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Survey of London: Volume 19, the Parish of St Pancras Part 2: Old St Pancras and Kentish Town. Originally published by London County Council, London, 1938.

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APPENDIX VII: Pedigree of de Basinges and de Bidyk

P = Appendix to 9th Report of Hist. MSS. Comm. (MSS. of Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's.)

(a) P.p. 24. Grant by William fitz-Isabel to Roger Pentecost in marriage with Margaret his daughter.

(b) P.p. 24. Grant by Roger, son of William fitz-Isabel, to Roger Pentecost in marriage with Margaret his sister.

(c) P.p. 24. Grant by Dionisia, relict of Arnold Ruffus . . . William fitz-Isabel, father of her mother Margaret.

(d) P.p. 25a. Grant by Dionisia, relict of Arnold Ruffus, daughter of William Senex or le Vyel. A.D. 1252–3.

(e) P.p. 17. Grant by Richard Asswy, brother of Thomas, son of Adam de Basinges.

(f) P.p. 17. Sir Thomas de Bedyk, kt., son and heir of Henry de Bedyk by Joan de Taleworth, his wife, who afterwards married Arnald de Mounteneye.

(g) P.p. 18. John Flete, citizen and goldsmith of London and Margaret his wife, daughter of Sir Thomas Bedyk, and sister and heir of Alexander Bedyk.

(h) P.p. 21. Joan, wife of Arnold de Mounteneye, relict of Henry Bedyk.

(i) Will. Ancient Deeds A.2179.

(j) Will of William de Hadstock. Wife Joan. Anthony, son of Adam de Bedyk, tailor, and Johanna his wife, daughter of testator.

APPENDIX VIII: St. Pancras taxpayers in 1693

Note. The page numbers inserted in the earlier portion refer to Vol. 17, (Part I of this Survey), Highgate Village.

By virtue of a Warrant directed under the hands and seals of several of Their Majesties' Commissioners appointed for putting in execution an Act of Parliament intituled "An act for granting to Their Majesties an Aid of 4s. in the pound for one year for carrying on a vigorous war against France" the 4th day of November, A.D. 1692, and in the fourth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord and Lady William and Mary, by the grace of God King and Queen of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defenders of the Faith, etc., to Us in the said Warrant named approved and appointed assessors for the parish of St. Pancras alias Kentish Town in the county of Middlesex of the said money; We the said assessors who have hereunto set our names have according to the said Act made a Rate and Assessment upon the said parish to be paid by four quarterly payments in manner following, viz.,

