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Statutes of the Realm: Volume 7, 1695-1701. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1820.

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Talley Court. See Exchequer.

Tanners and Tawers See Excise

Tea See Customs,

Thrown Silk See Importation

Tin and Pewter

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For lessening the Duty upon Tin and Pewter exported, and granting an Equivalent for the same by a Duty upon Drugs. 8 & 9. W. III. c. 34. 288
Tin exported, to pay 3s. perCwt. Wrought Tin, called Pewter, 2s. per Cwt.Explained, 21 G. III. c. 62. 1. Duties made to cease, 27 G. III. c. 13. 1. 43 G. III. c. 68. 1.49 G. III. c. 98. 1. As to the Importation of Drugs, the Produce of Hungary and Germany, from the Austrian Netherlands, &c. 22 G. III. c. 78. 1. 1. Ib.

Tobacco See Tunnage and Poundage.

Tobacco Pipes

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Tobacco Pipes found unit for Sale, may on Notice be reburnt, and then the Duty to be paidAnd free from Penalties.See Excise. 8 &9 W. III. c. 20. 71. 238

Tobacco pipe makers See Excise.

Transport Service for the Reduction of Ireland

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Grant of Customs towards Satisfaction of Debts due for. 9 W. III. c. 14. exp. 369

Transportation See Cregitors.


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For regulating of Trials in Cases of Treason and Misprision of Treason. 7 & 9,W. III. c.3. 6
Persons indicted for High Treason, or for Misprision of Treason, to have a Copy of Indictment, but not the Names of the Witnesses, delivered to them Five Days before Trial. 1. Ib.
Fee to Officer. 7 &8 W.III.c.3. 1. 6
And admitted to defend by Counsel and Evidence. Ib. Ib.
Court to assign Counsel, not exceeding Two.See 7 Ann. c. 21. 11. Ib. Ib.
Two Witnesses necessary. 2. Ib.
Proviso respecting Confession, standing Mute, Refusal to plead, and peremptory Challenge.As to standing Mute in Cases of Felony and Piracy, 12G.III. c.20. Ib. Ib.
Proviso respecting Outlawry of Personsindicated, and Trial of such Persons. 3. Ib.
One Witness to each of Two distinct. Treasons charged by one Indictment, not deemed Two Witnesses. 4. Ib.
Indictment must be found by a Grand Jury within Three Years. 5. Ib.
No Prosecution, unless Indictment within Three Years. Ib. Ib
Such Limitation not to extend to Assassination of the King. 6. Ib.
Persons indicted to have Copy of Pannel of Jurors delivered to them Two Days before Trial, and also Process to compel Appearance of Witnesses. 7. 7
No Evidence of Overt Act not laid in Indictment. 8. Ib.
Indictment, Process, &c. not quashed for Miswriting, &c., unless Exception taken before Evidence given. 9. Ib.
Miswriting, &c., after Conviction, not to stay Judgment. Ib. Ib.
Writ of Error. Ib. Ib.
On Trial of Peer or Peeress, every such Peer or Peeress to take the Oaths ofStat. 1 W. & M. c. 8. and subscribing. Declaration of Stat. 30 Car. II. Stat.2. 10. Ib
Proviso for Impeachment, &c. in Parliament. 11. Ib.
Proviso for Indictments for coining and counterfeiting Great Seal, &c.The Benefit hereof is extended as therein mentioned, 1 Ann. Stat. 2. c. 16.43.2 & 3 Ann. c.20. 43.3 & 4 Ann. c. 14. 6. Person prosecuted for Treason entitled to Benefit of this Act, 36 G. III. c. 7. 5. made perpetual, 57 G.III. c. 6. See this Act restricted as to Indictments for High Treason in compassing and imagining the Death of the King, 39 & 40 G. III. c. 93. see also 57 G. III. c. 6. 4. 12. Ib.
For attainting Sir John Fenwick, Bart. of High Treason. 8 & 9 W. III. c. 4. 165
For the Attainder of such of the Persons concerned in the Conspiracy to assassi-nate the King; and for continuing several others of the said Conspirators in Custody. 8 & 9W. III. c. 5.exp. Ib.
Conspirators named not rendering themselves by 15th March 1697, to be attaintedof High Treason. 1. 166
Persons in Custody. 8 & 9W. III.c.5.2. 166
Against corresponding with the late King James and his Adherents. 9W. III.c.1. 295
Persons voluntarily gone to France since 11th Dec. 1688 without Licence, or whohave borne Arms in the Service of the French King, or the late King James, returning without Licence, on Conviction, deemed guilty of High Treason. 1. Ib.
Persons, without Licence, aiding, corresponding, &c. with the late King JamesHigh Treason. 2. Ib.
Where Offences out of the Realm may be tried. 3. 296
Clause in Stat. 3 W. & M. c. 13.3. de-termined. 4. Ib.
The Persons above described who are in this Kingdom to depart before 1st Feb.1697, unless they have Licence to stay. 5. Ib.
Not departing, or returning without LicenceHigh Treason. Ib. Ib.
Fee for Licence. 6. Ib.
Receiving greater FeePenalty 20. Ib. Ib.
Procuring, receiving, &c. any Charter of Pardon, Grant of Title of Honor, &c. under the late King James, or claiming Benefit thereof in England or Ireland High Treason. 7. Ib.
Persons having received, &c. the same since 11th Dec. 1688 to deliver the same up, or in Default High Treason. Ib. Ib.
Persons delivering up the same indemnifield. 8. Ib.
Persons indicted, &c. under this Act entitled to the Benefit of Stat. 7 & 8 W.III.c.3. 9. Ib.
Grants of Estates forfeited by this Act void. 10. Ib.
For the Attainder of the pretended Prince of Wales of High Treason. 13 &14 W. III.c.3. 739
The pretended Prince of Wales convicted, and attainted of High Treason. 1. Ib.
Holding Correspondence with or aiding with Money, &c. the said pretended Prince of Wales or his AgentsHigh Treason. 2. Ib.
Offences out of the Realm laid in England. 3. Ib.

