Appendix 1: Accounts of the fourth Earl of Bedford for building St. Paul's Church

Survey of London: Volume 36, Covent Garden. Originally published by London County Council, London, 1970.

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'Appendix 1: Accounts of the fourth Earl of Bedford for building St. Paul's Church', in Survey of London: Volume 36, Covent Garden, (London, 1970) pp. 271-281. British History Online [accessed 13 April 2024]

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Accounts of the fourth Earl of Bedford for building St. Paul's Church

Transcribed from the MS. in the possession of the Trustees of the Bedford Settled Estates, now deposited in the Greater London Record Office. (fn. c1)

[Page 1] Charges of the Right Honorable Francis Earle of Bedford for the Building of the Church in the Couen Garden begunne the 5th of July 1631. lib. s. d.
Laborers worke in diging the foundacions of the Church, Vault, and Vestrie vilib. viiis. id. Richard Clarke for digging the well in the Church yard xxvis. viiid., And laying the Brickes in mosse to the height of the water, For pulling downe the Gates at Bedford burie end xvs. ixd. For the pulling downe the house that stood in the Couen Garden iiiilib. xvis. viiid. For digging vpp the Seller walls of the house, makeing cleane bricks, and filling vpp the foundacions xviis. vd. And for carrying lead, and old Iron to weigh ixd. Thomas Dauis and Richard Burford for odd workes about the Church xvs. vid., more xiiiis., more xxxiiis. viiid., for remoueing bricks, that brake downe ye pales iis. viiid. For strikeing the Scaffolds in the Church, and leuelling the earth at first carryed in vs. xd. a Laborer for remoueing bricks iiiis. For pulling downe the pales by Mr Palmers building iiiis. For carrying in of loose Timber into the Church yard viis. iiiid., And carrying in of Poles from Mr Waterers to th Church vis. vid. For bringing in a paire of great Gates that served for the backe gates xvd. For remoueing of [Page 2] brickes, Caridge in of tymber, takeing downe ye Fence where the Roufe was framed xxis. viid. For vnloading the Tyles out of ye Shipp and Loading the Lighters. Loadeing the Carts at Scottland yard, and setting vpp the Tyles in the Church yard lvis. To laborers for remoueing Timber in the Church yard iiis. For gathering together the bricks, and Scaffolding stuffe and bringing small Timber from the Sawpitt xis. viiid. For helpeing to remoue the Fence at the East end of the Church, and digging holes for the new Fence when part of the great stones were brought in vis. For keepeing the Church doore part of ye tyme the Painters were at worke and when they stroke the Scaffolds xs. Thomas Rushie for leuelling the Church, and digging holes for the Pyles vnder the Pewes iiilib. xviiis. To Willyam Euans for carrying in dry Rubish for the Masons to paue on iiiis. viiid. To Thomas Rushie for digging and remoueing of earth in the Church yard and part leuelling the same viiilib. iiiis. iiiid. To Willyam Knight for raiseing the ground of the Church yard, to giue a Currant for the water leuelling it and soweing it with hayseede vilib. xs. To Thomas Tucker for makeing cleane of the Church seuerall tymes and roubing ye seates xxxvs. 44. 19. 7
[Page 3] To Edward Jarrett and Edward Banckes for Fiue hundred thousand of brickes at xis. the Thousand 275. 0. 0
To Edward Banckes for two hundred Thirty and foure Thousand of brickes at xis. the thousand 128. 14. 0
To William and Elizabeth Streachy for Ninety foure thousand of brickes at xis. the thousand 56lib. 12. And for Twenty and one thousand of brickes at xiis. the thousand xiilib. xiis. And for Thirtie Fiue Thousand and a halfe of great brickes at xiiiis. the thousand xxiiiilib. xviis. 94. 1. 0
To Myles Crockstone for 348 hundred of Lyme at vis. the hundred 104. 8. 0
To Cleophas Hearne for 86 hundred of lyme at vis. the hundred 25. 16. 0
To Thomas Pangbourne for halfe a hundred of lyme 0. 3. 0
To William Warden for 390 Loades of Feild sand at xvd. ye load 24. 7. 6
To William Brodwaie for tenne loades of sand at xvd. the load 0. 12. 6
To Robert Bowers for 69 load of sand at xvd. the load 4. 6. 3
To Thomas Tucker for 173 loades of sand at xvd. the load 10. 16. 3
[Page 4] To William Hart for 22 loades of sand at xvd. the load 1. 7. 6
To Edward Banckes for vi lode of sand for finishing at iis. the load 0. 12. 0
To Elizabeth Streachie for 116 loades of sand at xvd. the load 7. 5. 0
To John Young for 52 loades of Finishing sand at iiis. the load 7. 16. 0
To Edmund Colston for 8 loades of Finishing sand at iiis. the load 1. 4. 0
[Page 5] Scaffolding stuffe, and scafolding with other Workes of Like Nature
To Silvanus Taylor for foure great Masts iiilib. For two hundred of deale boards ixlib. xs. For lx barlings vlib. For foure great barlings xxs. For 60 bome sparrs xlvs. for one hundred of small sparrs xxxs. For 60 barlings vilib., For water and land Caridge of this stuffe to the Church xxiiis. 29. 8. 0
The Fenceing in the ground for ye Church yard iiiilib. iiiis. for Nayles xvs. For the Boards xxiiilib. xvs. For Rafters viilib. xis. vd. 36. 5. 5