£ s. d.
John Hill for the landlord (?p. 73, site of Holly Lodge) 10 0
Widow Ware for John White (p. 74) 2 6
Anthony Odam (p. 74) 2 0
John Evans for John White (p. 74) 2 6
Mr. Francis Blake (p. 69; 48, 49, 50, West Hill) 2 0 0
Mr. John Ives for Mr. Daniel Short (p. 67; White Hart, etc.) 5 12 0
Mr. Thomas Hacklscot for Mr. Smith (19, South Grove) 16 0
Sir William Ashurst 2 10 0
For his house not finished the 3 last quarters (£50) (p. 53)
Madam Elizabeth Cornish (p. 52) 2 0 0
For her personal estate 12 0 0
Mrs. Elizabeth Ashurst (personal estate) 6 0 0
Mr. William Browne (p. 53) 17 0
Mr. Francis Blake for the late Lord Hollis his house (p. 42) 1 16 0
Robert Poulson for Sir William Ashurst (p. 35) 4 6
For Lord Hollis his barn 7 0
Widow Stonick for Widow Graves 2 6
Widow Graves 4 0
Alexander Flood for Thomas Benifeild 6 6
Abraham Andras 3 0
Mrs. Hester Wells (Swain's Lane) 12 0
Mrs. Sarah Cosh (p. 39; Swain's Lane) 1 2 0
Mr. Christopher Foster for Mr. John Welby (p. 35) 1 6 0
Mr. John Welby (p. 35) 12 0
Widow Brookes for John Welby 11 0
Mr. John Storer and Mrs. Joanna Storer (p. 35; Church House) 12 0
Mr William Delke for Mr. John Wicks 9 0
Mrs. Harrison for Mr. John Wicks 10 0
John Hunter for Stephen Humble (p. 28) 9 0
William Branson for Stephen Humble 10 0
Mrs. Ann Harthwaite for Stephen Humble 5 0
George Tyler for Stephen Humble 5 0
Richard Andrews for Stephen Humble (The Angel) 16 0
George Young for Stephen Humble 1 14 0
Richard Sharer for Stephen Humble 5 0
Widow Cockerill for Mr. Edward Gould 4 0
Robert Thorye for Mr. Edward Gould 2 0
Francis Daniel for ditto 6 0
James Crompton for ditto 8 6
Mr. Edward Gould for two empty houses 8 0
Michael Roberts for Mr. Rutland (p. 20) 8 0
Mr. Thomas Monke for Mr. Edward Gould 2 houses 14 0
Mr. Edward Gould (personalty) 1 10 0
For his dwelling house and barn (p. 25; Bisham House) 1 14 0
Mr. John Townsend for Mrs. Mary Izard (p. 18; Hertford House) 1 4 0
Mr. Gomsarah for Mr. Ralph Izard (p. 18; Fairseat) 2 0 0
Mr. John Hardrett for Mrs. Mary Morgan (p. 17; "Andrew Marvel's Cottage") 10 0
Sir William Pritchard (p. 13. Lauderdale House) 4 0 0
John Hicks for Mrs. Allen (p. 106. The Forge) 7 0
William Jones for John Orton (p. 106) 2 0
Widow Hatton for John Orton (p. 106) 4 0
William "Pomson" [sic for Poulson] for Widow Graves (p. 106) 3 0
Thomas Lewis for John Graves (p. 105) 11 0
Widow Brockden (p. 106) 6 0
John Warminger for Thomas Brookes (The Flask) 14 0
Hester Reyles (p. 111) 3 0
Thomas Howard 3 0
Widow Miller for John Orton 3 0
Widow Hatton for ditto 1 6
John Johnson for ditto 3 0
Robert Harebottle for ditto 3 0
Edward Tudor for ditto 10 0
John Orton for two houses unfinished for 3 last quarters
Thomas Simmons (p. 104. The Gatehouse) 5 0
Matthew Gilbert for Mr. Francis Blake 10 0
Alexander Clenell (p. 100) 3 0
John Sanders (p. 101) 4 0
John Leach for John Saunders (p. 108) 2 0
Sarah Keymer (p. 101) 6 0
Moses Cooke (p. 101) 8 0
Sir Francis Pemberton (p. 93. Grove House) 4 0 0
Dean Sherlock for Sir Francis Pemberton 1 0 0
Mrs. Elizabeth Collet for Sir Francis Pemberton 1 0 0
Lady Katherine Paulet for ditto 1 0 0
Dr. Atterbury for ditto 1 0 0
Lady Elizabeth Potts for ditto 1 0 0
Mr. Scopin for ditto (p. 90) 1 0 0
John Burton for Sir Francis Pemberton 10 0
Mr. Rutland for the empty house (p. 72. Parkfield) 1 3 0
Mr. Flinders for Mr. Francis Blake (p. 74) 11 0
Mr. Richard Flinders (Fox and Crown) 8 0
William Bardon for John Taylor (p. 74) 3 0
John Ripper for John Orton 5 0
John Greenway for William Portman 3 3
Robert Watkins for William Portman 3 9
William Clifton for Thomas Goddard 2 5 0
Nicholas Andrews for Lady Arlington 3 0 0
William Bridges, esquire. (p. 129. Ken Wood) 12 0 0
Nicholas Andrewes 10 0
Richard Hall for Francis Blake 13 0
Mr. Samuel Thacker for Mr. Eglston 8 0 0
James Page for James Spike 4 0
Mr. John Haslipp for Mr. Richard Bourne 7 0 0
For Mr. Peter Sambrooke (Kentish Town House) 3 16 0
For the Parish Land 9 0
Daniel King for Mr. John Long 6 0
Mr. William Child 1 16 0
Mr. John Berrisford 16 0
Widow Hews for Mr. John Berrisford 5 0
Mr. Henry Long 12 0
Mr. John Squire for Edward Gould 6 15 0
For the Parish Land 19 6
Robert King for Robert Hull 10 0
Mr. John Horton for Richard Nicoll 2 10 0
For Mr. Ralph Biscoe 1 4 0
For Mr. Robert Champion 2 10 0
Mr. John Hawlinge 2 5 0
Mr. John Hawling for St. John's College Cambridge land 3 6 0
Mr. Francis Seridy 16 0
Mr. Zouch Watson (Willow Walk) 8 0
Mr. Francis Speke 7 0
Mr. Edward Allen for his two houses 5 6
Mr. Henry Mitchell for Mr. Richard Cox 5 0 0
For St. John's College Land, Cambridge 3 12 0
Widow Palmer for Richard Newman 8 6
Mr. Richard Newman for Mr. Richard Browne 1 11 6
William Simmons for Joseph Ofley, esquire 2 2 0
For the Parish Land 8 0
For Mr. London's heirs 2 8 0
John Smithers for Mr. London's heirs 16 0
Mr. John Marshall for his Vicarage (Kentish Town High Street) 1 10 0
