Charles I, 1640: An Act for the reforming of some things mistaken in the late Act made this p[re]sent Parliament for the granting of four Subsidies entituled An Act for the releife of His Majesties Army and the Northern Parts of this Kingdome and to make good the Acts of the Commissioners and other Officers by them authorized or appointed and to be authorized or appointed.

Pages 78-79

Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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Commissioners named in cap. 2. ante, and others in this Act named, empowered to levy the Subsidies granted by the said Act; and to appoint Assessors, &c. for the first Two of the said Subsidies, as they may find convenient; and as to the other Two, as the said Act, cap. 2. directs. Names of Commissioners appointed by this Act. Power to such Commissioners to act.

Forasmuch as by reason of the shortnes of the time Commissions could not issue forth in convenient time into divers parts of this Kingdome for the assessing rating and leavying of the two first Subsidies granted in this present Parliament according to the dayes & times in the said Act limited and expressed upon which some question and doubts have beene and are conceived whether the power of the said Commissioners for assessing and taxing of the said two Subsidies were determined before the said Commissioners had received theire severall Commissions for the taking away of which Scruple and other doubts and supplying of other defects of the said Act Be it enacted by the Kings most Excellent Majesty the Lords Spirituall & Temporall and the Commons in this present Parliament assembled and by the Authority of the same that all Commissioners in the said Act named and such other persons as in this Act hereafter shall be named and any twoe or more of them for and towards the payment of every of the said foure Subsidies by vertue of this Act shall have within theire severall and respective limits power to assesse tax and leavy the said Subsidies and to assesse rate and taxe every Spirituall Person or Clergyman for all the Mannors Lands Tenements Rents Services Offices Fees Corrodies Annuities and Hereditaments which he hath or any other to his use have by descent bargaine or purchase in Fee Simple Fee Taile for Terme of life or yeares or by execution Wardshipp or Copy of Court Roll according to the yearely value thereof as other the Kings Majesties Subjects borne within this Realme in and by the said Act are limited & appointed to be rated and taxed soe that it extend to the yearely value of twenty Shillings or above and to authorize nominate and appoint Taxers Assessors Collectors and other Officers for the taxing assessing leavying and paying in of the said Subsidies and take such bonds and Recognizances and use such meanes for the compelling such Officers to undertake and execute such Offices as by the said Act is p[re]scribed as for and concerning the two first of the said Subsidies at such convenient times and places before the eighth day of May next ensuing as to them shall seeme convenient And as concerning the other twoe of the said Subsidies at such times and in such manner as in the said Act is limited and p[re]scribed And that by vertue of this Act Sir John Lawrence Baronet Sir Arthur Manwaring Sir Edward Salter Sir John Parsons Sir Robert Lovett Knights Thomas Hampson Francis Cheyney the elder William Bowyer Henry Bulstrode Thomas Stafford Edmond West Gabriel Hipesley John Crooke Anthony Ratcliffe Edmond Waller of Gregories William Wheeler Raynes Love Esquires with the residue of the Commissioners for the County of Buckingham and Sir Humphrey Tracy Baronet Sir Richard Ducy Baronet Sir John Tracy Knight John Chamberlain William Mooreton John Keyt William Leigh Michael Rutter and Anthony Hodges Esquires with the residue of the Commissioners for the County of Gloucester by vertue of this Act shall have full power and authority to make Taxes and Assessments send forth Warrants and Precepts authorize nominate and appoint Assessors Taxers Collectors and other, Officers for the assessing taxing leavying gathering and paying in of the said foure Subsidies within theire severall and respective Counties and take Bonds and Recognizances of the said Collectors and Officers and use all other meanes in and by the said Statute limited and appointed and to authorize and compell the said Collectors and Officers to doe theire duties in the p[re]misses and to doe and execute all things in as ample manner and forme as if the said persons had in the said Act and the Commissions thereupon issued beene nominated Commissioners for theire severall and respective Counties.

II. Former Acts of Commissioners ratified.

And be it further enacted by Authority aforesaid that all Acts heretofore done by the said Commissioners and every of them or any Collectors Assessors or other Officers authorized or appointed by them or any of them concerning the taxing leavying or gathering of the said Subsidies shall bee deemed and adjudged to be good and effectuall in Law as if the same had beene done within the times in the said Act limited and expressed and as if the purport and effect of this Act had beene fully contained and expressed in the said former Act any thing in the said former Act to the contrary notwithstanding.


Provided that the passing of this present Act or His Majesties Assent thereunto shall not be any determination of this present Sessions of Parliament but that this present Sessions of Parliament and all Bills and Matters whatsoever depending in Parliament and not fully enacted or determined and all Statutes and Acts of Parliament which have theire continuance untill the end of this present Sessions of Parliament shall remaine continue and bee in full force as if this had not beene.