William and Mary, 1688: An Act for the granting a present Ayd to Their Majestyes. [Chapter III Rot. Parl. pt. 1. nu. 3.]

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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 6, 1685-94. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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Wee the Commons Assembled in Parlyament haveing entred into a due and serious Consideration of the extraordinary Occasions which oblige our Soveraigne Lord and Lady the King and Queene to a greate and present Expence have chearfully and unanimously Given and Granted unto our said Soveraigne Lord and Lady the King and Queene the Rates and Assessments herein after mentioned.

II. Grant of £68,820. 19s. Id. per Month for Six Months, by Two Quarterly Payments.

And wee doe most humbly beseech Your Majestyes that it may be Enacted And bee it Enacted by our Soveraigne Lord and Lady the King and Queene by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spirituall and Temporall and Commons in this present Parliament Assembled and by [the (fn. 1) ] Authoritie of the same That the Summe of Sixty eight thousand eight hundred and twenty pounds nineteene shillings and one penny by the Month for Six Months the First of the said Monthes beginning from the Five and twentyeth Day of March in the Yeare of our Lord One thousand six hundred eighty and nine shall be Assessed Taxed Levyed and Paid by two Quarterly Payments in the severall Countyes Cityes Burroughes Townes and Places within England and Wales and the Towne of Berwicke upon Tweede according to the Rates and Proportions following (That is to say) For each Month of the said Six Months

Proportions of Payments by the several Counties.

For the County of Bedford Eight hundred ninety six pounds seventeene shillings nine pence.

For the County of Berks One thousand one hundred thirty two pounds six shillings seven pence.

The County of Bucks One thousand three hundred fifteene pounds six shillings five pence.

The County of Cambridge One thousand twenty pounds.

The Isle of Ely Three hundred forty nine pounds seventeen shillings eleven pence.

The County of Chester Seven hundred forty seven pounds seventeene shillings two pence.

The City and County of the City of Chester Fifty three pounds eight shillings foure pence.

The County of Cornwall One thousand five hundred forty pounds eighteene shillings three pence.

The County of Cumberland One hundred sixty eight pounds six shillings one peny.

The County of Derby eight hundred sixty two pounds eight shillings foure pence.

The County of Devon Three thousand two hundred twenty nine pounds nineteene shillings two pence.

The City and County of the City of Exon One hundred and sixteene pounds seven shillings foure pence.

The County of Dorset One thousand three hundred forty foure pounds ten shillings five pence.

The Towne and County of Poole Ten pounds nineteene shillings eight pence.

The County of Durham Three hundred twenty three pounds sixteene shillings nine pence.

The County of Yorke with the City and County of the City of Yorke and Towne and County of Kingston upon Hull Three thousand foure hundred sixty nine pounds five shillings two pence.

The County of Essex Three thousand ninety eight pounds eight shillings ten pence.

The County of Gloucester One thousand eight hundred and eight pounds ten shillings three pence.

The City and County of the City of Gloucester Thirty nine pounds eight shillings.

The County of Hereford One thousand one hundred thirty one pounds thirteene shillings foure pence.

The County of Hertford One thousand three hundred forty five pounds sixteene shillings three pence.

The County of Huntingdon Six hundred thirty three pounds fourteene shillings two pence.

The County of Kent with the City and County of the City of Canterbury Three thousand three hundred twenty six pounds eighteene shillings eight pence.

The County of Lancaster One thousand and six pounds thirteene shillings six pence.

The County of Leicester One thousand eighty foure pounds fourteene shillings three pence.

The County of Lincolne with the City and County of the City of Lincolne Two thousand five hundred seventy five pounds two shillings.

The City of London with the Liberty of Saint Martins le Grand Foure thousand two hundred ninety one pounds eleven shillings foure pence.

The County of Midlesex with the City and Liberty of Westminster Three thousand and forty pounds and ten shillings.

The County of Monmouth Three hundred and ninety pounds.

The County of Northampton One thousand foure hundred and thirteene pounds eighteene shillings two pence.

The County of Nottingham with the Towne and County of the Towne of Nottingham Eight hundred seventy three pounds eight shillings.

The County of Norfolke Three thousand three hundred and seventy pounds twelve shillings.

The City and County of the City of Norwich One hundred and fourscore pounds.

The County of Northumberland with the Townes of Newcastle and Berwicke upon Tweede Three hundred seventy two pounds fifteene shillings eight pence.

The County of Oxon One thousand one hundred thirty five pounds ten shillings eight pence.

The County of Rutland Two hundred and forty pounds eight shillings eleven pence.

The County of Salop One thousand two hundred and three pounds fourteene shillings two pence.

The County of Stafford Eight hundred fifty two pounds eleven shillings eight pence.

The City and County of the City of Litchfield thirteene pounds.

The County of Somersett Two thousand seven hundred seventy one pounds ten shillings eight pence.

The City and County of the City of Bristoll One hundred ninety nine pounds eight shillings foure pence.

The County of Southampton with the Towne and County of Southampton and the Isle of Wight Two thousand one hundred eighty nine pounds eight shillings eight pence.

The County of Suffolke Three thousand two hundred ninety eight pounds ten shillings eight pence.

The County of Surrey with the Burrough of Southwarke One thousand five hundred ninety seven pounds two pence.

The County of Sussex One thousand eight hundred twenty one pounds seven shillings nine pence.

The County of Warwicke with the City and County of the City of Coventry One thousand one hundred ninety two pounds eight shillings nine pence.

The County of Worcester One thousand fifty and three pounds nineteene shillings.

The City and County of the City of Worcester Fifty five pounds nine shillings six pence.

The County of Wilts One thousand nine hundred sixty six pounds seventeene shillings seven pence.

The County of Westmorland One hundred and sixteene pounds.

The County of Anglesey One hundred twenty five pounds thirteene shillings eight pence.

The County of Brecknocke Two hundred eighty two pounds ten shillings five pence halfepenny.

The County of Cardigan One hundred and five pounds fifteene shillings nine pence halfpenny.

The County of Carmarthen Two hundred seventy two pounds six shillings eight pence.

The County of Carnarvan One hundred forty six pounds twelve shillings two pence.

The County of Denbigh Two hundred twenty three pounds ten shillings seven pence.

The County of Flint One hundred and eighteene pounds seventeene shillings foure pence.

The County of Glamorgan Three hundred seventy eight pounds seventeene shillings ten pence.

The County of Merioneth One hundred pounds sixteene shillings one peny.

The County of Montgomery Two hundred Seventy six pounds twelve shillings two pence.

The County of Pembrooke Three hundred twenty six pounds ten shillings.

The County of Radnor One hundred seventy foure pounds six shillings eight pence.

The Towne and County of Haverfordwest Fifteene pounds three shillings five pence.

III. Persons hereinafter named to be Commissioners for the several Counties and Places hereinafter named.

29 Car. II. c. I.

And bee it further Enacted That all and every the Persons hereafter named shall be Commissioners of and for the severall and respective Countyes Cityes Burroughes Townes and Places hereafter named and shall have and execute the like Powers and Authorities Rules and Directions touching the better Assessing Distributing Collecting Levying Receiving and Paying the said severall Summes of Sixty eight thousand eight hundred and twenty pounds nineteene shillings and one peny in such Proportions as aforesaid as are Limited Enacted Directed and Appointed to the Commissioners in one Act of Parlyament made in the Nine and twentyeth Yeare of the Raigne of his late Majestie King Charles the Second Entituled An Act for Raising the Summe of Five hundred eighty foure thousand nine hundred seventy eight pounds two shillings and two pence halfepeny, for the speedy building Thirty Shipps of Warr That is to say

Names of the Commissioners.

For the County of Bedford

The Honourable Edward Russell the Honourable Robert Russell the Honourable Robert Bruce the Honourable Charles Leigh Esquires Sir William Gostwick Sir John Napier Sir John Cotton Sir Anthony Chester Sir John Burgoyn Sir Rowland Alston Sir Villiers Charnocke Sir John Osborne Baronets Sir William Becher Sir Francis Wingate Sir William Francklin Knights William Duncombe Oliver Luke William Boteler Collonell John Nicholas Lewis Moneux Thomas Browne Benjamin Conquest Samuell Cater Thomas Hillersdon Thomas Docwra John Osborne William Farrer Senior William Foster Thomas Cheyne Thomas Palmer Richard Stone Edward Stone John Vaux George Abbott John Cockayne John Harvey Senior Nicholas Spenser Richard Edwards. Brooke Bridges George Edwards Thomas Bromsall Ralph Bromsall Walter Cary Robert Mountague Gaynes Squier Humfrey Fish Charles Gery Thomas Taylor John Ventris William Fairerer junior Samuell Bedford Robert Audley William Daniell St John Thompson Richard Orlebar John Harvey junior Thomas Christie Matthew Denys Thomas Halpenny Samuell Rhodes Livesay John Wagstaffe William Simcots Nicholas Granger and William Whitebread Esquires.

For the Towne of Bedford.

The Maior for the time being Thomas Hillersdon Esq[uire] William Foster Doctor of Laws Thomas Christie Esq[uire] John Beaumont John Hawes Thomas Margetts William Manley Gent William Faldo senior William Becket John Crawley and William Bamforth Aldermen.

For the County of Berks.

The Right Honorable Henry Powle Esq[uire] one of His Majestyes most Honourable Privy Councill and Speaker of the House of Commons Henry Earle of Sterling Mountague Lord Norris Sir Humphry Forster Sir John Stonehouse Sir Thomas Draper Sir William Rich Sir Henry Winchcombe Sir Thomas Clergis Sir Edmond Fettiplace Sir Henry Henn Sir William Kendrick Sir Edward Read Baronets Sir Henry Fane Knight of the Bath Sir Robert Pye Sir William Craven Sir Thomas Dolman Sir Edward Norris Sir John Hobby Sir Christopher Wren Knights Henry Barker William Whitlock Hen: Nevill Richard Nevill William Cherry Edward Manfield Rich Aldworth Edmond Fettiplace Tanfield Vachell Edmond Pye Henry Kingsmill James Stonehouse Charles Garret John Blagrave Loftis Brightwell Paul Coulton Paul Coulton junior Henry Fairfax James Paul Thomas Pettit James Parrott Edmond Wiseman Henry Heylin Roger Draper Thomas Medlicott John Hobby Edmond Sherwood Richard Southby ( (fn. 2) ) Tho: Seymour Thomas Tipping John Whitwicke Roger Knight John Topham Will: Jennings Robert Mayott John Verney John Wildman senior John Wildman junior Richard Plumpton Esquires John Randall John Church Alderman Harwood Thomas Hoard Henry Dew John Fincher Phillip Weston Robert Leigh Richard Brickenden John Blandie Gentlemen George Blagrave Esquire John Peacock John Dew John Biggs Gentlemen Nathaniell Knight Esq[uire] John Edmonds Moses Slate Henry Peacock Edward Read Thomas Read Richard Stevens Gentlemen John Tomkins Alderman Thomas Houlcott Gentleman the Maior of Reading for the time being the Maior of Abington for the time being the Maior of Windsor for the time being the Maior of Wallingford for the time being and the Maior of Newberry for the time being.

For the County of Bucks.

Anthony Lord Viscount Falkland of the Kingdome of Scotland Richard Lord Wenman Viscount Tuan in the Kingdome of Ireland Richard Hampden Esq[uire] one of His Majestyes most Honourable Privy Councill Thomas Wharton Esq[uire] Comptroller of their Majesties Household and one of His Majesties most Honourable Privy Councill Sir Richard Temple Knight of the Bath and Baronet Sir Thomas Tyrrell Sir Walter Clarges Baronet Sir Anthony Chester Sir Thomas Proby Sir William Bowyer Sir Ralph Verney Sir William Drake Sir Henry Andrewes Sir Thomas Leigh Sir William Dormer Sir Dennis Hampson Sir Peter Tyrrel Baronets Sir Robert Gayer Knight of the Bath Sir Robert Clayton Sir Thomas Clarges Sir Roger Hill Sir Peter Apsley Sir John Thomson Sir Marmaduke Dayrell Sir James Etheridge Knights William Jephson Thomas Lee John Hampden Edmond Waller Richard Beke William Penn Thomas Hacket John Duncombe of Great Brickhill Owen Norton John Parkhurst Thomas Lewes Senior Robert Lovett Thomas Barringer John Backwell Edward Nicholas Thomas Lewes Edward Umphrevile Thomas Farrer Senior Knightley Purefoy Roger Price Thomas Farrer Junior John Withwronge Richard Greenvile Budd Ways Bazill Brent Charles Stafford Richard Ingoldsby Christopher Egleton Thomas Egleton Francis Knollis Robert Dormer Edmond Waller of Gregories Joseph Alston Henry Bertye Benjamin Lane Nicholas Salter William Fleetwood Robert Stiles William Busby Joseph Mainard Richard Niccolls Edmond Dorrell Thomas Carter Henry Neale William Farrer Simon Mayne Robert Dormer of Lee Henry Herbert James Herbert John Shalcrosse George Evelin John Haynes Henry Sumner Senior Henry Sumner Junior Richard Atkins Ralph Lawcton Charles Tyrrel Edward Bates Thomas Piggot Thomas Beard Thomas Ligoe Edward Baldwin Richard Meade Robert Hart James Tyrrell William Crooke James Chase Senior James Chase Junior Richard Dorrell Stephen Chase Junior Alexander Denton Edmond Verney John Thurbarn Henry Cove Senior Henry Cove Junior Bartholomew Beale Esquires William Hill Senior William Hill Junior John Grubb Richard Plaistow Richard Smith Thomas Smith of Beaconsfield Whitechurch Henry Harris Robert Gainsford Hugh Horton William Cleaver Thomas Gibson Timothy Doyley John Sparks Richard Barraby senior George Alnott Gentlemen and John Tanner Doctor of Physicke.

For the Towne of Buckingham

The Bayliffe for the time being Sir Richard Temple Knight of the Bath and Baronet Sir Ralph Verney Edward Andrewes Edmond Dorrell Esquires Hugh Ethersay George Dancer William Hartley John Rogers and Pelham Sandwell Gentlemen.

For the Towne of Wycombe.

The Maior Aldermen and Bayliffes for the time being William Jephson and Thomas Lewes Esquires.

For the County of Cambridge.

The Right honourable Richard Lord Gorges of the Kingdome of Ireland Edward Russell Esq[uire] one of His Majestyes most Honourable Privy Councill Sir Thomas Chichly Knight Sir Christopher Hatton Sir John Cotton Sir Thomas Willis Sir Levinus Bennet Sir Henry Pickering Sir Rushout Cullen Sir George Downing Baronets Sir John Cutler Sir Robert Cotton Sir Marmaduke Dayrell Knights John Cotton John Willis John Bennet John Cutts Devereux Martin Phillip Cotton William Russell Granado Pigott Edward Nitingale Samuell Clarke John Millisent William Fortrey Thomas Ducket Thomas Buck John Hagar William Layer senior Thomas Story Edward Leeds Thomas Archer Gilbert Wigmore Humphrey Gardiner Anthony Tompson William Layer junior Charles Baron Thomas Day and Tirrill Dalton Esquires.

For the University and Towne of Cambridge.

The Vice-Chancellor the Maior for the time being Sir Thomas Chichley Knight the Honourable John Mountague Doctor of Divinity Sir Robert Sawyer Knight John Cotton Esq[uire] George Chamberlaine Joseph Beaumont John Coplestone Humphrey Gower Thomas Smolt Doctors of Divinity George Oxenden William Cooke Doctors of the Civill Law Isaac Newton Esquire Samuell Newton Thomas Story John Ewen Thomas Fowles Isaac Watlington Fox John Pepis Aldermen Robert Drake Gent.

For the Isle of Ely.

Richard Lord Gorges of the Kingdome of Ireland Doctor Spencer Deane of Ely Sir [Sawster (fn. 3) ] Payton Baronet Sir Lyonell Walden Sir William Wren Knights William Cooke William Balaam Henry Hitch Doctors of Civill Law William Colville Thomas Edwards Roger Jenings Thomas Wiseman Everade Buckworth Lawrence Hewer alias Oxborough William March John Pamplin William Fortrey Thomas Steward Malborne Carill John Twelves Robert Mingay Ralph Peirson Thomas Towers Esquires Robert Drake Michaell Beale Gentlemen Robert Swaine Richard Reade Sigismund Trafford Harison Esquires.

For the County of Chester.

Richard Lord Viscount Colchester Sonne and Heire apparent of Thomas Earle Rivers Charles Lord Brandon Sonne and Heire apparent of Charles Earle of Macclesfield Mountague Lord Norris Sonne and Heire apparent of James Earle of Abington Hugh Lord Viscount Kells in the Kingdome of Ireland Thomas Needham Esq[uire] Sir Thomas Wilbraham Sir Thomas Delves Sir Thomas Grosvenor Sir Willoughby Aston Sir Thomas Stanley Sir Peter Warburton Sir Thomas Mainwareing Baronets Sir Robert Cotton Knight and Baronet Sir Thomas Bellot Sir Richard Brookes Sir Roger Puleston Sir Robert Duckenfield Sir John Werden Baronets Sir Jeffery Shakerley Sir John Trevor Sir John Ardern Sir Philip Egerton Sir John Crew Knights Thomas Delves Thomas Powell Thomas Leigh of Adlington Thomas Cholmondely John Mainwaring Nathaniell Booth Peter Leigh of Lime William Lawton of Lawton Roger Whitley John Warren Peter Leigh of Boothes George Booth George Vernon Richard Lister Thomas Leigh of Dernhall Roger Wilbraham Thomas Daniel Richard Leigh Augustin Leigh Thomas Whitley Peter Wilbraham of Darfold Samuell Davenport William Glegg of Gayton Charles Hurleston Roger Mainwareing William Brocke John Pickering Joseph Hockenhall William Whitmore Edmond Jodrell William Davenport of Bromhall Thomas Glasier John Brewen John Davenport Samuell Hardware Edward Gregg Thomas Warburton Henry Bradshaw of Marple Thomas Swettenham John Baskervile John Leech John Dod of Broxton Robert Warburton of Grange Lawrence Wright of Mobbarly William Glegg of Grange Richard Wright of Namptwich Samuell Finney John Dod of Highfields John Wright of Brewershall Richard Minshall Thomas Cooper Ralph Lownds and Peter Yates of Midlewich Esquires.

For the City and County of the City of Chester.

The Maior for the Time being Sir William Williams Knight and Baronet Sir Thomas Grosvenor Baronet Sir Peter Pindar Baronet George Booth Roger Whitley John Mainwareing Thomas Whitley Esquires William Streete Thomas Wilcock Richard Wright Henry Lloyd William Ince John Anderson George Mainwareing Peter Edwards Aldermen The Sheriffes of Chester for the time being Edward Wym John Wright Thomas Cooper Richard Minshull Esquires and Richard Bridge Gentleman.

For the County of Cornwall

Charles Lord Landsdowne Sonne and Heire apparent of John Earle of Bath Hugh Boscowen Esq[uire] one of his Majesties most Honorable Privy Councill Bernard Greenvile Esquire Francis Roberts Esq[uire] Sir Bouchier Wrey Sir John Carew Sir Violl Vivien Sir John Coriton Sir William Godolphin Sir Peter Killigrew Sir Nicholas Slanwen Sir John St Awbin Sir William Morice Baronets Sir Joseph Tredenham Sir Walter Moile Sir John Molesworth Sir John Cotton Knights Collonell Charles Trelawney Collonell Charles Trevanion Samuell Roll Jonathan Rashleigh Daniell Elliott Henry Trelawney John Buller Senior John Tanner William Scawen John Prideaux Walter Kendall Joseph Sawle Thomas Darrell Nicholas Glin John Vivian Thomas Vivian Francis Vivian Edward Herle John Connock Humphry Nicholls Arthur Fortescue Hugh Fortescue Humphry Courteney Edward Elliott William Mohun John Rashleigh Richard Scoble John Kendall John Gregor James Kendall Charles Trevanian of Goran John Trefry Francis Calmady James Erisey Francis St Awbin Ambrose Manaton John Speccott John Buller Junior James Prade William Paynter Nicholas Courteney John Bligh Charles Grills Richard Hoblin of Nanswiddon Richard Hoblin of Anteron George Robinson William Bond William Keygwin Francis Paynter John Polwheele Collonell William Godolphin Richard Killiow Emanuell Piper John Pendarves Alexander Pendarvis Charles Boscawen John Wadden William Harris William Ascott John Tremayne Thomas Achim Samuell Ennis John Vowell Anthony Chenowith William Silley Humphry Burlace Nathaniell Moyle Christopher Billett Alexander Carew Samuel Langeford John Verman Edward Lower Philip Mayow John Arundell of Dulo John Barret of Killigreene Thomas Penhallow Richard Williams of Trewithen John Murth James Bond Nicholas Wills Joseph Moyle Jonathan Trelawney of Coldrennick George Spry Abell French Hugh Jones Edward Knebone Hugh Tonken Henry Vincent Henry Manaton Francis Manaton Shadrack Vincent Walter Vincent Thomas Kelley John Courtney John Hicks of Trevithick Hugh Trevanian William Symons William Bligh Anthony Rous William Corriton Sampson Veale Edmond Philleps John Glyn Charles Trevanion John Hoblin John Nicholls of Trewayne Peter Trevisa Thomas Hawkey Henry Gregor The Maior of Lanceston for the time being The Maior of Bodmyn for the time being The Maior of Lostwithiell for the time being The Maior of Saltash for the time being The Maior of Liscard for the time being The Maior of Tregoney for the time being Henry Slade The Maior of Truroe John Tredenham Richard Pendarves of Pendarves Richard Bonithon of Carilne Charles Bonithon Richard Kendall of Madras William Arundell of Maundarva Christopher Barnes John Lampen of Padride Sampson Hill John Barret of Penquite William Williams of Treworgie John Williams of Trethowa John Williams of Carvean Jeffery Murth William Hooper Thomas Dodson John Clarke Henry Spoure Richard Moile Charles Kendall Rennell Bawden Jacob Robbins Stephen Robbins Thomas Wadden John Lampen John Foote William Martin of Killminath William Braddon Reynald Hawkey John Kestell of Kestell Nicholas Kempe of Treasteage William Hancocke of Hendraw Thomas Hicks of Kerres Nicholas Archer Thomas Herle John Cole William Kechwich Esquires John Pennecke Gentleman Thomas Johnson Francis Arundell and John Keckwynn.

For the County of Cumberland

Charles Lord Morpeth Sonne and Heire appearent to Edward Earle of Carlisle Sir John Lowther Baronet One of His Majesties most Honourable Privy Councill Sir Christopher Musgrave Sir John Dalston Sir George Fletcher Sir John Lowther of Whitehaven Sir Wilfred Lawson Sir Richard Musgrave Baronets Sir John Ballentine Sir Daniell Fleming Knights Edward Stanley High Sheriffe Henry Fletcher Wilfred Lawson Joseph Huddleston Robert Carleton Thomas Lamplugh Richard Lamplugh Thomas Denton Anthony Hutton Richard Patrickson Christopher Richmond Edward Hassell Miles Pennington William Gilpin Darcy Curwin Leonard Dykes John Senhouse Andrew Huddleston Henry Brougham Henry Salkeld Jeremiah Bubb Henry Fletcher of Tallentire John Punsonby Andrew Whelpdale Esquires William Tory George Sisson John Briscoe Edward Apleby and James Maxwell Gentlemen the Maior of Carlisle for the time being.

