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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 7, 1695-1701. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1820.

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Denmark, Prince George of, and the Princess ann of Denmark

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Proviso for Annuities to, and Monies under Letters patent herein mentioned. 7 & 8 W. III. c.30. &39. 129

-, SeeThe Crown.

Distillers and Distilleries See Excise.

Dover(Darbour of)

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For the Repair of Dover Harbour.Powers of this Act enlarged, 2 &3Ann. c. 7. continued by various Acts,and last continued for21 Years, &c.47 G.III. Sess.2. c.lxix. 11W. III. c.5. 588

Dwelling Houses

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For granting to His Majesty several rates or Duties upon Houses for making Good the deficiency of the clipped Money. 7 &8 W. III.c.18. 86
Duties upon Dwelling Houses. 1 87
To be paid Half Yearly. Ib Ib.
Chargeable upon Occupier only. 2. Ib.
Commissioners under Stat. 7 & 8 W. III.c.5. to be Commissioners for executing this Act. 3. Ib.
Commissioners to meet in the several Counties, &c. at or before 7th May 1696, and may subdivide themselves. Ib. Ib.
Commissioners to direct Precepts to Inhabitants, &c. requiring them to appear there, and to read the Rates, and charge them, how to make Certificates, &c. and to prefix Day to bring in Certificates of Dwelling Houses, and Number of Windows, and Names of Persons, &c. Ib. Ib.
Penalty. Ib. Ib.
Commissioners to appoint Collectors, for whom Parish to be answerable. Ib. Ib.
Assessors to take Oath as directed by Stat. 1 W. &M. Sess. 1. c. 8. Ib. Ib.
Commissioners empowered to administer the Oath. Ib. Ib.
Certificates of Assessments to be returned to the Commissioners before 4th June 1696. 7 & 8 W. IIIc.18. 4. 87
Commissioners to issue Warrants to Collectors for levying, &c. Ib. Ib.
Collectors to make Demand of Rates of Parties, and give Acquittances gratis Ib. 88
Receivers General to hasten Collectors Ib.. Ib.
In case of Default, to levy by Distress Ib. Ib.
Duplicate of assessments to be made out and delivered to Receiver General 5. Ib.
Receiver General to pay into Exchequer on the 29th Sept. and 25th March, or within 40 Days after. Ib. Ib.
On Return of Certificate, Commissioners may examine Presenters thereof, and summons Persons suspected of being omitted in Certificates, &c. Ib. Ib.
Persons summoned neglecting to appearPenalty, Double Rate. Ib. Ib.
Receiver General to have 2d. in the Pound. Ib. Ib.
Collector 3d. in the Pound. Ib. Ib.
Commissioners Clerks to have Id. in the Pound for Writing Warrants, &c. 6. Ib.
Persons neglecting to pay Rates, Collectors to distrain. Ib. Ib.
If Rate not paid in Four Days, then Distress appraised and sold for Payment of Rate, Overplus to the Owner. Ib. Ib.
Power to break open Houses, calling to Assistance Constables, &c Ib. Ib.
Persons refusing, &c, to pay Rates, Commissioners, &c. may commit, if no Distress. Ib. Ib.
Remedy for Persons aggrieved by Assesment. Ib. Ib.
Commissioners may abate or increase Assessment. Ib. 89.
Commissioners to meet together for determining Appeals, &c. Ib. Ib
Justices of Peace named Commissioners for the last Six Years of the Term of Seven Years, herein mentioned.Justices may appoint Collectors, 6 G. I.c. 21. 61. 7. & 8 W. III. c. 18. 7. 89
At the End of each Year of the said Term of Seven Years, Collectors to cause a Copy of Assessments of preceding Year to be written and signed by them, with such Alterations as therein mentioned, and with the Names of Two Collectors for the succeeding Year, and delivered to Two Justices of Peace within Ten Days from the End of the Year. 8. Ib.
Justices to peruse and examine the Presenters, and if they reasonably suspect Omissions then they may summon Persons inhabiting Houses, &c. Ib. Ib.
Persons neglecting to appearPenalty. Ib. Ib.
The said Justices empowered to enquire concerning Number of Windows, Dwelling Houses omitted, &c. and may enlarge or diminish Assessments, &c. andsign such Assessments, and appoint Collectors and deliver Assessments to them. Ib. Ib.
The Duty of such Collectors. Ib. Ib.