James Rokes for Joseph Ofley, esquire 1 10 0
John Cooper for Mr. Thomas Lighthozle 2 6
Widow Scott for ditto 3 0
John Price for ditto 2 6
William Day for ditto 9 6
Mr. Daniel Barton 4 0
Mr. Daniel Barton for Dr. South 8 0
Mr. William Penn for Dr. South (Christ Church Oxford estate) 3 9 9
For Mr. Richard Nicoll 1 5 0
John Jones for Dr. South 5 0
Ralph Weston for Dr. South 2 0
Richard Cooper the bailiff of the manor of Cantloes for Dr. William Wiggon, lord of the manor, for the quit rents and profits thereof 15 0
Mr. Nedham, steward of the manor of Tottenham Court for the lord of the manor, for the quit rents and profits thereof 10 0
Mr. John Hartwell for Mr. William Portman 4 houses 13 0
James Rokes 6 0
Mrs. Rebecca Smith for the Hewetts 8 17 0
For Mr. Ralph Palmer 3 16 0
For Mr. Isaac Cleeve 13 0
For Lady Arlington 8 0
Mr. Thomas March for Mr. Ralph Palmer 1 0 0
Robert Poulson for Mr. Isaac Cleeve 10 6
Mr. Robert Turlington for improvement 3 0
John Graves for Mr. Richard Smith 12 0
William Ewrin for Lady Smith 6 0
Mr. Frederick Dover for Mr. Richard Smith 5 0
Emanuell Pullen for ditto 3 0
Widow Hooper or tenant for ditto 2 0
Mr. Richard Smith for Lady Smith 3 4 0
John Birchet for esquire Jeffereys 9 6
Mr. Ridout for Mr. Butler 4 0
Mr. John Arnold 2 0
Mary Hooper for Landlord 4 0
William Charles for Andrew Batch 4 0
Mr. William Badcock (north end of King's Road) 10 0
Henry Perine for Thomas Turner (Payne's Place, Kentish Town) 7 6
Richard Falker for George Lambert (Kentish Town Road) 7 6
Mr. Henry Twyford 8 0
Mr. Richard Sutton for the trustees of Mr. Richard Hayes 12 0 0
For Mrs. Smith 10 0
Richard George for esquire Jefferys 18 0
Richard Ashworth for ditto (Camden Town estate) 11 10 0
And for ditto 2 9 0
Mr. Thomas Greene and Mr. Richard Smith for ditto 7 10 8
Mr. Thomas Greene for ditto 3 0 3
Mr. Thomas Nicoll for Sir Thomas Millington 7 0 0
[This was the prebendal manor of St. Pancras]
For Mr. Richard Dawson 2 0 0
Thomas George [The George & Falcon, afterwards Elephant and Castle] 7 0
Jacob Joyner for the Impropriation 3 0 0
Edward Martin for Mr. Thody 2 0 0
Edward Tow for Mr. John Grant's improvement of the Tile Kiln 16 0
Edward Reynolds for Mr. Richard Cox 12 0
Ralph Butterfeild for Robert Knight [At King's Cross] 9 0
Charles Eaton for Phillip Holmes (end of Gray's Inn Road) 7 0
Phillip Holmes for one unfinished house for three last quarters
Joseph Lee for Mr. Newton's house there 1 0 6
Richard Tustin for Mr. Robert Ketlwell (Chad's Row, etc.) 8 0
Mr. Ketlwell 5 0
Mr. Richard Newman for Mr. John Auborne 1 13 0
For Mr. Charles Cox [i.e. Charles Cocks, owner of the site of the later Somers Town] 3 12 0
Mr. Robert Stanton for Mr. Richard Harbott 5 0 0
For Mr. Staly's improvement 8 0
For esquire Harbert's Lower Sandhills 2 5 0
Thomas Scott for Mr. Francis Stanton 1 12 4
Mr. Richard Gray for the landlord of the Sandhill Fields 4 13 0
For Mr. Francis Stanton 4 13 0
For Mr. George Trubshaw 1 5 0
For John Robinson (Calthorpe estate) 3 0 0
For — Mede 6 0 0
Mr. Thomas Greene for Mr. John Robinson (Calthorpe estate) 5 0 0
For Mr. George Porter 1 6 0
Mr. Thomas Griffith for Lady Bromlo 1 16 0
For Lord Salisbury 9 0 0
For Lord Salisbury being reputed Papist 9 0 0
Ball for Paul Hughes 10 0
Mr. James for his landlord 12 0
Lucy Lee for her landlord [Black Mary's] 8 0
William Goodman for his landlord 8 0
Phillip Moore for Elizabeth Cooke 16 0
Mary Ellis for Lady Arlington 12 0
Blatchett for Lady Arlington 3 0 0
John Inman for Lady Arlington 14 0
Henry Archer for ditto 11 0
Mr. Belfeild and Mr. Moore for ditto 5 6 0
Joseph Hutton for ditto 10 0
Thomas Bley for ditto 8 0
For Mr. Thomas Baker 2 5 0
Henry Chebley for Lady Arlington 10 0
Charles Eyers for ditto 10 0
Edward Stonestreet for ditto 1 2 0
John Alworth for ditto 12 10 0
William Bilson for ditto 6 0
For Mr. Robert Thomson 5 0 0
Mr. Thomas Baker for Lord Ossleston 3 0 0
Mr. Edward Baker for Mr. Thomas Baker 4 6
Thomas Wilmott for John Allen 10 0
John Allen for his landlord of half of Crabtree Field 5 0 0
Mr. Thomas Turner for his improvement 10 0
For his landlord of half of Crabtree Feild 5 0 0
John Eeles for Mr. Hap 8 0
Thomas Beebb for Mr. Hap 8 0
John Wane 8 0
Morris Cope or tenant for Lady Arlington 18 0
Mr. John Studamoore for his nine tenements (near Hanway Street) 2 19 0
Major Peter Knight for his five tenements 1 2 0
Lawrence Cross for the Earl of Clare 1 4 0
For Lady Russell 2 1 0
For Mr. James Badd 19 0
Mr. Christopher Cooper [Sic for Capper] for Lady Russell 7 0 0
For Lady Rawlinson 13 0
For Blyth and Ash 2 8 0
Jane Timmis for Lady Arlington 1 2 0
Allis Sanders for Lady Russell 1 16 0
Thomas Slawter for Wood's heirs 10 0
Mr. Robert Craven for William Rawlins 1 18 0
Mr. Thomas Tranter for Charles Cox 5 10 0
Total of real estates for the whole year 1475 14 0
Total of personal estates for the whole year 80 8 0
1556 2 0


