The Royal Hospital: Bibliographical notes

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Survey of London: Volume 11, Chelsea, Part IV: the Royal Hospital. Originally published by London County Council, London, 1927.

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The following works, copies of all of which are in the Chelsea Public Library, deal exclusively with the Royal Hospital:—

An Historical and Descriptive Account of the Royal Hospital and the Royal Military Asylum at Chelsea; to which is prefixed, an Account of King James's College at Chelsea, [by Thomas Faulkner.] Sm. 8°. pp. 115, illus. 1805. Pr. for T. Faulkner, Paradise-Row, Chelsea.

(Note. The Library possesses the original manuscript of this work.)

Papers presented to the House of Commons relating to the building a New Infirmary, and Leasing of Ground at Chelsea Hospital. fo. pp. 11, plans. Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 20th April, 1809.

Further Papers [as above]. fo. pp. 32, plans. Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 10th May, 1809.

Chelsea Hospital and its Traditions, by the Author of "The Country Curate," &c. [Rev. G. R. Gleig.] 8°. 3 vols. 1838. Richard Bentley.

— Another ed. Sm. 8°. pp. x., 465, port. 1839. Richard Bentley.

The prefatory matter only relates to the history of the Royal Hospital.

Papers illustrative of the Origin and Early History of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea; compiled in the Secretary's Office at that Institution. Roy. 8°. pp. 344, plans. 1872. Pr. by George E. Eyre and William Spottiswoode.

Hand-book for Visitors to Chelsea Hospital. New ed. Published with the sanction of the Commissioners. 8°. pp. 62, plan. 1885. Pr. by Eyre and Spottiswoode.

Report of Committee on Chelsea and Kilmainham Hospitals, together with Minutes of Evidence and Appendices. fo. pp. 130. 1894. Pr. for H.M. Stationery Office.

The Appendices to this Parliamentary Paper are of historical interest.

The Royal Hospital at Chelsea, by Lieut.-Col. N. Newnham-Davis. Sm. 4°. pp. 32, illus. 1912. Raphael Tuck & Sons, Ltd.

In the following works occur notices of the Royal Hospital at different periods:—

A Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster, &c., by John Stow. 6th ed. 1754. Vol. 1, pp. 165–170 on Chelsea College; pp. 238– 239 on the Hospital.

The Environs of London, by the Rev. Daniel Lysons. 1795. Vol. 2, Middlesex, pp. 149–166, illus.

An Historical, &c., Description of Chelsea and its environs, by Thomas Faulkner. 1810. pp. 155–204, illus.

— Later ed. 1829. Vol. 2, pp. 234–295, illus.

London and Middlesex, by J. Norris Brewer. 1816. Vol. 4, pp. 70–81, illus.

Old and New London, by Edward Walford. No date (c. 1873). Vol. 5, pp. 70–76, illus.

The Village of Palaces; or, Chronicles of Chelsea, by the Rev. A. G. L'Estrange. 1880. Vol. 2, pp. 1–38.

Old Chelsea, by Benjamin E. Martin. 1889. pp. 66–86, illus.

Memorials of Old Chelsea, by Alfred Beaver. 1892. pp. 260–293, illus.

An Illustrated Historical Handbook to the Parish of Chelsea, by Reginald Blunt. 1900. pp. 127–141, plan, illus.

The Fascination of London. Chelsea, by G. E. Mitton (Lady Scott). 1902. pp. 67–88.

Paradise Row, by Reginald Blunt. 1906. pp. 126–161, illus., are on Walpole House and the Royal Hospital Infirmary.

London North of the Thames, by Sir Walter Besant. 1911. pp. 72–82, illus.


The following list contains all the items which have been brought to the notice of the London Survey Committee:—


King James's "Controversy" College

(The sizes given are those of the engraved part of each plate.)

Chelsea College as originally intended. Published June 27th, 1788, by S. Hooper. 6½X611/16.

King James Colledge at Chelsey. To the Revd. Wm. Haggitt A M, Chaplain of the Royal Hospital; this plate is respectfully inscribed, by his humble Servant Thos. Faulkner. Barlow sculp. 47/8X3¼.

Original drawing in sepia for (or from) above, without inscription. 47/8X25/8.

Royal Hospital, Chelsea

Oil painting: The Royal Hospital, Chelsea. By Daniel Turner, 1804.

