Addenda and corrigenda to volume 6

The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 6. Originally published by W Bristow, Canterbury, 1798.

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Edward Hasted, 'Addenda and corrigenda to volume 6', The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 6, (Canterbury, 1798), pp. 571-580. British History Online [accessed 16 June 2024].

Edward Hasted. "Addenda and corrigenda to volume 6", in The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 6, (Canterbury, 1798) 571-580. British History Online, accessed June 16, 2024,

Hasted, Edward. "Addenda and corrigenda to volume 6", The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 6, (Canterbury, 1798). 571-580. British History Online. Web. 16 June 2024,

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PAGE 3, line 27. LADY Wenman died in 1787, and her son Philip, viscount Wenman, and Mrs. Anne Herbert, are now jointly possessed of it.


PAGE 4, line 7 from the bottom. After John Russell, esq. add Mr. John Marsh, surgeon, resides in it.

Line 5 from the bottom. At the east end of Moore-street is a new-built genteel farm-house, belonging to Moorestreetfarm, the property of Leonard Bartholomew, esq. of Addington.


Page 19, last line but three. It is now become the property of Mr. Francis Barrow.


Page 40, line 3 from the bottom. For covered read northward.

Page 62, line 3. Wormedale is now in the possession of Mrs. Mary Finch.

Page 63, line 6. Mr. Westbrook is dead, and his widow now possesses Keycole farm.


Page 68, line 20. There are several plantations of young fruits trees, and those of hops are now very few.

Last line but three. Heart's Delight cannot be deemed an hamlet, there being but two houses in it.

Page 73, line 15. For Marsh read March. Criols is now in the possession of Mr. Thomas March's executors, till his daughter Sarah comes of age, to whom he devised it, and not to his son Thomas.

Page 74, line 3. Jemmett and Marshall afterwards, in 1793, divided the estates left to them by Mr. Grove, and this of Posiers, with Uigo, alias Gorts manor, became the property of Mr. Marshall solely, who sold it to Mr. Henry Wife, who resides at Posiers.

Last line but seven. The farm in Wood, or Hoad-street, formerly the Allen's, afterwards became the property of Mrs. Susanna Hendress, of Rochester, after whose death it came to the Messrs. Sutherlands, who sold it to Mr. John Vinson, the present owner, who resides at it.

Page 75, line 20. The estate of Wrens continued in the name of Allen, of Boley-hill, in Rochester, a different family from those of Hoad-street, till Mr. Netter Lacy, who by will in 1756, gave it to his son-in-law Mr. Robert Lacy, of Maidstone, and afterwards to his three daughters, from whom and their heirs it was sold in 1788, to William Wife, gent. of Borden, who has since sitted up the house, and his son Mr. John Wise resides at it.

Page 78, line 5. Borden-hall is now occupied by Mr. Robert Matson, a descendant of the Seager family.


Page 93, line 16. West Hyde, esq. was lieutenant-general in the army, and died in 1797, and his heirs now possess Uston manor.

Page 94, line 18. Gore-court is at present occupied only by servants.

Page 96, line 21. Tunstall-house now belongs to the Rev. Mr. Richard Bland's widow and his two sons. Mr. Whitfield Breton at present resides in it.

Page 98, note.z Mr. Pennington resigned Kingsdown in 1786, and being patron of that rectory presented his eldest son to it.


Page 98. The road through this parish to Sittingborne and Milton, which passes through this village, has a tolerable thoroughfare, and a considerable traffic is carried on through it by carriages of various descriptions, from below the hill to the keys of Milton and Sittingborne, loaded with corn, hops, wood, &c. for London and other parts; and coals, ashes, coke, and other materials are conveyed back again in them to the different villages below Hollingborne-hill. The land in this parish is very much improved of late, by being laid down with various kinds of seeds, and spread with coal ashes from London, as well as by the flocks of sheep solded and sed on them.

Page 99, line 5. Mr. Samuel Wood now resides in the house belonging to Mr. Pattison.