To John Waterer for 53 small masts at vs. iiiid. ye peece xiiiilib. iis. viiid. For one hundred of small balkes iiilib. For 40 bome sparrs xxxiiis. iiiid. For fower Masts for Ladders iilib. For 5 hundred of deales at iiiilib. xvs. ye hundred xxiiilib. xvs. for ½ C of balks iilib. 46. 10. 0
[Page 6] Richard Rider for 26 bomesparrs at iiiis. vid. the peece vlib. xviis. To him for Rafters for the new Fence where the Roufe of the Church was Framed vilib. xiis. ixd. For makeing ladders Cleates Morter tubbs, and Centers. As appeareth by his Bill viiilib. xiiis. id. And to him for makeing foure long ladders, for makeing the Centers for the square and round windowes of the Church, and for nine dozen of Cleates viilib. is. vid. To him for two loades and 12 foote of oaken timber to make rounds of ladders and pinns for the Roufe iiilib. xiiiis. viiid. To him for Couering the walls with boards xxiiiis. and for mending a locke xviiid. To him for horse hire and rideing charges into the West Country to buy oaken Timber xxviiis. iiiid. 34. 12. 10
To Robert Cooke for setting on of squares on ye Morter tubbs is. For two bushells to measure lyme and sand, and wicker basketts vis. viiid. For Fagotts vid. For three Morter tubbs to temper Coulers iiis. For three bundells of lathes iiis. ixd. For paper penns and incke xviid. For two pailes is. 0. 17. 4
[Page 7] To Erasmus Marsh for plaites for Morter tubbs, and mending a locke 0. 18. 2
To Edward Banckes for strawe xxxs. iiiid. And to Richard Moore for thatching the walls of the Church to preserue them in the Winter iiilib. iid. 4. 10. 2
To Richard Taylor Smith for odde necessaries for the woorke 0. 13. 0
To Mr Samuell Clearke Iron monger for 22 M 2 C of vid. nailes at vs. per M vlib. xvis. id. For 26 M 8 C and a halfe of xd. nailes viis. vid. the M ixlib. is. iiiid. ob. For 15 M 5 C one quarter of xxd. nayles at xvs. the M xilib. xiis. xd. ob. For 11 M 2 C ½ halfe quarter of iis. nayles at xxs. the M xilib. vs. iiid. For 6 M 8 C ½ of iiiid. and viiid. nailes at iiis. iiiid. the M xxiis. xd. For 3 M 7 C of vd. nayles at iiiis. iid. ye M xvs. vd. For 2 M of iiid. nayles at iiid. ye hundred vs. For 5 M 7 C of 3 inch brads at viiis. iiiid. the M iilib. viis. vid. For 3 M 6 C of iid. nailes at xxd. the M vis. For 5 C one quarter of tenne [inch omitted] great nayles at iiis. iiiid. the C xviis. vid. For 2 C ½ of broad headed nayles for the Plumbers vs. for ¾ of a hundred of halfe Crowne nayles xxiid. ob. For 119 lib ¼ of spikes at iiiid. ob. the pound xliiiis. xd. For 22 spikes at iid. the peece iiis. viiid. For 183 bedd cords and basse roapes for Scaffolding at is. the peece ixlib. [Page 8] iiis. For nine basketts at iiiid. the peece iiis. For 8 stocke lockes and staples xviis. vid. For fiue paire of hookes and hinges viis. xd. For one padde locke is. For foure bundell of lathes vs. iiid. For 12 wallhookes and foure staples iis. iid. For two hookes for doores iiiid. for 2 boults and staples is. For a Payle with an Iron bend iis. For a shouell xviiid. for a siue xiid. For fiue pound of glew at vid. the pound iis. vid. for Packthred iiiid. 58. 14. 7 ob.
To John Waterers for 221 Load 34 foote of Firr Timber at xxxvs. the Load 387lib.–18s.–8d. For one hundred three quarters of choyse Deales at vilib. the hundred xlib. xs. For 6 hundred and 51 deales whereof some choise Deales xxxilib. xixs. iiiid. For two Masts to rayse the great Collomes iiilib. For 42 cleane thicke Deales for the outer doores of the Church yard at xviiid. the peece iiilib. iiis. 436. 11. 0
[Page 9] For boarding vpp the doores of the Church, boarding vpp ye windowes of the Vestrie, and hanging a doore. For boarding vpp the East end of the Church, For the makeing meanes for the hanging a Tackle and makeing a Scaffold, For the setting of the Crosses, For makeing the Scaffolds for the Painters to Paint ye Planseir on the West and East end of the Church, And for Painteing of the Perspectiue Seeleing in ye Church. For altering the Fences at the East end of the Church, and hanging an old Gate at the West end of the Church yard. For a brode staffe ladder to mend the Tyleing. Makeing Rules for the Plaisterers. For makeing a Flower to drawe out the Tracerie of one of the great Collomes viilib. is. xd. For makeing the Centers for the Vault iilib. xiiis. vid. For ye caridge of 4 C ¼ of Deales and Timber from diuerse places xviis. viid. For the makeing of the Shedd in the backe yard and helpeing in with the old Timber iilib. 12. 12. 10
[Page 10] To Richard Rider for 30 load 46 foote of oaken Timber deliuered at Scotland Wharfe at xxxiiis. the load lilib. iiiid. to him for 136 foote of oaken Timber at ixd. ob. the foote vlib. viis. viiid. To him for 237 foote of oaken Timber some at ixd., and some at ixd. ob. ye foote ixlib. iis. iiiid. And for 149 foote of oaken Timber at viiid. the foote iiiilib. xixs. iiiid. And for Caridge iiiis. 70. 13. 8
To Edmond Manning for 19 loades 42 foote of oaken Timber deliuered in the Couen Garden at xxxiiiis. the load xxxiiilib. xiiiis. For two loades 26 foote of oaken Timber deliuered in the Couen Garden at xls. ye load vlib. xd. 38. 14. 10
To Luke Lee for 91 foote of oaken Timber after xxxvis. the load iiilib. vs. iiiid. And for 126 foote after xxxvs. the load deliuered in Couen Garden iiiilib. viiis. iid. 7. 13. 6