For the County of Derby.

The Honourable Anchitell Grey Esquire Sir Thomas Greisley Sir Nathaniell Curson Sir Edw. Coke Sir Philip Gell Sir Henry Every Baronets Sir Simon Degg Knight John Stanhope Willoughby Grey Henry Gilbert Fran Munday John Low of Denbigh Mathew Smith Walter Burdett Henry Keys Paul Jodrell John Osborne Esquires John Home William Right Edmond Winter William Flamsted Gentlemen the Maior of Derby for the time being John Cheshire John Brookhouse Samuell Spaleman Edward Walker Thomas Goodwin Solomon Roberts Aldermen Biron Stanhope Samuell Dolton John Adderly Esquires George Beardsley John Gisborne Joseph Parker Samuell Goodwin John Oldershaw Gentlemen Sir Edward Abney Knight John Coke William Sacheverell Henry Heveningham John Every Henry Every Robert Wilmott Robert Harding Henry Kendall Gilbert Thacker Henry Harper John Allen John Wilkins Samuell Holden Esquires Henry Harpur of Little Over Richard Sales Gent Anthony Chester Walter Horton William Allestrey George Greisley Humphry Jennings George Vernon Henry Cavendish Robert Coke Godfrey Menell Alexander Stanhope Samuell Pole Thomas Browne Thomas Bates Gilbert Munday Nicholas Wilmutt John Burhowes Esquires Doxy of Snelson Samuell Bradshaw Gent Sir William Boothby Knight and Baronet William Fitzherbert John Lowe of Alderwasle Richard [Loveing (fn. 4) ] Thomas Milward Robert Milward Esquires Peter Browne Francis Bunting Doctor Botham John Stuffin Robert Haywood Gentlemen John Shalcrosse William Eyre Henry Gilbert junior Henry Bolgay Thomas Right John Bullocke Esquires John Right Thomas Bagshaw Benjamin Ashton of Stony Midleton John Calvert James Nailer Gentlemen Sir Paul Jenkinson Baronet Sir Charles Skrimsher Knight Samuell Pierpont Revell Ogston George Sitwell Cornelius Clarke Robert Revell Robert Moore Daniell Wigfoll John Moorwood Samuell Peg Thomas Gladwin Thomas Eyre Thomas Woohouse Samuell Halloes Esquires the Maior of Chesterfield for the time being Richard Cope Richard Youle John Woodward Aldermen Andrew Clayton John Frogatt George Milward Gentlemen Sir Gilbert Clarke Knight Christopher Ley Robert Ashton John Wilkinson John Smisson Thomas Burley and John Stevinson Gentlemen.

For the County of Devon.

Robert Earle of London Derry in the Kingdome of Ireland the Honourable Edward Russell the Honourable Robert Russell Esquires the Right Honourable Sir John Mainard one of the Commissioners of the Great Seale Sir Edward Seymour Sir Peter Prideaux Sir Francis Drake Sir Ames Pollard Sir [Bauchier (fn. 5) ] Wray Sir Courtney Pole Sir Coplestone Bampfild Sir Francis Northcott Sir William Courtnay Sir John Davie Sir Hugh Ackland Sir William Drake Sir John Fowell Sir William Morrice Sir Walter Young Sir Nicholas Slanning Sir Arthur Chichester Sir Henry Carew of Haccomb Baronets Sir John Rolle Knight of the Bath Sir William Waldron Sir William Bastard Sir George Treby Sollicitor Generall Sir Thomas Berry Knights Sir Henry Fane Knight of the Bath Sir Henry Polexfen Knight Attorney Generall George Chudleigh Francis Courtenay Samuell Rolle Richard Duske Thomas Reynele Hugh Bampfield John Clobery Richard Coffin Richard Nent William Spurway of Oakeford Humphrey Prideaux of Solden John Worth Esquires John Bidgood Doctor of Physicke Henry Fortescue of Buckland Felley Dennis Rolle of Beame Nicholas Dennis John Cholwich Esquires Henry Stevens Gent Henry Manaton Gideon [Hydon (fn. 6) ] Hugh Vaughan William Chaplen Esquires Sir Simon Leech Knight of the Bath Richard Carew of Barley John Northcott of Westwood Bampfield Rodd James Rodd Esquires William Langford of Braddon John Harris of Wortham John Simmonds John Rowe Richard Courtney John Copleston John Bluet Richard Beavis John Burrington John Fry of Yartie Henry Woolcome Thomas Wood Roger Wollacombe Christopher Savery Philip Shapcott Rowland [Whiddon (fn. 7) ] Gilbert Yarde Courtney Crocker Arscott Bickford Henry Chichener of Coxleigh John Garland Henry Chichester of Hall Martin Rider Charles Hore John Elwill Richard Lee of Winslade William Coleman Samuell Foote Sebastian Isaac Henry Walrond John Chichester of Widworthy Jonathan Prideaux Thomas Martin Arthur Ackland Charles Boone William Hayne John Battishill John Sanford Jonathan Elford William Fowell William Bragge Sampson Hele Edmond Parker Thomas Drew William Cary of Clonelly Arthur Champernoone Francis Bassett John Roll John Ashfold John Jiffard John Arscott of Tetcott Henry Nortleigh Edward Yard of Churchton Edmond Walrond Arthur Tremayne Rawlin Mallacke John Kelland Arthur Fortescue of Pridlen Francis Fulford Edward Fortescue of Pridlen William Harris of Hayne Richard Shapleigh William Stawell John Quick Hugh Stafford Henry Trelawney John Pole Edmond Prideaux of Ford Edward Lovett John Pollexfenne George Prestwood George Parker Ambrose Manaton Peter Fortescue Thomas Beare Josias Calmady Richard Nutcombe Esquires John Southele Gent James Holway Esq[uire] John Pratt Councellor at Law James Hewish of Sand Edmond Walrond junior Thomas Sampson William Cotton William Toms Merchants John Sprage Doctor of Physicke Robert Hatch John Rose George Musgrave Esquire the Mayor of Plymouth for the time being the Mayor of Barnestable for the time being the Mayor of Bidiford for the time being the Mayor of Totnes for the time being the Mayor of Tiverton for the time being the Mayor of Torrington for the time being the Mayor of Dartmouth for the time being the Mayor of Plimpton for the time being John Hunkin John Kelley Edmond Tremayne Nicholas Rowe James Fortescue James Courtney William Drake of Netherton Elizeus Crymes Thomas Pyne John Fownes John Martin of Chadlewood Thomas Melluish Edmond Pollexfen Upton of Pusnique Peter Beavis John Rose Ellis Battlet senior Thomas Southcott of Hedge end George Southcott Henry Fry William Mercer William Drake of Yarbery John Fortescue George Yeo Thomas Docton of Docton Gent John Cooke Christopher Mayne.

For the City and County of the City of Exon.

Sir Edward Seymour Baronet Sir Henry Pollexfen Knight his Majestyes Attorney General Sir George Treby Knight his Majestyes Sollicitor Generall the Maior for the time being the Sheriffe for the time being the Receiver for the time being John Tremaine Charles Vaughan Thomas Gibbon Councellors at Law John Bidgood Thomas Waterhouse Edmond Davy Doctors of Physicke John Elwill William Glyde Abraham Trout Andrew Jeoffery Nicholas Brooking John Tucker Richard White Thomas Brooking Andrew Quash Thomas Turner Toby Alleyn Roger Wood Walter Holditch Thomas Gould Benjamin Ivy Daniell Ivy Joseph Price Christopher Brodridge Merchants William Sandford Alderman Jasper Radcliffe Merchant Thomas Potter Merchant Thomas Bampfield Barrester at Law Jerome King John Snell Robert Buckland Edward Crosse George Clare Thomas Ford Robert Dabinott Edward Crosse Christopher Mayne Humphry Leigh Christopher Cooke and John Cooke.

For the County of Dorsett.

Sir William Portman Sir John Morton Sir Nathaniell Napper Sir Robert Napper Baronets Sir John Nicholas Knight of the Bath Sir George Strode Sir Henry Butler Sir Matthew Andrews Knights Tho [Francis (fn. 8) ] Strangwaies Francis Lutterell Edward Miller Richard Fownes Robert Freke senior James Long William Okden Robert Coker senior Robert Coker junior William Frampton William Whitaker George Rives Robert Culliford Robert Seymore James Gold Thomas Chafin Thomas Chafe Robert Williams William Strode Thomas Erle Michaell Harvey John Hurding Hugh Hodges William Floyer Robert Browne Henry Constantine William Ettricke George Strangwayes William Bonnett of Shaston John Still John Lawre John Ironsides William Bowles senior Anthony Ettricke John Bowles John Hardey Thomas Greene Thomas Turbervill Senier Bowman Bullen Rames William Churchill Robert Oxenbridge John [Frith (fn. 9) ] Robert Erle Francis Mohun Edward [Senillow (fn. 10) ] Richard Swaine George Dabeny William Wake Sidnam Baker Richard Brodropp Henry Trenchard Gerrard Napper Thomas Trenchard Henry Henning John Michell William Sydenham Robert Thornhill Charles Brewen Anthony Floyer Richard Newman William Bennet Richard Rose the Maior of Weymouth for the time being the Mayor of Milcome for the time being the Mayor of Lyme Regis for the time being Andrew Tucker Henry Seymore John Eastmond High Sheriffe John Burridge John Hoskins Peter Hoskins Nicholas Hardy Nicholas Browne William Lawrence John Lawrence of Whitechurch the Mayor of Dorchester for the time being William Hull Robert Russell of Kingston-Lacy Arthur Fowkes John Abbington Esquires Sir William Pinsent Baronet Roger Mompesson Edward Seymour and Samuell Rolle Esquires.

For the Towne and County of Poole.

James [Holybread (fn. 11) ] Esquire Moses Durell John Carter Shadrack Beale Moses Durell junior William Phillipps Thomas Smith Thomas Hyde John Pyke Joseph Hopkins George Lewin William Streete John Gigger Denny Smith William Minty and John Jabber Gent.

For the County Palatine of Durham.

Sir Christopher Musgrave Sir Ralph Cole Sir Thomas Lyddell Sir James Clavering Sir Robert Eden Sir Marke Milbanks Sir William Blacket Sir William Chater Baronets Sir Ralph Carr Sir William Bowes Knights Henry Lambton Christopher Vane John Tempest William Lambton Robert Bierley George Morland Henry Lyddell William Forster George Baker Cuthbert Carr Lyonell Vane John Hilton Francis Bowes William Tempest John Davison Frevill Lambton George Vane William Davison Ralph Bates William Turner John Clavering Lyonell Maddison Esquires Robert Carr John Rogers Gentlemen Robert Jennison Esquire Robert Ellison Gent. Richard Midleton John Sidgwicke Esquires Francis Nicholls Thomas Wright Gentlemen William Carr Joseph Carr John Carr Richard Carr Marmaduke Allenson William Blacket John Hall Edward Shipperdson William Paxton William Grieveson John Elstob John Widdefield Thomas Bowser James Cooke William Lee George Crosier William Fawcett William Ettricke Ralph Holmes Anthony Salvin Simon Peacocke Robert Lamb Cuthbert Saunderson Sir James Tillie William Garth Thomas Watson Abraham Hilton James Mickleton William Hutchinson Peter Marley John Dale William Johnson Ralph Gowland William Atkinsen Gentlemen Marke Shaftoe Rowland Place John Middleton Esquires Thomas Lyddell William John Johnson Robert Dixon Thomas Sanderson George Roper the Mayor of Durham for the time being Stephen Thompson Henry Wanley William Wilkenson William Wilson Nathaniell Midleton.

For the West Riding of the County of Yorke.

William Lord Eland Eldest Sonne to the Marquesse of Hallifax William Lord Pawlett Second Sonne to the Marquesse of Winchester Arthur Lord Viscount Irwin of the Kingdome of Scotland Peregrine Lord Viscount Dunblaine Eldest Sonne to the Earle of Danby George Lord Viscount Castleton of the Kingdome of Ireland Charles Lord Clifford Eldest Sonne to the Earle of Burlington Thomas Lord Fairfax of the Kingdome of Scotland Sidney Wortley Mountague Esquire Henry Dawney Henry Fairfax Esquires Sir Richard Maliverer Sir Henry Goodricke Sir Thomas Armitage Sir John Kaye Sir John Reresby Sir John Ingleby Sir John Bland Sir Henry Cooke Sir Lyonell Dilkinton Sir John Tempest Sir Edmond Winne Sir William Franckland Sir Godfrey Copley Sir Edward Blacket Sir Henry Slingsby Sir John Cutler Baronets Sir Thomas Yarbrough Sir Gervase Cutler Sir John Hewley Sir Edmond Jennings Sir Ralph Knight Sir Michaell Wentworth Sir Jonathan Jennings Sir Patience Ward Sir Thomas Hodson Knights Christopher Tanckred Robert Bierly John Ramsden of Biram Welbury Norton William Palmes Henry Lyddall Thomas Frankland John Knight Francis Nevill Denzell Onslow Walter Calverley John Savile William Lowther senior John Bradshaw Francis Foulgham Thomas Vincent John Beilby Henry Thompson Thomas Yarbrough of Campsall Henry Stapilton Arthur Ingram Thomas Fairfax of [Measton (fn. 12) ] William Stockdale Inglebert Leeds William Ellis Charles Osbourne William Vavasour Christopher Lister Cerill Arthington Christopher Adams John Goodricke Matthew Boynton Roger Portington John Garland Francis White John Lister Ralph Lowther Miles Staveley Richard Beaumont of Whitley Henry Edmonds Thomas Fawks Henry Hitch William Roundell Henry Layton Robert Baines John Stanhope Thomas Parker Thomas Dodson Ambrose Pudsey John Gill John Hatfield Cuthbert Wade William Johnson Lyonell Copley John Farrer John Batty and Brian Sunderland Esquires George Fothergill Gentleman William Beckwith John Harris Richard Witton Esquires Thomas Craven Gentleman Jonathan Jennings John Ashton Richard Redmaine Thomas Rookby Thomas Hestletine Richard Sterne Richard Thornton Simon Sterne Christopher Wilkinson George Cooke Thomas Yorke Thomas Horton William [Womball (fn. 13) ] Jasper Blythman Godfrey Bosvile Francis Jessop John Lambert John Hanby William Ingram John Eastoft John Ramsden of Hatfield Richard Shuttleworth Robert Mitford Esquires Wilfrid Lawson John Preston Gentlemen John Rooke Thomas Kirke William Norton Esquires John Atkinson Robert Inman Gentlemen Jervase Nevill Esquire Robert Midgeley Gentleman Richard Staines Esq[uire] John Warren Richard Cholmley Richard Roads Gentlemen Tobyas Harvey John Lister of Bawtry Thomas Lee John Copley Esquires Edmond Barker John Wivell Michaell Wharton of Bawtry Stephen Wilks Gregory Godfrey Copley James Greenwood Richard Netleton Gentlemen Franke of Campsall Thomas Waterhouse Francis Wheatley William Simpson Henry Wood Andrew Howden Andrew Wilkinson Gentlemen The Mayor Aldermen and Recorder of Pontefract for the time being The Mayor Aldermen and Recorder of Doncaster for the time being The Mayor Aldermen and Recorder of Rippon for the time being The Mayor Aldermen and Recorder of Leeds for the time being.

For the North Rideing of the County of Yorke.

Charles Earle of Wiltshire eldest Sonne to the Marquesse of Winchester John Viscount Downe of the Kingdome of Ireland Thomas Lord Fairfax of the Kingdome of Scotland Bernard Greenvile Phillip Darcie Esquires Sir Marmaduke Wivell Sir Thomas Gower Sir William Strickland Sir David Fowlis Sir Bryan Stapleton Sir William Frankland Sir. John Lowther Sir Watkinson Payler Sir Henry Marwood Sir William Caley Sir Thomas Pennyman Sir Christopher Wandesford Sir John Hotham Sir Edward Blacket Sir John Brookes Sir William Chater Sir Marke Milbanke Sir Henry Slingsby Baronets Sir John Hewley Sir Henry Bellasise Sir William Ascough Sir Barrington Bourchier Knights Thomas Frankland George Marwood William Palmes Thomas Yorke William Thompson George Smithson Francis Wivill Robert Walters Roger Croft John Wastell John Hutton Cornelius Caley John How Thomas Croft Edward Hutchinson Charles Tankred Francis Thompson William Robinson John Trotter Leonard Smelt Thomas Harrison Anthony Lowther. Timothy Manleverer Thomas Worsley William Metcalfe Thomas Waite Henry Crosland Thomas Lassells Richard Staines Daniell Lassells Thomas Wakefield William Chaloner Francis Hall Edward Thompson John Hill junior Thomas Gower John Hopton James Mountaine Luke Robinson Thomas Pulleine Esquires. John Beverley John Peers Roger Covell Leonard Hartley Benjamin Purchas Edward Place William Davill Philip Prince Robert Lumley James Conyers William Kitchinman Robert Bell George Norton Stephen Driffield Thomas Langley senior Thomas. Jackson of Nunnington Towers Driffield Metcalfe [Meddell (fn. 14) ] Esquire Robert [Bushell (fn. 15) ] Mathew [Thomlinson (fn. 16) ] Christopher Piercy Hay of Malton Timothy Ford Will: Saunders Ralph Porter Will: Robinson John Robinson senior Guy Butler William Fairside junior Paul Bailey John Cockrill senior Robert Burton William Stoope Roger Lee Thomas Pearson Timothy Portington Stephen Thompson the Maior and Aldermen of Richmond for the time being the Bayliffes of Scarbrough for the time being Mathew [Swails (fn. 17) ] and John Robinson of Easby.

For the East Rideing of the County of Yorke.

Charles Lord Clifford eldest Sonne to the Earl of Burlington Thomas Lord Fairfax of the Kingdome of Scotland George Dawney Esquire Sir Francis Boynton Sir William Strickland Sir Watkinson Payler Sir John Kay Sir Thomas Rudston Sir John Legard Sir John Hotham Sir Henry St. Quintin Baronets Sir William Cobb Sir Ralph Wharton Sir Michaell Wharton Sir Mathew Pearson Sir James Bradshaw Sir Jonathan Atkins Sir Richard Osbaldeston Sir John Hewley Knights Tobias Jenkins senior Tobias Jenkins junior Robert Bucke John Lister Charles Hilliard William Osbaldeston William Thompson Francis Thompson John Hotham John Ramsden William Gee Henry Thompson Will. Boynton Henry Guy Will: Bethell Rich: Thompson senior Richard Thompson junior John Stapleton William St Quintin James Moyser John Moyser Thomas Hesketh William Bethell James Heblethwaite Richard Remington Collonell Allured Thomas Alured Thomas Langley Edward Bernard Mathew Apleyard Robert Hollis John Eastoft Ingolby Daniell William Headlam Bernard Lister Ralph Warton Charles Warton Robert Pricket Benjamin Overton Robert Mouncton Edward Bower John Pearson Ralph [Hutton (fn. 18) ] Esquires the Mayor of Hull for the time being the Mayor of Beverley for the time being the Mayor of Heddon for the time being Robert Mason Philip Wilkinson Henry Maisters Robert Carlisle William Leake and John Milner Gentlemen.

For the City of Yorke and County of the fame.

The Lord Mayor Aldermen and Sheriffes for the time being Arthur Lord Viscount Irwin of the Kingdome of Scotland Peregrine Lord Viscount Dunblaine of the Kingdome of Scotland Thomas Lord Fairfax of the Kingdome of Scotland George Pricket Esquire Recorder Sir Henry Goodrick Sir John Brooks [Baronet (fn. 19) ] Sir John Hewly Sir Stephen Thompson Knights Thomas [Rookley (fn. 20) ] John Baines Henry Stapleton William Roundell Thomas Hutton Thomas Hasletine Henry Watkinson Doctor of Laws Henry Squire Esquires Philip Prince Thomas Benson Thomas Moseley Roger Shakelton Andrew Perrot Richard Reynald Thomas Nisbet Francis Duckworth and William Thompson.

For the Towne and County of Kingston upon Hull.

The Maior Aldermen and Sheriffe of the Towne and County of Kingston upon Hull for the time being the Wardens of the Trinity House for the time being Robert Legard Robert Hollis Esquires Marke Kerby Will: Carlton John Blandshard Anthony Iveson Richard Ellis Richard Gray William Catlin Capt Ripley Gilead Gouge William Idelle William Hall Thomas Harrison Henry Lambert Thomas Tomlin Robert Lemmon Gentlemen William Smith John Browne Erasmus Darwin George Crowle Lyonell Buckle Gentlemen.

For the County of Essex.

The Honourable Robert Bertie Banister Mainard Richard Barret Ralph Grey and William Mainard Esquires Sir John Bendish Sir William Appleton Sir Benjamin Ayloffe Sir Samuell Grimston Sir William Hicks Sir Francis Masham Sir Andrew Jenner Sir Thomas Nitingale Sir Richard Everard Sir William Luckin Sir Martin Lumley Sir Thomas Litleton Sir Anthony Abdy Sir John Abdy Sir Thomas Darcy Sir Jervas Elwes Sir Benjamin Wright Sir James Rushout Sir Thomas Luckin Sir Edward Smith Sir Thomas Garrard Sir Robert Smith Sir Charles Tyrrell Sir William Barker Sir John Dyer Sir. Josiah Childe Sir Peter Soame Baronets Sir John Brampston Knight of the Bath Sir William Holcroft Sir Henry Clarke Sir Thomas Fanshaw Sir Eliab Harvey Sir Robert Barrington Sir Edward Turner Sir Edward Farmer Sir Thomas Midleton Sir Mark Gyon Sir John Marshall Sir Samuell Husbands Sir John Sudbury Sir Benjamin Thorowgood Sir John Sparrow Knights Henry Mildmay John Wroth John [Lemoth (fn. 21) ] Honywood William Pecke Samuell Wiseman Anthony Brampston Thomas Waldegrave Charles Montague Erasmus Smith Thomas Meade Robert Clarke John Symonds Thomas Abdy Francis Harvey alias Mildmay Thomas Dawtree Alexander Prescott William Pert Collonell John Cutts Henry Ayloffe John Eldred Samuell Reynolds Isaac Rebow William Clopton John Barrington William Beaumont William Poley John Raymond Junior William Glascock John Fanshaw Thomas Harlackenden Bowes John Tyndell Edward Bullocke Thomas Luther John Luther Thomas Gardiner Samuell Hare Brabazon Aylmer Thomas Weely William Gore Henry Glascock William Palmer Cuthbert Martin William Nutt William Harvey Roger James Giles Dent [Mandiford (fn. 22) ] Brampston Francis Bradbury Andrew Searle John Godbold John Pennington William Lingwood William Kendall Timothy Felton Thomas Barrington John Cox William Mott senior John Shaw William Webb. John Cooke John Greene Nicholas Cursellis Ralph Creffield Nathan Wright Esquires Samuell Gibbs senior Samuell Gibbs junior Robert Cole Edward Rudge Thomas Cullum George Gent Hayns Barley Thomas Argall William Herris Edward Thorowgood John Hayns Thomas Greene John. Josceline Jacob Lynne Samuell Warner Edward Husbands Robert Barwell junior William Vernon Archer Neale Lorky John Bennet Gentlemen John Conyers William Atwood John Rotheram Esquires John [Larkin (fn. 23) ] Gentleman William Scott Lewis Prescott Christopher Grange Westerne Godfrey Woodward Samuell Trotman Sigismund Trafford Esquires James Clement Gentleman Nathaniell Lawrence and John Edwards Esquires.

