William and Mary, 1692: An Act for examineing takeing and stateing the publick Accompts of this Kingdom [Chapter XI Rot. Parl. pt.3. nu. 6.]

Pages 392-393

Statutes of the Realm: Volume 6, 1685-94. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1819.

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Commissioners appointed to take the Public Accounts, and all Accounts to be taken under

2 W.& M. Sess. 2. c. 11; the said Act revived and continued till April 25, 1694; Treasury to issue Allowances as by the said Act; Power to Commissioners to take Account of Monies as herein directed; 3 W. & M. c. 6.

For the better takeing stateing and examineing of the publick Accompts of the Nation and that Their Majesties good Subjects may be the better encouraged more readily and chearfully to sustaine the great burthens upon them for the prosecution of the War against France and the support and maintenance of Their Majesties Government Be it enacted by the King and Queens most excellent Majesties by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spirituall and Temporall and Comons in this present Parliament assembled and by the authority of the same That Sir Thomas Clarges Knight Sir Peter Collitton Barronett Sir Samuel Barnardiston Barronett Sir Benjamine Newland Knight Sir Matthew Andrews Knight Paul Foley Esq[uire] and Robert Harley Esq[uire] or any Four or more of them shall be and are hereby constituted Commissioners for takeing of the Accompt of all Moneys of the publick Revenue of the Crowne and all other Accompts which were by one Act of Parliament made in the Second yeare of Theire Majesties Reigne entituled An Act for appointing and enabling Commissioners to examine take and state the publick Accompts of [this (fn. 1) ] Kingdom to be taken examined or stated by the Commissioners thereby constituted or any Five or more of them by virtue of the said Act and that the said Act be and is hereby revived continued and in force from the Foure and twentieth day of April next ensuing to the Five and twentieth day of April which, shall be in the yeare of our Lord One thousand six hundred ninety four and shall be executed with all the Powers therein contained by the Commissioners herein named or any four or more of them And that the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury or Lord High Treasurer of England for the time being shall and are hereby authorized and required to issue and pay or cause to be issued and paid the like yearely allowances for payment of Clerks and other Charges as is in the said Act directed and the like Quarterly Payments to the Co[m]missioners hereby constituted as in the said Act is appointed to be paid to the Co[m]missioners therein named And the said Co[m]missioners by this Act constituted as aforesaid or any Foure or more of them shall and have hereby Power to take an Accompt or Accompts of all Moneys granted to Their Majesties by any Act or Acts of Parliament made in the Third Session of this present Parliament begun and held att Westminster on the Two and twentieth day of October One thousand six hundred ninety one or att any other day or time in that yeare and of all moneys that have been or shall be granted to Their Majesties in this present Session of Parliament and of all other Their Majesties Revenue or other publick Moneys due or payable to Their Majesties att any time between the Fifth day of November One thousand six hundred eighty ( (fn. 2) ) eight and the said Five and twentieth day of April which shall be in the year of our Lord One thousand six hundred ninety foure not yet accompted for by virtue or in pursuance of the said first recited Act or the last Clause touching publick Accompts made and enacted in one Act passed in the Third year of Their Majesties Reigne entituled An Act for raiseing Money by a Poll [payable (fn. 3) ] quarterly for One year for the carrying on a vigorous War against France


  • 1. the O.
  • 2. and O.
  • 3. interlined on the Roll.