Treasurer of the Davy See Davy and Dronance.

Tunnage and Poundage

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Continued till 1st Aug. 1706. 8 &9W. III.c. 20.1.exp. 220
Further Subsidy.A Tunnage of 15 above other Duties on French Prize Wine for Three Years, 2 & 3 Ann.c. 9.5. 8 &9 W. III. c.24.exp. 259
For granting to His Majesty a further Subsidy of Tunnage and Poundage towards raising the Yearly Sum of 700,000 for the Service of His Majesty's Household, and other Uses therein mentioned, during His Majesty's Life. 9 W. III.c.23. 382
Grant of Tunnage upon Wine imported during His Majesty's Life. 1. Ib.
Duties upon French Wines, Sweet Wines, Rhenish WinesWines landed at Out Ports and then brought to London, how to pay. Ib. 383
Rates the same as in the Book of Rates. 9 W. III. c. 23. 1. 383
Stat. 12 Car. II. c. 4. Grant of Poundage upon Goods imported during His Majesty's Life, according to the said Book of Rates.Two-third Subsidies continued for ever, 7 Ann. c. 7. 22. Ib. Ib.
Proviso for levying Rates where not mentioned in the Book of Rates. Ib. Ib.
Exception of certain Wines, Fish, and Bestial, and Goods described as Custom free in the Book of Rates, and Goods used in dying.See 9 W. III. c. 45. 3. Note (a)as to Whale Fins, Blubber, &c. Ib. Ib.
How Drugs imported from Place of Growth charged, and Spicery, except Pepper, and Linen and Foreign Silks, and Wrought Silks, and Tobacco and Wines herein mentioned. 2. Ib.
Subsidy of 1d. repaid on Plantation Tobacco imported and again exported Ib. Ib.
Allowances and Abatement.See 12 Ann. Stat. 2. c. 8. 3.9 G.I.c. 21. 3.21 G.III.c.16. 5. as to Tobacco, and as to present State of theDuties on Tobacco, 29 G.III. c.68. and Statutes there cited, 43 G.III. c.68. Sched. A.inwards, and Table C. 49 G. III. c. 98. Sched. A. inwards, and Table B. 3. Ib.
Duties raised under Management of Customs, and paid into the Exchequer. 4. 383,384
Powers, &c. of Stat. 12 Car. II.c.4. and all other Acts in force applied.See IG.II. Stat.1.c.1. Ib. 384
Drawback upon Exportation of imported Plantation Sugars. 5. Ib.
Proportional Drawback of 3s. on every Cwt. of such Sugars exported, on Oath of Production, &c.These Drawbacks made to cease and Bounties granted, 5 G.III. c. 45.14. 6. Ib.
Three Months allowed for Payment of Duty upon Plantation Tobacco, on Security.18Months allowed, 12 Ann. Stat. 2.c.8. 2. but appears to be expired. 7. Ib.
Discount upon prompt Payment.Duties on Tobacco made to cease, and new Duties imposed, 29 G. III. c.68. but see note to Section 3. sup. Ib. Ib.
West India Ginger, how to pay.The Duties on Ginger, and the others in the preceding Sections, or such as remained, made to cease, 27 G.III. c. 13. 1.43 G. III. c. 68. 1.49 G.III. c. 98. 1. 8. Ib.
Cut Whalebone imported, forfeited, and Penalty of Double the Value.And a further Penalty of 30, and on the Master of the Ship importingPenalty of 50. 4 & 5 Ann.c. 12. 6. 9. Ib.
Proviso for Repayment, or Drawback of Duties on Exportation by English Merchant within Twelve Months, or by Alien within Nine Months (a) of Foreign Goods charged with Tunnage and PoundageException. 9 W.III.c. 23. 10. 384
On Certificate of Entry and Payment of Duty, and Oath of Importer and Exporter. Ib. Ib.
Proviso respecting the above excepted Goods.(a)These 12 and 9 Months enlarged to Three Years, 7 G. I. Stat. 1. c. 21. 10. Drawback made to cease, and Allowance in lieu thereof, 5 G. III. c. 45. 14.; but see 27 G.III. c. 13. 1.43 G. III. c. 68. 1.49 G.III. c. 98. 1. Ib. 385
If the said Duties produce more than the said 700,000, per Ann. Overplus not to be disposed of without the Authority of Parliament.As to repeal of the Overplus, 12 &13. W. III. c. 12. 4. 11. Ib.
All Grants thereof in such Case void, and Grantees incapable to hold the same.See 1 G.I. Stat. 1.c.1.1 G. II. Stat. 1.c.1.1 G. III. c.1. Ib. Ib.


