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Pages 7-8

Survey of London Monograph 3, Old Palace, Bromley-By-Bow. Originally published by Guild & School of Handicraft, London, 1901.

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1 Block Plan, showing old Palace and adjoining buildings in relation to present Board School (measured drawing) Ernest Godman.
2 General view of Palace from North-east (drawing) F. C. Varley.
3 Ground Plan (measured drawing) Ernest Godman.
4 First Floor Plan " " " "
5 Elevation of East Front (measured drawing) " "
6 Section looking South " " " "
7 View of Palace and adjoining buildings from Ernest Godman and the South F. C. Varley.
8 Carved stone, with date, on South side of house (drawing) Ernest Godman.
9 Fireplace in State room (photo)
10 Fireplace, panelling, and carved frieze in State room (measured drawing) H. Clapham Lander.
11 Details of carving and moulding of fireplace in State room (measured drawing) " "
12 Detail of carved panel in fireplace of State room (drawing) H. C. Lander and A. Waddington.
" carved stone fireplace, North-west room on first floor (measured drawing) Ernest Godman.
" oak doorway from main staircase to State room (measured drawing) " "
13 Fireplace & panelling of State room, as re-erected in South Kensington Museum (photo) H. Clapham Lander.
14 Detail of upper part of fireplace in State room (photo) " "
15-16 Detail of pilaster and carving, fireplace in State room (photo) " "
17 Panelling with carved pilaster and part of ceiling from State room (photo) South Ken. Museum.
18 Carved pilaster of State room and original oak window (drawing) Arthur E. Nutter.
19 Ceiling of State room (drawing) Ernest A. Mann.
20 Arms of James I., ceiling of State room (drawing) " "
21 Portions of ceiling of State room, showing Royal Arms and figure of Hector (photos) South Ken. Museum.
22 Ceiling in 'Panel room,' Balcarres House, Fife, N.B. (photo) South Ken. Museum.
23 North-west room, ground floor, showing part of ceiling and frieze (photo) " "
24 Ceiling in North-west room, ground floor (photo) " "
25 Panel in ceiling, North-west room, ground floor (drawing) F. C. Varley.
26 Ditto (photo) South Ken. Museum.
27 Ditto (photo) " "
28 Ceiling from room on first floor (photos) " "
29 Ditto (photo) " "
30-33 Details of modelled plaster from ceilings— panels, ornaments on ribs, and friezes (four lithographs) F. C. Varley.
34 Frieze from room on first floor (photo) South Ken. Museum.
35 Staircase, south end of house (drawing) Ernest Godman.
36 Decoration on brickwork of chimney stack, south side of house " "
37 Conjectural view of Palace & adjoining buildings, as originally designed (drawing) " "