For the Burrough of Maulden.

The Bayliffes for the time being Sir John Bramston Knight of the Bath High Steward Sir Thomas Darcy Baronet Charles Mountague Esquire Anthony Brampston Esquire Mundiford Brampston Esquire Recorder John Matthews Phillip Ralling John Cockrell, Samuell Pond John Pond Thomas Horsenail Alderman Will: Carr TowneClerke William Vernon John Stevens John Brickwood Thomas Coe senior Peter Robjent Ezekiell Finch Thomas Stace Henry May John Strait and Thomas Stevens

For the Burrough of Colchester.

The Mayor for the time being Sir John Shaw Knight Serjeant at Law John Eldred Esquire Samuell Renolds Isaac Rebow John Shaw William Mott senior William Moote Francis Wheeler William Mott junior Esquires John Rayner John Milbanke John Rebow William Boyse Abraham Hedgethorne Thomas Russe John Scarlett Joseph Thurston John Potter Mathew Ive John King John Tatem Jacob Tayspill John Savill Thomas Mun and Robert Moore Gentlemen.

For the Burrough of Harwich.

The Mayor for the time being Sir Thomas Midleton Knight John Eldred Esquire Thomas Langley John Rolph Robert Seaman John Browne William Garrard Daniell Smith Charles Smith Aldermen John Philips Thomas Bradshaw John Westbrowne Robert Lane Henry Munt Henry Cole and William Wood.

For the County of Gloucester.

The Earle of Newburg of the Kingdome of Scotland William Lord Viscount Tracy of the Kingdome of Ireland, the Right Honourable Henry Powle Esquire one of His Majestyes most Honourable Privy Councill and Speaker of the House of Commons Sir Robert Atkins senior Sir Henry Capell one of His Majestyes most Honourable Privy Councill Sir James Rushout Sir Richard Cox Sir William Kite James Thinn Esq[uire] Benjamin Baron Richard Dowdswell George Pitt Richard Freeman John Marriott Charles Dowdswell John Parsons of Kemerton John Delabier William Bagget John Carter William Gardiner Esquires Henry Coxwell William Dewy Thomas Janes Henry Collet David Warren Anthony Lawrence James Simpson Henry Criswill Danvers Hodges Esquire Richard Holford Charles Marquesse of Worcester Sonne and Heire apparent to the Duke of Beaufort Charles Lord [Dussey (fn. 24) ] Robert Cherington Nathaniell Stephen Thomas Veale Esquires Sir Gabriell Lowe Sir Thomas Stephens Thomas Hodges Walter Escott Esquires John Browning of Coley Esquire Samuell Trotman Sir Ralph Dutton Baronet John Howe John Coxwell Esquires William Hall Robert Vessey Gentlemen Andrew Barker Robert Pleadwell George Hanger of Griffell Esquires Robert Oterige Gent Thomas [Maiesters (fn. 25) ] Brierton Bourcher Richard How Thomas Smith Thomas Horton Miles Sands Phillip Sheppard Esquire Thomas Ridler Thomas Stephens Jonathan Castleman Lionell Rich of Rich Dodswell Esquires Peachy of Shipton Edward Stephens Nathaniell Driver Paul [Dodwell (fn. 26) ] Thomas Rutter Esquires Sir Fleetwood Dormer Cornway Whethorne Thomas Haile Ayleworth of Ayleworth Esq Sir Duncombe Colchester George Bond Esquire Sir Charles Winter John Hickford James Stephens of Clowerwaile Mainard Colchester Thomas Perke William Maddox William Wall Thomas Foley Rice Yeates William Bayley George Loyd James Mitchell William Try John Ashfield Thomas Chester Esquires Sir John Fust Sir John Newton Thomas Wise Esq[uire] Edward Warner Gent. William Knife John Smith Edward Smith Esquires Sir Richard Hart Sir Thomas Ken Richard Jones of Hannan John Meredith Esquires Sir Sam: Astrey Thomas Burtnell Esq[uire] Thomas Chester John Dowle Charles Hart Esq[uire] Edward Mountague Charles Hancocke William Pansfoote Thomas Browne John Parkhurst Reginald Pindar William Winter Samuell Dobbins Michaell Beale Esquires. Simonds Sir John Guise William Cooke Edward Cooke John Guise William Selwin Rowland Wood William Try Henry Norwood William Lawrence John Powell Henry Brett John Cox William Scudimore William Hodges Esquires Sir Robert Atkins Baldwin Christopher Mountague Edmond Chamberlaine and Miles. Beale Gent.

For the City and County of the City of Gloucester.

The Mayor for the time being Master William Hodges Alderman Norwood Alderman Gettings Alderman Rogers Alderman Browne Alderman Sowell John Powell Esq[uire] Rich. Wintell Sir Will. Gregory Recorder Master Thomas [Loyd (fn. 27) ] Master George [Loyd (fn. 27) ] Sir Duncomb Colchester William Cooke Esquire William Jordan Gent.

For the County of Hereford.

The Right Honourable Henry Powle Esquire one of His Majestyes most Honourable Privy Councill and Speaker of the House of Commons John Lord Viscount Scudamore of Sligo in the Realme of Ireland the Honourable Chamber Brabazon Esquire Sir Bernabas Scudamore Sir John Morgan Sir Herbert Croft Sir John Hoskins Baronet Sir Edward Harley Knight of the Bath Sir Job Charleton Knight Sergeant at Law Sir John Erule Sir Thomas Hambury Sir John Barnaby Sir Francis Winnington Knights Sir William Gregory Sergeant at Law Sir Thomas Duppa Sir John Williams Knights Thomas Coningsby of Hampton Court William Fines Paull Foley Robert Harley Thomas Price John Birch John Dutton Colt James Morgan John Scudamore of Kenchurch Thomas Cornwall of Stepleton Thomas Harley of Kinsham Ambrose Scudamore Richard Reed senior Richard Reed junior Herbert Westfailing Thomas Cockes Edward Hopton Robert Cornwall Edward Cornwall William Dansey senior William Dansey junior John Arnold Charles Baldwin John Williams Richard Williams of Cabalva Edward Litleton Uvedale Tomkins Robert Chaplin Thomas Foley senior Thomas Foley junior James Gregory John Booth of Letton John How Jeremy Bubb Edward Jackson Younger Cooke Robert Dobbins Robert Minors William Wintour William Lambe John Nourse Robert Price Marshall Bridges Richard Barnaby of Brockhampton Ferdinando Gorges Thomas Howorth Robert Paine James Loyd of the Moore Sandis Lechmore John Parry of Dulas Thomas Delahay Richard Kidley Esquires Bennet Hoskins of Bonithan William Gwillim of Langstone William Bridges of Colwall Tomkins of Bredwell John Phillips John Waksome Samuell Birch Gentlemen Martin Sandis Anthony Rowden John Booth of Brainton John Powell of the While Francis Baskervile of Eardisley Thomas Wigmore Richard Archer John Kirlie John Goodier Esquires Thomas Owen of Little Broynton William Brome Thomas Carpenter Richard Skipp William Bissell James Woodhouse of Woodhouse Essex Sherborne Francis Woodhouse Henry Lyett Humphry Mayo John Woolrich John Fletcher Francis Geers John Kidley John Hereford of Hom-Lacy James Westfailing John Carver of Upton James Walwin Richard Clarke John Hereford of [Safton (fn. 28) ] Daniell Kerry Peter Smith and John Smith of Homer Gentlemen.

For the City of Hereford.

The Mayor for the time being John Lord Viscount Scudamore of Sligo in the Realme of Ireland Sir William Gregory Knight Serjeant at Law Paul Foley Herbert Westfailing Thomas Price Esquires Robert Simonds Thomas Panard Abraham Seaward Thomas Matthews Richard [Waddely (fn. 29) ] Hugh Rodd Aldermen ( (fn. 30) ) Thomas Clarke senior Thomas Clarke junior Edward Rodd John Williams senior John Williams junior James Price John Abrahall Richard Gower Edmond Weever Theophilus Alley Richard Poole and Thomas Church Gentlemen.

For the Burrough of Lempster.

The Bayliffe for the time being Thomas Conningsby John Dutton Colt Edward Harley Esquires William Bach Edward Bangham James Powle John Jenings John Powle John Alured John Williams Thomas Hardwick Henry Steward Robert Ford and Isaac Tomkins Gentlemen.

For the County of Hertford.

Sir Henry Capell one of His Majestyes most Honourable Privy Councill Sir William Egerton Sir Samuell Grimston Sir John Garrard Sir Richard Francklin Sir John Austen Sir Robert Jocelin Sir William Leman Sir John Brograve Sir William Cowper Sir Jonathan Keat Sir Richard Anderson Sir Edmond Anderson Sir Thomas Pope Blount Sir Edward Seabright Sir John Reed Sir John Wittewrong Baronets Sir Francis Boteler Sir John Gore Sir Humphry Gore Sir Charles Cesar Sir Ralph Ratcliffe Sir Thomas Bide Sir William Litton Sir John Bucknell Sir Robert Marsham Knights George Churchill Robert Austen William Gore John Gore Ralph Gore Thomas Halsey John Plummer John Cooke William Mounson Ralph Freeman senior Ralph Freeman junior Robert Elwayes Francis Floyer Edward Chester Richard Hale Andrew Fountaine Thomas Shatterden Thomas Priestley Thomas Atkins Israell Mayo Edward Briscoe senior Edward Briscoe junior William Briscoe Thomas Aram Gilbert Hoo Keat George Hadley James Witterong John Stedman John Charlton Thomas Monk William Cowper John Eddowes William Emerton Henry Guy Esquires Marmaduke Rawden William Edmonds Anthony Farrington Thomas How John Fotherly Josua Lomax Robert Robotham John Gape senior John Gape junior Lewis Mountgomery Henry Childe Thomas Arris Thomas Ellis Thomas Saunders John King Richard Hutchinson Edmond Smith Richard Helder Barrington John Carpenter William Allen Edward Seymour George Nodes George Nedham Thomas Nicholas of Bushey Thomas Stone Ralph Wingate William Martin Robert Bird Bird of Mattox Richard Warren and Thomas Lomax the Mayor of Hertford for the time being the Mayor of St Albans for the time being.

For the Burrough of St. Albans.

The Mayor for the time being Sir Samuell Grimston Baronet Sir Thomas Pope Blount Baronet Sir John Witterong Baronet Anthony Farrington Serjeant at Law Recorder George Churchill Thomas Halsey Thomas Ellis James Witterong Thomas Arris Joshua Lomax John Gape junior Lewis Montgomery Esquires John Gape senior John New Stephen Adams and Thomas Crosfield Aldermen.

For the County of Huntingdon.

Robert Mountague Esq[uire] Sidney Wortley Esquire Sir John Cotton Sir Thomas Proby Sir John Hewet Sir Robert Bernard Baronets John Conyers John Dryden [Charles (fn. 31) ] Cesar Edward Harby Richard [Nailour (fn. 32) ]. John Bigg Anthony Hammon John Ferrar James Torkinton John Pocklington [William Nailour (fn. 32) ] Philip Storey John Ince Robert Pulleyn Charnock Heron Richard Drury Esquires Richard Winde Robert Throgmorton Robert Clerke James Wright Thomas Wright Nathaniell Nicholls Doctor of Physicke Edward Mason William Fuller Richard Hattey Edward Checkley Gilbert Faun Gentlemen The Mayor of Huntingdon for the time being.

For the County of Kent.

The Honourable Henry Sidney Esq[uire] one of His Majestyes most Honourable Privy Councill the Honourable Sir Vere Fane Knight of the Bath the Honourable Peregrine Bertie Esq[uire] the Honourable Sackvile Tufton Esq[uire] the Honourable Lewis Watson Esq[uire] the Honourable Heneage Finch Esq[uire] Sir William Twisden Baronet Sir Henry Palmer Sir Edward Deering Sir John Knatchbull Sir Oliver Butler Sir Basill Dixwill Sir John Reney Sir Robert Hales Sir Stephen Lennard Sir Humphry Miller Sir John Marsham Sir William Honeywood Sir Thomas Pierce Sir John Banks Sir Nathaniell Powell Sir John Austin Sir Thomas Selliard Sir Anthony Aucher Baronets Sir James Oxenden Knight and Baronet Sir John Darrell Sir Thomas Culpeper Baronet Sir William Swan Sir Robert Filmore Sir George Curtis Sir Charles Bickerstaffe [Knights (fn. 33) ] Sir Thomas Stiles Baronet Sir Henry Boswell Knight Sir John Shaw [Knight (fn. 34) ] Sir John Cutler Knight and Baronet Sir Roger Twisden Sir Thomas [Robarts (fn. 35) ] the Lieutenant of Dover Castle Sir Nicholas Crispe Sir Robert [Faune (fn. 36) ] Sir Nicholas [Toke (fn. 37) ] Sir George Chute Sir Thomas Culpeper Knight Sir Robert Marsham Knight Sir Charles Sidley Sir Charles Sidley of Cinquecleare Sir James Hayes Knight Sir Thomas Taylour Baronet Sir John Leigh( (fn. 38) ) Sir John Cutler Knights Christopher Vane Robert Smith Esquires Thomas Fane Edward Hales Thomas Knatchbull William Watton Esquires Sir George Rivers Baronet Charles Amhurst Jeffery Amhurst James Masters of Yotes Thomas Rider William Campion Caleb Banks Phillip Butler John Leech Esquires Robert Lewkner William de Lane John Kitchell Thomas Harlackenden William Boyse of Hawkhurst William Henden Robert Austen Esquires Robert Craford James [Maisters (fn. 39) ] of Langden Walter Breames Herbert Randolph John Boyse John Thurbon William Hammon James [Chidwick (fn. 40) ] William Kingsley junior Christopher Mills Henry Thornhill Esq[uire] William Brockman William Brockman of Cheriton John Crumpe Thomas Moyle Thomas Papillon Thomas Munns Francis Bathurst James Bunce George Petty William Selby George Paulhill John Hyde Major Gibbons Robert Gibbon John Cooke William Hugesson Nicholas Cooke Captaine Thomas Osborne James Herbert Ralph Bufkin John Brewer John [Parker (fn. 41) ] John Dalliston Edward Gulston Reynald Peckham William Cage Nicholas Miller John Wilkenson William Andrews Richard Godden John Knatchbull Thomas Scott William Honeywood George Sayers Vice Chamberlaine to her Majestie the Queene Dowager Gerard Gore John Lemott Honeywood Leonard Diggs Julius Deeds Thomas [Gomelton (fn. 42) ] John Sherman Christopher Deering Esquires Vincent Denn Serjeant at Law George Elcock William Jacob Doctor of Physicke, Henry Oxenden Richard Oxenden John Mitchell Captaine Pettit of Thannet Moses Napleton Herbert Palmer Wortley Whorwood Collonell Henry Lee John Whitfield Henry Godden Charles Bargrave William Courtopp Robert Heath John Evelin Esquires Sir John Mordant Baronet Edward Austen William Lambert William Ash George Gifford Francis Farnaby Ralph Petly William Swan John Buggins Robert Austen junior James Codd Alexander Culpeper Samuell Flower Daniell White John [Cripp (fn. 43) ] Roger Payne Thomas Godfrey George [Roope (fn. 44) ] Edward Nutt Henry Marsh Jeffrey Boise Edward Boise Samuell Shaw John Cason John Cooke Thomas Hales senior Thomas Hales junior Esq[uire] Georges Curteis Esq[uire] George Maplesden Charles Courtopp Gentlemen Thomas Turner Adrian of Byfronce John Fotherby Francis Barrell Thomas Selyard Christopher Allison Henry Sandys Percivall Hart Edward Manning Edward Brent Fortrey Edward Grace of Eltham Creshell Draper Edward King Thomas Giffard Edward Bettison Edmond Tuke the Mayors of Rochester and Maidstone for the time being John Bloome Charles Fagg Gent Sir Joseph Williamson John Culpeper Esquire Thomas Meredith Gent Humfry Stiles Gent William Day of Feversham William Allen of Feversham Hulse of Bethersden Gentlemen George Withwicke Thomas Withwicke Thomas Brett of Wye William Brett of Kenington Gent Captaine Edward Manley of Woldham John Hogg senior John Bryan of Rochester Gent John Moise of Rochester the Jurates of Maidston being Justices of Peace.

For the City and County of Canterbury.

The Mayor of Canterbury for the time being Vincent Denne Esquire Serjeant at Law Recorder Sir William Honeywood Baronet Sir Anthony Aucher Knight and Baronet Sir Edward [Maisters (fn. 45) ] Knight Henry Lee Thomas Godfrey John Cason William Kingsley junior Herbert Randolph Esquires William Jacob Doctor in Physicke Taylor Doctor of Law John Whitfield William Watson Gentlemen Thomas Fidge Thomas Knoller Nicholas Nicolson Thomas Guilbert Squire Bennerton and Henry Gibbs Aldermen.

For the Towne and Port of Sandwich.

The Mayor for the time being Sir James Oxenden Knight and Baronet John Thurborne Esq[uire] Jeffery Wells Jeffery Sacket Thomas Wheeler Edward Elsted Edward Fellowes William Maundy John Moore Samuell [Ferrer (fn. 46) ] Peter Nowell John Jekin Jeremiah Kelly and John Wheeler junior.

For the Towne and Port of Dover.

The Mayor for the time being Sir Basill Dixwell Baronet Thomas Papillon Esq[uire] Captaine William Stokes Doctor John Goulder George West William Richards John Bullock Nicholas Cullen senior Thomas Scott Edward Wivell Edward Francklin Jurats Nathaniell Denew John Matson Frederick de [Unick (fn. 47) ] Robert Jacob Thomas Raworth John Ford Charles Johnson William Eaton and Phillip Yorke.

For the Towne and Port of Romney.

The Mayor for the time being John Brewer James Chadwick Esquires Peter Lancaster John Mascall Richard Baker John Chalker Thomas Durant and John Hunt Jurates.

For the Town and Port of Hyeth.

The Mayor for the time being Edward Hales Julius Deeds Esquires Robinson Beane Henry Deeds William Browne Elias Basset and John Clement Jurates.

For the Towne of Fordwitch.

The Maior for the time being Samuell Short France Joll John Pilcher John Bix Jurates.

For the Towne of Feversham.

The Mayor for the time being Charles Kenrick Esq[uire] Thomas Napleton Thomas Knoller John Marsh Thomas Waterman and Joseph Edwards, Gentlemen.

For the Towne of Folkeston.

The Mayor for the time being Sir Basill Dixwell Baronet Captaine William Jenkin Miles Jacob Thomas Fagg and Gibbon Lad.

For the Towne of Lyd.

Julius Deeds Henry Wynn Esquires John Bateman Humphry Lee Thomas Godfrey and Nicholas Dine.

For the Town of Tenterden.

The Mayor for the time being Robert Austin Esquire Sir George Chute Elhaman Tucker Kemuell Tucker James Skeates and Robert Wightwicke Gent

For the County Palatine of Lancaster-

Robert Lord Willoughby of Eresby Sonne and Heire apparent to Robert Earle of Lindsey and Chancellor of the Dutchy Richard Lord Colchester eldest Sonne and Heire apparent to Thomas Earle Rivers Charles Lord Brandon eldest Sonne and Heire apparent to Charles Earle of Maclesfield The Honourable James Stanley the Honourable Hugh Willoughby Sir Charles Houghton Sir Edmond Ashton Sir Ralph Ashton Sir Thomas Stanley Sir Richard Standish Baronets The Honourable Fitton Gerrard Esq[uire] Sir Edward [Chesenall (fn. 48) ] Sir Daniell Fleming Knights Peter Leyh Peter Bold Thomas Norris Roger Nowell Edward Fleetwood Henry Farrington James Holt Roger Kirby Thomas Preston Curwen Rawlinson Lawrence Rawstern Robert Parker Thomas Ashurst James Duckenfeild Christopher Parker Thomas Braddill Edward Osbaldstone Richard Fleetwood Thomas Hesketh Richard Brooke Christopher Banister Thomas Richardson High Sheriffe Alexander Butterworth Thomas Greenhalgh John Horwood John Birch of Ordshall Josuah Horton John Hartley Benjamine Houghton Alexander Rigby of Layton John Starkey Ralph Longworth Alexander Midleton John Warren Richard Howorth Esquires James Marsden Thomas Ainsworth Roger Sharples Richard Ashton of Cureden Thomas Rigby of Rigby William Halton John Aston John Risley Edward Ogle George Pigott Henry Rigley James Lightbound John Braddill Nicholas Townley Edward Wilson of Parkhouse William Kirby William Knipe Roger More Thomas Lacy Thomas Holden Joseph Yeates Stephen Radley James Cheatam of Turton James Cheatam of Smedley Christopher Wilkinson Anthony Parker Roger Kenion Stephen Alcock Thomas Mort Thomas Dodd Thomas Patten Silvester Richmond Thomas Cole Thomas Bretherton Maudsley of Maudsley Esquires James Marsden Cuthbert Holland Andrew Dandy George Sharples James Loud Jeffery Roby Thomas Clayton Richard Houghton of Lea Thomas Wilson Ralph Livesey Thomas [Sclater (fn. 49) ] Jonathan Blackbourne George Sorocold John Launders Richard Percivall John Wright Henry Latham John Case James Ashton Thomas Cooke John Hopwood junior Thomas Percivall Josuah Nuttall Martin Willis William Apleton Thomas Grantham Thomas Bradshaw Joseph Hudleston William Fleming John Sawry Samuell Sands Miles Sands John Copley Joseph Fletcher William Hutton Robert Atkinson William Mollineux Nathaniell Mollineux Thomas Rigby of Appull George Allenson John Widdowes William Hulme Alexander Ratcliffe William Blackburne James Holland Thomas Bigland Edmond Taylor Robert Burley George Derbyshire Henry West John Lower Robert Halliwell Gentlemen The Mayor and Bayliffes of Lancaster for the time being John Foster Walter Frost Henry Jones Randolph Hunter John Hodshon William Penny Josuah Partington William Greenwood the Mayor and Bayliffes of Preston for the time being Thomas Hodgkinson George Addison Roger Suddell William Patten John Roberts Gentlemen The Mayor Aldermen and Bayliffes of Wiggan for the time being Thomas Mort William Bancks William Daniell Edward Herle Bertie Entwistle Esquires The Steward of Newton for the time being Sir John Chuchley Knight Francis Chombly Sergeant Esquires George Legh Gent The Bayliffes of Clithero for the time being John Lister Arthur Ashton Edmond Robinson Robert Slayter Gent The Mayor and Bayliffes of Liverpoole for the time being James Prescott William Williamson Richard Windell Aldermen Peter Asherton and Alexander Norris Gentlemen.