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For the more easy Recovery of Small Tythes. 7 & 8 W.III. c.6. 62
Small Tythes, &c. to be paid to Persons entitled according to the Customs, &c. of Parishes. 1. Ib.
If not paid within 20 Days from Demand, Complaint to Two Justices not interested. Ib. Ib.
Such Justices may summon in Writing Persons against whom Complaint made, and upon Appearance, or Default and Proof of Summons, may determine and give Compensation for Tythes and Costs. 2. Ib.
Party neglecting, &c. to pay Money adjudgedDistressAnd after Three Days may sell the same, rendering the Overplus to Owner. 3. Ib.
Such Justices may administer Oaths to Witnesses. 4. Ib.
Proviso for London, and other Places where Tythes settled by Act of Parliament. 5. Ib.
Limitation of Complaint. 6. Ib.
Appeal to Quarter SessionsCosts. 7. Ib.
Proceedings not removed, unless Title of Tythes come in Question. Ib. 63
Persons insisting upon Modusses, &c. giving Security for Costs. 8. Ib.
Justices may forbear to give Judgment, and Complainant may sue in any other Court. Ib. Ib.
Party obtaining Judgment out of Sessions, to procure Judgment to be enrolled at Quarter Sessions. 9. Ib.
Fee to Clerk of the Peace. 7 & 8 W.III. c. 6. 9. 63
Judgment enrolled and Satisfaction paid, a good Bar to Rector, &c. Ib. Ib.
Proceedings against Party against whom Judgment had, and before levy of Damages, removing out of the County, &c. 10. Ib.
Limitation of Complaint before this Act. 11. Ib.
Justices determining, may give Costs to Party prosecuted. 12. Ib.
Double Costs on Nonsuit, &c.See 53 G.III. c. 127. 4. 13 Ib.
Suit in Exchequer under 408, not to have Benefit of this Act. 7 & 8 W.III. c. 6. 14. 63
Continuance of Act.This Act made perpetual, 3 & 4 Ann.c. 18. 1. 15. Ib.
For continuing the Act for the more easy Recovery of Small Tythes. 10 W.III. c. 21. 532
Stat. 7 & 8 W. III. c. 6. continued for Seven Years.Made perpetual, 3 & 4 Ann. c. 18. 1. Ib. Ib.