Personal estates

William Adcock 3s.
Thomas Nicholl 3s.
John Haling 3s.
John Ives 3s.
[Compare the 1649 Survey pp. 140–142]
Richard Flinders, Francis Speke, Edward Tow, Thomas

It will be observed that this list provides a great amount of material for further research, as it gives the names of all the landowners and their tenants, arranged in the order they would be approached by tax-collectors perambulating the parish. In order to link it up with the historical notes, an indication of the pages where the estates are dealt with has been put in brackets against many of the names, and in some cases names have been added also to show the exact location of the properties taxed.

The fact that Sir William Ashurst was building a house to be rated at £50 corroborates the statement made in "Highgate Village," page 53, that Ashurst House was built in 1692. In a similar assessment for the following year his name duly appears assessed at £2 10s. for the first quarter.

"Mrs. Rebecca Smith for the Hewetts" appears in the next year as "Mrs. Rebecca Smith for Mr. Peter Beckford." Her tax of 8s. "for Lady Arlington" must have been for a field at Kentish Town (see map) entirely detached from the rest of the demesne lands of Tottenhall manor, and adjoining Mr. Beckford's land.

APPENDIX IX (fn. 99)

Survey of the manor of Tottenhall alias Tottenham Court, with the rights, members and appurtenances thereof, lying and being in the county of Middlesex, late parcel of the possessions of Samuel Baker, D.D., Prebendary of the Prebend of Tottenhall in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London, made and taken in the month of September, 1649, by us whose names are hereunto subscribed.


The rents due from the copyholders within the parish of St. Pancras and Kentish Town holding of the aforesaid manor by fine certain according to the custom thereof, and payable at Michaelmas, are, per annum £4 13s. 11½d.

The Courts Baron and Court Leet fines and amercements of courts, fines upon descent or alienation, heriots, reliefs, wards, marriages, waifs, estrays and all other profits and perquisites within the aforesaid manor to the royalty thereof appertaining, being at fine certain at two shillings per acre, we estimate, communibus annis at £10.

