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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 7, 1695-1701. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1820.

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Lace See Importation.

Land Car.

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For granting an Aid to His Majesty by a Land Tax in England. 11 W. III. c.2. 545

Leather SeeErcise.

Lenthall, William SeeCreditors.

Local Acts

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Alveston (in the County of Gloucester) for vesting the Manor of, in Trustees to be sold for Payment of Debts, &c. 9 W. III. 450
Baliol College (Oxford). See Saint Lawrence, Old Jewry. 7 & 8 W. III. 159
Barkhamstead (Manor of) to enable Trustees to sell Part of. Ib. Ib.
Bridgewater, in the County of Somerset, for the enlarging, repairing, and preserving the Bridge and Quay of the Borough of. 8 & 9 W. III. c. 12. 365
Bristol, for supplying the City of, with Fresh Water. 7 & 8 W. III. 160
Bristol, for erecting Hospitals and Workhouses within the City of, &c. See 28 G. III. c. 65. Ib. Ib.
Chancery Lane, for making good the Deficiency of the Charges of making a Way out of, into Lincoln's Inn Fields. 12 & 13 W. III. c. 12. 730
Colchester (Essex) for erecting Hospitals and Workhouses within the Town of, &c. 9 W.III. 450
Crediton, for erecting Hospitals, Workhouses, and Houses of Correction within the Town and Parish of, in the County of Devon, and for the Relief of the Poor there. Ib. 449
Exeter, Charles Flyboat, for that Ship to trade as a free Ship. 10 W. III. 523
for erecting Hospitals and Workhouses within the City and County of. See 14 G. III. c. 61.25 G. III.c.21. 9 W. III. 450
Great Queen Street, for the Improvement of a House and Ground in. 7 & 8 W. III. 160
Hawke Rainbow For those Ships to trade as English-built Ships. 10 W.III. 524
Hereford, for erecting Hospitals and Workhouses within the City of, &c. 9 W. III. 450
Hertford, for removing the County Gaol. of. 12 &13 W. III. 730
King's Lynn, Norfolk, for erecting Hospitals and Workhouses within the Borough of, &c.Amended and Powers enlarged, 48G. III. c. xxii 12 & 13 W. III. 729
Kingston upon Hull, for erecting Workhouses and Houses of Correction in the Town of. See15 G. II.c. 10.28 G. II. c. 274 G. III. c. 74. 50 G.III. c. xli. 9 W. III 450
Leicester, Derby, and Stafford, for making and keeping the River Trent in the Counties of, navigable. 10 W. III. c. 26. 538
Limerick, (Ireland) Proviso for Grant of 1,500 for Repair of Churches in. 11 W. III. c. 2. 48. 557
Lincoln's Inn Fields, for the speedy and effectual making a convenient Way out of Chancery Lane to, and Parts adjacent. 11 W. III. 632
Liverpool, for enabling the Town of, to build a Church, and endow the same, and for making the said Town and Liberties thereof, a Parish of itself distinct from Walton 10 W.III. 523
London, for transferring a Trust in Lands belonging to the City of, unto new Trustees. 12 & 13 W. III. 730
Lordington alias Lurtington and Whitney (in the County of Sussex) for Sale of the Manor of, and other Lands in the said County of Sussex, &c. 10 W. III. 523
Madley (Manor of) in the County of Salop, for vesting in Trustees. 7 & 8 W. III. 159
Margam, for the Ship Martha of, to trade as a free Ship. 11 W. III. 634
Margaret For the Ships to trade as freefriendship Ships. 10 W. III. 522
Maryland, Merchant Ship of Bristol, for giving Leave for her Arrival and importing her Lading into this Kingdom. 9 W. III. 450
Maydwell (County of Northampton) for settling Lands, &c. on the Rector of the Church of, &c. 7 & 8 W. III. 160
Merchants of London, for continuing the Governor and Company of, trading to the East Indies, a Corporation. 11 W. III. 632
Newcastle upon Tyne, for supplying the Town of, with Fresh Water. 9 W. III. 450
New Deal, for furnishing the Town of, with Fresh Water. 12 & 13 W. III. 729
Norfolk, for repairing the Highways between Wymondham and Attleborough, in the County of. See 56 G. III. c. lxviii. 7 & 8 W. III. c. 26. 111
Norwich, for enlightening the Streets of the said City. 11 W. III. 633
Norwich, for erecting a Court of Request or Conscience in the City or County of the City of, for the Recovery of Small Debts, under 40s. 12 & 13 W. III. 729
Princethorpe, (Town of). See Stretton. 7 & 8 W.III. 160
Saint Lawrence Old Jewry, to ascertain and settle the Payment of the Tithes of the Parish of, to the Masters and Scholars of Baliol College, Oxford; and for confirming an Award concerning the same. 7 & 8 W. III. 159
Saint Martin's Ongar, for confirming a Lease of a Piece of Ground from the Rector, &c. of the Parish of, in London, for Liberty to build a Church thereon, &c. 11 W. III. 633
Shaftesbury, for erecting Workhouses and Houses of Correction in the Town of. 9 W. III. 450
Ships, Friendship, For enabling the, to Margaret, trade as free Ships. 10 W. III. 522
Martha, (of Margam) for enabling the, to trade as a free Ship. 11 W.III. 634
Hope, for enabling the, to trade as an English-built Ship. 10 W. III. 524
Maryland, Merchant Ship, of Bristol, for giving Leave for her Arrival and importing her Lading into this Kingdom. 9 W. III. 450
Panther, Gloucester Frigate, Scarborough, and Antelope, for those Ships to have the Freedom of trading as English-built Ships. Ib. Ib.
For discharging the Ships King William and Charles the Second from the Penalties of the Act of. 10 W. III. 524
Ruby Prize, Plymouth, For those Ships to have the Freedom of trading as English-built Ships. 9 W. III. 450
Sally Rose, for giving Leave for, to arrive and import her Lading, and to trade as an English-built Ship. 9 W. III. 45
South Pickenham, for the vesting and settling divers Manors and Lands in and other Places in the County of Norfolk in Trustees, to be sold, and for laying out the Monies arising by the Sale thereof in the Purchase of other Lands, &c. 12&13 W. III. 729
Stretton, Princethorpe, For making the Towns of, a separate Parish from Wolston, in the County of Warwick. 7 &8 W. III. 160
Surrey and Sussex, for repairing the Highway between Ryegate and Crawley, in the Counties of. 8 & 9 W. III. c. 15. 207
Tiverton, for erecting Hospitals and Workhouses within the Town and Parish of, in the County of Devon, and for employing and maintaining the Poor thereof. 9 W. III. 449
Turkey, for importing Goods and Merchandizes laden in, on board certain Ships, paying Customs as if imported by English Ships. 8 & 9 W. III. 293
Tutbury, Forest of Needwood, for revesting in His Majesty the Honor of several Manors, Parks, Lands, and Offices thereunto belonging, and for vacating certain Letters Patent. See Needwood forest. 7 & 8 W. III. 160
Vicarages, for settling Augmentations on certain, for ever. 10 W. III. 523
Wells (Manor of) for vesting Moiety of, in Trustees, for vesting Moiety of, in Trustees, for Payment of a Mortgage charged thereon, &c. 7 & 8 W. III. 160
Westminster, to enable the Parish of Saint James within the Liberty of the City of, to raise Money for building their Parish Church, Rector's House, Vestry, and other publick Works there. Ib. Ib.159
Westminster (Liberty of) for paving and regulating the Haymarket, in the Parish of Saint Martin in the Fields, and Saint James, within the said Liberty. 8&9 W. III. c. 17. 212
Whitborne (Herts) for annexing the Rectory of, to the Bishoprick Hereford. 9 W. III. 449
York, East Riding of, for the Repair of the Piers of Bridlington alias Burlington, in the County of. 8 & 9 W. III. c. 29. 279