Line 7. After the Rev. Mr. Marsh, rector of Bicknor, add he greatly improved the house, and afterwards resided in it. He died in 1797, and left his estate in see to his only daughter Sarah Marsh.

Page 99, line 25. BEXON, or Baxton, is now called CROMPS, alias Baxton.

Page 100, line 12. CROMPS, alias Baxton, was sold in 1797 by George Best, esq to Mr. William Wife, senior, of Borden, the present owner of it.

THERE is another manor in this parish, stiled THE MANOR, or YOKE OF PETER DODSWELL, alias BAXON, which was formerly possessed by the Watts's, and afterwards by the Grayling's; it is now the property of Thomas Fagge and Mildred his wife.

THERE IS HERE likewise a small manor, called BUTTERS, which formerly belonged to George Isles, esq. of Deptford, who devised it to admiral Evans, and he sold it to Mr. Thomas Pye, the present owner of it.

Page 102, line 20. James Chapman, esq. died at his estate called Petts, in Bredgar, in 1797, and devised this, among other estates, to trustees, for the benefit of the ten children of Mr. William Dyne, of Milton, near Sittingborne, to be equally divided between them. See further of them under Eastchurch, p. 575.

Page 103, line 27. Edward Jeffery was succeeded in his interest as lessee of the chantry, by his son Thomas Jeffery, who sold it to Mr. Robert Matson, of Borden, the present lessee of it.

Page 106. The Rev. James Downes is the present vicar of Bredgar.


Page 107, line 20. Mr. Tylden has much enlarged the house at Torry-hill, where he resides.

Page 110, line 12. Hogshaws, the seat of Richard Tylden, esq. is the court-lodge of the manor of Milsted.


Page 113, line I. For are wood read is wood.

Line 10. For it read it.

Page 116. Thomas Pennington, the present rector of Kingsdown, was in 1798 presented to the rectory of Thorley, in Hertfordshire, which he holds with this rectory.


Page 134, line 19. Scuddington is now the property of Mr. John Stunt, and Mr. Edward Blaxland, jun.

Page 140, line 19 and 23. For Huggessen read Hugessen.


Page 150. The present rector's name is John Hargrave Standen.


Page 158, line 2. Mr. Drake left three surviving sons and two daughters, in whom, and the daughters of his eldest son William Drake, esq. jun. of Amersham, deceased, the interest in his several Kentish estates is now vested. See Preston, near Faversham.

After will, add to Mr. Valentine Simpson, of this parish.

Page 163. To notee add he lies buried at Bromley, in this county.


Page 167, line 20. Add the Rev. Mr. J. Lough, perpetual curate of Iwade, but resident in the town of Milton in 1782, established a grammar-school for young gentlemen here, and though the prospect of success was very hazardous, yet, by his attention and perseverance, greatly to his praise, succeeded in it to the utmost of his wishes. His school is now in such good repute, that it consists of between forty and fifty boarders, and as many day scholars, and is continually increasing in number.

Page 190, line 5 from the bottom. The lease of the parsonage was sold to Mr. George Rigden, of Wingham, whose executors are now possessed of it.


PAGE 193, line 13. After house, add, which they have named GORE-HILL.

PAGE 202, line 7 from the bottom. Add, This portion of tithes, arising from a part only of this parish, including Bobbing-court, &c. and a farm belonging to it, called Parsonagefarm, was the property of the late Cockin Sole, esq. and was sold in pursuance of his will in 1796, to Mr. Valentine Simpson, of Sittingborne, who is the present owner of them.


Page 223, line 23. The representatives of the late Savile Finch transferred their interest in it to Mr. John Swist, of this parish, the present lessee of it.

Page 224, line 9 from the bottom The interest of this lease became vested in Claude Crespigny, esq since whose decease it is become vested in his representatives.

Page 228, line 9 from the bottom. The rectory or parsonage of Minster has since been sold to Mr. William Hopson, who now owns it, but the advowson still remains as before.