All that capital messuage or manor house called Tottenhall Court with the site thereof, belonging to a lease granted by the late king consisting of a gatehouse, a chamber and two closets over the gate, a little court yard, a hall, a wood room under the stairs there, a parlor wainscotted, two closets there, a kitchen, a larder, a cellar, a little parlor wainscotted, with a closet there, a fair staircase, one great chamber with an inner room, seven other chambers and a pair of back stairs, a milk house, a wash house, a stable, one orchard and one garden, all which premises are moated round and much out of repair and in the occupation of John Kenricke, containing by estimation 1 a. 2 r. 0 p., £12.

One other messuage or tenement built with brick adjoining to a field called the Murrals, consisting of a yard, a porch, a hall, a kitchen, a wash house, a little buttery, two chambers, three garrets, a garden, an orchard, in the occupation of Elizabeth Rose, widow, containing by estimation 0 a. 1 r. 0 p., £10.

Two parcels of pasture ground as they are now divided called the Murrals abutting on the Earl of Southampton's land on the south containing by estimation 23 a. 0 r. 0 p., £53 13s. 4d.

One close of pasture ground called the Church Field abutting on the said Earl of Southampton's land on the north, containing 36 a. 0 r. 0 p., £69.

One field of pasture ground called Sixteen Acre Piece abutting on Slipshoe Lane on the north, containing by estimation 19 a. 0 r. 0 p., £35 3s. 0d.

One close of pasture ground called the Twenty-eight Acre Piece, abutting on Marybone Park on the west containing by estimation 28 a. 0 r. 0 p., £53 4s. 0d.

One close of pasture ground called the Eighteen Acres in the occupation of John Kennericke, abutting on Marybone Park on the west containing by estimation 21 a. 1 r. 0 p., £40 7s. 6d.

One close of pasture called the Thirty-four Acre piece abutting on the highway leading from St. Giles to Hamstead on the east, on the Earl of Clare's lands south, with a cottage there containing by estimation 33 a. 0 r. 0 p., £77 0s. 0d.

One close of pasture ground called the Six Acres Piece lately parcel of Churchfield, abutting on the highway leading from St. Giles to Hamstead on the west containing by estimation 6 a. 0 r. 0 p., £14 0s. 0d.

One small parcel of land or base court lying before the said mansion house south, containing by estimation 0 a. 2 r. 0 p., £1 10s.

One other small parcel of land called the Milking Place lying next the moat there containing by estimation 0 a. 2 r. 0 p., £2 0s. 0d.

The number of acres belonging to John May's lease 169 a. 0 r. 0 p.

Mr. May doth not lay claim to all the lands before certified which are here returned to be in his lease.

A messuage or tenement built with brick abutting on the moat of the manor house on the east, consisting of a porch entry, a parlor, a kitchen, a milk house, a cellar, a fair staircase, three chambers, three garrets, with an orchard and garden, a little forecourt, leased to John Redman by Queen Elizabeth for ninety nine years, containing by estimation 0 a. 1 r. 0 p., £12.

One other messuage or tenement built with brick consisting of a courtyard paved, a baking house, a kitchen, a larder, three cellars, three rooms over two of the said cellars with two closets, a hall, two parlors, four chambers, three garrets and a closet. In one other part of the said messuage a garden and orchard with an old shed there belonging to the said John Redman, containing by estimation 0 a. 1 r. 0 p., £20.

One parcel of pasture ground called Lord's Mead Piece abutting on Mr. Robert Hewett's land on the south, containing by estimation 4 a. 0 r. 0 p., £9.

One field of pasture ground called the Six Acres Piece abutting on the Earl of Clare's land south containing by estimation 5 a. 3 r. 0 p., £18 8s. 0d.

One little piece of land called the Pound Close abutting on Blunt's land on the south, with a barn there, containing by estimation 2 a. 0 r. 0 p., £7 10s. 0d.

Lastly one other parcel of land called the Pingle lying behind the aforesaid houses northward, and belonging to the aforesaid John Redman containing 1 a. 1 r. 0 p., £3 15s. 0d.

The number of acres belonging to John Redman 13 a. 2 r. 0 p.

A tenement consisting of four lower rooms, two chambers, two garrets, a barn and stable adjoining thereto, called Sherrick Lands, belonging to Mr. John Stynt, abutting on the way leading from Highgate to Hampstead Heath north, containing by estimation 0 a. 1 r. 0 p., £5.