During the said last Six Years Complaint of Assessments may be made to Justices who signed the same, and they, with Two other Justices at Quarter Sessions, may examine and increase or diminish Assessments, and certify and deliver same to Collectors, and Duplicate to Receiver General. 9. Ib. 90
Collectors and Receivers General to make Payment as herein directed. Ib. Ib.
Determination on Appeals final 10. Ib.
No Privilege of Exemption from Subsidies, &c. shall extend to Rates granted by this Act. 11. Ib.
Parents and Guardians to pay Rates imposed on Infants, and upon Neglect, &c. to be proceeded against as other Defaulters. 12. Ib.
Sums paid to be allowed upon their Accounts. Ib. Ib.
Collectors neglecting to pay Rates 13. Ib.
Commissioners empowered to imprison and seize Estate, &c. and thereupon to appoint a General Meeting of Commissioners, and give Notice thereof, who are to sell the said Estates if Money not paid. Ib. Ib.
And to pay Monies detained by Collectors to Receiver General. Ib. Ib.
Places assessed in the same County, &c. as heretofore. 14. Ib.
Proviso for privileged and extra-parochial Places. 15. Ib.
Inhabitants of Cities, &c. not compelled to be Assessors out of their Limits. 16. 91
Commissioners within their Division to rate each other. 17. Ib.
Commissioners to assess the Assessors. Ib. Ib.
No Stay of Prosecution in Suits for Penalties. 7 & 8 W. III. c. 18. 18. 91
Assessors, &c. neglecting, &c. Duty. 19. Ib.
Commissioners to fine not exceeding 20. for one Offence. Ib. Ib.
Commissioners to call for Accounts from Receiver General of Monies received by him, and the Payment of it into Exchequer. Ib. Ib.
If controversy concerning assessing Commissioner, Commissioners concerned to withdraw. Ib. Ib.
Questions touching Rates, &c. may be determined by Three Commissioners. Ib. Ib.
Receiver General to give Acquittances gratis to Collectors. Ib. Ib.
Collectors to deliver to Receiver General a Schedule of Names, &c. of Persons within their Collection having made Default of Payment. Ib. Ib.
Constables, &c. to aid and to execute Commissioners Precepts. 20. Ib.
In Actions for executing Act, General Issue may be pleaded Double Costs. 21. Ib.
Monies due paid by particular Collectors to Receivers General or Deputy. 22. Ib.
Who is to give Notice thereof to the Commissioners or Two of them as herein mentioned. Ib. 92
How far particular Collectors obliged to travel. 23. Ib.
Receivers General certifying Sums to be in Arrear and setting Persons insuper for Sums that have been paidPenalty. 24. Ib.
Commissioners not liable to Penalties of Stat. 25 Car. II. c. 2. 25. Ib.
How Penalties for which no particular Remedy provided are to be levied 26. Ib.
Collector neglecting, &c. to deliver Copy or Duplicate of Assessment, &c.Penalty 20. 27. Ib.
Proviso for Dwelling Houses, the Occupiers of which are unable to pay to Church and Poor. 28. Ib.
Proviso respecting Houses rebuilt in the Town of Warwick. 29. Ib.
Clause of Loan for 1,200,000 free from Assessment, and Regulations thereon. 3034. 92, 93
Monies raised by this Act applied to make good the Deficiences of clipt Monies as herein mentioned. 35. 94
Treasury or one Commissioner to compute the said Deficiencies as herein mentioned. 36. Ib.
And thereupon apply Monies in the Exchequer accordingly. Ib. Ib.
The said Monies so distributed to be issued and paid in like Manner as if they had not been taken away to be recoined, and as prescribed by the Acts appropriating clipt Monies to the Repayment of Loans, &c. Penalty.The Duties and Act continued until 1st August 1706. 8 & 9 W. III. c. 20. 15. and made perpetual, 5 & 6 Ann. c. 13. and Duties made Part of the Aggregate Fund, 3 G.I.c.8. 17..but Duties on Houses,& c.made to cease, and other Duties granted, 20 G.II. c..3. 1. but see 43 G.III. c. 161. 84. 37. Ib.
Duties on Houses by Stat. 7 & 8 W. III.c. 18. continued until 1st Aug. 1706How levied; and the said Act continued. 8 &9 W. III. c.20. 15. 223
The King may appoint Officers for numbering Windows in Houses not assessed at 10s. 16. Ib.
And with the Assistance of Constable, &c. to view Houses not rated at 10s. Ib. Ib.
And to certify Under-ratings to Commissioners, who are to cause the Rate to be set. 8 & 9 W. III. c. 20. 16. 224
Duty for Servants in Husbandry to be paid by the Master, &c. 17. Ib.
Houses inhabited by Two or more Families to pay as one. 18. Ib.
Edifices in Inns of Court, &c. to pay for Windows as if an entire House. 19. Ib.
House committed to a Servant to pay as if inhabited. Ib. Ib.