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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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U. & V.W.Y.

U. & V.

Uniformity of Public Prayers See The Church.

United Churches See The Church.


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For restraining the taking of excessive Usury. 13. Car. II. c. 13. 236
None to take above £6 for £100—All Securities on which higher Interest reserved, void—Persons taking, &c. by any Shift, higher Interest, Penalty. § 1. Ib.
Scriveners taking above 5s. for the Loan of £100 for Year, or above 12d. for making, &c. Bonds, &c. Penalty £20 and Imprisment. This Act confirmed, 13 Car. II. st. 1. c. 14 interest reduced to £5 per Cent. per Anum, 12 Ann. st. 2. c. 16. 12 Car. II. c. 13. § 2. 237


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For regulating select Vestries. 15 Car. II. c. 5. exp. 446

Vinegar See Customs, Rebenue of. Wine.


Water Measures See Weights and Measures.

Weights and Measures

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For the better ordering and regulating the Office of Clerk of the Market, and for Reformation of false Weights and Measures. 16 Car. I. c. 19. 129
There shall be but One Measure, One Weight, and One Yard, throughout the Realm; selling by or keeping any other Weights, Penalty 5s.—How to be levied—Default of Distress, Imprisonment. Quarter Sessions to appoint Persons to examine Weights, 35 G. III. c. 102.§ 1. § 1. Ib.
Clerk of the Market of the King's House, his Limits. § 2. 130
Proviso for Jurisdiction of Mayors, Head Officers, and Lords of Liberties. Ib. Ib.
Clerks of the Markets and other Officers sealing, &c. other Weights, &c., or refusing to seal, &c. on Payment of proper Fee—Penalty £5. § 3. Ib.
Clerk of the Market, &c. taking unlawful Fines or Fees, or imposing Fines, &c. without legal Trial, &c.—First Offence, Penalty £5.; Second Offence, £10.; Third and every other Offence, £ 20. § 4. Ib.
Not to be doubly fined. § 5. Ib.
Proviso for Rents of Farms or Corn. § 6. Ib.
Water Measures to be continued. Repealed as to Water Measures of Corn and Salt, 22 Car. II. c. 8. § 2. Ib. Ib.
In Action for executing Act, General Issue may be pleaded; Treble Costs. § 7. Ib.
For ascertaining the Measures of Corn and Salt. 22 Car. II. c. 8. 662
Stat. 16 Car. I. c. 19. § 6. repealed. § 1. Ib.
Winchester Measure only to be used— Penalty 40s. Penalty enlarged, 22 & 23 Car. II. c.12. § 2. Ib. Ib.
Mayors and other Officers permitting the Use of any other Measure, or not punishing—Penalty £5. § 2. Ib.
Clerk of the Market, &c. neglecting or refusing to seal or mark any Measure—First Offence, Penalty £5; other Offence, Penalty £ 10.—Exacting undue Fees, Penalty. § 3. Ib.
A Measure of Brass to be chained in every Public Market Place—Penalty £5. § 4. 663
Constables to search if any Persons use other Measure, or strike unduly; and to break Measures, and present Offender at Sessions. § 5. Ib.
No Double Punishment. § 6. Ib.
Toll-taking regulated. This Act enforced, 8 Ann. c. 18. § 12. § 7. Ib.
For ascertaining the Measures of Corn and Salt. 22 & 23 Car. II. c. 12. 722
No Corn or Salt to be bought by the Bag without measuring—Penalty. § 1. Ib.
Proof of duly buying and selling, &c. to lie upon the Defendant—Penalty. § 2. Ib.
How to be disposed of. Ib. Ib.
Where there is no Clerk of the Market, Mayors, Bailiffs, &c. to seal the Measures. 22 & 23 Car. II. c. 12. § 3. 722
Proviso for Rent Corn, Tythe Corn, and Salt, reserved by Lease, &c. § 4. 723

Wills See Frauds and Perjuries


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For the better ordering the selling of Wines by Retail, and preventing Abuses in the mingling, corrupting, and vitiating of Wines, and for setting and limiting the Prices of Wine. 12 Car. II. c. 25. 266
Persons unauthorized uttering Wine by Retail—Penalty £5. § 1. Ib.
His Majesty may issue out Commissions under the Great Seal, to license the uttering Wine by Retail. § 2. Ib.
Persons appointed by such Commissions may contract for Licences. Ib. Ib.
His Majesty's Agents for granting Wine Licences may grant Licences not exceeding 21 Years, if the Person so long live. § 3. Ib.
Rent Halfyearly reserved, but no Fine to be taken. Ib. Ib.
Licences only to such as personally use the Trade. § 4. Ib.
Wine Licences not assignable. Ib. Ib.
The King may appoint Officers as he shall think fit. § 5. 267
Salaries not to exceed 6d. in the Pound. Ib. Ib.
Revenue to be paid into Exchequer, and not to be charged with Gift or Pension. § 6. Ib.
Agents to return into Exchequer, in Michaelmas and Easter Terms, what Licences they have granted, and the Rents reserved, &c. Ib. Ib.
Proviso for the Privilege of the Two Universities. § 7. Ib.
Proviso for Society of Vintners of London. § 8. Ib.
Proviso for the Borought of Saint Albans. § 9. Ib.
Officers taking undue Fees for Licences, Acquittances, and Bonds—Penalty £10. § 10. Ib.
Mixing, &c. Wines, and other Things. § 11. Ib.
Persons selling Wines not to mingle the same. Ib. Ib.
Mingling or selling mingled Wines—Penalty on Merchant, &c. £100., on Retailer £40. Ib. Ib.
The Prices of Wine—Penalty. § 12. 268
Lord Chancellor, &c. may set the Prices of Wines yearly, or alter the same; Prices to be proclaimed; selling at greater Prices—Penalty. § 13. Ib.
Default of Lord Chancellor, &c. setting Prices. This Act confirmed, 13 but in Part repealed, 30G. II. c. 19. § 7. Ib. Ib.
For settling the Profits of the Post Office and Power of granting Wine Licences on the Duke of York and his Heirs. 15Car..II. c. 14. 495

