William III, 1695-6: An Act for encourageing the Linen Manufacture of Ireland and bringing Flax and Hemp into and the making of Sail Cloth in this Kingdome. [Chapter XXXIX. Rot. Parl. 7 & 8 Gul.III.p.9.n.8.]

Page 156

Statutes of the Realm: Volume 7, 1695-1701. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1820.

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Natives of England and Ireland may import into England from Ireland, Hemp, Thread, Yarn, &c. free from Duty on Certificate as herein mentioned; and on Oath by Master, &c. of Identity of Goods.

Whereas there are great Su[m]ms of Money and Bullion yearely exported out of this Kingdome for the purchasing of Hemp Flax and Linen and ( (fn. 1) ) the Productions thereof which might in great measure be prevented by being supplied from Ireland if such proper Encouragement were given as might invite Forreigne Protestants into that Kingdome to settle Be it therefore enacted by the Kings most Excellent Majesty by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal & Co[m]mons in this present Parliament assembled and by the Authority of the same That from and after the First day of August One thousand six hundred ninety six it shall and may be lawfull to and for any Native or Natives of England or Ireland to import into England directly from Ireland any Sorts of Hemp or Flax and all the Production thereof as Thread Yarne and Linen of the Growth and Manufacture of Ireland free from all manner of Customes Duties and Impositions whatsoever the Master or other Chief Officer of the Vessell so importing the same bringing with him or them a Certificate or Certificates from the Chief Officer or Officers of the Port or Ports in Ireland where such Goods shall be putt on Board expressing the Marks Number Tale or Weight of the Species in each Bale or Parcell mentioned in the Bill or Bills of Lading with the Name or Names Place or Places of Aboad of the Exporter or Exporters from Ireland and the Name or Names Place or Places of Aboad of such other Person or Persons that shall have sworne the Goods therein mentioned to be bona fide of the Growth and Manufacture of the Kingdome without Fraud or Covin and where and to whom in England consigned and also the Master or Masters Chief Officer or Officers of the said Shipp or Shipps Vessell or Vessells on Arrival in England making Oath that the said Bales ( (fn. 2) ) Parcells and Goods therein contained are the said Bales Parcells and Goods taken on Board by virtue of the said Certificate or Certificates so to be produced Any Act Custome or Usage hertofore to the contrary notwithstanding.


English-made Sail Cloth may be exported Duty free, on Oath, as herein mentioned.

And for as much as the making of Sail Cloth in England is of great Use and Benefitt to the Nation & will employ many thousands of the Poor which Manufacture is already sett upp in several Parts of this Kingdome and brought to good Perfection Be it therefore enacted by the Authority aforesaid That for the Encouragement of the further Improvement of the same all English made Sail Cloth (upon due Proof upon Oath of its being made in this Kingdome) shall from and after the First day of August One thousand six hundred ninety and six be exported free from the Payment of all Custome and Duty whatever whether the same be exported in the Piece or Boult or in Sails ready made Any Law Act or Statute to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding.


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