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Pages xvii-xix

Survey of London: Volume 18, St Martin-in-The-Fields II: the Strand. Originally published by London County Council, London, 1937.

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1. The "gentil Pardoner of Rouncival." From facsimile of the Ellesmere MS. of Chaucer's Prologue to the Canterbury Tales 1
2. Plan showing Trinity Place, Charing Cross. From plan in the possession of the Council 8
3. "The Platforme of my lord of Northamtons house in London." Copied from plan preserved in the Smithson Collection at the Royal Institute of British Architects 12
4. Plan of property in Scotland Yard held by the Earl of Northumberland in 1753. Copied from plan preserved in the Public Record Office 14
5. Plan of Northumberland House and of the Trinity Hospital property leased to the Earl of Northumberland in 1759 23
6. Plan of Hartshorn Lane Sewer. Copied from a plan in the possession of the Council 26
7. Part of Morden and Lea's map of London 27
8. Plans of Nos. 11 and 12, Craven Street 33
9. Plans of No. 40, Craven Street 35
10. Device of Robert Wyer 58
11. Detail of staircase in No. 34, Villiers Street 61
12. Plans of No. 10, Buckingham Street 64
13. Plan of No. 15, Buckingham Street 64
14. Detail of staircase in No. 12, Buckingham Street 65
15. Baluster to basement staircase of No. 15, Buckingham Street 66
16. Plan of Nos. 17 and 18, Buckingham Street 66
17. Plan of No. 20, Buckingham Street 67
18. Plans of No. 2, Duke Street 77
19. Arched opening in entrance passage of No. 4, Duke Street 78
20. Staircase balustrading in No. 4, Duke Street 78
21. Plan of No. 6, York Buildings 81
22. Wood mantelpiece in No. 6, York Buildings 81
23. Baluster from staircase of No. 6, York Buildings 82
24. Mantelpiece in No. 7, York Buildings 82
25. Plan of No. 10, York Buildings 83
26. Plan of Durham House in 1626. Reproduced from the original in the Public Record Office 92
27. Plan of the New Exchange. From the Smithson Collection preserved at the Royal Institute of British Architects 95
28. No. 10, Adelphi Terrace, details of doors and window linings on first floor 102
29. Joinery details from No. 10, Adelphi Terrace. Measured drawings 103
30. No. 3, Robert Street, first floor plan 109
31. Plan showing Courts' premises in James Street and John Street 112
32. Plan of Nos. 20 and 21, John Street and No. 18, Adam Street 115
33. No. 19, Adam Street, drawing of ceiling from front room on first floor 117
34. Plan copied from the letters patent granting permission for the formation of Salisbury Street 122
35. Plan showing the position of Salisbury Street circa 1870 123
36. The "pergular" at Cecil House. From a drawing in the Smithson collection 124
37. Plan of the north side of the Strand showing arrangement of properties in the reign of Henry VIII 125
38. The front of a house opposite the New Exchange. From a drawing in the Smithson collection 127


ADAM OF MARYBURGH Quarterly: 1 and 4, Argent a molet azure pierced argent between three crosslets fitchy gules, for ADAM; 2 and 3, Gules three wolves' heads razed argent in a border engrailed or, for ROBERTSON of Gladney (p. 99).
APSLEY OF APSLEY Barry argent and gules a quarter ermine (p. 23).
SIR RICHARD ARKWRIGHT Argent on a mount vert a cotton-tree proper and a chief azure with a scutcheon argent charged with a bee proper between two bezants therein (p. 119).
SIR NICHOLAS BACON Gules a chief argent with two molets sable therein (p. 52).
CARLISLE BISHOPRIC Argent a cross sable charged with a mitre or (p. 120).
COUTTS Argent a hart's head caboshed gules with a pheon azure between his horns in a battled border azure charged with four buckles or (p. 97).
CRAVEN, EARL OF CRAVEN Argent a fesse between six crosslets fitchy gules (p. 30).
DURHAM BISHOPRIC Azure a cross between four lions or (p. 84).
EVELYN OF WOTTON Azure a griffon and a chief or (p. 62).
SIR EDMUND BERRY GODFREY Sable a cheveron between three pelicans' heads razed or (p. 24).
HARLEY, EARL OF OXFORD AND MORTIMER Or a bend cotised sable (p. 73).
HERBERT, EARL OF PEMBROKE AND MONTGOMERY Party azure and gules three lions argent (p. 93).
HOWARD, EARL OF SUFFOLK AND BERKSHIRE Quarterly: 1, Gules a bend between six crosslets fitchy argent with the augmentation for Flodden on the bend, for HOWARD; 2, Gules three leopards or and a label argent, for BROTHERTON; 3, Checky or and azure, for WARENNE; 4, Gules a lion argent, for MOWBRAY, with a crescent in the centre of the shield for difference (p. 11).
HUNGERFORD, LORD HUNGERFORD Sable two bars argent with three roundels argent in the chief (p. 44).
MARSHAL, EARL OF PEMBROKE Party or and vert a lion gules (p. 1).
DE MONTFORT, EARL OF LEICESTER Gules a lion argent with a forked tail (p. 85).
NORWICH BISHOPRIC Azure three mitres or (p. 51).
PERCY, DUKE OF NORTHUMBERLAND Quarterly: 1 and 4, Or a lion azure, for PERCY; quartering gules three luces rising argent, for LUCY; 2 and 3, Azure a fesse indented or, for PERCY ancient (p. 16).
SACKVILLE, EARL OF DORSET Quarterly or and gules a bend vair (p. 71).
VANE Azure three gauntlets or (p. 18).
YORK ARCHBISHOPRIC Gules St. Peter's crossed keys with a tiara or in the chief (p. 51).