-, See Post Office.
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For raising £310,000 by an Imposition on Wines and other Liquors. 19 & 20 Car.II. c. 6. exp. 630
For granting to His Majesty an Imposition on all Wines and Vinegar imported between the 24th June 1674, and 24th of June 1678. 22Car. II. c. 3.exp. 653
For granting an additional Duty upon Wine, for Three Years. 30 Car. II. c. 2.exp. 883

-, See Connage and Poundage.


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For the Punishment of unlawful cutting, stealing, or spoiling of Wood and Underwood, and destroying young Timber Trees. 15 Car. II. c. 2. 441
Constables, &c. may apprehend suspicious Persons conveying Bundles of Wood, young Trees, Bark, &c.; and by Warrant under the Hand and Seal of a Justice may enter and search Houses, Gardens, &c. which they shall suspect to contain Wood, Bark, &c.; and if they find any such, may apprehend Persons suspected of carrying the same away; and also those in whose Premises the same shall be found—If such Persons do not give a good Account, or produce the Persons of whom they bought the Wood, &c. such Persons to be deemed convicted under Stat. 43 Eliz. c. 7. § 1. Ib.
First Offence, Penalty; not paying the Penalty, Imprisonment —Second Offence, House of Correction—Third Offence, deemed incorrigible Rogues. § 2. Ib.
Persons buying suspicious Wood, Justices may examine into the Matter upon Oath; and if they find the same was bought of a suspicious Person, may inflict a Penalty of Treble the Value; and may levy by Distress—If no Distress, Imprisonment. § 3. 442
No Double Punishment. § 4. Ib.
Limitation of Suit. Ib. Ib.

Wood, etc.

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For prohibiting the Exportation of Wool, Woolfells, Fullers Earth, or any Kind of scouring Clay. This Act repealed, 28 G. III. c. 38. § 1. 12 Car. II. c.32. 293
Against exporting of Sheep Wool, Woolfells, Mortlings, Shortlings, Yarn, &c. 14 Car. II. c.18. 410
Exporting Tobacco Pipe Clay, Penalty 3s. per Pound. This Section altered for a limited Time, and Tobacco Pipe Clay allowed to be exported to the West Indies, 17G. III. c. 43. § 4. which is continued 28 G.III.c. 38. § 10. § 7. 411
Packs of Wool not to be put into Carts, &c. or carried by Land, but in the Day time, at the Hours herein mentioned, on Forfeiture of the said Goods. This Section repealed, 20 G. III. c. 55.and the Remainder of this Act repealed, 28 G. III. c. 38. § 1. § 8. Ib.

Wool Cards

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Against importing of Foreign Wool Cards, Card Wire, or Iron Wire. 14 Car. II. c. 19. 412
Foreign Wool Cards or Card Wire, &c. not to be imported, nor false Wool Cards put to sale. § 1. Ib.
Importing or making and putting to sale false Wool Cards—Penalty. Ib. Ib.
Proviso for amending Wool Cards, or exporting overworn Wool Cards. § 2. Ib.

Woollen See Burning in Woollen.

Workhouses (General Regulations)

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For the better regulating Workhouses for setting the Poor on Work. 22 & 23 Car. II. c. 18. 732
To whom the Money when collected to be paid—Officers of Corporations to account quarterly—No further Monies raised until Account given. § 1. Ib.
Accounts made according to Stat. 14 Car.II. c. 12. confirmed.—Monies unaccounted for to be accounted for as by the said Act. § 2. Ib.
Debts owing by Corporations to be paid by Treasurers. § 3. Ib.
The Tax not to exceed One Fourth of the Poors Rate—When to be paid. § 4. Ib.
No Assessments after 29th Sept. 1675. § 5. Ib.
Proviso for Powers of former Acts, as to London and Saint Margaret's Westminster. This Act, except § 6. appears to be expired. § 6. Ib.

Writ of ad quod Damnum See Highways.

Writs of Assistance See Customs, Renenue of.

Writ of Delivery See Customs.

Writ of Dower See Michaelmas Crem.
-, Entry
-, Right of Adbowson

Writs of Error See Abatement. Arrest of Judgment. Judgments. Judicial Proceedings.

Writs of Execution See Frauds and Perjurles.

Writ de Heretico Comburendo

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For taking away the Writ de Heretico comburendo. 29 Car. II. c. 9. 850
Proviso for Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. § 2. Ib.

-, See Process.

Writ of Summons ad warrantizandum See Michaelmas Cerm.


Yarmouth (Part of)

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For repairing the Haven and Piers of Great Yarmouth. By 1 Jac. II. c. 16. § I. it appears that the former Acts were determined. See 12 G. III. c. 14.—25 G. III. c. 36.—39 & 40 G. III. c. iv. 22 Car. II. c. 2. exp. 651
29 Car. II. c. 10. exp. 850

York County of

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For securing Monies to Inhabitants of County of York, for the Billet of Soldiers of the Army, &c. 16 Car. I. c. 13. 115

-, See Cloth.

York, Duke of See Post Office. Papists.