Page 258, line 15. Mr. James Chapman, at his death in 1797, gave this estate, now called Little Shurland, alias the Parsonage, among others in this county, by will to trustees, for the benefit of the ten children of Mr. William Dyne, of Milton, by his sister Essield, deceased, viz. William, John, Chapman; Mary, wife of Nicholas Woolett; Effield, of the Rev. Joseph Messester; Eleanor, of William Castle; Margaret, Sophia, Jemima, and Amy.


Page 262, line 10 from the bottom. The daughters of Richard Hart, afterwards married, Mary to John Bristow, jun. gent, of Sussex; Elizabeth to James Jell, gent, of the same county, and Diana-Hosier to Thomas Bennett, esq. of Faversham; and on the division of their estates, the patronage of this rectory was allotted to the two latter in right of their wives, and they now continue joint owners of it.


Page 266, line 1. After occupier of it, add, Mr. James Foord, of Whitehill, in Ospringe.

Page 268, line 18. For F. R. S. read F. S. A.

Line 10 from the bottom. Mrs. Jacob is now possessed of this estate.


Page 274, line 8. Read, it was conveyed by sale by Sir Edward and his eldest son Edward Hales, esq. to George Gipps, esq.


Page 282, line 7. Thomas Buck, esq. is now of Acton, in Middlesex.


Page 288, line 6 from the bottom. Frogenhall has been since sold to Mr. William Fairman, the occupier, who is the present owner of it.

Page 292, line 19. Eastward of Barrow-green, near the boundaries of this parish, adjoining to Buckland, is a hamlet, called Dearson-street.

Page 295, line 2. Tenham parsonage has been sold by the Kempe's to Mr. Gillow, of St. Nicholoas, in Thanet, but Mr. Kempe still occupies it.


Page 297, line 7 from the bottom. Mr. John Barling, son of the late Mr. John Smith Barling, now resides at Nowdes.

Page 301, line 19. Filmer Honywood, esq. is the present tenant of Lodge house.

Page 305, line 10. Sir John Roper, the first lord Teynham, who died in 1618, lies buried in the vault made by him under the south chancel. In the chancel is a noble altar tomb of marble, with the figures of him and his lady lying at full length on it. His son Christopher, lord Teynham, lies buried in it likewise; and in the chancel is an handsome tomb of marble, with his effigies in armour on it, in full proportion, and that of his wife, who survived him, both kneeling before an open book on a reading desk. Several of the family of Greenstreet lie buried in the middle isle.


Page 314. Mr. Duppa, of Hollingborne, resides at Downe-court, during the rebuilding of his house at Hollingborne-hill.


Page 319, line 2. For Lypyeatt read Lipyeatt.

Page 335, line 12. After Lewis add Thomas.

Page 336, line 28. Mr. Stephen Gillow left three daughters his coheirs, Elizabeth, Catherine, and Anne. His widow Mrs. Gillow now resides in it, who has since her husband's death much improved the house of Cooksditch, by adding two handsome wings to it.

Page 338, line 6 from the bottom. Ewell manor, after the death of Mr. Thomas Gillow, of St. Nicholas, who had purchased it in 1723, descended jointly, among other estates, to Thomas Gillow, of St. Nicholas, and the Stephen Gillow, of Cooksditch; and on the division of their property, it became the sole property of the latter, whose widow Mrs. Gillow now possesses the whole of it.

Page 371, The Rev. Mr. Halke, the present vicar of Faversham, holds the vicarage of Selling with it by dispensation.


Page 372, line 6 from the bottom. After alderman of Canterbury, add, and late mayor of that city.

Page 376, line 10 from the bottom. For Bennet read Bennett.

Page 380, line 10 from the bottom. Add, from the Sherwins the church of Davington has since passed in like manner as the manor and priory, to Thomas Bennett, esq. the present owner and patron of it.