For the County of Leicester.

William Palmer Esq[uire] High Sheriffe of the County Thomas Lord Beaumont of the Kingdome of Ireland Bennet Lord Sherrard of the Kingdome of Ireland Sir William Villers Sir Thomas Heslerig Sir Beaumont Dixie Sir Thomas Halford Sir Henry Hudson Sir Thomas Beamount Sir John Noell Baronets Sir Andrew Noell Knight John Cooke Esq[uire] Philip Sherrard Jeffery Palmer Richard Lister senior John Delafountaine John Verney Thomas Boothby William Boothby William Hartopp Thomas Babington John Bennet Thomas Caldecote William Cole Samuell Cotton Thomas [Pochim (fn. 50) ] William Streete William Whalley Stanhop Whalley Esquires Roger Roe George Pochin Christopher Packe Henry Hastings Esq[uire] Mathew Johnson Jeremy Done William Franke George Hewet junior Richard Brudnell Esq[uire] Edward Needham [Natham (fn. 51) ] Wright Samuell Danvers Esq[uire] Francis Needham John Needham Richard Bradgate William Bainbrigge Lawrence Carter Edward Conyers Edward Hudson Esq[uire] Edward Smith Esq[uire] Rowland Browne John Benskin Roger Smith Esq[uire] William Heiricke Richard Lister junior Esquires George Morten John Wilson Esquires John Steele Thomas Wilson William Faunt George Ashby Esquires William Bird John Wilkins Henry Kendall William Whatton Edward Bigland Serjeant at Law John Goodman James [Armston (fn. 52) ] John Major William Major Thomas Palmer Tirringham Stephens William Skiffington [Esquires (fn. 53) ] William [Mollaston (fn. 54) ] Robert Hasleridge Esq[uire] Wolstane Dixie Esq[uire] Turville of New Hall Parke Thomas Charnells Thomas May William Harper Esq[uire] John Harper Esq[uire] John Oneby George Vincent William Billers Mathew Simons Thomas Andrews Atkins of Horningold William Rawlins junior Esq[uire] William Belgrave Sir Roger Cave Henry Henningham Sir Richard Newdigate Baronet John Cooke Esq[uire] Sir William Ellis The Right Honourable Sir William Rawlinson one of the Commissioners for the Great Seale Sir Ambrose Phillips Sir Edward Wigly John Chamberlaine and William Jervais.

For the Burrough of Leicester.

William Bentley Esq[uire] Mayor of the Burrough of Leicester and the Mayor for the time being Nathan Wright William Franke John Major Esquires Francis Noble William Southwell Andrew Freeman William Deane George Becket Philip Abney John Roberts John Goodall George Bent Thomas Ludlam Walter Hood Francis Ward Joseph Cradock Mathew Simons William Billers William Major Thomas Palmer junior William Browne Thomas Wells John Watts John Kilpin John Wilkins John Bent John Dann John Brookesby Thomas Palmer senior Edmond Johnson Gabriell Hill John Pare Edmond Cradocke and Henry [Pare (fn. 55) ] Gentlemen.

For the County of Lincolne and for the City of Lincolne and the County of the said City.

George Lord Viscount Castleton of the Kingdome of Ireland Robert Lord Willoughby of Eresby Sonne and Heire apparent of Robert Earle of Lindsey Chancellor of the Dutchy Bennet Lord Sherrard of the Kingdome of. Ireland Nicholas Saunderson Esq[uire] the Honourable Francis Pierpoint the Honourable Peregrine Bertie the elder the Honourable Charles Bertie the Honourable Peregrine Bertie the younger the Honourable Phillip Bertie the Honourable Charles Saunderson Craven Howard Sir Francis Fane Knight of the Bath Sir Henry Mounson Sir Thomas Hussey Sir John Newton Sir John Brownlow Sir Robert Markham Sir Willoughby Hickman Sir William Ellis Sir John Thorold Sir Richard Cust Sir Edward Hussey Sir William Buck Sir Richard Wrothwell Baronets Sir John Oldfield Sir Thomas Trollop Sir John Bowles Baronets Sir Thomas Meeres Sir Edward Ascough Knights Sir Thomas Bernardiston Sir William Massingberd Sir John Sherrard Baronets Sir William Yorke Sir Christopher Nevill Sir Edmond Turner Knights Sir Henry Herne Knight of the Bath Sir Drainer Massingberd Sir Thomas Skipwith [Knights (fn. 56) ] Charles Dimocke Esq[uire] Charles Pelham William Mountague William Marwood Thomas Broughton [Richard (fn. 57) ] Godfrey Thomas Lister Henry Stone Robert [Reyley (fn. 58) ] Noah Neale Edward Paine Edward Mountague John Saunders William Welby William Hyde senior William Hyde junior Anthony Palmer Pury Cust Christopher Clapham Esquires John Browne Mayor of Boston and the Mayor and Aldermen for the time being The Mayor of the City of Lincolne Aldermen and Recorder for the time being The Mayor Aldermen and Recorder of Grimsby for the time being Edward Secker Alderman of Grantham Edward Cottington Edward [Leevsly (fn. 59) ] Simon Grant Robert Cole Thomas Cole Nicholas Becke William Clarke Nathaniell Garthwaite the Mayor of Stamford for the time being Edward Curtisse John Rogers John Langton George Hawkins Gentlemen The Wardens of Louth for the time being John Newton Mountague Cholmley William Brownlow Rich: Winch Esquires Stephen Rothwell Will: Throllop Peregrine Bucke Richard Pell Samuell Ludington of Presbridge John Browne of Laughton John Bolt Esquire Samuell Browne Samuell Hutchinson Samuell Marshall John Wood Benjamine King Andrew Burton Gent Gilbert Bury Peter Bird Gent Thomas Bury Ciprian Thornton Edward Turney Christopher Berisford Charles Woolley Thomas Hall Vincent Grantham George Whichcott George Nevill Bryan Nevill Christopher Ascough Christopher Hales William Oldfield Esq[uire] Deane Sub-Deane Chancellor and Chaunter of Lincolne Robert Cawdron George Hall Thomas Cooley Lake John Harvey George Fairfax Thomas Young Leonard Browne John Tilson William Thompson of [Roxhall (fn. 60) ] John Hussey Francis Chaplaine Mathew Lister Robert Rither Dimocke Walpoole John Emson John Bishop Esq[uire] John Ivats Thomas Webberly Bevill Wemberley Richard Torsey John Pindar George Knight Gentleman Sigismond Trafford Charles Fox Austin Hart Edward Browne of Horbling Charles Bates John Stow John Toller Esq[uire] John Greene junior Mathew Trollop John Jackson Gent George Lancton senior George Lancton junior Robert Fisher Francis Anderson Edmond Anderson Edwin Anderson John Rosseter Esq[uire] James Aston John Towne George Smith William Bonner Joseph Edmonds Henry Jenkinson Henry Burrell Captaine Pownell Esquires William Wallet William Greene William Ambler Francis Coney Gentleman Reuben Sparkes John Jay Walter Johnson Martin Johnson Esquires Richard Figg Robert Turrell William Feast Lawrence East Edmond Sharpe Peter Mapletoft Thomas Emarton Henry Wrens Daniell Rhodes Esq[uire] Lewis Hurst William Cawthrop Erasmus Deligne Robert Sands Adam Bland Richard Nelthorp Siriack Worsted John Apleyard John Kay Isaac Newton Robert Farnley John Burslein Gent Thomas Collison Thomas Thorowgood Robert Tigh [Mr (fn. 61) ] John Evans.

For the City of London.

Sir John Chapman Knight Lord Mayor and the Lord Mayor for the time being Sir Thomas Allen Knight and Baronet Sir John Lawrence Sir Robert Clayton Sir Patience Ward Aldermen The Recorder for the time being Thomas Pilkington Esquire Sir Jonathan Raymond Sir Thomas Stampe Sir Samuell Dashwood Sir Benjamin Thorowgood Sir Thomas Kensey Sir William Ashurst Knights Christopher Lethieulier Esquire Sir William Gostlin Sir Thomas Lane Knights Aldermen Sir Humphry Edwin and Sir John Fleets Knights Sheriffes Sir Peter Vandeputt Sir Henry Ashurst Sir Francis Pemberton Knight Serjeant at Law Sir Jeremy Sambrooke Sir William Hedges Sir Gabriell Roberts Knights Sir Thomas Clarges Knight William Love Esquire William Kiffin Joseph Herne Esquires John Morrice Lucy Knightley Peter Houblon ( (fn. 62) ) John Houblon Thomas Frederice Thomas Turgis Sir Benjamin Newland Sir John Matthews John Gardner Charles Chamberlaine John Jolliffe Thomas Westerne John Hamond Samuell Maine Esquires Sir Thomas Fowles Knight Francis [Chelde (fn. 63) ] Sir John Lethulier Thomas Langham Mercer Thomas Papillon Ralph Box William Faulkner Charles Thorold Edward Clarke Andrew Kendricke Walter Coventry Sir Mathew Andrews Daniell Cox Doctor in Physicke Paul Jodrell Clerke of the House of Commons John Rayley Deputy James Bodington George Gooday Deputy [Flavers (fn. 64) ] William Gunn John Freeman Sir Thomas Hatton John Cripse Nicholas Smith William Gravenor Sir William Dodson Arthur Baron Benjamin Ducane. Lawrence Dyer John Genew Paul Wilks James Woods George Sitwell William Carpenter John Midgeley Richard Weeden George Pecke Richard Normandsell Thomas Langham Nicholas Alexander Francis Brerewood Samuell Trotman Sir William Williams Knight and Baronet Sir Thomas Litleton Sir John Cope Sir William Cooper Robert Blaney junior William Lewis.

For the County of Midlesex.

Charles Lord Herbert Marquesse of Worcester Sonne and Heire apparent of his Grace the Duke of Beaufort The Right Honourable Edward Russell Esquire Sonne of the Earle of Bedford Charles Lord Cheyney Henry Powle Esquire one of His Majestyes most Honourable Privy Councill and Speaker of the Honourable House of Commons The Right Honourable Sir John Mainard Knight and Baronet Sir Anthony Kecke and Sir William Rawlinson Lords Commissioners for the Custodie of the Great Seale of England Adam Lord Viscount Lisbon in the Kingdome of Ireland Sir Robert Atkins Knight of the Bath The Honourable Sir Robert Howard Knight one of His Majestyes most Honourable Privy Councill the Honourable Henry Pagitt Sonne and Heire apparent of the Right Honourable William Lord Pagit Craven Howard Esq[uire] Sir Charles Gerrard Sir Richard [Nudigate (fn. 65) ] Sir William [Robarts (fn. 66) ] Baronets Sir Robert Sawyer Knight Sir Creswell Levins Sir William Dolben Knights Sir Thomas Clarges Sir William Poultney Knights Sir John Cutler Baronet Sir Peter Vandeputt Sir Purbecke Temple Sir Robert Henley Sir Thomas Bide Sir Thomas Stringer Sir John Elwayes Sir James Rushout Sir Thomas Rowe Sir John Musters Knights Sir Anthony Craven Knight and Baronet. Sir James Butler Sir William Smith Baronet Sir Edmond Warcupp Sir Adam Oatley Sir Richard Downton Sir Thomas Chambers Sir William Hill Knights Sir William Williams Knight and Baronet Sir Caine Janes Baronet Henry Lord Colraine of the Kingdome of Ireland Sir Francis Pemberton [and (fn. 67) ] Sir Ambrose Phillips Knights and Serjeants at Law Sir William Cooper Edward Mountague Sir John Trevor Sir Henry Johnson Sir Theodore De Vaux Sir John Berry Sir Thomas Kensey Sir Basill Firebrasse Knights Sir Richard Fisher Baronet Sir Robert [Peiton (fn. 68) ] Knight Sir Charles Porter Sir William Parkins Sir Robert Marsham Sir Paul Whichcott Sir William Ashurst Sir Matthew Andrews Sir Richard Hadducke Knights Ralph Hawtrey Nicholas Raynton John Wolstenholme Edmond Allen Whitchcott of Finchley Phillip Mitchell Simon Smith Edward Byde Charles Fox William Wogan Anthony Row Richard Holford John Cooke Thomas Winford William Tempest Thomas Frewen Robert Dormer Esquires Paul Jodrell Esq[uire] Clerke of the Honourable House of Commons Sir Roger Langley Sir John Bucknell Sir Edward Waldo Sir Erasmus Smith Knights Cheeke Gerrard Daniell Waldo William Fenn Thomas Francklin Lancelott Lake Thomas Nappier Edmond Prideaux Edward Norwood John Lloyd John Carpender Paul French William Hutchinson Ralph Hartley John Nicholl of Hendon Esquire William Page Richard Page Gentlemen John Haley senior of the Berry Thomas Austin Robert Austin William Tate Josua Galliard William Avery Esquires Brooke Bridges and Thomas Done Esquires [Auditor (fn. 69) ] of his Majestyes Imprest and Forreigne Accompts Sir William Barkham Baronet Joshua Beale Edward Harris Thomas Jackson Roger Gillingham Richard Gough Adam Andrews Samuell Bluck and James Munday Esquires Sir John Bratle ( (fn. 70) ) Edmond Drapier Roger Gardiner Thomas Stile John Greene Richard Kent Esquires Doctor Thomas Gill Henry Barker Henry Collins Nicholas Grice and Scory Barker Esquires John Phillips Esquires one of the Auditors of his Majestyes Court of Exchequer Leonard Hamond Thomas Wood Henry Raynell John Ewer John Slater Thomas Manning Daniell Proctor John Jones Henry Lacy and Thomas Bedford Esquires Henry Hawley Christopher Clitherow John Walker John Baldwin Francis Ashby John Stanion George Sitwell Richard Shoreditch Lancelott Johnson Roger Jennings John Jennings of Heese Edward Maplesden William Walker Thomas Harrison Dixon of Heese Robert Beele Robert Newdigate Samuell Pointer Esq[uire]'s John Elphicke and Richard Lugg Gentlemen Thomas Henshaw Francis Brand Martin Foulke Arthur Blyth Joseph Alston Thomas Erisby William Browne John Bent Thomas Methold and John Creed Esquires John Milborne Anthony Wells [Mr (fn. 71) ] Richard Aston Richard Tayler Gentlemen George Hutchins Esq[uire] Serjeant at Law Charles Bonithon and Thomas Owen Esquires George Edwards Carew Guidet John Hardesty Roger Stoughton James Dewy Abraham Nelson Basill Herne Tobias Eden William Bampfield John Hungerford Simon Parry John le Neve John Milner Robert Stoughton Esquires Thomas Ridd Gentleman Samuell Trotman Richard Milner Henry Hazard Esquires John Canon John Meridale John Bayley Robert Longland Thomas Barnes Benjamin Boltby Stephen Lawrence William Collins Richard Robins Christopher Chambers Tho. Harris Sa Llyn Francis Scott and William Webb Gentlemen Sir John Friend Sir John Parsons Knights Thomas Johnson Esquire Francis Tyson of Shackwell Thomas Batson William Adderley William Northey Yelverton Peyton Esquires Sir John [Robarts (fn. 72) ] Knight Doctor William Parker William Sedgewicke Captaine Cowden Casse Thomas Cooke of Hackney Lucy Knightley Esquires Anthony Sturt Jeffery Nightingale John Perry [Josua (fn. 73) ] Lewis Esquires John Smith Esquire Clerke of the Peace John Reynalds and William Martin Gentlemen William Willis Esq[uire] Smart Goodenough Merchant Captaine Nathaniell Owen Captaine William Wildy Mr Abraham Graves Captaine North Captaine Christopher Bendall Mr Thomas Elton Mr George Ford Captaine John Stephens Captaine Henry Russell Mr Freeman Brewer William Johnson Henry Dethick Henry Russell Joseph Stevens Esquires Captaine George Fenney Captaine John North Richard Owin William Wakelin Nathaniell Owing John Nicolson Gent John Stanyan Esq[uire] William Gulston Esq[uire] Francis Childe Gent John Wilson.

For the City of Westminster and the Liberties thereof.

The Right Hononurable William Lord Eland Sonne and Heire apparent of the Lord Marquesse of Hallifax The Right Honourable Edward Lord Cornbury Sonne and Heire apparent of the Earle of Clarendon Charles Lord Clifford Sonne and Heire apparent of the Earle of Burlington The Right Honourable Henry Powle Esq[uire] one of His Majesties most Honourable Privy Councill and Speaker of the Honourable House of Commons The Honourable Sir Robert Howard Knight one of His Majestyes most Honourable Privy Councill Mr Craven Howard Sir Samuell Grimston Baronet Sir William Poultney Knight Sir Thomas Clarges Knight Sir Peter Collaton Sir Walter Clerges Baronet Sir Paul Ricaut Knight Richard Morley Esquire Richard Petitt Gentleman Sir John Cutler Baronet Thomas Done Brooke Bridges John Phillips Esquires Sir Roger Langley Knight John Wildman Esq[uire] Hugh Squire Esquire James Vernon Esq[uire] Charles Twitty Bartholomew Fillingham William Lowndes Robert Squib Gentlemen Christopher Grange. Brewer Robert Breden Brewer William Maschall Humphry Masson Gentlemen Charles Toll Robert Nott Charles Bonithon Francis Carew Thomas Watkins Richard Newman Esquires Ralph Marshall Gent Sir John Elwayes Knight James Sheiffield Esq[uire] Sir Phillip Meadowes Knight John Creed William Ball John Milner Esquires Richard Milner Gentleman James Dewy Esquire Sir Thomas Row Baronet Sir John Nicholas Knight Benjamine Cooling Esq[uire] Wynne William Hewers Esq[uire] Dionisius Andrewes Gentleman Edmond Woodruffe Gentleman William Wardour Esq[uire] John Clear John Phillips Nehemiah Arnall Sir Joseph Williamson Sir Thomas Litleton Sir Charles Cotterell Sir Stephen Fox Sir John Cotton Baronet Will: Harbord Esq[uire] Sir Thomas Mompesson Sir Cerill Wich Knights Sir Robert Gayer Sir Richard Temple Knights of the Bath Sir Robert Pye Baronet Sir Christopher Musgrave Sir William Orpe Sir Christopher Wren Knights Henry Guy Esq[uire] Philip Musgrave Esq[uire] Sir James Hayes Knight William Bridgeman Esq[uire] Thomas Sidenham Doctor of Physicke William Poultney John Poultney Esquires Bernard Greenvile Christopher Vane Esquires Henry Thynne Mathew Lott John Currance Simon Smith John Man George Man Morris Hunt John Chace Josuah Draines George Cooper John Haines John [Ruins (fn. 74) ] Gentlemen Colonell Richard [Ruins (fn. 74) ] Edmond Ogar John Lug Richard Wheeler John Leson Michaell Arnold Gentlemen David Crawford Esq[uire] Charles Rampaine Sir Miles Cooke Sir William Dutton Colt Sir Humphry Winch Knights Andrew Lawrence William Shaw Esquires John Tully. Ralph Hutchinson Marke Lawne William Richards Gentlemen Sir Richard Dutton Knight William Blaithwaite Edward Mountague Charles Mountague The Honourable Peregrine Bertie and Charles Bertie Edmond Waller William Cheney Esquires Sir Denny Ashburnham Arthur Prior James Smithsby Charles Knot of Saint Clement Danes Thomas Heyton of the same John Wirly Edward Yeomans of the same Richard Cooper John Rossington Matthias Cooper Lewis Prescott John Pottinger John Frost Richard Campian John Martin Gentlemen William Greene Brewer Erasmus Dryden Paul Jodrell Clerke of the House of Commons John Hookes Gentleman Master Thomas Browne Francis Negus Charles Chetwind Esquires John Jugland William Bolt Gentlemen Anthony Row Roger Gillingham Francis Gwynne Esq[uire] Richard Stephen Augustin Bear Gentlemen Thomas Templeman Robert Wood Michaell Miles Leonard Plucknet Nicholas Martin Edward Salisbury John Wilson Esquires James Supplee Gentleman Joseph Biscow Charles Duncomb Thomas Maning and John Stone.

For the County of Monmouth.

Charles Lord Marquesse of Worcester Sonne and Heire apparent to Henry Duke of Beaufort Sir Charles Kemys Sir Trevor Williams Sir John Morgan Baronets Sir Rowland Gwyne Sir James Herbert Knights Thomas Morgan of Tredegar Richard Lewis John Williams Henry Probert Thomas Lewis John Arnold Charles Vann Richard Lister John How John Scudamore Thomas Morgan of Lanrumney David Lewis Thomas Folio Charles Price Hopton Williams Henry [Mergem (fn. 75) ] of Bedwelly Edmond Morgan Edward Jones Roger Oates George Kemeys Charles [Wilborne (fn. 76) ] Edward Perkins John Morgan Lewis Morgan Capell Handbury Chandois Lloyd Thomas Jones. John Walter John Floyer Charles Hughes Robert Gunter Phillip Cecill James Morgan of Llandillo Charles Morgan Rowland Pritchard Nicholas Parker George Harris Christopher Price Martin Scudamore Ambrofe Scudamore Walter Williams Roderick Gwynne and John Morgan of Berlandeag Esquires Thomas Springer Morgan Chambers William Blethin Edward Kemeys Martin Boothby Thomas Williams John Lewis David Morgan Lewis Morgan John Ketchmaid Mathew Powell Rowland Williams Matthias Bird Walter Aldey Robert Jones Charles Williams Nehemiah Williams John Morgan John Cragg Walter Fortune Henry Tomkins William Morgan Theophilus Reynolds Hugh James Walter Cecill Richard Jones John Jones of Llantrissen Roger Williams John Harris of Abergavenny William Powell of Bedwelly Richard Vaughan Isaac Williams Morgan Thomas John Watkins Trevor Meirick William Evans Richard Roberts Francis Williams William Price John Gwillim Francis Pritchard Nathaniell Rogers Shelden Powell the Mayor of Monmouth Port Reeve of Uske the Mayor of Newport Ezra Waters John Price Hugh Harris William Morgan of Carlyon William Seise Charles Jones of Magar Charles Jones Charles Occold William Pritchard of Langattock William George of the same Nicholas Arnold George Lewis and John Morgan of Llanthewry Gentlemen.

For the County of Northampton.

