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Survey of London: Volume 42, Kensington Square To Earl's Court. Originally published by London County Council, London, 1986.

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Officers of the Council have received great help from many quarters in their work on the four volumes of the Survey of London devoted to Kensington. Acknowledgment is made to particular persons and institutions in each volume but special mention must be made here of the help given to the Survey of London team over the last fifteen years by Mr. B. R. Curle, the Local Studies Librarian at the Kensington Central Public Library, and the other staff of the Local Studies Library, Mr. T. M. Egan and his successor Mr. John Hamp, all of whom have spared no effort to make work on the material in their custody both easy and pleasant. Many enquiries have also been dealt with by the borough's Town Planning Enquiry Office.

The officers of St. Mary Abbots Hospital also deserve particular thanks, including Miss Susan Morris, the Administrator, and her successor, Mr. Duncan Innes, Mr. Ian Stephens, and Mr. A. G. King, former House Governor.

The Council acknowledges with gratitude the help given it in the preparation of this volume by the following: Mr. Cecil E. Adair; Dr. Jill Allibone; Mr. John Allwood; Mr. Ian Anstruther; Mrs. Anstruther (Susan Walker); Sister Mary Aquinas; Mr. D. A. Armstrong; Miss Barbara Banham; Mr. Gordon Barnes; Sir David and Lady Barran; Mr. David Beasley; Mrs. James Beery; Dr. D. R. Biddulph; Mrs. Mosette Broderick; Mr. J. W. Brooks; Sir Evelyn Delves Broughton; