Charles II, 1677: An Act for the better repairing and maintaining the Piere of Great Yarmouth.

Pages 850-851

Statutes of the Realm: Volume 5, 1628-80. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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Recital of 22 Car. II. c. 2.

Corporation may levy Duty on Coals, Corn, &c.; The Powers of 22 C.II. c.2. except §9, 10. revived.

Whereas by an Act made in this present Parlyament entituled An Act for Repaire of the Haven and Pieres of Great Yarmouth Power was given to the Bayliffes Aldermen Burgesses and Commonalty of the said Burrough in Common Councill assembled to leavy such summes of money as they should thinke fitt not exceeding twelve pence upon every Chaldron of Coles (Winchester Measure) and every Last of Wheate, Rye Barley Mault or other Grain, and for every Weigh of Salt and every Tunn of any other Goods and Merchandizes whatsoever (Fish onely excepted) unladen in the said Haven with diverse Powers Limitations and Provisoes as by the said Act may appeare whereby the said Pieres then much in decay have beene repaired soe that the power of the said Act will soone determine. And whereas the like decay cannot be prevented without a constant Charge, To the end therefore that the said Haven and Pieres (in which the good and benefit not onely of the said Towne but of the Countyes and parts adjacent are highly concerned) may at all times hereafter be preserved maintained and kept in good reparation Bee it therefore enacted by the Kings most excellent Majestie by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spirituall and Temporall and the Commons in this present Parlyament assembled and by the authoritie of the same. That it shall and may be lawfull to and for the said Bayliffes Aldermen Burgesses and Commonalty in Common Councill assembled for seaven yeares from and after the expiration and determination of the powers in the said former Act to leavy such summe and summes of money as they shall think fitt from time to time not exceeding six pence upon every Chaldron of Coles (Winchester Measure) and every Last of Wheate Rye Barley Mault or other Graine and for every Weigh of Salt and every Tunn of any other Goods and Merchandices whatsoever (Fish onely excepted) which shall be unladen in the said Haven, Which said summe and summes of money soe levyed shall be expended in and for the maintenance of the said Haven and Pieres and for noe other use or purpose whatsoever, For the better observation whereof all the Powers Limitations and Directtions in the said former Actt are hereby revived confirmed and enacted except the last Clause of the said former Actt Provideing That if by the Annuall Imposition the Pieres should be repaired within lesse then ten yeares That then the said Imposition should cease. Which said Clause is not intended to be hereby revived, Excepting likewise such Clauses as doe directt and appoint perticular dayes and times in the said Actt expressed for the meeting of Commissioners for makeing a contract and for inspectting and takeing the Accompts.

II. Commissioners how to be chosen;

and how often to meet.

Which dayes and times being now past Bee it enacted That at the Quarter Sessions to be holden for the Countyes of Suffolke and Norffolke next after the five and twentyeth day of December next ensueing and likewise by the Corporations of the Citty of Norwich and Towne of Yarmouth such number of Commissioners shall be Chosen in such manner as in the said former Act is directed, which said Commissioners shall meete once every yeare or oftner if occasion shall require at the said Towne of Great Yarmouth there to view the said Piere and inspectt the Accompts of all the moneys expended thereupon according to the power given in the forementioned Actt.

III. Commencement of Act, &c.

This Act to commence and take effect from the five and twentyeth day of March One thousand six hundred seaventy and eight, at which time the powers of the said former Actt as to the charge of twelve pence therein mentioned are to cease and determine.

ITEM quedā Petitiones privatas Personas concernentes (in se forman Acttus continentes). exhibite fuerunt p[re]dictto Domino Regi in Parliamento pp[re]dictto, Quarum Tituli subscribuntur videlicet.

1. An Act to enable Robert Earle of Manchester to sell Lands for Payment of his Debts and for setleing other Lands of a greater valew in lieu of those appointed to be sold.

2. An Act for rectifying a Mistake in a generall Setlement of the Lord Mainards Estate upon the Marriage of his Sonne.

3. An Act to enable the Right Honourable the Lady Mary Mordant to make Sale of her Interest in the Mannour of Blechingley and diverse Lands in the County of Surrey notwithstanding her Minority.

4. An Act for Payment of the Debts of Charles late Lord Viscount Kilmorey of the Kingdome of Ireland and for raising of Portions for Byron Nedham and Charles Nedham two of his Younger Sonnes.

5. An Explanatory and Supplement all Act for the better enableing Sir Francis Compton to make Sale and dispose of the Mannour of Hamerton or any part thereof in the County of Huntington.

6. An Act to enable Sir Edward Hungerford Knight of the Bath to make Leases for yeares of Hungerford House in the Strand in the Parish of Saint Martins in the Fields in the County of Midlesex and of certaine Houses and Tenements thereunto adjoyning.

7. An Act to enable Herbert Awbrey and his Trustees to sell Lands for payment of his Debts.

8. An Act for setleing a Maintenance on the Vicar of Alhallowes in the Towne of Northampton.

9. An Act to enable Thomas Barkley Esquire and his Trustees to sell Lands for Payment of the Debts of the said Thomas Barkley and raising Portions for his younger Children.

10. An Act for naturalizing of Alice Rushout Daughter of Sir James Rushout Baronet.

11. An Act for Naturalization of Jacob David and others.

12. An Act for the Naturalization of Peter Reneu and others.

13. An Act to enable Trustees to sell Lands for Payment of the Debts of Edward Standish Esquire.

14. An Act to enable the Sale of certaine Lands in Winterborne Whitechurch in the County of Dorsett lately belonging to Lawrence Squibb Esquire deceased.