Henry Lord Obrian Baron of Ibracham of the Kingdome of Ireland Lyonell Lord Huntingtower of the Kingdome of Scotland William Lord Fitz-Williams of the Kingdome of Ireland Richard Lord Wanman of the fame Kingdome Sydney Worsley alias Montague Charles Bertue Lewis Watson Sir Vere Vane and Robert Sherley Esquires Sir Roger Norwich Baronet Sir Justinian Isham Sir Roger Cave Sir William Farmer Sir Pope Danvers Sir John Robinson Sir John Holman Sir James Langham Sir William Langham Sir Rowland [Aston (fn. 77) ] Sir William Wake ( (fn. 78) ) Sir William Craven Sir John Pickering Sir St Andrew St Johns Sir Thomas Samuell Sir Rice Rudd Baronets Edward Mountague Edward Harby William Mountague Christopher Mountague William Harboard Henry Farmer Richard Rainsford John Parkhurst Gilbert Dalben Thomas Andrew Henry Edmonds Francis Arundell Francis Crane William Wilmore Edward Stratford Edward Saunders Thomas Trist Toby Chauncey Samuell Trist Thomas Catesby William Adams Samuell Adams John Creswell George Clerke Bryan Janson Walker Kirkham John Thornton William Hastings William Tate John Bagshaw William Lisle William Warner Christopher Thursby Andrew Lant Francis Morgan Nicholas Steward and John Wiseman Esquires The Mayor and Aldermen of Northampton for the time being Robert Ives John Clarke the Mayor of Higham for the time being the Bayliffe of Daventree for the time being the Mayor of Brackley for the time being Richard Butler Esq[uire] Salathiell Lovell Serjeant at Law John Bridges William Thursby John Hanbury Edward Ladkins John Glendon John [Blenco (fn. 79) ] Charles Fitz-Williams John Combes Richard [Willoughley (fn. 80) ] Robert Heslerigg Henry Rushton Gerrard Gore Goddard Pemberton Edward Bacon Arthur Brookes Robert Mansell Thomas Freeman John Weever William Allicock Bernard Wallcott Thomas Newton Harvey Ekins Esquires John Ekins of Rushden Francis Lane Harold Kinesman Charles Orme Henry Benson Robert Breton and Thomas Breton Esquires Sir Benjamin Bathurst Benson of Tocester Thomas Langham Esq[uire] John Browne Clerk to the Parlyament Thomas Colethurst and William Fleetwood Esquires Daniell Danvers Doctor of Physicke Edward James of Houghton Thomas Francklin of [Ecklon (fn. 81) ] Watts of Wooton Edmond Bromwich of Daventree Gent John Gardner of [Croton (fn. 82) ] Robert Fruen of Brackley Robert Barton Robert Dormer Thomas Pilkington and Henry Heveningham Esquires.

For the County of Nottingham.

Patricius Viscount Chaworth of the Kingdome of Ireland The Honourable Anchitell Grey Esquire The Honourable Arthur Stanhope Esquire Sir Scroope How Francis Pierpoint and William Sacheverill Esquires Sir Thomas Parkins Baronet Jervase Pigott Richard Mansfield Thomas Lewis William Williams Villers Charles Hutchinson and Phillip Sherrard Esquires John Kerthwell and Thomas Barret Gentlemen Francis Mollinox Esq[uire] Thomas Porter Gentleman William Woolhouse Sir William Stanhop Knight Brough of Bridgeford Gentleman John White Esquire Thomas Sharpe of Branby Richard Bradford ( (fn. 83) ) Francis Gregory Gentlemen Robert Sharbrooke Arthur Warren and Thomas Charlton Esquires John Strey Gentleman Richard Sclater William Cartwright [of Normanton William Barnell and William Cartwright (fn. 84) ] of Ossington Esquires Lawrence Sturtivant Edmond Nicholson Thomas Bristow Edmond Hind Gentlemen Charles [Stanhop (fn. 85) ] Esquire Sir John Mollinex Baronet William Pinckney Darcy Mollinex Digby John Knight Richard Taylor John Thorney and Hennet Esquires Mellish of Blyth Esquire Dunston of Worsopp Gent Francis Sands and Francis Stringer Esquires Thomas Dickenson Francis Thornhill and Christopher Johnson Gentlemen Eyre of Rampton and John Clerkson Esquires William Simpson and Henry Halfehead Gentlemen The Bayliffes of Retford for the time being Thomas Sharpe William Wharton and Ward of Retford Gentlemen William Lane of Retford Esquire Edward Southwoth and John Reyner Esquires Hugh [Burnet (fn. 86) ] Gent Edward Phiney Esquire John Barker of Barmby on the Moore Cordiall Storts of Sound in the Parish of Sutton and Richard Brownlow Gentlemen Richard Sands Gent Receiver Generall the Mayor of Newarke for the time being the six senior Aldermen Doctor Yarbrough Thomas White Henry Walters Will: Stow and William Clay Gentlemen.

For the Towne and County of the Towne of Nottingham.

The Mayor for the time being Francis Pierpoint Esquire Edward Bigland Serjeant at Law Richard Mansfield Richard Sclater and Robert Sherbrooke Esquires Thomas Porter Gent Thomas Smith John Hawkins Aldermen William Graves John Graves senior Ralph Bennet Francis Salmon Thomas Trigg and John Hoe Gentlemen.

For the County of Norfolke.

Sir Robert Bacon Sir Henry [Hobert (fn. 87) ] Sir John Woodhouse Sir John Mordant Sir Robert Drury Sir Nicholas Le Strange Sir John Holland Sir Augustine Palgrave Sir John Pettus Sir Thomas Hare Sir Robert Kempe Sir Jacob Astley Sir Roger Potts Sir Thomas Ward Sir Francis [Buckley (fn. 88) ] Sir William Cooke Sir Edmond Doyley Sir Thomas Adams Sir Peter Glean Sir Thomas Gerrard and Sir Richard Deereham Baronets Sir Nevile Cateline Sir Francis [Guylon (fn. 89) ] Sir William Rant Sir John Turner Sir Edward Chesnall and Sir Cecill Wich Knights Sir Christopher [Cathorpe (fn. 90) ] Knight of the Bath John Sharpe Deane of Norwich Thomas Knivett Robert [Walpoole (fn. 91) ] Robert Sucklin John Harbord Edmond Woodhouse John Knivett Robert Houghton Henry Oxburgh James Host Francis Cremor Robert Wardell Lee Warner and [Perry (fn. 92) ] Freke Esquires John Herne John Houghton John Jaye Robert Coney Gabriell Armiger Richard Wyth Francis Gardner John Woodhouse William Windham Francis Windham of Cromer Charles Legrosse Edward Soame John Norris Councellor at Law Thomas Pierson Daniell Bedingfield Recorder of Lyn Christopher Crow Robert Wilson Edward Wilson Charles Turner of Linford Erasmus Earle Thomas Browne Francis [Ropps (fn. 93) ] Charles Wright Riches Browne Edward Bedle Henry Negus Thomas Bacon Nathaniell Simonds Thomas Sotherton Edmond [Briliffe (fn. 94) ] George England Edmond Lambe Hatton Berners Robert Day John Ayd John Repps Robert Davy Thomas Wright Hugh Hovell Abraham Castle Henry Masham Joakim Mathews William Oldfield Clement [Horne (fn. 95) ] Tho: Townshend of Norwich John [Thurston (fn. 96) ] John Cropley Isaac Preston Thomas Buller Ralph Hare Brigg Fountaine William Branthwaite Robert Bransby Phillip Bedingfield Henry Heveningham Francis Negus Richard Carter John Breaster Valentine Pell James Host junior Rant of Yelverton Doubty of Hanworth Augustine Briggs Samuell Fuller Robert London Oliver Neeve Thomas Gawdy Nicholas Rookewood John Anguish Monkford [Spelman (fn. 97) ] Leon: [Mopos (fn. 98) ] Francis Thursby Clisby Guybon George Townshend Gascoyne Weld Anthony Freeston Thomas Talbot John Le Strange Thomas Richmond William Barker Edward Osborne Henry Haynes Robert Sucklin junior Gardiner Hewit John Pannell John Richmond John Mingay Thomas Weld Robert Buxton William Sidley Israell Long John Garnish Thomas Blowfield Edward Le Strainge Ralph Pierson Robert Jennings [Stileman (fn. 99) ] James Calthorpe Francis Duesgate Doctor Pepper John Page William Williamson Benjamin England Richard Ferrier John Woodhouse Lucy Blackman John Castle Brograve of Thorpland Thomas Crick William Rudin Henry Trice Edmond Beales Thomas Smith.

For the City and County of the City of Norwich

The Mayor for the time being Robert Davy Esquire Recorder Robert Ward Esquire Steward The two Sheriffes for the time being Francis Gardiner John Man Robert Bendish Wise Freeman Hugh Buckenham William Salter Nicholas Ellis Austin Briggs Brockden Vin Bickerdike Macrell Aldermen Doctor John Sharpe Deane of Norwich Sir Nevill Catlin Knight Thomas Blofield Esquire Doctor Pepper Chancellor Thomas Townsend Francis Bacon Thomas Bacon and Branthwaite Esquires Richard Wamman Levington Gentleman Lawrence Goodin William Guybbon Richard Carter Chappell Towne Clerke John Gosling Gentleman Sheldrake Isaac Decele Robert Freeman Jehosaphat Davy Esq[uire] Thomas Cooke Robert Cooke John Barman Aldermen Samuell Warkhouse.

For the Burrough of Great Yarmouth.

The Bayliffes for the time being George England Samuell Fuller and Robert Brambsby Esquires Edmond [Thayter (fn. 100) ] Richard Huntington Peter Caulier Michell Mew George Ward Abraham Castle Aldermen Thomas England Thomas Bradford Benjamine England John Robins John [Ferrer (fn. 101) ] Thomas Gooch Nathaniell Symonds John Gayford and Richard Ferrier.

For the Burrough of Kings Lynn.

Ciprian Anderson Esq[uire] Mayor Daniell Bedingfield Esquire Recorder Sir John Turner Knight Sigismond Trafford Benjamine Holley Giles Ridgeman Robert Spanow John Kidd Edmond Hooke and Benjamine Keene Esquires Charles Peast William Linstead Henry Bell and Charles Turner Gentlemen.

For the Borough of Thetford.

William [Harbord (fn. 102) ] Esquire one of His Majesties most Honourable Privy Councill Sir John Holland Sir Francis Guybbon Knights Wormley Hetherset Mayor John [Thurston (fn. 103) ] Captaine Cropley Thomas Wright Charles Wright and Edmond de Gray Esquires Candell John Harper John Tyrrell and Winwood.

For the County of Northumberland.

Charles Lord Morpeth Sonne and Heir apparent to the Earle of Carlisle The Honourable Charles Mountague Esq[uire] The Honourable Ralph Grey Esq[uire] Sir Ralph Delavale Sir John Heron Sir James Clavering Sir Edward Blacket Sir Thomas Loraine Sir William Blacket Sir Robert Eden Baronets Sir Ralph Jennison Sir Robert Fenwicke Knights William Forster Philip Bickerstaffe Roger Fenwicke Ralph Delavale Phillip Babington Francis Blake George Backer Thomas Forster John Shaftoe John Salkeld Robert Wilford of Tighell Robert [Witford (fn. 104) ] of [Witford (fn. 104) ] Thomas Forster of Cornwall Thomas Collingwood John Blakiston James Wallis John Hindmarsh Robert Bewick John Carnaby William Carr Michell Welden [Henry Holmes Francis Addison Charles Howard Joseph Carr (fn. 105) ] Patricius Crow William Reveley George Delavale Thomas Blenkinship Robert Hebron Ralph Milborne John Bacon Robert Lawson Thomas Algood Robert Shaftoe Robert Lisle John Proctor Richard Forster John Blacket John Colson Alexander Hall Samuel Salkeild Ramsey of Brinkbourne William Ramsey William Strother of Grindon Rigg Francis Forster Esquires Robert Fenwicke John Fenwicke George Lawson Ralph Brandling Gilbert Parke Francis Greene Robert Mitford George Wilson Ralph Forster Ralph Anderson William Pierson Thomas Grey William Locke Thomas Otway John Clarke Thomas Toll Edward Spearman Alexander Hall Martin Hall.

For the Towne and County of the Towne of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Nicholas Ridley Esq[uire] Mayor Sir James Clavering Baronet and Sir William Blacket Baronet Sir Robert Shaftoe Sir Ralph Carr and Sir Ralph Jennison Knights Timothy Davison George Morton Timothy Robson Nicholas Fenwicke William Awbany William Carr John Rumney William Ramsey Mathew White John Blackiston Henry [Lembton (fn. 106) ] Henry Holmes John Hindmarsh Henry Jennison William Christian Thomas Beewicke Joseph Carr Ralph Grey John Rogers Esquires Edward Harle Humphry Pibus Francis Johnson Edward Freeman James Hargrave Allen Nicolson Thomas [Waffe (fn. 107) ] William Fetherston Joseph Atkinson George Henderson John Leman Benjamin Davison Thomas Hutchinson Edward Cousins William Morton John Grey John Otway Lancelot Algood John Varey Thomas Dobson and John Emerson Gent[leman].

For the Burrough of Berwicke upon Tweede.

Philip Babbington Francis Blake ( (fn. 108) ) John Pratt Esquires The Mayor for the Time being Thomas Watson Richard Windlow Gent[leman] John Lucke George Watson Samuell Ogle Esq[uire] Aldermen Stephen Jackson Edward Nealson Anthony Compton Edward Ord Cuthbert Brady Marke Scott Towne-Clerke John Stanton.

For the County of Oxford

Anthony Lord Viscount Faulkland of the Kingdome of Scotland Richard Lord [Wainman (fn. 109) ] Viscount Tuan of the Kingdome of Ireland Robert Lord Viscount Tiveot of the Kingdome of Scotland Mountague Lord Norreys Sonne and Heire apparent to James Earle of Abingdon The Honourable Richard Hambden one of His Majesties most Honourable Privy Councill The Honourable Henry Bertie Esq[uire] Sir Fairmedon Peniston Sir William Walter Sir Edward Reed Sir John Cope Sir William Glynn Sir Edmond Fettiplace Sir Litleton Osbeldeston Sir Anthony Craven Sir Robert Jenkinson Sir Robert Dashwood Sir John Holman Sir Richard Temple Sir John Doyley Sir Thomas Cob Sir William Pinsent Sir Thomas Litleton Sir James Chamberlaine Sir William Rich Baronets Sir Edward Hungerford Knight of the Bath Sir Edward Norreys Sir Timothy Tyrrell Sir Thomas Tipping Sir James Hayes Sir Thomas Clayton Sir Thomas Row Sir Rowland Lacy Sir Sebasion Smith Sir Edmond Walcop and Sir William Hill Knights Robert Dormer William Cope Anthony Hungerford Thomas Tipping Richard Libb Esquire Edward Barry John Stone Carlton Stone John Hampden [John (fn. 110) ] Alnutt Henry Alnutt Francis Martin Francis Clarke William Lenthall John Dormer George Chamberlaine Thomas Hord William Bayley John Croke Cole Henry Heylin Barber William Gamock Robert Perrott ( (fn. 111) ) Richard Powell William Pudsey Robert Shepherd William Whitlock Bartholomew Hall Thomas Coghill Henry Hall John Wallis Esquires Adam Springall and John Brigham Gent[leman] Simeon Harcourt Thomas Wheat Robert [Magott (fn. 112) ] Alexander Denton Edmond Goodier Rawlingson Henry Ailworth and John Masters Doctors of Law Charles Holloway John West William Oakeley Ralph Holt Humphry Wickham John Gun Lenthall Trotman John Bray Walker Pudsey of Elsefield John Danvers Esq[uire] Hunbank Veysey Roger Price Thomas Woodhall William Sacheverill Thomas Osbaldeston Henry Peacocke Samuell Trotman Crispe of Darnford George Tipping of Draycott James Herbert Esquire Wareing and William Tipping of Ewelme Esquires Breddocke and Lacy Osbaldeston Esquires Blague of Cogs Bartholomew Harris John Parsons George Woodward John Wickham Mr. Gregory of Horley George Cave Simon Deane John Carey Thomas Rowney Richard Tayler of Wilscott Francis Knapp Thomas Clayton Robert Parsons Henry Streete Richard Stephens Gilbert Jackson Thomas Carter John Striblihill John Hickford Dixwell Hungerford Francis Greenway Richard Evans Anthony Evans Greenwood of Chastleton Thomas Knapper Thompson of Horley Sutton Coghill John Coghill Martin May of Kidlington John Wheeler John Crispe Lawrence Lord John Cocker William Deeds John Dodswell John King John Winlow John Smith John Wise of Draton Giles Diston Gentlemen [Besaliell (fn. 113) ] Knight Richard Hinton Gentleman Thomas Rolls George Tipping Richard Croke Richard Blackhall Gentlemen Gooding of Lachford John Morton Standard of Shipton The Mayor of Woodstock for the time being The Aldermen and Towne Clerke for the time being The Mayor of Banbury for the time being The Warden of Henley for the time being The Bayliffes of Chipping Norton for the time being The Bayliffe of Burford for the time being The Bayliffe of Witney for the time being Philip Stiles Charles Stoakes Daniell Stiles Reynols senior Cave Richard Whateley Henry Stokes [Besaliau (fn. 113) ] Knight Gentlemen.

For the University of Oxford

Doctor Gilbert Ironside Vice Chancellor The Honourable Heneage Finch Esq[uire] The Honourable Leopold William Finch Warden of All Soules Sir Thomas Clayton Knight Warden of Merton Colledge Sir Thomas Clarges Knight Doctor Timothy Halton Doctor John Hough Doctor John Wallis Doctor William Jane Canon of Christ-Church Doctor Henry Adrich Canon of Christ-Church Doctor John Hamond Canon of Christ-Church Doctor Edmond Hall Doctor Ralph Bathurst Doctor Roger Berry Doctor Thomas Turner Doctor Thomas Bourchier The Proctors for the time being Doctor John Leydell Master Benjamin Cooper Master John Haslewood Master John Crosse Master John Fulks George Thompson Thomas Moore and Edward Bartlet Doctor Robert Say Provost of Oriell Colledge.

For the City of Oxon

The Mayor for the time being The Honourable. Henry Bertie Esq[uire] Sir Edward Norreys Knight Sir John Cope Sir Robert Jenkinson Sir John Doyley and Sir Robert Dashwood Baronets Sir William Walker Knight John Townsend Thomas Fifield and Thomas Eustaces Aldermen William Wright Recorder Tobias Browne John Bowell Richard Hawkins John Croney Esq[uire] Richard Hawkins Thomas Hunsden Combes Esquires Charles Holloway John Bateman [Esquires (fn. 114) ] Charles Harris Gent Edward Prince Towne-Clerke.

For the County of Rutland

The Right Honourable Wriothesly Baptist Viscount Campden Sonne and Heire apparent to Edward Earle of Ganesburrow The Right Honourable Bennet Lord Sherrard of the Kingdome of Ireland The Honourable Baptist Noell Esq[uire] The Honourable John Noell Esq[uire] The Honourable Phillip Sherrard Esq[uire] Sir Thomas Mackworth and Sir Thomas Barker Baronets Sir Andrew Noell Knight William Palmes Bennet Sherrard and John Verney Esquires Samuell Browne Charles Halford Christopher Browne Edward Faulkner Robert Mackworth Cornelius Burton Horseman of Stretton Anthony Palmer Edward Browne Clement Brittaine Richard Snow John Flavell Sill of Seaton and John [Weevers (fn. 115) ] Esquires Andrew Burton and Richard Matthew Gent[leman] John Bullinger Esq[uire]

For the County of Salop

The Right Honourable Henry Powle Esq[uire] Speaker of the Honourable House of Commons Richard Newport Andrew Newport Sir Henry Litleton Sir William Whitmore Sir Humphry Briggs Sir John Corbet Sir Francis Lawley Sir Udell Corbet Sir Edward Acton Sir Francis Edwards Sir Thomas Litleton Sir Robert Owen and Sir Job Charlton Baronets Sir William Lacon Childe Sir John Trevor Sir Thomas Jones Sir Adam Otley and Sir John Edwards Knights Jervas Pierpoint William Levison Gower William Fowler Francis Charlton of Apley John Charlton of the same Charles Manwareing John Walcott Francis Forrester Robert Leighton Richard Lister Edward Kinaston of Ottley Edward Kinaston of Hordley Thomas Bandowin John Kinaston Phillip Prince Somersett Fox Henry Herbert William Forrester Edward Owen of Candover George Weld Humphrey Briggs Thomas Rocke Robert Corbet of Abrett Hussey John Coates Richard More Walter Wareing Francis Herbert Charles Baldwin Charles Coates William Oakley Robert Cressett Robert Owen Roger Pope senior [and (fn. 116) ] Roger Pope junior Thomas Lloyd Richard Creswell John Lacon Thomas Ottley Litleton Powis Henry Newton Francis Charlton of Whitton Thomas Cornwall Andrew Hill Bartholomew Lutley Job Walker Thomas Hill of Souton Thomas Kinnersley Thomas Hanmer Edward Leighton Edward Kerry Henry Davenport Orlando Nicholls Richard Matton Rowland Hunt Edward Cludd Thomas Corbet Jonathan Langley Thomas Lister Thomas Edwards Richard Corbett Robert Clowes John Tayleur Thomas Burton Thomas Smalman Phillip Eyton Robert Pigott Thomas Wingfield Thomas Mackworth John Edwards of Roreington John Powell Thomas Acton John [Warrer (fn. 117) ] John Whitmore Charles Walcott Francis Berkley and Arthur Weever Esquires Mr.Haward of Little Wenlocke John Smithman Edward Mitton The Mayor of Salop for the time being the Bayliffes of Ludlow for the time being the Bayliffes of Bridgenorth Bishops Castle and Wenlocke for the time being The Mayor of Oswestry for the time being Richard Carew Edward Owen of Pulley Richard Hosier Esquires Richard Salter Edward Gosnell Roger Griffiths Walter Wollaston William Jones Esquires Samuell Langley Adam Wareing Richard Deues William Grosvenor Richard Church Richard Jenkins John Staniers Gentlemen John Woodhouse Charles Herbert Samuell Bowdler Ralph Browne and Thomas Langley Esquires Simon Hanmor Jonathan Scott Collins Wolrich Richard Muckleston Robert Wood John Bright Edward Pulley Thomas Hauks William [Brudgen (fn. 118) ] Thomas Crumpton Lane Harris Richard Mason John Morris of the Hurst Thomas Sabery Hoskins Thomas Hill of Alcaston John Kenet and John Atkinson Gentlemen Thomas Childe Esq[uire] Timothy Hasell Gent[leman] Samuell Sanford Thomas Starkey George Chambre John Latham George Walker John Langley Thomas Pratt Esq[uire] Sir William Williams Knight and Baronet Will. Williams Esq[uire] John Hanmer Esq[uire] and William Kinaston.