Page 389, line 10 from the bottom. The Ham estate is divided into Great and Little Ham, of the former, which is freehold, part of it only lies in this parish, and the remainder, being the greatest part of it, as well as all Little Ham, lies in the parish of Preston. The latter belongs to the dean and chapter of Canterbury, and was lately held, together with Copton, in Preston, by the late James Jeffrys, esq. who sold his interest in the lease of it to John Waller, esq. of Perry, who now possesses it.


Page 393. There is no village in it, only nine houses interspersed in different parts of it, though there is some good corn land, there is yet some very light in it, Mrs. Brydges's farm is called Little Buckland.

Page 395, line 3. Mr. Waller now resides at Perry, in Preston.


Page 396. It is a very small parish, irregular in shape, about half a mile across each way, and contains only about 150 acres.


Page 401. The parish is about a mile and an half across each way, it contains between 7 and 800 acres of arable, and about 50 of woodland.

Page 402, line 16. RUSHITT now belongs to Mrs. Bennet's children.

Line 17. The estates of Loiterton and Stuppington both belong to lord Teynham.

Page 405, line 4. NORTON COURT is at present occupied by Captain Finlay.


Page 413. The parish contains by computation near 1800 acres, one third of which is woodland and pasture. It extends from the valley towards Easling about half a mile, and towards Otterden about a mile and an half.

Page 418, line 22. After devises, add, who have since sold it to Mr. Ashbye, the present occupier of it.

Page 420. After last line, add, there is only one acre and an half of glebe belonging to the vicarage.

Eight acres of land in this parish, now part of Mr. Pinke's estate, claim an exemption from tithes, they are said to have formerly belonged to the priory of Davington.


Page 426, line 4. Mr. William Jemmett and Mr. William Marshall afterwards, in 1793, made a division of these estates, in which this of North-court was allotted Mr. Marshall, and he is now sole owner of it.

Page 430, line 6. On the division of their estates in 1793, this manor of Huntingfield, with its appendages in Ulcombe and Sheldwich, were allotted to Mr. Marshall, who is now the sole possessor of them.


Page 479, line 10. I am informed that only those manors and estates, which came by the will of the earl of Rockingham to the late Lewis, lord Sondes, descended to his eldest son the present Lewis-Thomas, lord Sondes, and that those which the late lord had at any time purchased, were again bought by the present lord Sondes of the devisees, under his father's will, and that the purchase money of them went to his younger brothers.


Page 492, line 4. This estate of Copsole farm was purchased by the present lord Sondes, of the devisees of his father's will.

Page 494, line 22. See additions above to Huntingfield, in Easling.

Page 496, line 6. Southouse lands were purchased by the presented lord Sondes, of the devises of his father's will.


Page 511, line 18. Mr. P. Greenstreet sold the mansion only, with the demesne lands, or farm of Plumpford, and the manor, with the demesne lands or farm of Painters, to Sir Henry Furnese, which descended down as there mentioned, to the Earl of Guildford, the present owner of them; but THE MANOR OF PLUMPFORD, with those of DENTON and Scooks, alias SCROOKS, in this parish likewise, passed into the name of Grove, in which it continued till Rich. Grove, esq. of London, dying s. p. in 1792, devised them to Mr. William Jemmett and Mr. William Marshall, who next year made a partition of the estates left to them by Mr. Grove, in which these above-mentioned in Ospringe, were allotted to Mr. William Jemmett, who is now the sole possessor of them.

PAGE 512, line 21. BAVELL, or Bayfield farm, was purchased of the assignees of Dewy Parker, esq. by John Montresor, esq. the present owner of it.

PAGE 514, line 22. Mr. John Toker is now, in right of his wife, wholly entitled to this estate.

PAGE 526, line 6 from the bottom. Mrs. Marsh, of Boughton-street, widow of Terrey Marsh, esq. is the present possessor of the lease of this parsonage, and occupies it herself.


Page 537, line 27. After, as heirs to their father, add, and the daughters of William Drake, jun. deceased, this manor and the rest of his estates in this county are now vested.