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Survey of London: Volume 24, the Parish of St Pancras Part 4: King's Cross Neighbourhood. Originally published by London County Council, London, 1952.

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The following is a list of buildings of architectural or historic interest in the Metropolitan Borough of St. Pancras prepared for the Ministry of Housing and Local Government. At the time of going to press the list had been provisionally approved on behalf of the Minister and those buildings mentioned in Grades I and II are expected to form the Minister's statutory list. Those in Grade III are intended for inclusion in a supplementary list which, while having no statutory effect, comprises buildings which have a claim to consideration.

The buildings marked * are included in the four volumes of this survey of St. Pancras. Those marked † were within the parish boundaries of 1894.

Grades I and II

Albany Street, Christ Church (1836)*; Nos. 31 and 33.*

Albany Terrace, Marylebone Road, Nos. 1–6 (c. 1800–10.)

Byng Place, Courtauld House.*

Cambridge Terrace, Regent's Park, Nos. 1–10.*

Camden Road, St. Michael's Church.*

Camden Street, All Saints' Church.*

Chalk Farm Road, W. & A. Gilbey's warehouse.*

Charlotte Street, No. 26.*

Chester Place, Regent's Park, Nos. 1–12.*

Chester Terrace, Regent's Park, Nos. 1–42.*

Cumberland Place, Regent's Park, Nos. 1–4.*

Cumberland Terrace, Regent's Park, Nos. 1–33 (cons.).*

Darmouth Park Road, St. Mary Brookfield Church.*

Duke's Road, even Nos. 2–16.*

Euston Road, St. Pancras (New) Church.*

Euston Square, Nos. 17–28 (cons.)*; 30 (1907, Beresford Pite).

Euston Station.*

Eversholt Street, St. Mary the Virgin Church.*

Fitzroy Square, Nos. 1–12,* 15–36,* 38–40.*

Gloucester Gate, Regent's Park, 1–12,* 14,* 15 (c. 1830, J. J. Scoles?).

Gordon Square, Catholic Apostolic Church.*

Gower Street, University College*; No. 140.*

Grenville Street, No. 16.*

Grove, The, Highgate, Nos. 1–6,* 7,* 7A,* 8.*

Guilford Street, Coram's Fields, loggias, lodges, gates, piers.*

Highgate High Street, odd Nos. 17–23.*

Highgate Road, St. John's Church, Kentish Town;* Nos. 137,* 1–27 (cons.) (Grove Terrace).*

Highgate West Hill, St. Anne, Brookfield Church,* Nos. 45,* 46,* 47,* 57*; Nos. 1–11 Holly Terrace, entrance lodge, wrought iron gates and old walls (early 19th century).

Holly Village, Chester Road and Swain's Lane, Nos. 1–12 (1865).

Kenwood (including ancillary buildings).*

King's Cross Road, tablet on 61–63.*

King's Cross Station.*

Little Green Street, Nos. 4–7 (cons.).*

Mecklenburgh Square, Nos. 11–14,* 16–26 (cons.),* 34.*

Munster Square, St. Mary Magdalene Church.*

Oseney Crescent, St. Luke's Church.*

Osnaburgh Street, St. Saviour's Hospital Chapel.*

Pancras Road, St. Pancras (Old) Church.*

Park Square East, Regent's Park, Nos. 13–24 (1823–25), John Nash).†

Park Village East, even Nos. 2–16,* 22–36,* 36A.*

Park Village West, Nos. 1–8,* 10–14 (cons.) (incl. 12A),* 17–19 (cons.).*

Percy Street, No. 23.*

Peto Place, Regent's Park, Middlesex Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases; "The Diorama" (1823, A.C. Pugin).

Phoenix Road, St. Aloysius R. C. Church.*

Pond Square, Highgate, Nos. 1–6.*

Regent's Park, Gloucester Gate Lodge,* St. Katherine's Precinct* and Chapel.*

Regent Square, St. Peter's Church;* Presbyterian Church;*

St. Andrew's Place, Regent's Park, Nos. 1–8, † 9* and 10.*

St. Silas Place, Prince of Wales Road, St. Silas the Martyr Church.*

Savernake Road, Gospel Oak, All Hallows Church.*

South Grove, Highgate, St. Michael's Church,* Nos. 9–10 (cons.),* 14,* 17,* 18.*

Southampton Road, St. Dominic's R.C. Church (1863–83, C. A. Buckler).

Tavistock Square, Nos. 29–45 (cons.).*

Vicar's Road, St. Martin's Church.*

Waterlow Park,* Lauderdale House and entrance gates, garden walls, sundial, statuary, Swain's Lane Lodge and statue of Sir Sydney Waterlow.

William Road, St. Bede's Mission Church (1877, C. R. Baker King).

Woburn Walk, odd Nos. 1–9*; even Nos. 4–18.*

Grade III

Albany Street, Nos. 11–29,* 35–61,*, 197–211 (c. 1830–40), 213–217;* Albany Lodge (c. 1830–40); 34,* 154,* 196A,* Christ Church Girls' and Infants' Schools.