[Page 11] To Elizabeth Vandesteene for Twenty three Thousand two hundred and Ninety read and blacke Flanders Tyles glased at vlib. xiis. vid. ye Thousand all Chardges delivered at Scotland Wharfe Cxxxilib. 131. 0. 0
To Robert Cooke for a Bill of store for the First percell of theise Tyles 0. 5. 0
To Robert Cooke for one hundred of yellow oaker xs. for one hundred of red oaker vs. For one hundred of blacke vs. for discollering Morter for the tyleing. For Charcole waxe and Rossen for the fastneing of the Crosse at ye West end of the Church iis. viiid. For Syment for the Vestry Chimney iiiid. 1. 3. 0
To John Bennett for 24 bushells of wett haire deliuered in the Couen Garden xxxvis. iid. For seauen bushells of dry hayre at viid. ye bushell iiiis. id. 2. 0. 3
[Page 12] To John Nunne for 42 hundred of read and blacke oaker at vs. ye hundred to discollour the morter for the tyleing 10. 10. 0
To Thomas Scudamoore for 4 hundred of read and blacke oaker xxs. for 5 bushells of dry haire iis. xid. For 8 pounds of Playster iis. id. 1. 5. 0
To Richard Rowlandson for 30lib. of pitch and Rossen for fastneing of ye Crosse at the East end vs. for an earthen Pipkin iiid. For two hundred three quarters of red and blacke oaker xiiis. ixd. For six bushells of wett haire vis. vid. For foure pound of Candles iis. For Painting of the Crosse at the East end iiis. For one paire of brasse Gudgions for the great doore at the West end of the Church weighing 8 pound at xiiiid. ye pound ixs. iiiid. 1. 19. 10
To Mris Elizabeth Hearne for Twenty bushells of dry haire at vid. ye bushell 0. 10. 0
[Page 13] To John White for Craineadge of 217 load of Firr Timber at vid. the load vlib. viiis. vid. And for ye Craneage of 30 load 46 foote of oaken timber at viid. the load xviiis. To him for the payment of Watermen that gathered diuerse parcells of Timber together being broken from the Wharfe, and for Roapes and staples to fasten it for the emptying of a Sawpitt to breake some of the great peeces And for his owne paines extraordinaryly imployed xxiiis. ixd. in all 7. 10. 3
To William Martin for the Land Carridge of 142 loades of Firr Timber from Scotland yard into ye Couen Garden at iiis. ye load xxilib. vis. For the Carridge of 105 load ½ of Firr and oaken Timber from Scotland Yard, to ye Couen Garden at iis. the load xlib. xis. For ye land caridge of 17 loades of booardes and Poles from Waterers Wharfe into ye Couen Garden xixs. xd. For Caridge of three long Poles from Scotland yard into ye Couen Garden xviiid. For drawing the two Elme peeces is. vid. For drawing one great peece out of my lords backyard to the Church iis. vid. 33. 2. 4
[Page 14] Robert Bowers for the Caridge of 175 loades of bricke Rubish from the house and Gates pulled downe in Couen Garden to the Church. For remoueing of ye Foundacions at iiid. the load 2. 3. 9
Thomas Tucker for Caridge of 142 loades of the same bricke rubish at iiid. the lead 1. 15. 6
William Warden for the Caridge of 17 loades of ye same bricke rubish iiiis. iiid. And for the Caridge of 79 loades of Tyles from Scotland Yard to ye Church at xvid. the load iiiilib. vs. iiiid. And for Laborers to take the last parcell out of the Lighters vs. in all 5. 10. 4
Thomas Pangbourne for ye caridge of two hundred, and a halfe of deales from Mr Waterers Wharfe to Couen Garden. For carrying of a paire of Gates from Russell Streete to the Church. And for the caridge of Poles Timber, and Boordes from the Church to my Lords back yard 2. 1. 2
[Page 15] Charged vppon the Accompte of the worke for 300 loades of bricke Materialls from the gates and house pulled downe spent in makeing ye Foundations 30. 0. 0
To Robert Cooke Clearke of the woorks for his Attendance for 74 weekes at xiiis. iiiid. the weeke amounting to ye some of xlixlib. vis. viiid. but retrenched by my lord the summe of iiiilib. vis. viiid., so the summe paide is 45. 0. 0
To Christopher Stephenson for horse hyre and rydeing Charges to my Lord of Bedford which then was at Sherbourne 1. 11. 0
[Page 16 blank]
[Page 17] Masons Woorke
To William Mason for ye stone workmanshipp, and setting of 64 great quoines at xiiiis. the peece xliiiilib. xvis. For 64 little quoines at viis. ye peece xxiilib. viiis. For 337 foote 4 inches of Jambe head and soyle in 8 windowes on both sides of the Church at iis. xd. the foote. xlviilib. xvs. ixd. For 164 foote 8 inches of like windowe stuffe in foure windowes with halfe round heads xxiiilib. vis. vid. For 76 foote of like windowe stuffe in two windowes at the East end of the Church xlib. xvs. iiiid. For 76 foote of windowe stuffe in two windowes on the West end of ye Church of Portland stone at iiiis. ye foote xvlib. iiiis. For the stone workmanship and setting of two round windowes at the East and West end of ye Church being 48 foote at iiis. the foote viilib. iiiis. For the stone workmanshippe and setting of 110 foote of table ouer the heades of the windowes at xiid. ye foote vlib. xs. For fiue little doores of Portland stone at iiilib. the doore xvlib. For ye [Page 18] two great doores at the East and West end of ye Church liiiilib. For the foure Collomes at the East end of the Church CCxxvlib. For the Pedestalls of the two Crosses xiiiilib. For the two doores at the East end of the Church xiiilib. xs. For fower paire of hooke stones for the outer gates on the West