Water-colour drawings

Entrance Gateway of Chelsea College. Augt. 2, 1827. 18½X12¼.

[Chelsea College from the top walk.] By (Miss) E. Gulston.

North Front of Chelsea Hospital. (Miss) E. Gulston Delt. 21¾X16¼.

Old Gateway to the South Front of the Royal Hospital. By Arthur Maxfield. 91/8X7¼.

Pencil drawings

Queen's Road East & Royal Hospital. By W. W. Burgess. 105/8X6¼.

The Royal Hospital [from Queen's Rd., East.] By W. W. Burgess. 10¼X51/8.

The Royal Hospital from the River. By W. W. Burgess. 10¼X45/8.

Engravings (chronologically arranged)

Chelsey Colledge. In subsidium, et levamen emeritorum, senio, belloque fractorum, condidit Carolus Secundus: auxit Jacobus Secuñdus, perfecere Guilielmus et Maria, rex et regina. Anno domini 1690. J. Kip inventor et sculptor London Ao. 1694. Printed and sold by Christopher Browne at the Globe at the West end of St. Paul's Church, London, 1694. 21X161/8.

1797—Chelsea Hospital, as it appeared in 1715. 4¾X31/8 (woodcut).

The North East View of Chelsea Hospital Chatelain delin I. Roberts sculp.

Publish'd according to Act of Parliament Novr. the 10 1750. 411/16;X35/16;.

Another copy, mark 2 (top recto) with additional figures in foreground, and the date erased. 411/16X35/16.

Chelsey Colledge 1 Kip Sculp. 114. Published according to Act of Parliament for Stows Survey 1756. 131/16X95/8.

A View of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea & the Rotunda in Ranelaigh Gardens. [Title repeated in French.] Publish'd according to Act of Parliament August 20, 1761 Et à Paris chez Basset rue S. Jacques et Ste Genevieve N. 171. [Printed in reverse, including title in French above picture.] Coloured by hand. 15¼X101/8.

Another copy, differently coloured. In this the Rotunda is shown as West of the Hospital instead of East, the plate being reversed.

[Chelsea Hospital.] P. Mazell sculp. Publish'd by Thos. Malton April 1st. 1775 [With the perspective lines on right side only]. 11¾X83/16.

Note:—Plate 27 of Thomas Malton's "A compleat Treatise on Perspective," the 2nd ed., folio, 1778, is in the Library.

Chelsea Hospital. Published Novr. 15, 1800 by T. Malton. 12X97/8.

A view of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea, and the Rotunda in Ranelagh Gardens, in Middlesex. [Title repeated in French.] Printed for and sold by Carington Bowles, no. 69 St. Paul's Church Yard, London. Published as the act directs, 4 June 1792. 16X10½.

Chelsea Hospital. Turner del. Storer sculp. Publish'd by Harrison & Co. March 2, 1795. 47/16X3. (From "The Pocket Magazine.")

View of Chelsea Hospital. E Dayes delt. T. Tagg, sculpt. Pub. Feb. 10. 1797, by I. Stockdale Piccadilly. 9½X67/8.

Chelsea Hospital, from the River. London, Published 1, Feby. 1803, by A. Molteno, No. 29, Pall Mall. 47/8X313/16.

Royal Hospital at Chelsea. Barlow sculp. Published by T. Faulkner Augt, 1st, 1803. 65/8X37/8.

Chelsea Hospital. Engrav'd by J. Storer from Drawing by S. Prout. London; Publish'd Feb. 1. 1805, by Vernor & Hood, Poultry; J. Storer & J. Greig, Chapel, Pentonville. 7½X63/8. Plate 5 in "Select Views of London and its Environs." Vol. 2.

Royal Hospital at Chelsea. Painted by Turner. Engraved by Barlow. Published by T. Faulkner May, 1st, 1805. 65/8X37/8.

—Same plate, (title at top.) Wording below as follows: The Royal Hospital at Chelsea. To General Sir D. Dundas, K.B. Governor of the Royal Hospital, &c. &c. &c. this plate is respectfully inscribed by his humble Servant, Thos. Faulkner. Painted by Turner. Engraved by Barlow. 65/8X41/8.