Six parcels of ground called by the name of Sherrick Wood, abutting in part on Sir John Wollaston's land and the way leading from Highgate to Hampstead north, on Mr. Bill's land west and on Sir Robert Payne's and Mr. Cholmleyes land east, containing by estimation 50 a. 0 r. 0 p.

One piece of woodground with many young oak trees thereon growing, within the aforesaid lands, containing by estimation 8 a. 0 r. 0 p., £2 8s. 0d.

The numbers of acres belonging to Mr. Stynt's lease 58 a. 1 r. 0 p.

Summa totalis of all the aforesaid acres 240 a 3 r. 0 p.


The late Queen Elizabeth, by and in the name of Sir Robert Dudley, Lord Steward of the Household, and others, by indenture of lease dated the 26th day of June in the second year of her reign, granted by Thomas Watts, Prebendary of the Prebend aforesaid, held all the lastmentioned premises for ninety-nine years under the yearly reserved rent of forty-six pounds payable at Michaelmas and Lady Day by equal portions; but they are worth upon improvement as before appears over and above the said rent and repairs per annum £479 12s. 9½d.

The lessee is allowed all timber and other wood necessary for the reparations and maintenance of the aforesaid mansion house or manor place and other the premises, growing upon any of the parcels of land aforesaid, and also the shrowd, lop and top of all trees and woods growing on any of the premises aforesaid, and there is scarce sufficient for the performance thereof.

There is a Court Baron belonging to the said manor, kept at the manor house, at the will of the Lord. Also a Court Leet kept at the usual times, and the tenants of the said manor are to perform their suit and service to the Lord at the courts aforesaid.

The copyholders pay upon descent or alienation a fine of two shillings per acre.

Rental per Annum
s. d.
The Earl of Southampton for 12 acres called Culverclose 2 0
Henry Box for 10 acres 1 9
James Smith for a messuage, a garden, three pickles, and 28 acres of land and one other messuage and two acres of land 8 4
Henry Logg for 5 acres of land called Fig Hall (heriot) 10
Elizabeth, Ann, Mary and Frances, coheirs of Lowe, deceased, 20 acres of land 6 6
The Church Land for 21 acres in the occupation of Peter Benson 3 8
Also Chappell for 10 acres called Sleepe Land, for 5 acres called Baker's field and for 2 acres more 2 10
Thomas Pearson 8 acres called Boultropps 1 4
Humphrey Westwood for 24 acres late Boultropps, and for 40 acres of land and a messuage late Gardener's 10 8
Thomas Cleave for 16½ acres 2 9
Baldwine Haymee, Doctor, for 44 acres of land 5 10
The Earl of Clare for Cantlers Close or Brick Place 7 0
Thomas Kinge for 6 acres late Gwilliams 1 0
The Poor's Land consisting of four cottages in Green Street near the Chapel 6 8
James Sharp for a tenement, barn, garden and orchard in Green Street 1
Richard Wright 4 acres called Coxshot and for 5 acres called High Brook 1 6
Mary Washbourne, widow, for two tenements and 5 acres of land 10½
Robert Hewett, esquire, for divers tenements and 50 acres of land 8 4
Sir Robert Payne for 8 acres of land 1 4
Josh. (sic) Cholmley for 8 acres of land 1 4
Frances Nicholls, widow, for two messuages and 82 acres of land 14 1
Mr. Offley for 28 acres of land 4 8
Elizabeth Austin for a tenement late Thomas Weavor's 5
All the aforesaid particulars (as we are informed) are held in gavel kind.

An Additional Survey, Being Parcel Of The Waste Of The Manor Of Tottenhall Alias Tottenham Court

There is a messuage or tenement built with brick standing upon a parcel of the waste belonging to the aforesaid manor, which one John Garroway claimeth to hold by a grant from the late Queen Elizabeth as of East Greenwich, and not of the manor of Tottenhall, consisting of a porch, a hall, a parlour, a kitchen, a cellar, five chambers, two garrets, a larder, two little garden plots, or yards, containing by estimation from south to north seventy-seven foot and in breadth from east to west twenty-four of assize, adjoining to a tenement in the occupation of Edward Drake, by the rent of four pence per annum, but is worth over and above the said rent £16 0s. 0d.

Mary Needham, widow, holds by lease one cottage parcel of the waste of the said manor containing by estimation eighteen rod in length and four rod in breadth abutting on the land late Richard Nicolls and on the lands of Widow Palmer and upon the highway leading from Kentish Town to Highgate on the east, late in the possession of Richard Seelie at two pence per annum, the which we value to be worth over and above the said rent £2.