end of the Church xxvis. viiid. For takeing downe and altering the great round windowe xxxs. For Paueing the seuerall Iles of the Church with Purbecke Paueing rubd and sett Arris Containeing 2225 foote at xd. the foote lxxxxiilib. xiiiis. iid. The Paueing of the Portico with Mitchells of 18 inches square sett aris 1107 foote 5 inches at viiid. the foote xxxvilib. xviiis. iiiid. of Paueing in the two paire of little stayres on the North and South side of ye Church 108 foote 11 inches at viiid. the foote iiilib. xiis. viid. In the Bellfrey 315 foote 11 inches of Paueing at viid. ye foote ixlib. iiiis. iiiid. On the halfe pace of the great Stayres 100 foote of paueing at viiid. the foote iiilib. vis. viiid. For 95 foote of Steppe at the two little Stayres and threshalls on the North and South side the Church at xxd. the foote viilib. xviiis. iiiid. For 41 foote 10 inches of stepp at the Vestry and Bellfrey dore [Page 19] within the Church at xxiid. the foote iiilib. xvis. viiid. For 105 foote of stepp at the great Staires at the West end of the Church at xxiid. the foote ixlib. xiis. vid. Of Portland steppe at the great doore 10 foote at iiis. ye foote xxxs. For 98 foote of Portland stepp wrought with a moulding at the goeing into the Chancell and round the Comunion Table at iiis. vid. the foote xviilib. iiis. For 341 foote 2 inches of stepp goeing vpp into the Portico at the East end of the Church at xxiid. the foote xxxilib. vs. vd. Of moulding round the Pedistalls 61 foote 6 inches at iis. vid. the foote viilib. xiis. vid. of Flatt stone to Couer the Pedistalls 77 foote ½ at iis. the foote viilib. xvs. For 117 fote of Ashler in the Pedistalls at iis. vid. the foote xiiiilib. xiis. vid. For 82 foote ½ of Raile at the three paire of Staires at iiiis. the foote xvilib. xs. In the two Plinthes and Pedistalls at the West end of the Church 22 foote at iiis. vid. the foote iiilib. xviis. For 100 foote of [Page 20] paueing at the two outer doores of ye Church yard on the North and South side at viid. the foote iilib. xviiis. iiiid. For 25 foote of stepp at theise doores at xxd. the foote iilib. is. viiid. For one greate stone in the Church yard iiis. vid. Of old Paueing at both the doores 39 foote vis. vid. For 12 paire of hooke stones. at iiiis. the paire iilib. viiis. For fiue locke stones vs. For a Chimney Peece and foote pace in the Vestry of Portland stone iiiilib. For letting in ye gudgions and fastneing of the Frame of the great doore at the West end viiis. For the Paueing of the thresholds of the two bricke Gates at the enterance into the Church yard at the East end being 22 foote 8 inches at viiid. the foote xvs. 782. 1. 3
[Page 21] To Thomas Styles for setting in and Youlting with lead the hookes for the doores at the East end of the Church xiiis. vid. For new setting of the Portland stepps, at the West end, that the Frost had raised, and altering of the Vestrie doore xxxvs. For fitting and letting in the Iron barrs into the Round windowes, at the East and West end of the Church. And fastneing them with Plaister of Parris xxis. For takeing out and new setting the hooke stones at the gate at the West end of ye Church Yard, And of one of the Gates at the East end, and for a lockstone xs. 3. 19. 6
To Thomas Styles Mris Vandesene and Walter Keyes, for stone, squareing pollishing glaseing, and setting in Playster of Parris, the blacke and white Marble Paueing in the Chancell being 264 foote and a quarter at iiiis. iiid. ob. the foote 56. 14. 11
[Page 22 blank]
[Page 23] Bricklayers Worke done by Thomas Scudamoore and John Benson
The Foundacions belowe the first setting of, being of seauen brickes and a halfe in thicknesse Containeing 9 Rodds 26 yardes one foote at iiilib. xs. the Rodd xxxiiiilib. xs. xid. The vnder part of the Vault one Rodd 23 yardes three foote at iiilib. the rodd vlib. vis. viiid. The Foundacions at the Vestry one rodd 13 yardes 3 foote at lvs. the rodd iiilib. xixs. vid. The second setting of and the Fascia about the Church 9 rodds 11 Yardes, 3 foote at 5 brickes thicke iiilib. the rodd xxviiilib. iis. viiid. The second setting of the Bellfrey and Vestrye one Rodd 10 yardes 2 bricks ½ thicke at xxxs. the rodd iilib. The bodie of the Church, and the Timpanum of the Frontespeece on the West deducting the windowes, and the Arch at first left into the Chappell 34 rodds 12 yardes at lvs. the rodd iiiixxxiiiilib. xiis. The Belfrey and the Vestry 9 Rodds ½ at xxviis. vid. ye rodd [Page 24] xiiilib. is. iiid. For the heweing of the Archatraue round on the inside of the Church iilib. For Rammeing the Foundacions of the Church Vestrie and Bellfrey viiilib. For brickeing vpp the well in the Church yard xs. For the alterations of the doores and windowes at the East and West end of ye Church and makeing a Scaffold to ye Plancire round about the Church that serued Carpenter Plumber and Painters xxilib. xixs. iiid. For laying of ye Fascia of the Bellfrey, and Vestrie, makeing the Scaffolds to them, makeing and finishing the Vestry Chimneie and Lathing, and Laying the Cornishment of the Eaues iiiilib. xviiis. viid. For rayseing the brickworke for the foundations of the Collomes to their height For turneing ouer the Vault vnder the Bellfreie. For Splaying downe the