Chelsea Hospital. Engraved by A. Warren from a Drawing by Schnebbelie. For Dr. Hughson's Description of London. Published by I. Stratford 112 Holborn Hill, May 25, 1805. 6½X4¼.

Chelsea Hospital. Rowlandson and Pugin delt. et sculpt. J. Bluck aquat. London Pub. Jany 1st 1810, at R. Ackermann's Repository of Arts 101 Strand. Plate 98. 101/8X85/8. (From Ackermann's "Microcosm of London.")

Chelsea Hospital. Engraved by J. Storer from a Drawing by S. Prout. Published by J. & J. Cundee, Albion Press, London, 1814. Plate 14 (top recto). 81/16X6¾.

Chelsea Hospital, Middlesex. Engraved by Woolnoth, from a Drawing by J. P. Neale, after a sketch by G. Moss. for the Beauties of England & Wales. London; Published by John Harris, St. Pauls Church Yard, Jan. 1, 1815. 57/8X47/16.

Chelsea Hospital, from the banks of the Thames. Drawn and Engraved by W. Wallis, for the Walks through London. Published by W. Clarke, New Bond Street, November 1. 1816. 3¾X31/16.

Chelsea Hospital. Drawn by S. Owen. Engraved by W. B. Cooke. London: Published Jan. 1, 1817 by W. B. Cooke 12 York Place Pentonville. 7½X5¼.

South East view of Chelsea Hospital. Drawn and published by George Lynn, Chelsea, June 10, 1818, and sold by Thos. Faulkner, Paradise Row, Chelsea. 177/8X125/8. (Aquatint, printed in colour). Plate 6 in this volume.

Chelsea Hospital, 1870. 1. South Front. 2. North Front. [mark] 75 55/8X85/8. (Two woodcuts from Cassell's "Old and New London.")

Engravings, undated. (arranged alphabetically)

Chelsea College. 9½X7½. (From Lysons' "Environs of London.")

Chelsea College & Ranelagh-house (Aquatint in sepia.) 6½X5.

Chelsea Hospital. 2¾X11/8.

Chelsea Hospital. 2¾X1¾.

Chelsea Hospital. 31/16X2.

Chelsea Hospital. 33/8X2½.

Chelsea Hospital ([Mark] N in right-hand bottom corner.) 41/8X23/8.

Chelsea Hospital. 47/8X31/16. (Printed in colour.)

Chelsea Hospital. Pubd. by E. Dawe. 6½X4. (Steel eng., with an ornamental trophy border.)

Chelsea Hospital. Read, Sc. 3X23/16.

Chelsea Hospital. Rock & Co. Sc. No. 589 37/16X29/16. (? A note-paper heading.)

Chelsea Hospital from Battersea Park. H. Adlard Sc. 51/16X23/16.

Chelsea Hospital, Middlesex. Hôpital de Chelsea. Chelsea Hospital Tombleson, delt. S. Lacey, sculp. London, Tombleson & Co. 11, Paternoster Row. 8¼X6¼. (In decorated border.)

Chelsea Hospital. New Infirmary. 8½X37/8. (In outline.)

Chelsea Hospital. River Front. No. 44. Jones. Wood. 9X7.

Chelsea Hospital, Stable Buildings. Plate 51. [Two views.] 97/16X6½. (In outline.)

Chelsey Colledge. 1 The Wards. 2 The Governours Kitchin and Washhouse. 3 The Gardeners Lodge. 4 The Guard-house. 6¼X413/16 (sic). (A reduced Kip view.)

Chelsey Colledge Is a neat and stately Edifice situated by the River Thames about a Mile from Whitehall. It is erected for the Entertainment of disabled and superannuated Officers and Soldiers, who are here provided for with Lodging, Diet, Cloaths, Washing, Fireing, and a Weekly allowance for Pocket Expences. Parr sculp 8¾X67/8.

An East view of Chelsea Colledge and the Rotunda in Ranelagh Gardens. 7¾X43/8.

[1] The fore-Front of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea. [2] The back-Front of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea. B. Cole sculp. 13¼X7¾. (Marked "78.")

L'Hôpital Royal des Invalides à Chelsea. [At top] Tome. II. (verso). Page 54 (recto). 121/8X51/8.

Hospital from the River. Engraved by J. Shury. 27/16X25/16.

