Appendix: Artists, musicians and writers resident in Brompton, 1790-1870

Survey of London: Volume 41, Brompton. Originally published by London County Council, London, 1983.

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Actors, Musicians and Writers resident in Brompton between 1790 and 1870

The following list covers the general area of Brompton as understood in the nineteenth century, rather than the narrower area described in the present volume. Only writers connected in some way or other with the performing arts are included. The list has been compiled from a variety of sources, principally the Post Office Directories, the ratebooks, and T. C. Croker's A Walk from London to Fulham (1860). Original addresses are generally given; where the house survives with a changed address, the latter is supplied in brackets.

John Banim, dramatist and novelist. No. 7 Amelia Place, Brompton (Chelsea), 1822; No. 13 Brompton Lower Grove, 1822–4.

Elizabeth Billington, diva. No. 16 Michael's Place, 1792–3; No. 33 Michael's Place, 1805–7.

Dion Boucicault, actor and playwright. Hereford House, Old Brompton, 1861–3.

John Braham, singer. Brompton Grange, Yeoman's Row, 1830–42.

John Baldwin Buckstone, actor, manager and playwright. No. 2 Onslow Terrace, 1835–9; No. 6 Brompton Square, 1840–54.

Alfred Bunn, actor-manager. Eagle Lodge, Old Brompton, 1835–9.

Angelica Catalani, diva. The Hermitage, Yeoman's Row, 1811–14.

Louisa Simeon Chatterley (Mrs. Francis Place), actress. No. 15 Brompton Square, 1825–30; No. 21 Brompton Square, 1833–51.

Muzio Clementi, composer. No. 10 Brompton Lower Grove, 1826–8.

John Payne Collier, critic. No. 22 Brompton Square, 1839–43.

George Colman the younger, playwright. No. 22 Brompton Square, 1825–36.

Thomas P. Cooke, actor. No. 35 Thurloe Square, 1845–54; died at No. 37 Thurloe Square, 1864.

John Cooper, actor. No. 20 Pelham Crescent, 1860–7.

Charles Dance, burlesque writer. Hereford House, Old Brompton, 1841–5.

Mary Ann Davenport, actress. Died at No. 22 Michael's Place, 1843.

William Farren, comic actor. No. 23 Brompton Square, 1824–36, 1854–61; No. 30 Brompton Square, 1837–53.

Helen(a) Faucit (Lady Martin), actress. No. 23 Brompton Square, c. 1841; No. 31 Onslow Square, 1852–98.

Edward Francis Fitzwilliam, composer. No. 14 Brompton Square, c. 1853–6; No. 9 Grove (now Beauchamp) Place, 1856–7.

Fanny Elizabeth Fitzwilliam, actress. No. 6 Brompton Square, c. 1852–3.

Gerald Griffin, playwright, poet and novelist. No. 13 Brompton Lower Grove, c. 1824–5.

Anna Maria Hall, novelist, playwright and ‘miscellaneous writer’. The Rosary, Old Brompton, 1839–49.

Augustus Glossop Harris, actor-manager. No. 9 (now No. 18) Pelham Place, 1852–63.

Charles Incledon, ‘tenor vocalist’. No. 13 Brompton Crescent, 1802–11.

Douglas William Jerrold, playwright and wit. No. 6 Seymour Terrace (now No. 46 Seymour Walk), 1832–4; No. 11 Thistle Grove (demolished, site now in Drayton Gardens), 1834–6.

Robert and Mary Ann Keeley, actors. No. 19 Brompton Square, 1845–56; No. 10 Pelham Crescent, 1856 to 1869 (his death) and 1899 (hers).

James Kenney, playwright. No. 22 (now No. 20) South Terrace, 1847–9.

Henry Lazarus, clarinettist. No. 4 (until 1864 No. 2) Pelham Place, 1860–71.

Jenny Lind, diva. Clareville Cottage, Old Brompton, 1847–9; No. 1 Moreton Gardens (now part of No. 189 Old Brompton Road), 1875–87.

John Liston, comic actor. No. 40 Brompton Square, 1829–33.

Benjamin Lumley, theatrical manager. Hereford House, Old Brompton, 1857–9.

Gertrud Elisabeth Mara, diva. Hereford Lodge, Old Brompton, 1798.

Charles James Mathews, actor and manager. Gore Lodge, Brompton Park Lane, 1848–54; No. 25 Pelham Crescent, 1865–70.

Drinkwater Meadows, actor and manager. No. 6 Grange Villas (now No. 33 Egerton Terrace), 1846–66.

Arthur Murphy, author and playwright. No. 14 Queen's Buildings, 1800–5.

James Robinson Planché, playwright, librettist and herald. No. 20 Brompton Crescent, 1823–44; Michael's Grove Lodge, Grange Terrace (now No. 6 Egerton Terrace), 1845–52.

Jane Pope, actress. Died at No. 17 Michael's Place, 1818.

John Reeve, comic actor. No. 46 Brompton Row (now No. 170 Brompton Road), 1835–8.

George H. B. Rodwell. composer. No 15 Brompton Crescent, 1829; No. 7 Brompton Square, 1829–32; No. 1 Alexander Square, 1832–3; No. 23 Brompton Row, 1833–6; No. 14 Brompton Row, c 1842; No. 1 Thurloe Place West (now No. 18 Thurloe Place), 1844–7.

George Augustus Sala, scene-painter, minor dramatist and journalist. No. 1 Alexander Square, c 1870–1.

John Palgrave Simpson, dramatist and novelist. No. 9 Alfred Place West (now Thurloe Street), 1850–87.

Richard J. Smith (‘O. Smith’), comedian. No. 1 North Terrace, 1846–51.

Paul Spagnoletti, violinist. No. 21 Brompton Square, 1825–32; Queen's Buildings, 1832–4.

Lucia Elizabeth Vestris (Mrs. Charles Mathews), diva and manageress. Gore Lodge, Brompton Park Lane, 1848–54.

Frederick Vining, comic actor. No. 21 (now No. 5) Pelham Place, 1841–4.

James Vining, actor. No. 21 Pelham Crescent, 1847–9, 1852 and 1862–7. Also rated for No. 22 Brompton Square, 1849–51, 1856–7 and 1861; No. 59 Brompton Square, 1851.

Benjamin Nottingham Webster, actor, manager and playwright. ‘No. 3 Brompton Road’ (close to Brompton Park House), 1841–54.

Alfred Sydney Wigan, actor. No. 6 Michael's Grove, 1846–9; No. 13 (now No 23) Pelham Place, 1849–52.

Edward Richard Wright, low comedian. Brompton Vale, 1840–3; Cromwell Lane, 1844–8.

Frederick Yates, actor-manager. No. 21 Michael's Place, 1842.