Soyles of the windowes and mending the Tyleing iiiilib. xviis. xid. For makeing a Fence wall, betweene Mr Fendalls and the Church yard and makeing the passage into the Vault iiilib. xs. For makeing the wall betweene the Bellfrey and the Church and makeing a passage out of the Bellfry into ye Roufe [Page 25] iiiilib. xis. For the mending of the Tyleing on the Roufe toward the West end and on the Bellfrey and Vestry where the Plumbers altered the lead for the better Convayance of the water, And for strykeing of the Scaffolds at the West end vlib. iiiis. vid. For makeing the Gate and wall at the West end of the Church workeing vpp the doore at the East end in the Portico pinning vp the Timber windowes strikeing of the Scaffolds when the Painters had done the Church xviiilib. xs. For pointing of the Tyleing in ye Church, For hewing bricks, for the Splayes and heads of ye Portico windowes makeing of vaults to receaue the water at the West end of the Church, and for hewing brickes for Archatraue in the Portico iiiilib. xis. For makeing the Scaffolds to the East end of the Church, For bringing vpp the brickeworke on ye sides of the Portico and on ye Timpanum [Page 26] of ye Frontespeice, for ye brickworke vnder ye staires at the West end of the Church, and clenseing the Roufe from Snowe xxviilib. ixs. For Tyleing the Vestrie ye Belfrie and the body of the Church so farr as the Portico, being 97 squares iiis. vid. the square xvilib. xixs. vid. the Finishing of the body of the Church from the vpper setting of to the vnder side of the Planceir with ye Finishing on the Belfrey and Vestry from the aforesaid setting of to ye Eaues all opens being deducted is 1084 Yardes at vid. the yard for workmanshippe xxviilib. iis. 331. 15. 9
To John Benson Juniour for ye workmanshipp of the two Gates and walls on the East end of the Church liiiilib. For tyleing ouer the Portico being 24 squares at iiis. vid. the square iiiilib. iiiis. For pointing all the Tyleing of the Church withinside ixlib. xiis. For the workmanshippe of ye walls by the sides of ye staires [Page 27] on the West end of ye Church, And those on the North and South sides. iiiilib. For filling and Ramming vnder the stepps at the little staires vs. For Syment for the two Gates iiis. vid. For strikeing the Scaffolds at the East end of the Church when the Portico was to be paued xxxiis. For the Foundacions vnder the Portico stepps, and leuelling vnder the Masons stepps vilib. For filling and ramming the Portico with earth xiiiis. 80. 10. 6
To John Long for finishing the Portico withinside, and the Frontespeice being 503 yardes at vid. the yard xiilib. xis. For scaffolding vp to the same, and helping to strike the Scaffolds xxxs, for filling vp the vacancies of ye Arches and the ends of the Frontespice viis. For finishing with Tarras vnder the watertable round about the Church 106 yardes at viiid. ye yard iiilib. xs. For 14 bushells and a halfe of Tarris xxxvs., For Caridge of the Tarris. is For the makeing of two gates, [Page 28] or doorewaies on ye North and South side of the Church iiilib. iiiis. For paueing with bricks in the Chancell vnderneath the Marble and carrying out of earth xvs. For fastening the Timber Frame at the doore at the West end of the Church vs. For digging and makeing the foundation for the Font iiis. For workeing vp two little doore waies on each side of the Church, and finishing ouer them xs. For laying on New coates of Morter on the two Frontespices at the East and West end of the Church for the Painter to woorke vpon iiiilib. xiiiis. for fastneing in a hooke stone, and for makeing vp two doores in the Church yard and for mending the Coapeing of the wall xis. for halfe a hundred of lyme iiis. vid. for pinneing vp ye Vestry Chimney and mending some broken Tyles iiis. 30. 2. 6
[Page 29] To Richard Rider and John Poole for the saweing Frameing and reareing the maine Roufe of the Church Bellfrey and Vestry for boarding of the Planceirs on the sides and ends of the Church, For the frameing and laying on the Archatraues on the heads of the Collomes, framing seeleing Joysts ouer ye Portico, For the Cornishment about the Eaues of the Belfrey and Vestry with the seeleing Joysts in the same, For ye makeing ye Timber windowes ye great dore at ye west end of ye Church with ye foure doores of ye Bellfrey and Vestry CCxxxiiilib. For saweing of the Timber, and frameing fower windowes for ye East, and West end of ye Church occacioned by the alteracion. And for putting vpp ye seeleing Joysts in the Church findeing saweing, and workemanshipp ixlib. xviiis. ixd. For slitting twelue dozen of Deales for ye Roufe xxxvis. For putting vp ye moulding about the beames, and Purloines on ye Planceirs of ye Roufe viiilib. xvs. For setting on ye hookes of the Roufe xs. For Sawing and Workmanshipp, For the [Page 30] Lanthorne for the Bell viilib. is. For ye saweing and makeing ye two Crosses, for the Church and helpeing to sett them vpp xxiiiis. iid. For [?142] foote of Elme board to make bracketts for the Cornish of the Vestry and Bellfrey xis. iiid. For makeing of Fillett Gutters ouer the Bellfrey and Vestry, vnder the lead for ye better convayance of the water xs. For putting vpp the Iron barrs in the windowes xis. For saweing elme