For the County of Stafford

The Honourable John Grey The Honourable Henry Pagitt The Honourable Captaine William Ward Esquires Sir Thomas Pershell Sir Walter Wrotesley Sir Thomas Wilbraham Sir Walter Bagot Sir Henry Litleton Sir Edward Litleton Sir John Boyer Sir Thomas Bellot Sir Francis Lawley Sir Michell Biddulph Baronets Sir Bryan Broughton Knight and Baronet Sir Henry Gough Sir Charles Skrimshire Sir John Floyer Knights William Levison Gower Walter Chetwinde William Chetwinde John Chetwinde Thomas Broughton Edward Litleton Thomas Lane Humphrey Wirley Robert Burdet John Every John Lawton George Rodney Bridges Esquires Robert Levison Phillip Foley Rowland Oakeover Henry Vernon Tho: Kinnersley senior Tho: Kinnersley junior Tho: Lawley Will: Crumpton Thomas Ruddiard John Hoo William Parker senior George Parker John Swinfin Esquires Edward Birch Serjeant at Law Thomas Birch William Judge Phillip Hollings Mathew Floyer Phillip Pargiter Jonas Grosvenor junior Charles Coates Francis Whitwick senior Francis Whitwicke junior John Whitwick Jonathan Cope William Cotton Water Aston Edward Arablaster Thomas Whitby Michaell Noble John Turton senior William Turton junior Peter. Warburton William Sneid of Koell John Huntbache John Bagnell Copwood Hollins Francis Eld Edward Foden William Trafford senior William Trafford junior Thomas Scott Thomas Jeven senior Leicester Barber Daniell Watson Christopher Lea Phillip Chetwood Samuell Pipe Edward Short William Jarvis Thomas Pigot Walter Fowler. John Amphlet John Peircehouse Clotworthy Skenington Thomas Foley Michaell Hatwicke William Whitby Grosvenor Dison Walter Moseley William Nabbs Francis Woolverston John [Badely (fn. 119) ] Richard Whitworth Richard Piott Richard Diott Thomas Jolliffe William Jolliffe Thomas Foden of Fulford Thomas Milward William Milward John Shilton John Fenton Robert Wolseley Leigh of Rushall James Rudyard of the Abbey Roger Foulke Road of Rushton John Goreing Henry Bracegirdle Charles Blunt Thomas Dickins and James Rudyard Esquires The Mayor of Stafford for the time being And the Mayor of Newcastle under Lyne for the time being The Bayliffes of Tamworth for the time being William Feake Esq[uire] Mayor of Stafford Edward Foden Esq[uire] William Oldfield Humphrey Perry Edward Bird Nehemiah Farmer Sampson Birch Gentlemen Thomas Parker senior John Greene William Nabbs Nicholas Parker Charles Baynton Ralph Wood and George Alsop Gent[leman] and John Wilson Esq[uire]

For the City and County of the City of Litchfield.

The two Bayliffes for the time being and the [Sheriffes (fn. 120) ] for the time being Sir Michaell Biddolph Baronet Phillip Pargiter Sir John Floyer Knight Robert Burdet Richard Dyot Richard Pyott John Babington and John Goreing Esquires Thomas Hamond William Whitby Richard Wakefield John Rawlins Ralph Minors Richard Burnes William Jesson Anthony Nicholls William Walmosley.

For the County of Somerset

The Right Honorable Maurice Lord Viscount Fitzharding of the Kingdome of Ireland the Honourable Sir Edward Seymour Baronet the Honourable John Stawell Esq[uire] Sir William Portman Knight of the Bath and Baronet Sir John Sidenham Sir John St Barbe Sir John Smith Sir Edward Windham Sir Thomas Windham Sir John Trevillian Sir Francis Warr Sir Halswell Tynt Baronets Sir Thomas Bridges Sir George Norton Sir William Basset Sir Edward Phillips Sir Edward Nevill Sir Charles Carteret Sir Hugh Tynt Sir Richard Hart Sir John Knight Knights Francis Lutrell George Specks George Horner Edward Gorges Edward Barkley Nathaniell Palmer Thomas Windham John Hunt Henry Bull William Harbord Esquires Thomas Napper senior Gent[leman] William Heliar senior Warwicke Bampfield John Pigott John Harrington George Long Joseph Langton John Blewit John Ashford John Sandford Peter Reynon Richard Jones of Store Richard Morgan Richard Crosse James Lade Thomas Carew Edward Baber William Gore Baldwin Mellet John Champneys Samuell Horner James Prowse Thomas Wood James Webb Edmond Windham John Worth Hopton Windham William Helyar junior Thomas Langton Edward Hobbs Hastings William Strode Thomas Saunders John Creswicke Ferrers Grisley William Hughs John Speake William Coward of Wells William Philips William Ettricke Henry Gold William Player Edward Clarke George Clarke Thomas Mompesson Henry Mompesson Harry Raynon George Doddington William Lucy George Hellyar Catwallader Jones Richard Lawnsdowne Samuell Gorges William Westly Nicholas Francis Roger Leversage John Baker Henry Lyte Henry Winter John Hody senior John Haw William Hellyard of Sea William Catford William Bacon James Twiford Thomas Ledgingham Edward Thruston Maudline Samborne Richard Cox George Bacon William Lyde senior Cornelius Lyde William Harbin Esquires Thomas Beare Dyke Matthias Hanville and John Hall Gentlemen Christopher Warman Thomas Knight Francis Vaughan John More Samuell Raymond William Webber Robert Blake Thomas Strode of Mapeston Andrew Crosse John St. Alban Theodore Gulston John Sands John Bereland Esquires Henry Proctor Gent[leman] The Mayor of Taunton for the time being Francis Hubbard Thomas Towill Aldermen Richard Snow John Lucas senior Merchants.

For the City and County of the City of Bristoll

William Jackson Mayor William Pawlett Esq[uire] Recorder John Hicks William Crabb Sir Richard Crumpe Knight Joseph Creswicke Esq[uire] Sir Richard Hart Sir Thomas Earle Sir William Clutterbucke Sir William Hayman Knights Abraham Saunders Esq[uire] William Swimmer Richard Lane Thomas Day Esquires Sir John Knight Sir William Merricke Knights Thomas Cole George White Esquires Sheriffes John Moore Edward Fielding William Doning Arthur Hart George Hart John Coombes Nathaniell Driver Edmond Arundell Giles Merricke James Twiford Robert Yate George Morgan Edward Tocknell John Sandford Samuell Wallis John Hyne Esquires.

For the City of Wells

The Mayor for the time being Richard Thomas John Davis Aldermen.

For the Towne of Bridgewater

The Mayor for the time being Alexander Popham Humphry Steere Robert Balch George Crane John Harvey of the Castle Aldermen.

For the City of Bath.

The Mayor for the time being Benjamin Baber Robert Chapman John Bush Edward Bushell John Masters Stibbs John Pocock.

For the County of Southampton

The Right Honourable Charles Earle of Wiltes Lord Chamberlaine to Her Majestie Sonne and Heire apparent of Charles Lord Marquesse of Winchester The Right Honourable Henry Earle of Sterling in the Kingdome of Scotland The Right Honourable Wriothesley Baptist Viscount Campden Sonne and Heire apparent to the Earle of Gainesburrough The Right Honourable William Lord Pawlet second Sonne to the Marquesse of Winchester The Honourable Francis Pawlet Esq[uire] Sir John Mill Sir Hugh Stukeley Sir Nicholas Stuart Sir Robert Dillington Sir Heale Hooke Baronets Sir Edward Worsley Sir Charles Windham Sir William Kingsmill Sir Thomas Higgens Sir William Stephens Sir James Worsley Knights James Russell Richard Norton Thomas Jarvoice George Pitts senior of Stratfield Sea Thomas Hobby Oliver St John Leonard Bilson Henry Rolle Gabriell Whistler and Ralph Hastings Esquires Sir Benjamin Newland Knight Henry Wallop Henry Dowley Fra: Marley Fredericke Tilney Richard Holt Rich: Whitehead Richard Cobb White Titchborne John Smith of Tidworth Richard Cobb John Pollen Richard Bishop Richard Chaundler John Wallop Thomas Bilson William Bishop Charles Morley Henry Slingsby Samuell Gawden George Bridges Charles Wither Thomas Broccas George Abbot John Faulkener Charles Forrester John Deane Oliver Cromwell William Coleman Thomas Tutt Francis Dickens Henry Bromfield John Burrard John Urrey of Gatcomb Richard Knight Henry Perren Doctor of Physicke Henry Compton Thomas Jervoice junior John Venable Henry Hooke James Rothwell Roger Barton Robert Knolles Edward Fleming Richard Stanley Richard Carter Thomas Urrey of Freshwater Charles Cole Richard Love junior of Gretham George Pitt junior George Stanley Benjamin Ruddiard Thomas Wither Thomas Edmonds senior Edward Chute William Norton Esquires William [Barton (fn. 121) ] Nicholas Hedger Thomas Bronker John Blakeley Gentlemen George Ducke Thomas Smith Thomas Douse of [Wallop Thomas Douse of (fn. 122) ] Brooke Christopher Stokes Nicholas Lisle Esquires Edward [Tile (fn. 123) ] John Rives of Drayton John Rives of Brandisbury Liver Peter Blake Mathew Bennet Nicholas Lisle David Urry Gentlemen The Mayor of Portsmouth for the time being the Mayor of Newport for the time being the Mayor of Winchester for the time being the Bayliffe of Andover for the time being Richard Harris Esq[uire] Recorder Ellis Mew Esquire John Warner Anthony Yalding James Earle John Pardue Aldermen of Winchester William Bulkley George Osborne Esquires Allan Garraway Christopher Smith Edward Batten Lewis Barton of Portsmouth Gentlemen Anthony Guydott William Guydott Thomas Goddard of Shipton Henry Holmes John Topham Esq[uire] Richard Bree Esq[uire] Doctor Thomas Clutterbuck.

For the Towne and County of Southampton

The Mayor for the time being Giles [Eyre (fn. 124) ] Recorder Doctor John Speede Thomas Cornelius Christopher Smith Cornelius Mesham Richard White Richard Frant Thomas Bracebridge Adam de Cardonell James Crosse Gentlemen Robert Culliford William Bulkley Robert Mitchell Esquires Robert Love Robert Vernon and John Terrey Gentlemen.

For the County of Suffolke

Lyonell Lord Huntingtower of the Kingdome of Scotland Sir Henry Felton Sir John Barker Sir John Platers Sir Robert Kempe Sir Simon Dewes Sir John Castleton Sir Dudley Cullum Sir Jarvice Elwes Sir John Cordell Sir Henry North Sir John Rous Sir Thomas Allen Sir Thomas Bernardiston Sir John Duke Sir Robert Broke Sir Philip Parker Sir Samuell Bernardiston Sir Robert Davers Sir Charles Blois Sir William Cooke Baronets Sir Charles Gaudy Knight and Baronet Sir Robert Rich Knight and Baronet Sir John Poley Sir Thomas Harvey Sir George Wenyeve Sir Nevill Cateline Sir John Hanmer Sir Henry Johnson Sir Thomas Smith Sir Phillip Skippon Sir Joseph Brand Sir Richard Gipps Knights Nicholas Bacon Thomas Holland Adam Felton Thomas Waldegrave Thomas Glemham Thomas Tyrrell Phillip Parker Theobald Thomas Coell Henry Parker John Robinson Henry Shelton John Thurston Reginald Williams Richard Norton Edmond Warner Henry Warner Lyonell Playters Edward Hobart William Barker Francis Barker Philip [Guzdon (fn. 125) ] John Southby William Dade Samuell Clarke Hamond Le'Strainge Robert King John Scrivener Edward North William Revet Thomas Edgar John Cornwallis William Crofts Henry Poley Robert Barker Edmond Jenney Robert Naunton John Corrance Robert Maltiward Thomas Wright John Hodges Henry Edgar Lawrence Rouse Peyton Ventris Thomas Golding William Glover Thomas Lemon George Fleetwood John Bence Charles Whitaker Robert Warreyn Awbey Porter Christopher Calthorpe Henry Goldwell John Jermy Thomas Dey John Lambe John Spencer Allen Cotton Edward Alphe Richard Vesey Edward Plumbe Edmond Sheppard John Smith of Parkfield John Hall Thomas Smith William Cullum William Guavas Thomas Love Robert Davy Esquires Thomas Revet John Beaumont Nicholas Bradge Thomas Smith Thomas Covell William Betts John Hooke Gentlemen Mr John Browne Edward Bences Alexander Osborne Gentlemen Thomas Folkes Simon Folkes Roger Kerrington and Phillip Bedingfeild Esquires Collonell Talmach Andrew Warner Thomas Bernardiston Robert Russell Gerrard Russell Johnson of Clare Charles Umphrevill Samuell Baker Thomas Neile John Wright Thomas Felton Compton Felton John Felton Francis Brewster Thomas Brand John Brand William Hammond Wareing of Groton Nathaniell Simonds Brandling William Cooke Tompson Gibbs of Stoake Bartholimew Soams John Hill Nicholas Brage William Bright of Briset Martin Folkes Thomas Bendish Isaac Rebow Thomas Else Thomas Roper Esquires Doctor Nathaniell Fairfax of Woodbridge Thomas Ewen William Hammond James Goodwin Richard Ferrier Francis Haylocke Edmond Dowe Samuell Pacy Samuell Ward Henry Ward Henry Dawson Edward Gayoll John Nicholls senior Walcot of Bungay Gentlemen.

For the Burrough of Eye

The Bayliffes for the time being Thomas Knivet Esquire Henry Poley Esq[uire] Henry Edgar Esq[uire] Thomas Dey senior Gent[leman] Thomas Deye junior Gent[leman].

For the Burrough of Sudbury

The Mayor for the time being Sir John Poley Knight Phillip Gourdon Esq[uire] William Fothergill Clement Rey Bernard Carter Benjamin Carter William Cocks Robert Garnell Gent[leman].

For the Burrough of Dunwich

The Bayliffes for the time being Sir Thomas Bernardiston Sir Thomas Allen Sir Samuell Bernardiston Sir Robert Kempe Sir Charles Blois Sir John Rouse Sir Robert Rich Baronets Sir Phillip Skippon Knight Thomas Keall Esq[uire] William Hammond William Betts Robert Reeve John Benefice John Aldred Thomas Swatman William Wethersby Samuell Driver John Portle Jeremiah Burlingham Gent[leman].

For the Towne of Ipswich

The Bayliffes for the time being Sir John Barker Peiton Ventris Thomas Edgar Recorder Laurence Stisted Edward Reynolds Richard Phillips Richard Sparrow William Neave John Burrough William Browne John Blomfield Miles Walleys Hen: Sparrow Gent[leman]. and Robert Clarke Towne Clerke.

For the Borough of Edmonds-bury

The Aldermen for the time being Sir Robert Davers Baronet Sir Thomas Harvey Knight Thomas Holland Esq[uire] Thomas Burroughs Recorder Robert Sharpe Gent[leman] Thomas [Macro (fn. 126) ] senior Corroner Richard Prince Gent[leman].

For the Burrough of Alborow

The Bayliffes for the time being Sir Henry Johnson Mr. William Johnson John Browne senior Gentlemen Gardiner Edward Wall Samuell [Browne (fn. 127) ] Mr. Ralph Rabitt John Coxshall Alexander Osborne Thomas Wall John Covell Write Gentlemen.

For the Towne of Orford

The Mayor for the time being Sir John Duke Baronet Thomas Glemham Esq[uire] Sir Thomas Smith Knight Recorder Joseph Hastings Thomas Palmer William Morgan Gent[leman].

For the County of Surrey

The Honourable Sir Robert Howard one of His Majestyes most Honourable Privy Councill Sir Henry Capell Knight of the Bath and one of His Majestyes most Honourable Privy Councill The Honourable Heneage Finch Esq[uire] the Honourable Arthur Herbert Admirall the Honourable Percy Kirke Esq[uire] Sir Walter St Johns Sir Francis Vincent Sir Adam Browne Sir Marmaduke Gresham Sir Richard Onslow Sir Edward Bromfield Baronets Sir John Nicholas Knight of the Bath Sir John Tompson Sir Edward Evelin Knight and Baronet Sir William Morley Knight of the Bath Sir Thomas Bloodworth Sir William Hoskins Sir St John Brodericke Sir Mathew Andrews Sir Henry Tulse Sir Robert Knightley Sir Robert Clayton Sir James Clarke Sir William Ellyot Sir Christopher Buckle Sir John Parsons Sir George Vernon Sir Theophilus Oglethorpe Sir Cornwall Bradshaw Sir Purbecke Temple Sir William Temple Sir James Butler Sir Charles Litleton Knights Thomas Howard Fuller Serjeant at Law George Evelin of Wootton George Evelin of Nutfield John Evelin Anthony Bowyer James Zouch Roger James Sigismond Stidolph Thomas Vincent John Weston George Woodroffe Edward Nicholas White Titchborne [Densell (fn. 128) ] Onslow Foote Onslow Anthony Thomas Ambrose Muschampe Phillip Hilliard Francis Carew John Sands John Thynne Daniell Shelden William Vanbrugh Edward Harvey Stephen Harvey George Chute Walter Howland Francis Brend Thomas Turgis Peter Hussey James Parker John Heather John Covert John Glyde Robert Gavill George Browne of Buckland John Wight Shem Bridges George Coldam of Wannerly John Gore John Terry George Duncombe Thomas Lance Carleton Whitelocke Major Perry Captaine Bartholimew Austrick James Nicholas Fenn Henry Henn of Darking Richard Gath William Lenthall John Love Nicholas Hooks Thomas Wincope Phillip Rawley John Milner Jeoffery Amhurst William Hatton Francis Coventry Henry Whistler John Michell Thomas Ures Bowyer of Richmond Esquires The Mayor of Guilford for the time being John Turner Roger James John Jordon Esquires William Wilson John Childe Edward Ford John Greene John Spencer Stephen March William Sammon John Cresset Samuell Crispe of Clapham senior George Austin George Osborne Edmond Woodroffe Henry Bines Thomas Burroughes John Pettiward Benjamine [Bonnocke (fn. 129) ] James Parker Esquires Richard Jewell of Nutfield Ralph Drake Robert Moore Peter Lugg Henry Flutter John Marther and John Hill Gentlemen John Bernard Benjamin Lecane Sir Peter Rich Sir Peter Daniell John Arnold James Reading Captaine Edward Lane George Evans Phillip Forster John Dawling Walter Howland Charles Shorter Ralph Snow William Hester Peter [Delamoy (fn. 130) ] Esquires William Bateman George Meggot William Gibbs Thomas Hatchet Jonadab Ballam William Peck Francis Zouch Mathew Peirce Henry Hawks Thomas Kent William Sherlocke Anthony Rawlings and Charles Weston Gentlemen.

For the County of Sussex.

Arthur Lord Viscount Irwin of the Kingdome of Scotland Sir John Pelham Sir Cecill Bishop Sir Henry Goreing Sir William Thomas Sir John Stapley Sir Denny Ashburnham Sir John Fagg Sir William Wilson Sir Richard Shirley Sir Thomas Dyke Baronets Sir William Morley Knight of the Bath Sir Nicholas Pelham Sir James Morton Sir Christopher Conyers Sir John Briscoe Sir Edward Selwin Knights Thomas Pelham Thomas Sackvile John Ashburnham George Nevill John Lewkner John Alford Robert Fagg William Garroway Henry Pelham Henry Shelley Thomas Newdigate Nisell Rivers Richard Briger Peter Courthopp Anthony Eversfield John Machell Thomas May Robert Mitchell Thomas Trewen Henry Apsley Roger Shoyswell Charles Goreing William Morley Thomas Miller William Board Thomas Burrell John Burrell Thomas Beard senior Apsley Newton Walter Double senior James Butler Timothy Burrell Ferdinando Pankhurst Nathaniell Palmer Alexander Staples Anthony Fowle John Spencer John Haye James [Jarvis (fn. 131) ] John Fuller Edward Payne junior John Challoner John Newnham Edward Dine Nicholas Beast Thomas Munns George Courthopp John Busbridge Thomas Collins Anthony Cruttindin John Muncke [Thomas (fn. 132) ] Thomas Bickley Henry Bickley William Westbrooke Thomas Carr John Steward Thomas Palmer Thomas Betsworth Thomas Briggs Doctor of Law Oliver Weekes William Young Thomas Midleton Henry Cooper Richard Paine John Apsley Walter Bartlet George Gunter William Blaker Stephen Humphry John Cooke and Robert Ormes Esquires Thomas Woodier John Peche Barrester of Law John Miller Thomas Burry Samuell Hyland Richard Cooper Thomas Bromfield Thomas Osborne John Polehill of Frenchers John Gratwitch of Eatons Thomas Gratwich of Hams John' Cheate Christopher Minshall William Cobden Lawrence Alcock William Scruce John Backshall Nathaniell Turner George Simonds William Alderton Francis Mosse Thomas Ellis John Coulstock Richard Peckham Thomas Poole Walter Coles Christopher Coles John Minshall Thomas Knolles Rich: Stiles Henry Bernard John Dee Humphry Jewks Walter Double junior John Cheate Walter Roberts Studley Gentlemen The Mayors of Chichester Arundell Hasting and Winchelsey for the time being The Bayliffes of [Peversey (fn. 133) ] and Seaford for the time being.

For the County of Warwicke

The Honourable William Lord Digby of the Kingdome of Ireland [The Honourable (fn. 134) ] Sir Francis Compton The Honourable Thomas Coventry Sir Willoughby Aston Sir John Mordant Sir Charles Holt Sir Clement Fisher Sir Richard Temple [Sir Thomas Price (fn. 135) ] Sir William Boughton Sir Charles Shugburrough Sir Reginald Forster Sir John Bridgeman Sir Richard Newdigate Sir Josiah Childe Sir Henry [Puckering (fn. 136) ] alias Newton Baronets Sir William Craven Sir Charles Lee Sir John Clapton Sir William Bishop Sir Andrew Hacket Sir William Underhill Sir Richard Verney Knights Thomas Rawlins Serjeant at Law Robert Burdet Walter Chetwinde Henry Parker Francis Fisher of Berkswell Andrew Archer William Palmer Scabright Ripingdon Arden Adderley William Peito Ward Dilk Charles Newsham Hastings Ingram Robert Somervile John Mordant William Bromley Richard Hopkins Edward Bently William Colemar Humphry Jennings Ardent Baggot Charles Knotsford Hercules Beaufoy Thomas Marriot Wolston Adderley William Bolton Basill Fielding John Ashtley Simon Bidolph Robert Harvey John Stratford Thomas Rite Thomas Wagstaffe John Shugburgh Nathaniell Stoughton Humphrey Holden William Dugdale Francis Purefoy James Prescot Thomas Peirce Thomas Newsham Esquires Thomas Archer William Loggans Gentlemen James Ludford Arthur Trotman Edward Farmer Thomas Cookes The Mayor of Warwicke for the time being The Mayor of Stratford for the time being The Bayliffes of Tamworth for the time being.

For the City and County of the City of Coventry.

Sir Thomas Norton Baronet Sir John Dugdale Richard Hopkins Horatio Hopkins Thomas Hopkins Robert Townsend and Robert Beake Esquires Henry Greene Edward Tayler Love-his-God Gregory John Bohun Thomas Bayley Henry Smith of Sponstreete Gentlemen The Mayor and all the Aldermen for the time being.

For the County of Worcester.

