Appendix 2: Competitors and published designs

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APPENDIX II. The County Hall Competition, 1907–8: List of Competitors and Published Designs

The County Hall competition produced a total of 107 designs – 99 in the preliminary stage, plus those of the eight architects invited into the second stage. The designs of the fifteen architects or architectural partnerships who won through to this stage and those of the invited architects were all published. But of the other 84 designs only 23 were published, and as no complete list of entries appears to have survived, if, indeed one was ever made, the identity of most of the competitors remains unknown.

The original competition drawings were returned to the competitors, and it is remarkable that so few of them have come to light. A complete set for H. Percy Adams & C. H. Holden's entry, which was not published, are in the RIBA Drawings Collection, as are some for Beresford Pite's. Two of C. Stanley Peach's elevations are in the possession of Stanley Peach & Partners. A full set of plans for Knott's winning design, with the required elevations and sections, are in the GLRO.

All the known competitors are listed below, together with an indication where their designs were published (if at all). The principal source of information about the competition entries is Alexander Koch's London County Council Hall Final Competition which came out shortly after the result was announced in February 1908 (K). This reproduces all twenty-three designs in the second stage, plus six unsuccessful designs from the first stage. The four principal journals of the architectural and building press – The Architect & Contract Reporter (A), The British Architect (BA), The Builder (B), and The Building News (BN) – all published a selection of the competition entries between 1907 and 1909. Inevitably there was a lot of overlap, but each journal published one or more designs from the first stage which the others ignored. The published designs often included perspectives, although these were specifically excluded from the competition itself. Nineteen competitors exhibited their designs at the Royal Academy (RA) in 1908 or 1909.

Invited Architects

1. John Belcher: (K), (BN)

2. William Flockhart: (K), (A), (B), (BN), (RA)

3. Ernest George & Yeates: (K), (BN)

4. H. T. Hare: (K), (A), (B), (BN)

5. T. G. Jackson: (K), (A), (B), (BN)

6. E. L. Lutyens: (K), (BN), (RA)

7. E. W. Mountford: (K), (A), (BN)

8. Nicholson & Corlette: (K), (BN), (RA)

Architects successful in Preliminary Competition

9. R. F. Atkinson: (K), (A), (B), (BN), (RA)

10. Hippolyte J. Blanc: (K), (B), (RA)

11. G. Washington Browne: (K), (B), (RA)

12. T. Davison: (K), (BA), (BN)

13. M. J. Dawson: (K)

14. J. B. Fulton: (K), (B), (BN)

15. O. R. Gardner & S. Woods Hill: (K), (BN)

16. William Haywood: (K), (B), (BN), (RA)

17. Houston & Horne: (K), (BA)

18. Jemmet & McCombie: (K), (B)

19. Ralph Knott: (K), (A), (BA), (B), (BN), (RA)

20. Marshall Mackenzie & Son: (K), (B)

21. Russell & Cooper: (K), (A), (B), (BN), (RA)

22. Warwick & Hall: (K), (A), (B), (BN), (RA)

23. C. Young & E. W. Poley: (K), (BN)

Architects unsuccessful in the Preliminary Competition

24. H. Percy Adams & C. H. Holden

25. A. Cantoni, of Paris and Milan

26. Cressy & Keighley: (RA)

27. Alfred S. W. Cross: (BN), (RA)

28. Crouch, Butler & Savage: (BN)

29. J. E. Dixon-Spain & A. C. Allen: (A)

30. Gibbs & Flockton: (BA)

31. Groll, Wallis, Huntley & Treacher: (BA)

32. Edwin T. Hall: (A), (BN), (RA)

33. Stanley Hamp: (K), (BA), (BN), (RA)

34. W. Ernest Hazell & H. Paul Willoughby: (A)

35. R. Allsebrooke Hinds & Jules Deperthes: (K)

36. Horsley, Naylor & Pearce: (BA)

37. Alex. Koch & J. Herbert Belfrage: (K)

38. H. V. Lanchester & E. A. Rickards: (BA), (B), (RA)

39. Percy Lovell & Hubert Bulman: (A)

40. Nicol & Nicol: (A)

41. 'Monsieur Normand', of Paris

42. C. Stanley Peach: (RA) (fn. 1)

43. Beresford Pite: (BN)

44. Edward Turner Powell

45. Arthur & Walter Reid & East: (K), (A), (BA)

46. C. H. Reilly: (BN), (RA)

47. Salmon, Son & Gillespie: (BA)

48. Adrian Gilbert Scott: (B), (RA)

49. William Stewart: (BA)

50. Treadwell & Martin: (K), (RA)

51. Harold A. Woodington: (K)


  • 1. A modified version of Peach's design, dated 1908, by the noted perspectivist, S. D. Adshead, was published in the Liverpool Architectural Sketch-Book (1910).