William III, 1700 & 1701: The Private Acts

Pages 729-730

Statutes of the Realm: Volume 7, 1695-1701. Originally published by Great Britain Record Commission, s.l, 1820.

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Item quedam Petitiones privatas Personas concernentes in se form Actuum continentes exhibite fuerunt predicto Domino Regi in Parliamento predicto quorum Tituli subscribuntur viz (fn. 1).

i. An Act for the more speedy Payment of the Creditors of James late Duke of Ormond and of the present Duke of Ormond

ij. An Act to enable the Right Honourable Elizabeth Viscountess Bulkley of Cashells in the Kingdom of Ireland to sell certain Lands in the County of Devon and City and County of the City of Exon for the Payment of Debts.

iij. An Act to enable Robert Lord Viscount Kilmorey of the Kingdom of Ireland (being an Infant) to settle divers Mannors [Lands (fn. 1) ] and Hereditaments in the Kingdom of England upon a Treaty of Marriage.

iiij. An Act to enable Sir Charles Barrington Baronet to settle a Joynture and make Provision for his younger Children

v. An Act to enable Sir Robert Marsham Knight and Baronet to dispose of Lands in Hertfordshire and to settle other Lands of better Value in Kent to the same Uses as the Lands in Hertfordshire are settled

vj. An Act for erecting Hospitals and Workhouses within the Borough of Kings Lynn in the County of Norfolke for the better imploying and maintaining the Poor there.

vij. An Act for erecting a Court of Request or Conscience in the City and County of the City of Norwich for the Recovery of small Debts under Forty Shillings.

viij. An Act to enable Stephen Jermyn to make Provision for his Younger Children and for the Advancement of his eldest Son.

viiij. An Act for the vesting and settling divers Mannors and Lands in South Pickenham and other Places in the County of Norfolke in Trustees to be sold and for laying out the Moneys arising by Sale thereof in the Purchase of other Lands to be settled to such and the same Uses as the said Mannors and Lands so to be vested are and stand settled

x. An Act for discharging a Mortgage upon the Estate of Peter Trevisa Esquire deceased and providing a Maintenance for his Widow and Children

xj. An Act for the more speedy Payment of the Debts of Christopher Killiow Esquire and for the raising Portions and Maintenance for his Brothers and Sisters in pursuance of his Fathers Will

xij. An Act for vesting the Estate of Humphrey Hide Esquire deceased in Trustees for raising Portions for his younger Children.

xiij. An Act for furnishing the Town of New Deal with fresh Water.

xiiij. An Act for vesting a Messuage and Lands in Stevenage in the County of Hertford the Estate of Richard Nodes in Trustees to be sold for making a Provision for his Wife and Children equal to the Provision secured to them out of the said Estate

xv. An Act for Sale of the Estate of William Davison Esquire deceased for Payment of Debts and raising his Childrens Portions charged thereupon.

xvj. An Act for separating James Earl of Anglesea from Katharine Countess of Anglesea his Wife for the Cruelty of the said Earl

xvij An Act for dissolving the Marriage of Sir John Dillon with Mary Boyle and for other Purposes therein mentioned

xviij. An Act to dissolve the Marriage of Ralph Box with Elizabeth Eyre and to enable him to marry again

xviiij An Act for the vesting several Messuages Lands and Tenements belonging to John Fawconer Esquire in Trustees to be sold for Payment of Debts

xx. An Act for transferring a Trust in Lands belonging to the City of London unto new Trustees

xxj. An Act for removing the County Goal of Hertford

xxij. An Act for the better performance of the last Will of Henry Apsley Esquire deceased

xxiij. An Act for vesting the Estate of Thomas Bennet late of Newton cum Barton in the County of Chester in Trustees for the Use of the poor of Westkirby pursuant to the Will of the said Thomas Bennet

xxiiij. An Act to enable William Vaughan Esqr and Frances Vaughan his intended Wife (being both under the Age of One and twenty Years) to perform Articles made for their Marriage

xxv. An Act to change the Sirname of Ellis Mews and his Heirs to the Sirname Saint John.

xxvj. An Act for making [good (fn. 2) ] the Deficiency of the Charges of making a Way out of Chancery Lane into Lincolns Inn Fields

xxvij. An Act for declaring the Will of Sir Joseph Herne Knight dated the Twenty fifth Day of February One thousand six hundred ninety eight to be taken and esteemed the last Will of the said Sir Joseph Herne.

xxviij. An Act for naturalizing Jane Barkstead Widow and vesting several Mortgages and Securities in her to enable her to convey or assign the same

xxviiij. An Act for naturalizing Archibald Arthur and enabling him to dispose of his Estate

xxx. An Act for naturalizing Jacob Auguste Pyngot and others.

xxxj. An Act for naturalizing Adrian Lofland and others

xxxij. An Act to enable Sir Thomas Stanley Bart to charge certain Mannors and Lands in the County of Lancaster with Three hundred Pounds for Payment of his Sisters Portions and his Debts

xxxiij. An Act for the Sale of the Estate of James Deane and for securing the Moneys raised thereby for the benefit of himself and Family according to the Settlement thereof

xxxiiij. An Act to enable Richard Bigg to charge Part of his Estate in the County of Hertford and Bedford with the Payment of his Debts

xxxv. An Act for naturalizing Peter Bagneol Daniel Senault and others

xxxvj. An Act for naturalizing Gasper Cordoso Herman Vant Wedde and others.


  • 1. interlined on the Roll.
  • 2. interlined on the Roll.