boords for stepps and Timber for ye Particions [? and] staires in the Bellfrey, and makeing ye staires with doore and dore Case iiilib. For sawing Frameing Pyleing and boarding, the Flowers vnder the Pewes xxiiilib. xvs. for makeing a Frame and findeing sawing for ye great doore at ye west end and makeing ye lower parte of ye stayres to the pullpitt, and hanging the great dore lis. For sawing of Timber Joisting and boarding the Vestry xlviis. vid. For 23 foote of Oaken Timber to make the frame of ye Bell at xd. the foote xixs. iid. For makeing of ye fower doores and the open worke ouer those two at the East end viiilib. For hanging of doores and setting on of lockes and makeing a trap doore for the well hole of the Bellfrey and for nayles xiiiis. ixd. For the Timber and workmanship of the Gates at ye West end of ye Church Yard vilib. xiiis. iiiid. for takeing downe the slitt deales from the inside of the Roofe xxiiiis. for makeing a scaffold for ye Painters to mend ye seeleing and remoueing it from place to place xxxvs. 314. 16. 11
[Page 31] To Erasmus Marsh for 18 stirrops and 36 boults, and fore lockes for the butments of the Roufe weighing 12c. 3qrs. 26lib.½ at Thirty two shillings eight pence ye hundred xxilib. iiiis. iid. ob. qr. For 30 boults forelocks and Collers for fastneing the ends of the beames and Principalls together weighing 3c. 5lib. at the former rate iiiilib. xixs. vd. ob. For hookes, and Crampes for the great Dores at the East and West end of the Church weighing 1c. 1qr. 26lib. at xxxiis. viiid. ye C iilib. viiis. vd. For 121 Lathing hookes and 4 C ½ of Fordge nayles to sett them on weighing 6c. 1qr. 25lib. at xxxviis. iiiid. the hundred xilib. is. viiid. For 31 lib. of spikes to fasten the Rafters ixs. ob. For 8 dozen of wallhookes for the fastening of the Timber Frames for the windowes at iis. ye dozen xvis. For Cramps and pins for the Crosses, at the East, and West end of the Church weighing 19lib. vs. vid. ob. For 27 stirrops with forelocks and forged nayles weighing 6c. 1qr. 21lib. at xxxiis. viiid. the C xlib. xvis. iiid. ob. For 8 paire of [Page 32] hookes for ye Doores and outer Gates, and 11 paire of hinges, weighing 4c. 24lib. ¾ at xxxiis. viiid. ye hundred vilib. xviis. xd. ob. For 108 Reuetts at iid. the peece xviiis. For two paire of lardge Crossgarnetts and two paire of stirope hinges foure squares, and two long plates for the doore at ye West end weighing 2c. 3qrs. 13lib. at xliis. the hundred vilib. iiiid. ob. For 86 riuetts for the same at iiid. the peece xxis. vid. For one round staple and mending of a locke xd. For six extraordinary stocke locks for the outer doores of the Bellfrey and Vestry, and foure doores in the Church yard at vis. the peece xxxvis. For two Frames for the round windowes weighing 2c. 8lib. ½ at xlvis. viiid. ye hundred iiiilib. xvis. xd. And for 8 pound of stubbs to fasten the Frames at iiid. ob. ye pound iis. iiiid. For 54 wall hookes for the Plumbers at iiid. ye peece xiiis. vid. For 122 spikes for the fastening of ye pipes of lead at iiiid. ye peece xls. viiid. For two little round barrs for the West gate weighing 8lib. at iiid. ob. the pound iis. iiiid. For 160 sadle barrs for the windowes, weighing 4c. 27lib. at xxxiis. viiid. the C vilib. xs. viiid. ob. qr. For 27 Casements of three foote 10 inches high and 2 foote 7 [Page 33] inches wide Casements with hookes locks turneing shutings and staies at xxis. vid. the peece xxixlib. vid. For foure keyes for ye doores when the doores of the Church was boarded iis. viiid. For a grate for a sinke in the Church Yard iis. For foure Pillers for the Pulpitt [within the wood supplied from B.M. Harl. MS. 1831, f. 33v.] weighing 7c. 3qrs. 24 at xlvis. viiid. the hundred xviiilib. viis. For one paire of lardge double ioynted hinges for the Pullpitt xiiis. iiiid. For 24 Cramps for ye fastneing of ye pedistalls and rayles on the staires vis. For foure plate boults for the doores at ye East end xiis. For foure paire of hinges for ye wainescott doores viiis. For two cramp plaites 1 C of round headed nayles 16 other great nailes and 14 holdfasts viis. For 2 paire of hinges for the railes before ye Comunion Table xs. and 12 Reuetts is. for 8 squares for ye fastening of ye Pewes iiiis. for six score and one holdfasts for ye pewes at iiid. ye peece xxxs. iiid. For six score and three paire of hinges with holdfasts screwes and nailes for the Pewes at iiiis. vid. the paire xxviilib. xiiis. vid. For a long boult and locke for ye fastneing of the great doore at the West end of the Church xls For a fastneing and locke for ye Gate at ye West end of ye Church yard weighing 2qrs. 2lib. xxxs. iiiid. For four stocke lockes one for the doore out of ye Church into the Vestry an other for ye dore out of the Church into the Bellfrey and two on the two folding doores on ye East end of the Church xxiiiis. For some saddle barrs, and the Iron worke for the fastneing of the round heads of ye windowes in ye [Page 34] Vestry and Bellfrey weighing 71lib. at iiid. the pound xviis. ixd. For 8 nutts and serewes for fastneing the Frame of the great doore to the stone woorke viiis. For xvii dayes worke imployed in setting on the hinges locks and other Iron woorke about the doores xxxiiiis. 170. 14. 11 ob.