Richard Lord Coote Baron of Colooney in the Kingdome of Ireland Thomas Coventry Esq[uire] Henry Falliot Esq[uire] Sir Henry Litleton Sir John Packington Sir Edward Sebright Sir Francis Russell Sir Thomas Rouse Sir William Keite Sir James Rushout Sir Thomas Cooke Baronets Sir Robert Atkins Knight of the Bath Sir Rowland Berkley Sir Christopher Musgrave Sir Henry Coningsby Sir Francis Winnington Sir Thomas Streete Sir Edward [Denny (fn. 137) ] Sir Thomas Haslewood Sir Timothy Baldwin Samuell Sandis Henry Herbert John Packington Thomas Savage senior Thomas Savage junior Henry Jeffryes William Bromley George Walsh Edwin Sandys Litleton Clent Thomas Vernon of Astwood Charles Baldwin William Ligon John Charlton Edward Partridge Walter Savage Thomas [Jolly (fn. 138) ] Bridges Nanfan Thomas Cornwall William Hancocks Anthony Sambach John Winford Higgins James Capell Hanbury Robert Foley Thomas Foley Nicholas Lechmere Richard Dowdeswell George Dowdeswell Edmond Letchmore Carter Esq[uire] of Upton old Robert Dormer Francis Sheldon Thomas Stevens John Bearcroft Thomas Low of Brownsgrove Thomas Vernon Henry Parker Gerard Dannet John Holmden Martin Sandis Richard Nash junior Edward Bull Robert Wilde John Sommers Chamber Slaughter Humphrey Litleton Thomas Bushell Thomas Marryott Allen Cliffe senior Allen Cliffe junior John Solley George Harris Thomas Nanfan Richard Freeman Esquires Stephen Baldwin Robert Gower Esq[uire] Edward [Bulstrod (fn. 139) ] Esq[uire] Charles Cocks Gentleman Edward Staner Kempe Harwood Edward Cookes William Jarret Edward Rudge Gentleman William Baldwin Thomas Hunt Giles Parsons Edward Walker John Emmes Samuell Gardner the Bayliffes of Droitwich for the time being the Mayor of Evesham for the time being the Bayliffe of Bewdley for the time being.

For the City and County of the City of Worcester

The Mayor Aldermen and Sheriffes for the time being William Bromley John Sommers Esquires Sir Rowland Berkley Sir Thomas Streete Knights Henry Herbert Walter Savage Esquires Edward Cookley senior James Higgens Thomas Bearcroft Phillip Bearcroft Samuell Swift John Handy Nicholas Baker Gentlemen.

For the County of Wiltes

Charles Earle of Wiltshire Sonne and Heire apparent of the Marquesse of Winchester Edward Viscount Cornbury Sonne and Heire apparent to Henry Earle of Clarendon Anthony Lord Ashley Sonne and Heire apparent to Anthony Earle of Shaftsbury Mountague Lord Norris Sonne and Heire apparent to Earle of Abington Boyle Viscount Shannon of the Kingdome of Ireland Henry Lord Colraine of the Kingdome of Ireland the Honourable Peregrine Bertie Esq[uire] Sir John Erule Knight Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir Edward Seymour Sir Walter St John Sir John Button Sir Richard Grubham How Sir Francis Pile Sir William Pincent Sir Walter Long Sir James Long Baronets Sir Edward Hungerford Sir John Nicholas Knights of the Bath Sir George Hungerford Sir Thomas Mompesson Sir Stephen Fox Sir Thomas Estcourt Sir Henry Coker Sir [Maehew (fn. 140) ] Andrews Sir Eliab Harvey Sir Charles Rawley Sir Edmond Warnford Sir John Collins Sir Richard Hart Sir George Willoughby Knights Evelin Pierpoint Boyle Francis Pawlet George Pitt Richard Lewis Robert Hyde Francis Wroughton senior John Hall Richard How Thomas. [Hoby (fn. 141) ] Giles Eyre ( (fn. 142) ) Henry Brunker Lyonell Ducket Thomas Freake Thomas Bennet Edward Nicholas of Maningford Thomas Pitt William Ash Alexander Thistlewaite Maurice Bockland Thomas Lambert Henry Baynton Francis Morley Henry St John Charles Fox John Windham Edward Nicholas of Camins Walter Erule John Smith of Tidworth John Deane Edward Nicholas of Winterborne Francis Goddard Francis Stonehouse William Trenchard Lawrence Swanton Thomas Jarvaise Henry Clarke Thomas Chamberlaine John Bowles Thomas Penrudocke Thomas Windham John Young Walter Grub Henry Chivers Nicholas Bainton Edward Wildman Richard Chandler Richard Jones of Ramsbury John Ash of Haywood Michaell Ernley Samuell Ash Thomas Goddard of Swinden Thomas Mitchell William Sacheverell Charles Godfrey John Wildman junior Edmond Lambert John Marvin William Chaffin William Willoughby Will: Narborne Francis Hill Seymour Richard Nevill William George Charles Raymond Charles Tucker Benjamin Gifford John Fitzherbert Edmond Hungerford John Bennet Gabriell Ashley William Hearst Edward Hearst John Wallis Richard Aldworth Herbert Saladine Richard Kent William Brewer John Milner Esquires Nevill Mascaline William Plager Charles Yorke Walter Greene John [Hippesley (fn. 143) ] John Ash of [Tessout (fn. 144) ] Thomas Harris Richard Poore John Jacob Edward Duke George Duke of Lake James Linch Anthony Hungerford Thomas Polden Charles Danvers David Thomas Doctor of Physick Walter Parker Henry Coker William Daniell Robert Fewell Thomas Merks Francis Wroughton junior John Gantlet John Bigg Francis Swanton William Grinfield Charles Mitchell Thomas Rolt William [Cocke (fn. 145) ] Henry Pinnell John [Chuddell (fn. 146) ] Charles Pleydall Charles Bowles Robert Grove senior John Grove John Long Francis Thistlethwaite William Beach of Fidleton Andrew Duke Charles Steuart Walter Long of [Rasell (fn. 147) ] Robert Wadman Samuell Trotman John Bennet of Salthorpe Esquires John Mompesson William Hues Thomas Powell Nathaniell Trotman William Gantlet Nicholas Ellyot Christopher Gardner Richard Minifre John Brooke Thomas Dennet Nicholas Daniell William Clare Christopher Lippiat John Foster Mathew Smith of Titman Jonathan Hill John Twogood Henry Whatman John Jesse Robert Bisse Edward Medlecot Thomas Hunt of Enford Bryan Barjow Henry Eyre of Woodhampton Henry Wallis Edmond [Jennings (fn. 148) ] and Joseph Barjew Gentlemen Humphry Wall Robert Lawrence the Mayor of Salisbury for the time being the Mayor of Wilton for the time being the Mayor of Devizes for the time being the Mayor of Marleborough for the time being the Bayliffe of Chipernham for the time being.

For the City of New Sarum and Close of the same

The Mayor of the City for the time being Giles Eyre Esquire Recorder Sir Thomas Mompesson Knight Thomas Hoby John Windham William Hearst Francis Hill Esquires Christopher Gardner Will: Smith Thomas Keynton John [Priauly (fn. 149) ] Andrew [Brewden (fn. 150) ] Roger Basket James Harris and Charles Viner Gentlemen Richard Minify Lawrence Swanton Gabriell Ashly Thomas Lambert Esquires.

For the County of Westmorland

Sir John Lowther Baronet one of His Majesties most Honourable Privy Councill Sir Christopher Musgrave Sir Sir George Fletcher Sir John Lowther of Whitehaven Baronets Sir John Otway Sir Daniell Fleming Sir Christopher Phillipson Knights Phillip Musgrave Richard Lowther John Dalston Allen Bellingham Thomas Hilton Edward Wilson William Pandford William Fleming Henry Wilson Thomas Fletcher Christopher Dalston Richard Brathwaite Roger Moore Edward Musgrave Hugh [Machell (fn. 151) ] John Fisher John Phillipson Edward Wilson Esquires Richard Crackenthorp John Nevison Ephraim Sandford Thomas Godsalve Ciprian Hilton Arthur Scaife Richard Pindar Anthony Saul Thomas Sheppard Daniell Fleming Miles Philipson John Brougham George Wilson Thomas Hebblethwaite James Simpson William Birkhead James Bird Reginald Dobson Gentlemen The Mayors of Apleby and Kendall for the time being.

For the County of Anglesey

Richard Lord Bulkley Viscount Cassells in the Kingdome of Ireland Lewis Lord Viscount Dunganan in the Kingdome of Ireland Thomas Bulkley Henry Bulkley Robert Bulkley Sir Hugh Owen Baronet Sir Roger Mostin Knight and Baronet Sir William Williams Baronet Sir William Williams Knight and Baronet Nicholas Bagnell Owen Bould William Meiricke John Grosenod Francis Bulkley John Owen John Griffith Coningsby Williams Owen Hughes Henry Jones William Bulkley Hugh Wynne Esq[uire] Roger Hughes Rowland Wynne Thomas Williams Morrice Lewis Francis Lloyd Robert Parry Hugh Williams David Williams Esquires John Price Thomas Mostin William Griffith John Hill John Hughes Richard Hughes Richard Edwards Ambrose Lewis Edward Lewis William Jones Morrice Lewis Owen Roberts Richard Bulkley Glanigors the Mayor of Beaumorris for the time being.

For the County of Brecon

Charles Lord Marquesse of Worcester Sonne and Heire apparent to Henry Duke of Beaufort John Gunter Esq[uire] High Sheriffe Sir Edward Williams Baronet Sir Rowland Gwyn Knight Bushy Mansell Thomas Morgan John Ashburnham John Jeffreys John Lewis of Coedmore Richard Williams Jeffery Jefferys Charles Morgan Edward Jones Thomas Walker Daniell Williams Walter Vaughan Edward Games John Williams John Morgan Marmaduke Gwyn Marmaduke Lloyd Edward Lewis Phillip Parry Charles Lloyd Lewis Jones James Parry Richard Jefferis John Stidman Francis Lloyd John Walbeoffe Walter Williams Robert Lucy William Bowers John Gwynne John Lewis William Jones Jasper Miller Rice Prue Saunder Saunders Howell Powell Morgan Watkins Thomas Williams Samuell Pritchard Richard Williams Henry Jones Gwynne Vaughan Esquires Charles Powell Bartholomew Games Thomas Powell Edward Games Hugh Penry Thomas Williams Richard Williams William Watkins of Penirwrld Lewis Lloyd Thomas Gwynne Henry Vaughan Doctor in Physicke William Phillips William Williams of Vellenewith William Williams of Battell John Maddox Thomas Maddox Thomas Prug Lewis Howard James Watkins Roger Vaughan Samuell Williams Henry Williams Thomas Bowens William Lloyd of James Donne Morgan Price Robert Romsey John Herbert Thomas Jones of Treduston John Rumsey Howell Morgan Edward Williams Howell Jones William Awbrey Walter Vaughan William Watkins John Phillips John Herbert [Edward (fn. 152) ] Price Daniell Price Richard Watkins and William Ward Gent[leman].

For the Towne of Brecon

William Phillips Bayliffe for the time being Sir Rowland Gwynne Knight Thomas Morgan John Jefferies Richard Williams Thomas Walker Esq[uire]s Daniell Williams Robert Lucy Saunder Saunders John Jeffreys William Awbrey Richard Parsons Henry Thomas Edward Hughes Will: Williams Gent[leman].

For the County of Cardigan

Sir Carbury Price of Gogarthan Baronet Sir Thomas Powell Knight Serjeant at Law John Lewis Hector Phillips John Vaughan John Herbert William Powell William Herbert Thomas Lloyd of Castlehowell Charles Lloyd of Masvellin Thomas Lloyd of Bronwith David Parry Daniell Evans Cornelius Le Brone Thomas Lloyd of Ruershen John Williams of Abernanthichan Walter Lloyd senior Walter Lloyd junior Thomas Lewis of Crigmore John Lewis of Pendavid Hugh Lloyd Phoshelig Thomas Knolles David Lloyd of Crunfrin David Lloyd of Werne William Morgan Esquires John Lewis of Gernos John Knolles John Phillips of Commawen Francis Vaughan of [Kanellenny (fn. 153) ] Edward Price John Morrice David Griffith of Llanarth John Price of Rhandir George Jones Gentlemen The Mayor of Cardigan for the time being John Morrice Hector Morgan David Hawells Henry Davies Gentlemen.

For the County of Carmarthen

Sir Edward Mansell Sir Sackvile Crow Sir Rice Rudd Sir William Russell Baronets Sir Rice Williams Sir John Powell Knights Richard Vaughan of Tarracoed Griffith Rice Arthur Shaen Thomas Cornwallis Rowland Gwynne John Ashburnham William Wogan Owen Brigstocke Christopher Midleton Thomas Lloyd of Berliendowell Richard Vaughan of [Darlas (fn. 154) ] John Evans of Treventy Richard Jones Walter Midleton John Williams of [Abbercolhy (fn. 155) ] Thomas Lloyd of Alticadnor Richard Gwynne Griffith Lloyd Roger Manwareing Henry Owen Edward Vaughan Marmaduke Williams William Brigstocke Rawleigh Mansell Edward Mansell Arthur Gwynne Richard Brett Samuell Somerford Richard Mansell John Williams of Talley Samuell Hughes Thomas Gwynne Edward Jones of Letharnoiad Henry Lloyd John Phillips of Dolehaidd James Williams William Bevan Esquires George Gwynne Anthony Rudd Thomas Lloyd of Daniralt Thomas Phillips of Kilsant David Gwynne [William Gwynne (fn. 156) ] Owen Bowen William Jones of Colebrooke Hugh Jones Walter Morgan James Jones James Phillips Benjamin Lewis Henry Lewis Walter Thomas William Davies Gentlemen.

For the Towne of Carmarthen

The Mayor for the time being Sir Edward Mansell Sir Sackvile Crow Sir Rice Rudd Baronets Sir Rice Williams Sir John Powell Knights Richard Vaughan Owen Brigstocke Rowland Gwynne Griffith Lloyd William Brigstocke Marmaduke Williams Esquires Richard Vaughan Recorder Dawkin Gove John Williams William Jones John Phillips Aldermen Edward Jones Towne Clerke Thomas Manwaring Anthony Rud David Edwards Thomas Rogers Thomas Lloyd George Lewis Gentlemen.

For the County of Carnarvan

Richard Lord Bulkley Viscount Cashells in the Kingdome of Ireland Robert Lord Willoughby Sonne and Heire apparent of the Earle of Lindsey The Honorable Edward Russell Thomas Bulkley Sir John Wynn Knight and Baronet Sir William Williams of Vaynoll Baronet Sir Roger Mostin Knight and Baronet Sir Robert Owen Knight Thomas Mostin Nicholas Bagnall Collonell William Price Roger Price William Williams Griffith Vaughan Robert Wynne Thomas Vaughan William Wynne of the Abbey George Twisleton Humphry Humphrys Doctor of Divinity Richard Jones Doctor at Law William Madrin George Coitmore James Broukard Love Parry Edward Williams John Thomas Owen Hughes John Rowlands William Wynne Glantr Avan Griffith Wynne William Winne of Wern John Gwyn William Glyn Randall Wynne Griffith Carey Coningsby Williams Robert Hooks Lewis Mericke William Wynn Llarunda Hugh Bodurda William Griffith of Madrin Issa Owen Jones John Owen Richard Edwards Hugh Lewis Robert Pugh Owen Wynn Owen Coitmer Humphrey Roberts Robert Griffith William Griffith Thomas Fletcher William Williams Griffith Parry Henry Arthur John Vaughan Hugh Stodart Owen Roberts.

For the County of Denbigh

Sir John Wynne Knight and Baronet Sir Thomas Powell Sir Evan Lloyd Baronets Sir Jeoffry Shakerley Sir William Williams Knight and Baronet Sir Griffith Jefferyes Sir Roger Puleston Sir Robert Owen Knights Sir John Conway Baronet Sir Francis Compton Sir Roger Mostin Knight and Baronet Sir John Trevor Sir Thomas Grosvenor Thomas Powell of Horsley William Williams of [Plariward (fn. 157) ] William Wynne of Melay Edward [Vaughan (fn. 158) ] of Lwddiart Thomas Carter Robert Davies of Lanerch Josuah Edisbury Eubule Thelwall senior Eubule Thelwall junior Llenricke Eyton Robert Wynne of Perchu Thomas Vaughan of Pantglasse Esquires Roger Mostin of Brumbo William Robinson Esq[uire] William Price of [Rhiwglas (fn. 159) ] Ellis Lloyd of Poney Llan Rob: Price of Gillar Dav: Morris of [Pemebont (fn. 160) ] Edward Morris of Lloraine John Dolben Eubule Lloyd John Midleton of [Gwanoriog (fn. 161) ] John Puliston Esquires Collonell Salisbury Robert Griffith of [Brumbo (fn. 162) ] Esq[uire] Richard Midleton Llansillin John Chambers Hed Floid Foulke Lloyd of Foxall Esquires Master Booth-Parsnet Ellis Meredith Esq[uire] Master John Morgan Master Richard Eyton of [Exbistock (fn. 163) ] Richard Midleton Esq[uire] Charles Midleton Thomas Morton Edward Lloyd of Place Maddoy Esquires Master David Lloyd of Llangollin Fechan Master Thomas Pritchard of Chirk Master John Hamond Master Richard Greene Sidney Godolphin Esq[uire] Richard Wynne of Maesmocknant Esq[uire] Master Richard Lloyd of Moelvre Master Richard Wynne Abarkynleth Master Charles Lloyd de Ruthin Sir Robert Cotton Sir Walter Baggot Simon Felwell de Llanbiddar Esq[uire] John Parry de Coedmarchan David Parry of Lwynyn Richard-Lloyd [Llanams (fn. 164) ] Esquires John Morris of [Glockinock (fn. 165) ] Gent[leman] John Roberts of [Hanodibwck (fn. 166) ] Owen Wynne of Llwyn Esq[uire] Thomas Wynne of Diffrynaled David Lloyd of Bodnant Peter Ellis Esquire Sir Richard Midleton Baronet Edward Brereton Lord Willoughby of Erisby Sonne and Heire apparent to the Earle of Lindsey John Maesmore Roger Midleton Edward Williams of Pontigwidell Esq[uire] Pierce Foulkes of Mariadog Gent[leman] John Lloyd of Berth Sidney Binner Owen Thelwell John Power Esquires the Aldermen and Bayliffes of the Towne of Denbigh for the time being Edward Chambers of Denbigh Foulke Davies of Denbigh John Hetton of Denbigh Robert Roberts of Denbigh Robert Knolles of Denbigh Gentlemen Master Shaw of Denbigh David Williams Esq[uire] Major John Manley.

For the County of Flint

Lord Cholmondeley Viscount [Kelts (fn. 167) ] in the Kingdome of Ireland Sir John Hanmer Knight and Baronet Sir John Conway Sir Evan Lloyd Baronets Sir Roger Mostin Knight and Baronet Sir William Glynn Baronet Sir Will Williams Knight and Baronet Sir Robert Owen Sir Roger Puleston Knights Collonell Roger Whitley Collonell William Price William Hanmer Esq[uire] Thomas Mostin Thomas Carter Tho. Hanmer Robert Davies William Lloyd John Langley Thomas Whitley John Broughton Richard Mostin Thomas Eaton George Hope John Wynn Hugh Griffith Owen Barton senior Owen Barton junior Pierce Pennant Thomas Evans Thomas Whitley Richard Rutter [Henrick Eyton (fn. 168) ] Esquires Roger Mostin Ellis Young Luke Lloyd Edward Lloyd Gentlemen.

For the County of Glamorgan

Charles Lord Marquesse of Worcester Sonne and Heire apparent to Henry Duke of Beaufort Sir Edward Mansell Sir Edward Stradling Sir Charles Kemis Sir John Aubrey Baronets Sir Rowland Gwynne Sir Richard Basset Sir Humphry Mackworth Sir Humphry Edwin Knights John Windham Serjeant at Law Tho: Mansell Tho Morgan Rich: Lewis Tho Lewis David Jenkins William Herbert Francis Gwynne Richard Seys Thomas Carne Lieftenant Collonell Matthews Barton Button John Ivon William Windham Charles Matthews Thomas Button Thomas Lewis of Lan William Thomas Thomas Morgan Edward Matthew John Carne Richard Longher Bussy Mansell Richard Jenkins Oliver St Johns Edward Herbert William Herbert Marmaduke Gibbs Edward Mansell William Herbert of Killebebell Mansell Stradling Lewis Thomas Edward Turbevile John Rumsey William Awbrey David Evans Rowland Dawkins George Bowen Walter Evans Thomas Gibbin Reynald Deere John Llewellin Edm Parkins Esquires Richard Jenkins Thomas Rice John Payne Thomas Mansell Edward Mansell John Basset Rowland Hughes James Gwynne Anthony Gwynne Godwin Herbert William Matthews Jeremy Dawkins Thomas Price Thomas Hopkins William Bassett Thomas Basset Richard Williams William Lewis Phillip Williams Gentlemen The Bayliffes of Cardiffe for the time being Thomas Williams Cradocke Wells William Jones [Purnell (fn. 169) ] Gentlemen The Bayliffes of Cowbridge The Port-Reeves of Neath for the time being The Port Reeve of Swanzcy for the time being.

For the County of Merioneth

Robert Lord Willoughby of Eresby Sonne and Heire apparent of the Earle of Lindsey Sir Richard Midleton Baronet Sir Hugh [Owen (fn. 170) ] Baronet Sir William Williams Knight and Baronet Sir Robert Owen Knight Griffith Vaughan of Corsigedar Griffith Nanney of Nanney John Lloyd of [Mayescy Pandis (fn. 171) ] William Lewis Anwill of Parke William Price of Rhiwlas Edward Vaughan of Llwddiart William Pugh of [Mathavem (fn. 172) ] William Winne of Melay Lewis Owins of Penniarth William Williams of Plasiward Owen Amvill of [Penthin (fn. 173) ] John Lloyd of Aberlavenny Vincent Corbet John Nanney of Llanvendiget Roger Price of Rhiwlas Charles [Aughes (fn. 174) ] of Gworglasse Edmond Meiricke Esquires Owen Eyton Gentleman Robert Winne of Mayesy Neioth Meredith Lloyd Richard Mitton Anthony Thomas Richard Poole of Kaenest Richard Mostin John Vaughan of Glanylln Lewis Lewis Jenkin Vaughan John Mayesmore Thomas Lloyd of Llandeywin Esquires Mr. William Eyton [Sir (fn. 175) ] Robert Pugh of Penarth Robert Price of Isgarvewar John Jones William Tydar of Ecgrim Rowland Price Richard Owens Rowland Thomas Esquires Mr. Robert Nanney of [Kendaudwrn (fn. 176) ] Mr John Lewis Mr John Lloyd of [Refufais (fn. 177) ] Mr Harry Mostin Mr William Owens of Llangar Mr John Humphrys Mr Edward Wynne of Llangower Mr Hugh Hughes Mr Ellis Oliver of Penmayne Mr Evan Lloyd of Rhiwgoch Mr Oliver Thomas Mr John Lloyd of Fron Mr Robert Oliver of Penmayne Mr Thomas Roberts of Llandervell Mr Griffith Roberts of Rhiwgoch Mr Robert Lloid of Fron Mr Hughes of Tonwin Mr Hugh Owen of Kaer Perlan Mr Robert Vaughan of Kaer Ronnw Mr William Humphris Mr Thomas Lloyd of Hendwr Mr Richard Humphris Mr Griffith Vaughan of Dolemynunllyn Sir John Wynne Knight and Baronet Mr John Price of Llwyne Greene Mr Morris Davies Mr Humphry Hughes of Penbrin Mr Andrew Jones of [Rhidren (fn. 178) ].