London and Westminster

Statute Page
For explaining and enforcing the Act for paving and cleansing the Streets within the Cities of London and Westminster, and Borough of Southwark and Weekly Bills of Mortality, and Streets adjoining thereto, and for widening the Street at the South End of London Bridge. 8 & 9 W. III. c. 37. 291
Persons inhabiting within the Bills of Mortality, to cause the Streets, &c. before their Houses, &c. to be swept Twice a Week Penalty 10s. 1. Ib.
Penalties, how applied. 2. Ib.
Where one Side only of Street, Lane, &c. within Bills of Mortality are paved, Jus-ortices -may cause the Side without the Bills to be paved alsoPenalty 8& 9 W. III. c.37. ? 3. 291
Stat. 2 W. & M. Sess. 2. c. 8. 20. to be put in Execution. 4. Ib.
If any Liberty, Precinct, &c. within the Weekly Bills of Mortality, be unable to repair their own Highways, and perform the Days Work on other Highways, the Justices may allow so many Days Work as they may think fit, for repairing the same, and the Residue to be employed on the other Highways. 5. 291,292
Highway leading from Tottenham Court towards Tyburn, to be paved by such Persons as heretofore used to pave the same. 6. 292
Commissioners Names. 7. Ib.
Commissioners empowered to treat with the Owners of such Houses on London Bridge as they shall think fit to be pulled down, &c. Ib. Ib.
In case of Refusal to treat, or through Disability by Nonage, &c. Sheriffs of London or Surrey to return a Jury to assess Damage and Recompence, &c. Ib. Ib.
Verdict of Jury binding, and a full Authority to Commissioners. Ib. Ib.
Commissioners to take Oath for executing Act. 8. Ib.