To William George Plumber for skirting of the South side of ye Church with lead, and laying the ridge with lead and skirting and ridgeing ye Bellfrey and Vestry, couering the Lanthorne and platforme for ye Bell the weight of the lead being 5 tunne 6c. 1qr. 2lib. at xiiis. viiid. the hundred lxxiilib. xiis. xd. For foure pound of Sother at ixd. the pound iiis. For Caridge at seuerall tymes xis. Workemen and Laborers woorke iiilib. xiiis. iiiid. More to him for one tunne 5 c. twenty and foure pounds of leade vsed about the Fillett Gutters of the maine Roufe ouer the Vestry and Bellfrey and gutters and Pipes to bring downe the water to the ground at xiiiis. ye hundred xviilib. xiiis. For 2qrs. 14lib. of sother at ixd. the pound iilib. xiis. vid. For Carridge iis. xd. For billetts to heate Irons xviiid. For Workemen to lay this leade and makeing the Pipes iilib. xs. iid. More to him for 34c. 02qrs. 11lib. of Sheete lead at xvs. ye C xxvlib. xixs. For [Page 35] 19lib. of Sother at ixd. the pound xiiiis. iiid. for workemanship in laying the lead, and couering of ye Crosse iilib. xviis. For Caridge vs. For wood xxd. This lead was vsed for the skirts of the Eaues, and the ridge and Chimney Crest, and Crosse of that parte of the Roufe last raysed, at the East end of the Church 129. 18. 1
To Thomas Charley Plumber for skirting the Eaues on the North side of the Church, Couering ye Crosse and the clymeing Crest and Planceir on the West end of the Church the lead weighing 83c. 1qr. 8lib. at xiiis. viiid. the C lvilib. xviiis. viid. For 7c. 1qr. 20lib. for youlting in of hookes and Cramps at xis. iiid. ye C iiiilib. is. vid. For 7lib. of sother at ixd. the pound vs. iiid. For workemanship in laying the Lead and couering of the Crosse iiilib. For nailes xvid. For Caridge vs., more for 56c. 3qrs. 20lib. of lead for the Planceir on the East end of the Church at xvs. the hundred xlvlib. xs. For workemanshipp, in laying the Planceir xxis. For Carridge iis. more for 33c. 2qrs. 22lib. of lead vsed about the Couering of the two bricke gates at the East end of the Church yard and the pillasters entering in at the west end at xvs. the hundred xxvlib. vs. iid. For 2c. 1qr. 7lib. of new lead for ye couering a trap dore ouer the wellhole for ye bell, and where the rope of the little bell comes downe at xvs ye hundred xxxiiiis. xd. [Page 36] For laying this Lead and carridge iiiis. For 3c. 0 17lib. of Youlting lead at xiis. the hundred xxxviis. ixd. some totall 138lib. 11s. 07d. abateing for 4c. 1qr. 26lib. deliuered backe in cuttings at xis. iiid. ye hundred iilib. xs. iiid. ob. qr. More in serviceable lead 1c. 1qr. 15lib. at xiiis. vid. ye C abateing for the caridge backe xviiis. vid. ob. qr. more deliuered backe 1c. 1qr. of cuttings at xiis. ye C xvs. In all abated iiiilib. iiis. xd. ob. 136. 2. 6 ob.
To Martine Estbourne Plaisterer for lathing, and laying 771 yards on the Ceeleing of the Church Portico Vestry and Bellfrey at xiid. the Yard xxxviiilib. xis. layde on bricke and Rendered 1144 Yardes at vd. the Yard, alloweing in the workmanshipp bestowed in the laying the Archatraue round about the inside of the Church xxiiilib. xvis. viiid. For whitewashing and syzeing ye Ceeleing of ye Church before it was painted iilib. And then ye walls of the Church Bellfrey and Vestry and Ceeleing of ye Portico viilib. xs. 71. 17. 8
[Page 37] To Mr Thomas Bagley Glasier for 769 foote of glasse sett vpp in the Church Vestry and Bellfrey at vid. ob. the Foote 20. 16. 6 ob.