2219.—North Front of Chelsea Hospital. 57/8X4½. (Woodcut.)

North Front of Chelsea Hospital. T. Stayner Sc. 6¼X45/8.

—Outline (unfinished) proof of above. [Mark] 6 (on top recto.)

—Another copy on toned paper, and with title partly cut off.

North Front of Chelsea Hospital—South Front of the Same—S. Wale delin. J. Green sc. Oxon. 57/16X35/16.

[1] North Front of Chelsea Hospital. 5X1 [2] South Front of the Same. S. Wale delin. T. Simpson Sculp. 57/16X1¾.

Royal Hospital (Front) 27/16X21/8.

[1] Royal Hospital. (Front) [2] Hospital from the River. Engraved by J. Shury [Mark] 3. 23/8X49/16.

The Royal Hospital at Chelsea. To General Sir D. Dundas, K.B. Governor of the Royal Hospital, &c. &c. &c. this plate is respectfully inscribed by his humble Servant, Thos. Faulkner. Painted by Turner. Engraved by Barlow. 65/8X41/8.

The Royal Hospital of Chelsey, fronting ye River Thames. 93/16X6½.

The Royall Hospitall at Chelsey. Sutton Nicholls sculp: London Sold by John Bowles print and map seller over against Stocks Market. 17¾X13.

The Royal Hospitall at Chelsey. To the most serene and most sacred majesty Anne by the grace of God Queen of Great Britain France and Ireland &c. 35¼X34. Plate 4 in this volume.

—[Another copy dedicated] To the Right Honble Sr. Stephen Fox, Knt., Soley Employ'd by King Charles the Second to take care and build the Royal Hospital at Chelsea for ye Superanuated and Indigent Officers & Soldiers towards which he gave the Ground and a third part of his Office of Paymaster to the Army which he then Enjoyed, and Carryed on the Work with Constant Payments.

The South Front of Chelsea Hospital. vol. 1. (verso) P 146 (recto) 71/16X41/8.

The North Front of Chelsea Hospital. [At top]. Vol. 1 (verso) P. 146 (recto). 7¼X43/8.

The South Front of Chelsea Hospital. (Top). vol. 2 (verso) Pa. 75 (recto). 71/8X43/16.

[South Front of Chelsea Hospital.] Drawn by S. Owen Esq. Engraved by W. Cooke. 77/16X4½.

View of Chelsea Hospital. 6½X3¾.

View of Chelsea Hospital. 6½X4½. (On Toned paper.)

—Another impression of above. (On white paper.)

View of Chelsea Hospital. T. White Sculp. 67/16X4¾.

—Same, without inscription or border.

A View of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea & the Rotunda in Ranelagh Gardens. [Title repeated in French] Bowles Delin. et Sculp. [Mark] 11. 10½X6¾.

—Another copy, coloured by hand.

A View of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea & the Rotunda in Ranelagh Gardens. [Title repeated at right in French.] Printed for John Bowles at the Black Horse in Cornhil, & Carington Bowle in St. Paul's Church Yard, London. [Mark] 9a. 101/8X69/16.

A View of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea & the Rotunda in Ranelaigh Gardens. [Title repeated in French.] T. Bowles delin. et sculp. Publish'd according to Act of Parliament. 153/8X97/8.

A view of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea & the Rotunda in Ranelaigh Gardens. [Title repeated in French.] T. Bowles delin. et sculp. Publish'd according to act of Parliament. London Printed for and sold by Robt. Sayer at the Golden Buck, opposite Fetter lane. Fleet street. 15X10.


Chelsea Hospital. NB. "This drawing is a copy of the design made by me the beginning of February immediately after receiving as I imagined the directions of the board from Sir D. Dundas to prepare a Plan for converting part of the premises lately occupied by Lord Yarboro' into an Infirmary. John Soane, Architect, April 1809. to be placed after B." [Mark]C. 15¾X11¾.

(fn. 1) Copy of Plan received from Sir David Dundas Feby 3d. 1809 Ordered, by The House of Commons, to be printed, 10th May 1809. Js. Basire sculp. Luke Hansard & Sons, Printers. Note on plan:—The Buildings marked red, lately belonging to Lord Yarborough are those which are requested as an Infirmary to Chelsea Hospital and formerly belonged to it. 101/8X163/8.