Daniell Nicoll.
Willm, Stisted.
Ralph Davis.
Edw. Johnson.

Exam. by Will. Webb,
Surveyor General, 1649.

APPENDIX X (fn. 167) : The parsonage of Kentish Towne

A Survey of the Parsonage of Kentish Towne with the right, members and appurtenances thereof lying and being in the county of Middlesex, late parcel of the possessions or late belonging to the late Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul's, London, made and taken by us whose names are hereunto subscribed in the month of October, 1649, by virtue of a Commission to us granted grounded upon an Act of the Commons of England assembled in Parliament for the Abolishing of Deans, Deans and Chapters, Canons, Prebends and other Offices and titles of and belonging to any Cathedral or Collegiate Church or Chapel within England and Wales, under the hands and seals of four or more of the Trustees in the said Act named and appointed.

Annual Rents Reserved
Clear value and improvements
In lease: A. R. P.     p.a.
One close of pasture ground lying on the northeast side of Pancras Church, containing by estimation four acres 4 0 0     £10
The Tithes belonging to the said Parsonage being according to the custom there at 4d. per acre, we estimate communibus annis     £25
Total number of acres appears.

Memorandum. Margaret Bust, widow, deceased, by indenture of lease dated the 22th day of April, 1637, in the 13th year of the late King Charles granted by Thomas Wynniffe late Dean of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul's, London, and the Chapter of the same, held all the last mentioned premises with the appurtenances for the term of 21ty years from the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary before the (said) date under the reserved yearly rent of thirteen pounds six shillings and eight pence payable at Michaelmas and Our Lady Day or within ten days next after either of the said feasts by even and equal portions; but they are worth upon improvement as before appeareth over and above the said rent per annum £21 13s. 4d.

The Lessors hath demised all that their Parsonage of Kentish Town aforesaid with all houses, buildings, glebe lands, tithes, oblations and all other rights, profits, commodities and advantages to the same Parsonage belonging (except the presentation, collation and nomination of the Vicar to the Vicarage of the Church of Kentish Towne aforesaid whenever and so often as it shall fortune to fall or become void during the lease).

And if the aforesaid yearly rent of £13 6s. 8d. shall happen to be behind or unpaid in part or in all over and after either of the said feasts wherein the same ought to be paid by the space of one and thirty days, being lawfully asked, that then the lease to determine and be void. And the said Lessor, etc., into the said Parsonage and all the before mentioned and demised premises at their will and pleasure wholly to reėdot;nter and the same to have again.

The Lessor, etc., hath covenanted to bear and pay all disines, pensions and other charges going out of the said Parsonage and other the premises and thereof to acquit the said Lessee, etc., during the said term.

The Lessees, etc., hath covenanted at their own proper costs and charges well and sufficiently to repair, amend, sustain and maintain the chancel of the parish church of Kentish Towne as well in glazing as in timber, lead and stone work, with tiling and shingling and all other things necessary thereunto when as often as need shall require at all times during the lease. And the aforesaid demised houses and buildings shall sufficiently, repair, amend, uphold, sustain and maintain against wind and weather, and shall make, repair, amend, scour and cleanse all the hedges, ditches, closes and fences belonging to the said Parsonage and the glebe lands of the same when need shall require during the lease and in the end of the same shall so leave and yield them up.

Lastly, the said Lessee, etc., covenanteth that her executors administrators and assigns shall not hold or continue the said demised premises above the space of one whole year unless he or they do first enter into a bond for forty pounds for performance of covenants, and until then shall pay the sum of twenty shillings to the Dean and Chapter as acknowledging him or them landlords, and six shillings eight pence to the Register for his fee.

There was nine years of the said term to come on the 25th March last, 1649. Mem. There is no manner of housing according to the demise now standing upon the premises.

The Lessee by her last will and testament devised the aforesaid premises unto John Elborow, clerk, who is now the present possessor of the said vicarage.

And whereas the presentation to the Vicarage there is reserved by the lessor, etc., William Burkett is present Incumbent and hath four acres of glebe land thereunto belonging besides the privy tithes, which we estimate to be worth communibus annis £30.

Daniell Nicoll.
Ralph Davis.
Wm. Stisted.
Edw. Johnson.

Exd. by Wm. Webb.
Surveyor General.