To Edmund Johnson Painter for twise primeing stopping and laying in oyle Collour 644 yardes on the Planceirs of the Church at xiiiid. ye yard xllib. is. iiiid. For shaddowing the squares of 92 great pannells betweene the Canteliuers at iiiis. the peece xviiilib. viiid. For ye windowes about the Church and Cornish about the Vestry and Lanthorne for the bell 206 yardes at xiid. the Yard xlib. vis., For the six doores belonging to the Church Vestry and Bellfrey 48 yardes xlviiis. For the great doore at the West end and the false doore at the East end 54 yardes liiiis. For the Casments barrs and saddle barrs iilib. For the open Gate at the West end entering in to the Church yard 18 yardes ½ xviiis. vid. For the Arches ouer [Page 38] the two Gates at East end of ye Church Yard 6 yardes vis. For those two gates or doores [blank in MS.] yards xxxs. For the two doores on the South and North side of the Church yard [blank in MS.] yardes xxviiis. For the Crosse on the toppe at the West end of the Church iis. vid. For woorke begunne by him on the Ceeleing of the Church which was altered vlib. 84. 15. 0
To Mathew Goodericke and Edward Perce Painters, for painting the perspectiue Groteske and other ornaments on the Ceeleing of the Church in water Collours lxxxlib. To Edward Peirce for mending the painting where the rayne had stained it iiilib. 83. 0. 0
[Page 39] Joyners worke done by Peeter Penson, the foreside worke both of the Pewes about the Chancell, and the foreside of the Pewes in the middle range, and other Pewes on the South side of the Church and in the foure halfe doores at the East end of the Church, and the Archatraues, and Cornishes about the same doores containeth 202 Yardes one foote 3 inches at xis. the yard Cxilib. iiis. vid. In 39 particions in the middle range, and the long particion running through the middle of the Pewes, and in 16 short particions on the South, and parte of ye North side against the wall 167 yardes 3 foote at viiis. the yard lxvilib. xviiis. viiid. of Wainscott against the wall on the South and part of the North side 100 yardes, and 8 foote at viis. vid. the yard xxxviilib. xviis. Of the Wainescott against the wall in the Chancell at viiis. vid. the yard 23 yardes ½ ixlib. xixs. ixd. In the plaine wainscott behinde the two doores at ye East end 11 yardes 4 inches at iiiis. ye yard [Page 40] xliiiis. iid. In the middle Range of Pewes and in those against the wall on the South and part of the North side 59 seates desks and Kneelers at vis. iiid. the Pewe xviiilib. viiis. ixd. For the seates of the Pewes in the Chancell lvs. For 44 stayes in the Pewes against the walls and those in the Chancell xliiiis. For lyneing the Cornish about the Church with leaues of wainscott xxxs. For two ouell stepps into the Pewes of the Chancell ixs. For six scantleing peeces behinde the Archatraues of the doores [East supplied from B.M. Harl. MS. 1831, f. 33.] xiis. For the Wainescott turneing Carueing and frameing of the Rayles and ballisters into the Chancell, and setting on the Iron worke xilib. For the Comunion Table viilib. xs. For makeing the false doore at the East end of the Church vilib. For 13 Wainscotts and [blank in MS.] Clobords for the Pannells middle peeces and belexions for both the great doores viiilib. ixs. viiid. For saweing xxis. For Navies and glewe vis. For Caridges two and froe viiis. xd. for dammeing vpp of Windowes to keepe the snowe out of the Church vs. 289. 2. 4
[Page 41] To Jeremie Kellett Joyner for 137 Yardes ½ of foreside worke on the Pewes of the middle range and part of the North side, and the West end of the Church at xis. the yard lxxvlib. xiis. vid. In the Particions of the middle range and of the Pewes by the walles 152 Yardes 3 foote at viiis. ye yard lxlib. xviiis. viiid. Of wainescott against the wall from the Bellfrey doore the West end and part of the North side vpp range with the Lower side of the vpper Allie with that on the splaies of the great doore 104 yardes 8 foote at viis. vid. the yard xxxixlib. vis. viiid. For the couering of the Planceir xxxs. For the deskes braketts and Kneelers of 55 Pewes at vis. iiid. the peece xviilib. iiis. ixd. For the vpper part of the readers Pew with the deske being two yardes 5 foote at xis. the yard xxviiis. id. For the Joyners woorke of the Pullpitt with the Type and Collomes to support it, and the stepps of Wainscotte seene aboue the Pewes vpp into the same with [Page 42] lyneings on the other sides And the stepps into the Readers Pewe lxxvlib. For 28 stayes of oake within the Pewes xxviiis. For stopping and boarding vp of the windowes to keepe out the wether vs. 272. 12. 8
To Zacharias Tailor Caruer for the Carueing worke on the bodye of the Pullpitt on the Cornisments on the inside, and outside of the Tipe, the Pedistalls and Capitalls of the Collomes with the Carueing about the Readers Pewe 25. 0. 0
To John Clifton Bellfounder for the great bell weighing 8c. 1qr. 6lib. at vilib. xs. the hundred liiilib. xixs. vid. And for the little Bell weighing 1c. 1qr. 2lib. at vilib. xs. ye C viiilib. iiiis. xd. The brasses for the great bell weighing 15 pound ¾ at xiiiid. ye pound xviiis. iiid. For the Clappers for the two bells weighing 29lib. at viiid. the pound xxvis. 64. 8. 7
[Page 43] To Francis Hewett for the wheeles stocks and Iron worke makeing ye Frames and hanging both the Bells 3. 10. 0
To Richard Rowlandson for caridge of the Bells from White Chappell to the Couen Garden iis., and for sending a Messinger to Mr George about the Cittie Pipes when the Sewer Crost them vid. And for horse hire and rideing chardges goeing to Wooebourne about the Sewer vis. viiid. and for sawing timber for ye frame of the great Bell xviiid. 0. 10. 8
To Andreas Carne and Thomas Miller for a Font of white Marble with the Pedistalls of Portland stone with a Couer of Copper inricht with Imbosments and Carveing 30. 0. 0
[Page 44] To William Knight Pauier for paueing 187 yardes ½ with ragg stone on the East end of the Church at xid. the yard viiilib. xis. xd. ob. on the East end of the Church within the range of the Church walls, and the kennell and within the Church yard there is paued with peble 1844 yardes 7 foote 10 inches at xiiiid. the yard Cviilib. xiis. iid. 116. 4. 0 ob.
The Totall of the whole Charge 4886. 5. 8
[signed] Edward Carter.


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