For the County of Mountgomery

The Honourable Andrew Newport Esq[uire] Sir John Price Sir John Witterong Sir Francis Lawley Sir Udell Corbet Baronets Sir William Williams Knight and Baronet Sir Sir Thomas Jones Knight Price Deverax Edward Vaughan John Vaughan of Trowscod John Mathews of Trenany Edward Lloyd of Beth Lloyd William Pugh of Mathavern Francis Herbert Richard Owen senior Richard Owen junior Evan Glynn Mathew Price of Parke Vincent Pierce Mathew Morgan Meredith Morgan Edward Price Richard Herbert Thomas Rock Richard Stedman Walter Wareing Esquires Thomas Mason Richard Mason Robert Owens of the Woodhouse Humphrey Kiniston John Kiffin John [Hamner (fn. 179) ] Walter Clopton Edward Kinaston of Hordley Robert Leighton of Watlesburrough Edward Leighton of the same Charles Herbert Arthur Weaver William Williams John Edwards of Rorington Robert Lloyd Richard Llee Phillip Eyton Daniell Whittingham Arthur Vaughan Gabreall Wynne Arthur Devereux Vaughan Devereux Thomas Lloyd of Trowsecoate Thomas Juxse Richard Ingram Humphry Jones Sidney Binner Richard Mesten Richard Owen Rowland Owen of Lunloth Hector Phillips Sydney Godolphin Lumley Williams senior Lumley Williams junior Nathaniell Maurice David Maurice John Thomas of Penegos Esquires Humphrey Lloid of Goytree Samuell Lloyd John Vaughon of Mivod Richard Davis Evan Vaughan Robert Evans of Llandirinio John Herbert Gilbert Jones of Poole John Griffiths of Glanhaverin George Robinson Griffith Robinson Richard Price of Gunley Rich: Price of Bettus Hugh Derwas Rob: Kiniston Hugh Davis of Colfrin Humphrey Jones of Garthmill Henry Vaughan Randell Owen William Kiffin David Meredith of Llanwithelan Thomas Gwynne Richard Glyn Evan Bowen of Penwyeralt John Wilson [Price (fn. 180) ] Lloyd Edward Jones Gentlemen Richard [Rocks (fn. 181) ] Roger Trevor William Lloyd of Finant Robert Price of Llanvillinge Thomas Griffiths of Crigion Thomas Hodson Reese Lloyd of [Coney (fn. 182) ] Morgan David of Pennegos John Griffiths of Bachiee Gentlemen The Bayliffes of the Towne and Liberty of Mountgomery for the time being the Mayor of the Towne and Liberties of [Llanidlas (fn. 183) ] for the time being the Bayliffes for the Towne and Liberties of Welchpoole for the time being the Bayliffes for the Towne and Liberties of Llanvillinge for the time being.

For the County of Pembrooke

The Right Honourable Richard Lord Bulkley Viscount Cassells in the Kingdome of Ireland Sir Erasmus Philips Sir Hugh Owen Sir John Barlow Baronets Hector Philips Essex Meiricke Arthur Owen Rowland Langhorne Edward Philips Hugh Bowen William Wogan William Scourfield Walter Midleton William Philips John Owen John Williams David Williams Griffith Dawes Thomas Lloyd of Grove John Barlow of Lawrenny Lewis Wogan of Boulston Lewis Wogan of Wiston George Lort William Mordaunt William Lucy John Cannon Griffith Hawkwell George Bowen James Lloyd William Warren Thomas Corbet William [Skirme (fn. 184) ] George Meare Lewis John Charles Philips David Maurice William Wogan junior George Le Hunt John Philips John Lewis Arthur Langhorne Hugh Langhorne John Edwards Hugh Wogan Esquires Erasmus Corbet Captaine William Williams Gwynne Vaughan William Ford Owen Ford William Jones John Childe Jenkin Jones Thomas Jones Henry Walter George Harris John Owen of Priskelly George Lloyd John Owen of Berllan Rice Powell James Langhorne the Mayor of Pembrooke for the time Francis Rogers Francis Dawes John [Courney (fn. 185) ] Aldermen The Mayor of Tenby for the time Henry Williams James Lloyd Devereux Hammond Aldermen Rice Adams John Wogan.

For the County of Radnor

Sir John Morgan Sir Standish Hartstrong Sir Edward Williams Baronets Sir Edward Harley Knight of the Bath Sir Rowland Gwynne Knight Sir Lacon Childe William Fowles Richard Williams Henry Walcott Thomas Lewis Edward Lewis Thomas Lewis junior Marmaduke Gwynne Samuell Powell Thomas Harley Litleton Powell Henry Probert Edward Price Thomas Vaughan William Probert Edward Davies Edward Howorth John Fowles Robert Lucy Nicholas Taylor Charles Lloyd Charles Creed William Brewster James Lloyd John Walsham Esquires Lewis Lloyd Thomas Lewis of Nantgwilt Nicholas Meredith senior Thomas Davies John Davies of Coedglassant John Davies of Fronlasse Thomas Howorth Jeremy Powell [Evan Bowen (fn. 186) ] Evan Vaughan and William Lloyd Coroners Gentlemen Lemuell Lloyd William Taylor Hugh Lewis William Morgan Peter Rickets Jonas Stephens [Herbert Weston John Stephens (fn. 186) ] Loyd Weston Henry Bull Harry Vaughan Walter Vaughan Thomas Powell Edward Phillips Griffith Paine Thomas Griffiths Robert Williams Josiah Williams John Whitney Nehemiah Kettleby Hugh Stephens Gentlemen The Bayliffe of New Radnor and the two Aldermen for the time being.

For the Towne and County of Haverford West.

The Mayor for the time being Sir Erasmus Phillips Sir Hugh Owen Baronets William Wogan Arthur Owen Lewis Wogan of Boulston Lewis Wogan of Wiston Hugh Wogan John Lewis of Maner Navon Richard Howells William Skirme Henry Walter Esquires William Fatherton Doctor in Physicke Roger Davids Robert Prust senior John Bateman John Fowler Thomas Poyer William Bowon William Braon George Lewis Jacob Wolford Vincent Powell Robert Prust [senior (fn. 187) ] William Bateman junior Aldermen Thomas Harries James Langhorne William Bowen Thomas Llewellin Gentlemen.

IV. 29 Car. II. c. 1.


Provided alwayes And bee it Enacted That the said recited Act as to the said Powers Authorities Rules and Directions and all other the Clauses therein contained touching Landlords and Tennants and other matters relateing to the Charges Taxes Assesments and Disbursements thereby Directed and not otherwise herein limitted and appointed shall be and is hereby Revived and in full Force and Vertue as if they had beene herein particularly Inserted.

V. Meetings and Proccedings of Commissioners to execute Act.

may divide themselves.

And bee it further Enacted and Declared That the severall Commissioners aforesaid shall meete together at the most usuall and common place of Meeting within each of the said Counties Cities Burroughes Townes and Places respectively on or before the Tenth day of Aprill in the Yeare of our Lord One thousand six hundred eighty nine And the said Commissioners or soe many of them as shall be present at the said First Generall Meeting or the major part of them are hereby Authorized and Required to putt this present Act in Execution according to the best of their Judgements and Discretions and shall then if they shall see cause subdivide and distribute themselves into lesser Numbers soe as three or more of the said Commissioners may be appointed for the Service of each Hundred or other Division and soe as may best conduce to the carrying on of Their Majestyes Service hereby required

VI. Commissioners to appoint a Receiver General for each County. Security.

And bee it further Enacted and Declared That the Commissioners at their aforesaid Generall Meeting or the major part of them shall and are hereby Authorized and Required to nominate and appoint under their Hands and Seales an Honest Able and Responsible Person to be Receiver Generall for each County Rideing City or Division respectively takeing sufficient Security from such Receiver Generall in the Names of the King and Queene for Their Majesties Use.

VII. Receiver General to give to Commissioners Receipts for Payments made to them.

And bee it further Enacted That every Receiver Generall from time to time within the space of One Weeke next after he shall have received the full Summe that shall be charged upon any Hundred or Division for each particular Payment that is to be made to such Receiver Generall by vertue of this Act shall give to the Commissioners that shall act in such Hundred or Division a Receipt under his Hand and Seale acknowledgeing his Receipt of the full Summe charged upon such Hundred or Division for such particular Payment which Receipt shall be a full Discharge of such Hundred or Division for such particular Payment against Their Majesties and Their Successors

VIII. Times of assessing the Two Quarterly Payments.

Commissioners to deliver a Schedule of Sums assessed to Receiver General.

And bee it further Enacted That the Summe of Two hundred six thousand foure hundred sixty two pounds seventeene shillings three pence being the first of the said two Quarterly Payments hereby Imposed shall be Assessed Collected Levyed and Paid unto the Receiver Generall of the said severall Counties and Places on or before the Foure and twentieth Day of June in the Yeare of our Lord One thousand six hundred eighty nine And the Summe of Two hundred six thousand foure hundred sixty two pounds seventeene shillings three pence being the second of the said [two (fn. 188) ] Quarterly Payments on or before the Nine and twentyeth Day of September in the Yeare of our Lord One thousand six hundred eighty nine And the said Commissioners are hereby required to deliver or cause to be delivered a Schedule or Note containing the particular Summes Assessed upon each Parish or Place to the Receiver Generall of each County Rideing City Burrough Towne or Place respectively to be by him the said Receiver Generall transmitted into the King's Remembrancers Office in the Exchequer within Fifteene Dayes after he shall have received the same

IX. Collectors to pay Money received by them to Receiver General.

Receipt of Receiver General a Discharge.

And bee it further Enacted and Declared That the Money received by the said Collectors within the respective Divisions or Hundreds shall from time to time be duely paid to the Receiver Generall or to his Deputie or Deputies to be appointed under his Hand and Seale of which Deputy or Deputies Notice under the Hand and Seale of the Receiver Generall shall be given unto the Commissioners or any two of them within the respective Divisions or Hundreds within Eight Dayes after the first generall Meeting and soe from time to time within Eight Dayes after every Death or Removeall of any Deputy if any such shall happen And the Receipt of such Receiver Generall his Deputy or Deputyes or any of them shall be a sufficient Discharge to every such Collector

X. Particular Collectors to pay in Money received by them to Receiver General.

Collectors not obliged to travel more than 10 Miles to pay Money to Receiver General; Salary to Receiver General.

And bee it further Enacted and Declared That the particular Collectors are hereby required to pay in all and every the Summes soe received by them unto the said Receivers Generall or their Deputie or Deputies for Payment whereof the said Collectors shall not be obliged to Travell above Ten Miles from the Place of their Habitations which said Receivers Generall are hereby required forthwith to Transmitt or cause to be paid the Money by them received into the Receipt of the Exchequer And the Lord High Treasurer or the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury for the time being or any three or more of them are hereby Authorized and Required to allow the said Receiver Generall of each County Rideing City and Towne respectively in case he hath Returned up as aforesaid a Duplicate of the Assesments of each Parish or Place in the County Rideing City or Towne for which he is appointed Receiver Generall a Salary for his paines not exceeding Two pence in the Pound upon the clearing [of (fn. 188) ] his Accompt which Duplicate soe to be Returned into the said Receipt of the Exchequer is to containe noe more then the [Summe (fn. 189) ] in Grosse to be collected by each Collector and the severall Names of the said Collectors

XI Receivers General making unjust Certificate or Return, or setting Insuper;

to pay Damages; and a Penalty of Double the Sum.

And to the intent that the said Receivers Generall may Returne a true Account into His Majestyes Court of Exchequer of such Summes of Money as shall be Received by them and every of them their and every of their Deputie and Deputies Bee it further enacted by the Authoritie aforesaid That if any such Receiver Generall shall Returne or Certifie into the said Court any Summe or Summes of Money to be in Arreare or Unpaid after the same have beene received either by such Receiver Generall or by his Deputie or Deputies or any of them or shall cause any person or persons to be sett insuper in the said Court for any Summe or Summes of Money that hath beene soe Received That then every such Receiver Generall shall be lyable to pay to every person and persons that shall be Molested Vexed or Damaged by reason of such unjust Certificate Returne or setting insuper the Damages that shall be thereby occasioned The said Damages to be recovered by Action of Debt Bill Plaint or Information in which noe Essoigne Protection or Wager of Law shall be allowed nor any more then one Imparlance And shall alsoe forfeite to His Majestie His Heires and Successors double the Summe that shall be soe unjustly Certified or Returned or caused to be sett insuper

XII. Receiver General to make a Certificate to Commissioners of Quarterly Payments.

Provided alwayes and bee it further Enacted That every Receiver Generall shall and is hereby required to make a Certificate under his Hand and Seale to the respective Commissioners of each County City Burrough Towne or Place of the Quarterly Payments to him made by the respective Collectors within Fifteene dayes after the times hereby respectively Limitted for the same and of all Neglects or Deficiencies by them or any of them in the Payment thereof

XIII. Allowance to Collectors.

And it is hereby further Enacted and Declared That the Collectors of each Parish or Place which shall be appointed by vertue of this Act shall upon Collection of the whole Summe appointed to be collected by them and Payment thereof as is hereby before appointed Have and Receive for their Paines in Collecting and Paying the Moneys Foure pence in the Pound which the said Collectors are impowred to detaine out of the last Payment of the Money of their severall and respective two Quarterly Payments.

XIV. Allowance to Clerk of Commissioners.

And the said Receiver Generall upon the Receipt of the whole Assesment of the County Rideing City or Towne for which he is appointed Receiver Generall in case he hath received the severall Duplicates of each Parish or Place therein and not otherwise shall allow and pay according to such Warrant as shall be in that behalfe given by the said Co[m]missioners or any three or more of them One peny in the Pound for the Commissioners Clerks [for their Paines (fn. 190) ] in faire Writeing the Assesments Duplicates and Copies

XV. Places assessed to pay according to 29 Car. II. c. 1.

Provided alwayes And bee it further Enacted and Declared by the Authoritie aforesaid That for the avoiding of all Obstructions and Delayes in Collecting the Summes by this Act to be Rated and Assessed all such Places Offices Constablewicks Divisions and Allowances shall pay and be Assessed in such County Hundred Place Rape Division or Wapentake according to the like Proportions and Distributions in respect to this present Assesment as they were Assessed and Taxed by the said Act made in the Nine and twentyeth Yeare of the Raigne of His said late Majestie King Charles the Second

XVI. Receivers General to give Acquittances to Collectors.

Provided alwayes and bee it Enacted by the Authoritie aforesaid That the severall Receivers Generall which shall be appointed according to this Act their Deputy or Deputies shall from time to time at every Payment appointed thereby give unto the severall Collectors within their respective Precincts upon the Payment of the whole Summes due at such times of Payment from their respective Parishes Constablewicks or Places within each of their Collections severall Acquittances under their Hands without takeing any thing for the same. And that in like manner at every time of Payment appointed by this Act the Receiver Generall of each County his Deputy or Deputies shall give unto the severall Collectors aforesaid upon the Payment of the whole Summe or any part thereof due for their Parish or Place respectively at each time of Payment aforesaid severall Acquittances under their Hands and Seals without takeing any thing for the same which said Acquittances of every respective Receiver Generall his Deputy or Deputies shall be a sufficient Discharge to the Collectors and to such Parish and Place respectively and to every Person charged within the said Collectors Charge against Their Majesties and Their Successors for the Summe or Summes of money soe Acquitted.

XVII. Proviso for Universities and Colleges of Windsor, Eaton, Winchester, Westminster Free Schools, Hospitals, and Alms-Houses, Christ's Hospital, St. Bartholomew, Bridewell, St. Thomas, and Bethlehem.

Provided That nothing contained in this Act be extended to charge any Colledge or Hall in either of the two Universities or of the Colledges of Windsor Eaton Winton or Westminster or any Hospitall for or in respect of the Scites of the said Colledges Halls or Hospitalls nor any Master Fellow or Scholler of any such Colledge or Hall or in any other Free Schools or any Reader Officer or Minister of the said Universities Colledges or Schools or of any Hospitalls or AlmsHouses for or in respect of any Stipend Wages or Profitts whatsoever ariseing or growing due to them in respect of the said severall Places and Employments in the said Universities Colledges Schools Hospitalls or AlmesHouses Nor to Charge any of the Houses or Lands belonging to Christs Hospitall Saint Bartholomews Bridewell Saint Thomas and Bethlehem Hospitall in the City of London and Burrough of Southwarke or any of them for or in respect of any Rents or Revenues payable to the said Hospitalls being to be Received and Disbursed for the immediate Use and Reliefe of the Poore in the said Hospitalls.

XVIII. But Tenants of the said Hospitals to pay according to their Assessments.

Provided That noe Tennants that Hold and Enjoy any Lands or Houses by Lease or other Grant from any of the said Hospitalls doe Claime and Enjoy any Freedome Exemption or Advantage by this Act but that all the Houses and Lands which they soe Hold shall be Rated and Assessed for soe much as they are yearely worth over and above the Rents reserved and payable to the said Hospitalls

XIX. Commissioners free from Penalties of 25 Car. II. c. 2.

And bee it further enacted by the Authoritie aforesaid That noe Commissioner or Commissioners who shall be imployed in the Execution of this Act shall be lyable for or by reason of such Execution to any of the Penalties mentioned in an Act made [in (fn. 191) ] the Five and twentyeth yeare of King Charles the Second for the preventing [the (fn. 192) ] Dangers which may happen from Popish Recusants for not takeing the Oathes and Subscribing the Declaration therein mentioned

XX. Persons lending Money on Credit of Act to have Tally of Loan from the Exchequer.

And bee it further Enacted and Ordained by the Authoritie aforesaid That all and every person and persons who shall lend any Moneys not exceeding Three hundred and seventy thousand pounds in the whole to Your Majesties upon the Credit of this Act and Pay the same into the Receipt of the Exchequer shall immediately have a Talley of Loane struck for the same and an Order for his Repayment bearing the same Date with his Tally in which Order shall be alsoe contained a Warrant for Payment of Interest for forbearance not exceeding the Rate of Six pounds per Centum per Annum for his Consideration to be paid every three Months untill the Payment of his Principall

XXI. Orders for Repayment of Money lent registered in course.

And that all Orders for Repayment of Money Lent shall be registred in Course according to the Date of the Tally respectively And that all and every person and persons shall be paid in Course according as their Orders shall stand Entred in the Register Booke be it Orders for Payment directed by Your Majestyes or of Moneys Lent as aforesaid Soe as that the person Native or Forreigner his Executors Administrators and Assignes who shall have his Warrant or Order Warrant or Orders first Entred in the said Booke of Register shall be taken and Accompted as the first person to be paid upon the Moneys to come in by vertue of this Act And he or they that shall have his or their Warrants or Orders Warrant or Order next Entred shall be taken and accounted to be the Second Person to be paid and soe successively and in course

XXII. Monies to come in liable in the same Order to the Satisfaction of the Parties.

And that the Moneys to come in by this Act shall be in the same Order lyable to the satisfaction of the said respective Parties their Executors Administrators or Assignes successively without preference of one before another and not otherwise and not to be divertible to any other use intent or purpose whatsoever

XXIII. No Fees to be taken for making Books, Entries, &c.

And that noe Fee Reward or Gratuity directly or indirectly be demanded or taken of any Your Majesties Subjects for provideing or makeing of any such Bookes Registers Entryes View or Search in or for Payment of Money Lent or the Interest thereof as aforesaid by any Your Majestyes Officer or Officers their Clerks or Deputies on paine of Payment of treble Damages to the [Pary (fn. 193) ] grieved by the Partie offending with Costs of Suite Or if the Officer himselfe take or demand any such Fee or Reward then to lose his Place alsoe

XXIV. Undue Preference given by Officers. Penalty. Forejudged of his Office.

And if any undue preference of one before another shall be made either in point of Registry contrary to the true meaning of this Act by any such Officer or Officers then the Partie offending shall be lyable by Action of Debt or on the Case to pay the value of the Debt Damages and Costs to the Party grieved and shall be forejudged from his Place or Office.

XXV. Or by Deputy. The like Punishment.

And if any such Preference be unduely made by any his Deputie or Clerke without direction or privity of his Master then such Deputy or Clerke onely shall be lyable to such Action Debt Damages and Costs and shall be for ever after uncapeable of his Place or Office

XXVI. Auditor and other Officers offending. Penalty.

How recovered.

And in case the Auditor shall not Direct the Order or the Clerke of the Pells Record and the Teller make Payment according to each Persons due Place and Order as aforedirected Then he or they shall be judged to forfeit and their respective Deputies and Clerks herein offending to be lyable to such Action Debt Damages and Costs in such Manner as aforesaid All which said Penalties Forfeitures Damages and Costs to be incurred by any of the Officers of the Exchequer or any their Deputies or Clerks shall and may be recovered by Action of Debt Bill Plaint or Informac[i]on in any of Your Majesties Courts of Record at Westminster wherein noe Essoigne Protection Priviledge Wager of Law Injunction or Order of Restraint shall be in any wise granted or allowed

XXVII. What shall not be undue Preference.

Provided alwayes And bee it hereby Declared That if it happen that severall Tallyes of Loane or Orders for Payments Directed by Your Majesties as aforesaid beare date or be brought the same day to the Auditor of the Receipt to be Registred Then it shall be interpreted noe undue Preference which of those he Enters first soe he Enters them all the same Day

XXVIII. The like Provision.

Provided also That it shall not be interpreted any undue Preference to incurr any Penalty in point of Payment if the Auditor Direct and the Clerke of the Pells Record and the Teller doe pay subsequent Orders of Persons that come and demand their Money and bring their Order in their course soe as there be soe much Money reserved as will satisfie precedent Orders which shall not be otherwise disposed but kept for them Interest for Loane being to cease from the time the Money is soe reserved and kept in Banke for them

XXIX. Persons to whom Money due by virtue of Act, may assign and transfer his Right.

Memorial of Assignment without Fee.; Assignee may also in like Manner assign his Right.

And bee it further Enacted by the Authoritie aforesaid That every Person or Persons to whome any Money shall be due by vertue of this Act after Warrant or Order entred in the Booke of Register aforesaid for Payment thereof his Executors Administrators or Assignes by Indorsement of his Order or Warrant may Assigne and Transferr his Right Title Interest and Benefit of such Warrant or Order or any part thereof to any other which being notifyed in the Office of the Auditor of the Receipt aforesaid and an Entry and Memoriall thereof ( (fn. 194) ) alsoe made in the Booke of Registry aforesaid for Warrants which the Officer shall upon Request without Fee or Charge accordingly make shall Entitle such Assignee his Executors Administrators and Assignes to the Benefit thereof and payment thereon And such Assignee may in like manner Assigne againe and soe toties quoties and afterwards it shall not be in the power of such person or persons who have made such Assignments to make Void Release or Discharge the same or any the Moneys thereby due or any Part thereof

If Action brought General Issue may be pleaded.

Treble Costs.

And be further Enacted That if any Action Suite Plaint or Information shall be Commenced or Prosecuted against any person or persons for what he or they shall doe in pursuance or in execution of this Act such person or persons soe Sued in any Court whatsoever shall or may Pleade the Generall Issue and upon any Issue joyned may give this Act and the Speciall Matter in Evidence And if the Plaintiffe or Prosecutor shall become Nonsuite or forbeare further Prosecution or suffer Discontinuance or if a Verdict passe against him the Defendant and Defendants shall recover their treble Costs for which they shall have the like Remedy as in any Case where Costs by Law are given to Defendants.