[Endorsed-received June 28, 1650]

APPENDIX XI: Parish church of St. John, Kentish Town

The story of Kentish Town Chapel has been given on pp. 54 and 56. In the present parish church of St. John in the Highgate Road little evidence of antiquity remains. There is, however, in a glass case a good model of the building erected on this site (designed by James Wyatt) in 1784 (Plate 8). There is also the bowl and moulded pedestal of the font from the earlier chapel which stood on a site just north of the Prince of Wales Road. There is a board containing the list of Ministers and Vicars. From 1815, when there appears to have been a separate Minister for the Chapel, the names are as follows—

1815. William Moore Johnson.
1816. John Russell.
1817. Johnson Grant.
1844. Robert Bateman Paul.
1848. William Millner.
1858. William Calvert.
From 1868 the Chapel was given the status of a parish church, the first Vicar of Kentish Town being William Calvert.
1880. James Clements Cowd.
1902. Rowland Tracy Ashe Money-Kyrle.
1910. Rowland Forster Hanning.
1915. Ernest S. Duval.
1929. Edgar Bentley.

In addition there are a number of mural memorial-tablets, three of which record parishioners who died before the year 1800. Two of these, to members of the Franks family, are at the west end of the body of the church. The designs are replicas and one is dated 1790, the other 1797. They both consist of an oval inscription tablet of white marble on a black marble background framed by a classical composition. Above the cornice is a draped urn upon a pedestal of plain square blocks all of white marble with a shaped background of black marble. On the pedestal is a cartouche but no arms.


To the Memory of
Who departed this Life the day of July
In the Year of our Lord 1797 Aged 42 Years.
And lies interr'd in this Vault by the side of his Father.
This Monument is Erected
By his disconsolate Widow the Mother of his Eleven Children,
As a Memorial of his Worth, and her Conjugal Affection.
While on this Spot, still heav'd the pensive Sigh.
Still dropp'd the Tear from sorrowing Friendship's Eye.
The Muse, alas, who late on Yonder Stone
Bewail'd the Father now bewails the Son!
Bewails that Worth, which, Ah lamented Shade!
Cheer'd soon to sadden, flourished, soon to fade.
Yet in Remembrance lives th'accomplished Mind
Where Manly Sense with gent'lest Manners join'd.
Yet still thy Virtues, with reviving Grace,
Shall bloom and flourish in thy numerous Race.
Form'd by Her tender Care. Who thus shall prove
Her Faith unshaken, unimpair'd her Love.

who died on the of May 1830
Aged 73 Years.

2. Adjoining the last to the northwards—


To the Memory
The best of Husbands And kindest of Fathers
Who died the 22d Day of May Ann: Dom; 1790.
This Monument is Erected
As the last Token of Conjugal Affection
By his disconsolate Widow

A Mind serene, with useful Knowledge fraught,
A Judgement clear, A quick Resource of Thought,
Complacent Manners, and That friendly Zeal
Which prompts to serve, not indolently feel,
Were his—Not Active for Himself Alone,
He made the Wants of Every Friend his own,
As dearer Ties, with Kindness ever new,
The Father's, Husbands, warm Affection drew,
His Heart in Quest of Joy ne'er sought to roam
But found all Comfort centr'd in his Home;
There most, in Life, his social Virtues shone,
Now most lamented, where they best were known.

Also of the Said MARY FRANKS, who died
the 24th. Day of March 1805.
Aged 69 Years.

3. On the south wall under the gallery,
and others later.

In a Vault near this Place are deposited
the Remains of
of this Parish.
Who departed this Life June 17th. 1792 Aged 79.
of this Parish.
Brother of the above FRANCIS.
Who died August the 13th. 1797. Aged 69.
Mrs Anne Lewis
and Grand Daughter of the above FRANCIS NOBLE.
Who died April 17th. 1800, Aged 26.
and others after 1800.
Floor slabs.

4. On the floor of the nave, south side—.
To the Memory of.
of Percy Street.
in this Parish.
who died May 22nd, 1790,.
aged 59 years..
Also of.
his son.
who died July 30th, 1797,.
aged 32 years..
Also of Miss Jane Harriet Franks,.
Daughter of the last mentioned.
Wm. Franks, Esq..
who died 21st of June, 1799.
in the 16th year of her age..
Also of MARY FRANKS wife of.
the First Named Wm. FRANKS, Esq..
who died the 24th day of March, 1805,.
aged 69 years.

William Franks of Percy Street, esq., was one of those admitted 29 March, 1780, as trustees of two acres in Horseleys in Broadfield to the use of the Parish Church.


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