Survey of London: Volume 39, the Grosvenor Estate in Mayfair, Part 1 (General History). Originally published by London County Council, London, 1977.

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'Acknowledgements', in Survey of London: Volume 39, the Grosvenor Estate in Mayfair, Part 1 (General History), ed. F H W Sheppard( London, 1977), British History Online [accessed 16 July 2024].

'Acknowledgements', in Survey of London: Volume 39, the Grosvenor Estate in Mayfair, Part 1 (General History). Edited by F H W Sheppard( London, 1977), British History Online, accessed July 16, 2024,

"Acknowledgements". Survey of London: Volume 39, the Grosvenor Estate in Mayfair, Part 1 (General History). Ed. F H W Sheppard(London, 1977), , British History Online. Web. 16 July 2024.


The principal acknowledgment of assistance received by the Council in preparing this volume must be to the Trustees of the Grosvenor Estate for their great courtesy in making available the records of the Mayfair estate, without which this study would have been impossible. It is a pleasure to acknowledge at the same time the ready assistance given to the Council's officers in their work by the members of the staff of the Grosvenor Office, and of the Trustees' solicitors, Boodle, Hatfield and Company.

For the work of Fernand Billerey on the estate his widow, Madame V. H. Billerey, and his son Mr. L. V. A. Billerey gave both encouragement and much valuable information. Mr. Jonathan Blow hospitably provided an opportunity to discuss the work of his father, Detmar Blow, and to examine the numerous architectural drawings in his possession. Mr. Geoffrey Singer, formerly Chief Surveyor to the Grosvenor Estates, very kindly read parts of the text at successive stages of their production.

Particular acknowledgment should also be made to Mr. Edward Hubbard and to Dr. J. M. Robinson for their generosity in allowing use to be made of their post-graduate these on John Douglas and Samuel Wyatt respectively.

The Council tenders its grateful thanks to the following individuals, institutions and corporate bodies who have helped to make the work on this volume possible by providing or giving access to information or by allowing the inspection of buildings in their ownership or occupation:

Mr. Guy Acloque; Mr. Bengt Akerrén; Mrs. Jill Allibone; H. E. the American Ambassador; Margaret, Duchess of Argyll; Miss Catherine Armet; Miss Rosemary Ashbee; Viscountess Astor; Mr. E. H. Aucott; Miss A. S. Bagshawe; Mr. Eustace Balfour; Mr. Nicolas Barker; the Duke of Beaufort; Mrs. Denis Berry; Mrs. E. K. Berry; Mr. G. C. Berry; Mr. T. S. Blakeney; H.E. the Brazilian Ambassador; Mrs. W. Broekema; Mr. O. Bateman Brown; Mr. S. Bywater; Mrs. Ann Campbell; Lady Iris Capell; the Earl of Carnarvon; Mr. Wayne Carter; Mrs. Carvalho; Mrs. Bridget Cherry; Miss Sarah D. Coffin; Mr. S. R. Coggan; Mr. H. M. Colvin; Mr. John Cornforth; Dr. Maurice Craig; Mr. Alan Crawford; the Earl of Crawford and Balcarres; Mr. Stephen Croad; the late Miss Jacqueline Cromie; Miss Helen Cundy; Mrs. Joan Cundy; Mr. J. Cutileiro; Mrs. Monica Dance; the Countess of Denbigh; Lady D'Erlanger; Mr. E. V. Dommett; Mr. Ian Doolittle; Mrs. M. P. G. Draper; Mr. William Drummond; Mr. Peter Dunne; Mrs. C. Dutnall; Rev. Fr. F. Edwards, S. J.; H.E. the Egyptian Ambassador; Frances, Lady Fergusson; Mr. R. B. Fisher; Rev. John Gaskell; Mr. A. Stuart Gray; Mr. B. Lund Hansen; Mr. John Hardy; Mrs. T. H. Harker; the Earl of Harrowby; Mr. M. D. Heber-Percy; Mr. J. B. Henderson; Mr. Nicholas Hill; Bishop A. Hornyk; Lady Hulse; H. E. the Indonesian Ambassador; Mr. R. Irving; H. E. the Italian Ambassador; H.E. the Japanese Ambassador; Mr. Edward Joy; Miss A. M. Kennett; Mrs. Geraldine Kunstadter; Mrs. Nancy Lancaster; Mr. Michael Levey; Mrs. Christine Loeb; the Hon. Christopher McLaren; Mr. Byron Maile; Mr. C. E. Mansfield; Miss Betty R. Masters; Mr. R. Mellin; Lord Methuen; Mr. E. Croft Murray; Mrs. Virginia Murray; Mr. R. G. Must; Mr. David Nickerson; Mrs. Y. Nothman; Prof. D. P. O'Brien; Miss Susan Orde; Sgr. L. Orsi; Count Guy de Pelet; Sir Nikolaus Pevsner; H.E. the Portuguese Ambassador; the Earl of Radnor; Mr. A. Ramsey; Mr. P. M. Rayner; Mrs. Margaret Richardson; Mr. Michael Robbins; Miss Mary L. Robertson; Mr. Michael Ross-Wills; the Marquess of Salisbury; Mr. A. W. Saxton; Mr. I.B. Scott; Mr. T. Shearing; Mrs. Smallpeice; Mr. F. T. Smallwood; Mr. R. A. H. Smith; the Duke of Somerset; Mr. H. D. Steiner; Miss Dorothy Stroud; Miss E. A. Stuart; Sir John Summerson; Miss M. Swarbrick; H.E. the Swedish Ambassador; Dr. Eric Till; Mrs. M. Travis; Mrs. P. A. Tritton; Miss Elmira Wade; Mr. Clive Wainwright; Mr. B. Weinreb; Mrs. H. J. Whetton; Mr. J. W. Wilcox; Mr. R. H. Harcourt Williams; Mrs. Dorothy Wimperis; Dr. E. J. Wimperis; Mr. R. McD. Winder; Sir Hugh Wontner; Mr. A. C. Wood.

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