Ampton Street, Nos. 17* and 19.*

Argyle Square, Nos. 7–25* and 27–47* (cons.).

Argyle Street, even Nos. 60–66.*

Arlington Road, No. 166 (c. 1790–1800).

Bayham Street, St. Martin in the Fields Almshouses.*

Belgrove Street, Nos. 1–8.*

Bernard Street, Nos. 11–28,* 30–36* (cons.).

Bidborough Street, premises of Voile and Wortley, Ltd., on north side.*

Brunswick Square, Nos. 2–15,* 19–28 (cons.),* 28A.*

Calthorpe Street, odd Nos. 1–21 (c. 1810); even Nos. 2–26.*

Camden Street, even Nos. 12–18 (c. 1800), 162–168*; wrought iron gates to St. Martin's Gardens.

Cartwright Gardens, Nos. 27–63 (cons.).*

Charlotte Street, Nos. 22,* 70,* 72,* 76,* 95.*

Chester Gate, Regent's Park, Nos. 1–5 (cons.).*

Clarence Gardens, Nos. 1–46,* 55–66.*

Cleveland Street, even Nos. 18–22 (c. 1790–1800), 106.*

College Place, Nos. 63 and 70 (c. 1830–40).

Conway Street, even Nos. 6–10*; odd Nos. 7–11,* 23–33.*

Crowndale Road, Cantlowes House.*

Doughty Street, Nos. 1–19 (cons.).* 29–62.*

Endsleigh Gardens, Nos. 1–8.*

Endsleigh Place, Nos. 1–7 (cons.).*

Endsleigh Street, Nos. 1–6,* 13–23 (cons.).*

Euston Grove, Nos. 1–8.*

Euston Road, Nos. 33,* 35.*

Euston Square, Nos. 70* and 71 (c. 1800–1810).

Euston Station, statue of Robert Stephenson.*

Fortess Road, even Nos. 36–94.*

Frederick Street, odd Nos. 33–49*; even Nos. 12–26,* 34–40,* 48–152.*

Goodge Place, Nos. 10–12 (cons.),* 17–20 (cons.),* 25.*

Gordon Square, Nos. 36–46 (cons.); Dr. William's Library.*

Gough Street, No. 49.*.

Gower Street, odd Nos. 87–97,* 115–131,* even Nos. 88–100,* 104,*

Grafton Way, Nos. 58* and 60.*

Gray's Inn Road, 240,* 244,* 165,* 277,* 331*; iron entrance gates and monuments in St. Andrew's Gardens.*

Grenville Street, Nos. 2–6,* 13–15 (cons.).*

Guilford Street, Nos. 8,* 9,* 10.*

Handel Street, Nos. 4–7 (cons.),* 13 (c. 1820–30); walls, lodge, cottage and monuments in St. George's Gardens.*

Heathcote Street, No. 12.

Highgate High Street, Nos. 39 (c. 1710–20), 53 (18th century).

Highgate Road, No. 137.*

Highgate West Hill, Nos. 12,* 54,* 55, 74,* 75, *76,* 81–84,* 106 (c. 1830–40).

Holmes Road, Police Station (1896, R. Norman Shaw).

Hunter Street, Nos. 3 and 4, 50–55 (c. 1800–10).

Judd Street, odd Nos. 61 and 63 (c. 1800–10), 85–91.*

Kentish Town Road, even Nos. 52–64,* 304 (c. 1710–20).

Little Albany Street, Nos. 28 and 30 (c. 1790–1800).

Maple Street, No. 35.*

Mecklenburgh Square, 35–47 (cons.).*

Mecklenburgh Street, Nos. 1–11 (cons.).*

Millfield Lane, No. 5 (c. 1800–10); Kenwood and Millfield cottages (18th century).

Model Buildings, Nos. 1–24.*

Osnaburgh Street, Nos. 82* and 84.*

Pancras Road, railings and monuments in St. Pancras Gardens.*

Percy Street, Nos. 9,* 12,* 13,* 19,* 20,* 29,* 30,* 32,* 33.*

Phœnix Road, Nos. 30* and 32.*

Plender Street, Nos. 46–59 (c. 1830–40).

Prince of Wales Road, gates and railings at Camden School for Girls (c. 1780–90, "G.S.").

Rathbone Street, No. 53.*

Regent's Park Terrace (Oval Road), Nos. 1–22 (c. 1840).

Regent Square, Nos. 1–17.*

St. Andrew's Place, Regent's Park, Someries House (c. 1823, John Nash.)

St. Pancras station and hotel.*

South Grove, Highgate, Nos. 2,* 3.*

Southampton Road, St. Dominic's Priory.

Swinton Street, odd Nos. 55–71.*

Torrington Place, No. 13.*

Tottenham Street, Scala Theatre.*

Upper Woburn Place, Cora Hotel.*

Whitfield Street, No. 122.*