributed by the said Commissioners unto such truly loyal and indigent Officers as are before declared in such sort and by such wayes and meanes as the said Threescore thousand pounds is before directed by this act to be distributed

XIII. Commissioners for Counties, &c. to certify to Commissioners at Westminster Number of Offices, &c. chargeable.

And be it further enacted That the Commissioners for the several Counties Cities or Places or any three or more of them do with convenient speed certifie under theire hands unto the Commissioners sitting att Wesminster the full number of all the Offices and Officers in each respective County that are chargeable by this act as also theire opinions of the yearely value of such Offices whereupon or upon other reasonable ground the Commissioners sitting att Westminster as aforesaid may proceed to rate and assesse every or any such Officer and direct the levying of the Assessment so set in forme aforesaid.

XIV. Officers rated to monthly Assessments, and assessed by 13 C.II. st. 2. c. 3.

to have Abatement in respect of Payments under this act.; Certificate of former Charge.

And to the intent that no Officer shall pay Assessments for the proffits of his Office above the rate of Eight pounds per centt[um] for one yeare It is hereby provided and declared That every Officer whose Office hath usually beene rated in the monethly Assessments and whose Office is assessed by vertue of the said act intituled An act for granting unto the Kings Majesty Twelve hundred and threescore thousand pounds to be assessed and levied by an Assessment of Threescore and ten thousand pounds by the moneth for eighteen moneths) shall for what he is really charged with for and in respect of his Office only by vertue of the said [last (fn. 17) ] recited act be abated and discharged out of such Tax as hee shall be assessed to pay by vertue of this present act so as he deliver a Certificate of such former charge signed by some Commissioner and Collector of such place respectively unto the Collector hereby appointed to receive his Tax charged by vertue of this act such Certificate not being reasonably disallowed by the said Commissioners herein appointed and he paying as aforesaid the residue of Tax due from him by vertue of this present act.

XV. Recital that there are many Hospitals and other Charities in London and other Places.

The aforesaid Loyal Persons and their Widows, &c. to be admitted thereto in preference on Vacancy; so as such Persons be qualified for the same.; Proviso for the Kindred of Founders of such Hospitals, &c.

And whereas there are in and about the Cities of London and Westminster and in several other Cities Burroughs Towns Corporate and other Parishes and Places in this Kingdome of England and Dominion of Wales many Hospitals and other Houses and Places of receipt profit benefit and advantage for persons of several rankes ages and qualities respectively and some of them very indigent maimed and decayed persons as alsoe there now are or hereafter may be several stipends pensions and charitable gifts and bequests given and disposed to such like persons in general without any particular designation and appointment by pious and worthy Benefactors Be it likewise enacted by the Authority aforesaid That att all time and times hereafter and upon all occasions where any vacant place or places shall happen to be in such Hospitals or other Houses or Places aforesaid or where such stipends pensions or other charitable bequests shall be given and disposed of as aforesaid all Masters Fellowes Guardians and Governours of such Hospitals and Places aforesaid and all persons whatsoever who have the power and authority of admitting and receiving into the said Hospitals and Places aforesaid or have or shall have in their hands the power and disposition of any such stipends pensions gifts or other bequests as aforesaid shall by this present act be bound & obliged and are hereby required and appointed in the first place to admitt and receive into such Hospitals and Houses and Places aforesaid & to p[re]ferr before all others in such admissions all and every such Loyall person or persons desiring the same as have served the late King and his present Majesty in theire Wars and have not any way deserted theire loyaltie and duty and being conformable to the Doctrine and Discipline of the Church of England so as such Person be duly qualified to hold such place and to such Persons in the first place and before all others to give bestow and dispose of the said Stipends Pensions and other Charitable gifts and bequests aforesaid And [that (fn. 17) ] the Widowes and Children of such Loyal Persons aforesaid be likewise preferred before all others except the Founders Kindred where the Original Constitutions of the said Hospitals and places do necessarily require in the Admission into giving and disposing of all such vacant places in Hospitals and other Houses aforesaid and in receiving of the Pensions Stipends Benefits Gifts and Bequests aforementioned according to theire Conditions and Capacities

XVI. Commissioners not entitled to the aforesaid Monies.

Provided alwaies That nothing in this act shall extend to impower any Person or Persons to order distribute or pay any of the aforesaid moneys unto any Person named a Commissioner in this act

XVII. Officers who are Members of the House of Peers to be assessed by Lord Chancellor, &c.

The Number of such Commissioners Commission to be issued before June 24, 1662.

Provided alwaies That all Officers whoe are Members of the House of Peers shall be assessed for theire respective Offices by the Lord Chancellor or Lord Keeper of the Great Seale of England The Lord High Treasurer of England The Lord President of the Council The Lord Privy Seale for the time being or one of them and such other Persons as shall be appointed by His Majesty under the Great Seale of England or any five of them Which Co[m]missioners are not to be fewer than twelve And that the said Co[m]mission shall be issued before the Foure and twentieth day of June One thousand six hundred sixty and two and that the said Co[m]missioners or any five or more of them shall put in execution all the powers of this act as to assessing of Peers for theire Offices

XVIII. How far this act not to be drawn into Precedent.

Provided alsoe That nothing in this act contained shall be drawn into President as to the disposing of Moneys formerly granted to the King or the taxing [of (fn. 17) ] any particular sort of men distinct from the body of the People.


  • 1. interlined on the Roll.
  • 2. Part O.
  • 3. interlined on the Roll.
  • 4. Cornett O.
  • 5. ye O.
  • 6. Speaker O.
  • 7. Harbord O.
  • 8. Cuthbert O.
  • 9. Walston O.
  • 10. Pemmerton O.
  • 11. Sr O.
  • 12. interlined on the Roll.
  • 13. interlined on the Roll.
  • 14. Elmby O.
  • 15. interlined on the Roll.
  • 16. interlined on the Roll.
  • 17. Pound O.