Lamp-Post and Trophy from Chelsea Hospital. C. D. Laing. [Designed by Wren.] 3½X11½.

The Resurrection of Christ. Graved from ye Alter Piece at Chelsea, Painted by Seb. Ricci. 7¼X61/8.

Chelsea Hospital. The Chapel. Plate XLVII. [Details of panels, &c.]

Chelsea Hospital. The Governor's Drawing Room. Plate XLVIII. [Details of mouldings, panels, &c.] 137/8X10¾.

Manuscripts in the Library

"General Abstracts of the Accompts of the Rt. Honble. the Earl of Wilmington as Paymaster General of the Forces and Treasurer of Chelsea Hospital for 8 years and 2 months, Commencing the 25th of April 1722, and Ending the 24th June, 1730." Folio.

"Colours in the Chapel and Hall of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, and in the Armoury of the United Service Institution, September 1841."

(Drawings in colour by J. Ford, Captain of Invalids at the Hospital. The drawings are, according to his preface, 95 in number, including 13 Eagles, and 8 at the United Service Institution.) A copy is also in the Royal Hospital.

Historical and Descriptive Accounts of the Royal Hospital, &c., by Thomas Faulkner. (The MS. of his History of 1805.)

Other Collections

In addition to the above there are the following:—

(fn. 2) The Royal Hospital, Chelsea. A birds eye view Engraved by Kip published by J. Smith 1707. 35"X22".

(fn. 2) A View of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea and the Rotunda in Ranelagh Gardens. J. Maurer, del. Vivary, sculp. 1st state. 15½"X13½".

(fn. 2) The same. 2nd state of the plate.

(fn. 2) A View of the Royal Hospital and the Rotunda in Ranelagh Gardens Thos: Bowles del et sculp. 1751. 15¼"X10".

(fn. 2) A Water colour drawing of the North Front of Chelsea Hospital circa 1780. 14½"X10¼".

(fn. 3) The Porch or Entrance of the Royal Hospital of Chelsea. I. Collins, sculpt.

(fn. 3) Original drawing in sepia of the North Front from the East. by T. Malton.

(fn. 3) Watercolour drawing of South front shewing river steps, sluice gates and summer-houses. by A. B. Schnebbelie. 1800. 6½"X3¾".

(fn. 3) Pencil drawing of North Front shewing roadway & railings 7"X4½".

(fn. 3) Ink & Pencil drawing of Watergarden and River stairs 1813. 10¼"X8¼".

(fn. 3) The Stable Yard & Clark of Works House.

(fn. 3) A Small Engraving. 2"X1½".

(fn. 3) View from South. 6"X4".

(fn. 3) Front View. Steel Engraving. 2¼"X1¾".

(fn. 3) Back View " " 2¼"X1¾".

(fn. 3) View of Chelsea Hospital from South. pubd by J. T. Ward 32. Holywell St. Strand.

"Chelsea College with Ranelagh Gardens and the Earl of Ranelagh's House By Antonio Canal. 1751." Reproduced in Vol X. of the publications of the Walpole Society.

Chelsea Hospital. View from the River. An original (oval) oil painting by E. Haytley in the possession of the Governors of the Foundling Hospital painted and presented by the artist 1745.

Chelsea Hospital. The Chapel. Set of measured drawings by J. Gillespie Banister Fletcher Bursary 1903. Architectural Association Reference Library.

The reader is referred to the following works for information concerning King James' College:—

1. MSS. Tho. Tanneri. Bodleian Library.

2. Thos. Fuller. The Church History of Britain. 1648.

3. John Darley, B.D. The Glory of Chelsey College new Revived. 1662.

4. Francis Grose. Military Antiquities. Vol. 2.

5. Daniel Lysons. Environs of London.

6. Thomas Faulkner. An Historical and Descriptive Account of the Royal Hospital . . . to which is prefixed an Account of King James's College at Chelsea. 1805.

7. Newcourt. Repertorium Ecclesiasticum.


  • 1. This plan and the one above are from "Further Papers presented to the House of Commons relating to the Building a new Infirmary, and Leasing of Ground at Chelsea Hospital 10th May, 1809." This contains a number of additional plans and is in the Library.
  • 2. In the Crace Collection.
  • 3. These were in the possession of Mr. Reginald Blunt, 1925.