Statute Page
Managers and Directors of Lottery appointed. 8&9 W.III.c.22. 28.exp. 252
To meet, and cause Books of Tickets to be prepared as herein mentioned. Ib. Ib.
Books to be delivered to Receivers, who, on Receipt of Contribution, are to deliver a Ticket to Contributor. Ib. Ib.
Receiver to account for the Monies, &c. so received into the Exchequer, and to redeliver Books to the said Managers; and also an Account of Monies received for the Tickets. Ib. Ib.
Managers to cause Tickets herein mentioned, not disposed of to Contributors, to be delivered as Money into the Exchequer, and to be issued accordingly. Ib. Ib.
Owners, &c. of Tickets deemed Contributors. Ib. Ib.
Certain Tickets herein mentioned to be rolled up, and marked A. 29. 253
The said Managers to prepare another Bookof Tickets as herein mentioned. 30. Ib.
Certain Tickets herein mentioned to be rolled up, and marked B. 31. Ib.
The said rolling up, &c. to be performed on or before 2d Aug. 1697. Ib. Ib.
The said Lottery to be drawn on 10th Aug. 1697. ? 32. Ib.
Manner of drawing the same. Ib. Ib.
To continue until the whole Number of Tickets shall be drawn. Ib. Ib.
If Proceedings of drawing cannot be performed in One Day, the same to be adjourned from Day to Day. 8&9W.III.c. 22. 32. exp. 253
By what Means the Holders of Fortunate Tickets may be made acquainted there with. Ib. 254
Forging Tickets, or knowingly bringing the same to the ManagersFelony. Ib. Ib.
Managers may cause the Bringers of such Tickets to be apprehended, and may commit. Ib. Ib.
Managers to cause a Book to be prepared, and enter the Number of the FortunateTickets, and sign and transmit same into Exchequer by 10th Sept. 1697. 33. Ib.
Persons, whose Numbers shall be so transmitted, to enjoy the Benefit thereof. Ib. Ib.
Contributors of 10, and who are not entitled to a Fortunate Ticket, to receive 10 in the Coin of the Realm, with One Farthing per Diem Interest, from 24th June 1697, until paid. Ib. Ib.
Holders of Fortunate Tickets not exceeding 20, to have 10, with said Interest over and above. Ib. Ib.
Tickets paid to Bearer. Ib. Ib.
Proceedings for ascertaining the due Course of Payment. 34. Ib.
Times of Payment published on the First Monday in every Month. 35. 255
Interest to cease when Money ready to be paid. 36. Ib.
Managers before acting, to take Oath herein mentioned. 37. Ib.
Which may be administered by Two Managers. Ib. Ib.
After the aforesaid Payments, the Residue of the appropriated Fund to be applied in paying the Managers, Clerks, and other Officers. 38. Ib.
Receivers to pay Interest to Contributors, at the Rate of 14 per Cent. per Annum, from Payment of Contribution. 39. Ib.
To be allowed the same in his Accounts, and also a Remuneration not exceeding 2d. in the Pound upon Monies paid by him into the Exchequer. Ib. Ib.
Receipts, &c. done and given without Fee. 40. Ib.
Money contributed Tax-free. 41. Ib.
A distinct Office appointed in the Exchequer for Payments under this Act, and Officers appointed by the Treasury. 42. 256
Monies of the Fund appointed by this Act to be paid by the Treasury without further Warrant. Ib. Ib.
Officers to apply the same as herein mentioned, and to be subject to Inspection, &c. as the Treasury shall order. Ib. Ib.
Managers, Receivers, and the said Officers in the Exchequer to obey the Orders of the Treasury. 43. Ib.
Clause of Loan for 200,000 Tax-free, Interest 8 per Cent. per Annum. 44. Ib.
For the suppressing of Lotteries. 10 W. III. c. 23. 532
Lotteries declared public Nuisances, and Grants, &c. for the same void. 1. Ib.
After 29th Dec. 1699, no Person publicly or privately to keep open, &c. LotteriesPenalty 500. 2. 533
Persons drawing, &c. at LotteriesPenalty 20. 3. Ib.
Proviso for the Remainder of the Term in the Royal Oak Lottery. 4. Ib.
Proviso for the charitable Adventure for the Benefit of Greenwich Hospital. This Act e nforced, 9 Ann. c. 6. ? 56.10 Ann. c. 26. ? 109.and see 12 G.II. c. 28. 5. Ib.

Lottery Tickets

Statute Page
For the better and more orderly Payment of the Lottery Tickets now payable out of certain additional Duties of Excise, and of other Annuities lately payable out of Tunnage Duties. 9 W. III. c. 37. exp. 410
From the 15th May 1698, the Duties of Excise of Stat. 5 & 6 W.& M. c.7. applied as herein mentioned. 9 W. III. c. 37. ? 1. 410
How the subsequent or growing Produce of the said Duties to be applied. Ib. Ib.
Course of Payment of said Annuities. Ib. Ib.
Officer making Payment contrary to the Tenor hereofPenalty 100 and Loss of Office. Ib. Ib.
How Benefit Tickets to be paid. 2. Ib.
Not undue Preference if Officer pay subsequent Tickets first brought, if Money reserved for preceding Ticket. 3. 411
Officers not to pay Annuities when preceding Quarterly Payments unpaid. 5. Ib.
Notice fixed up in the OfficeOfficer of fendingLoss of Office, and Penalty 100. Ib. Ib.

Lom Wines.

Lustrings. See Importation.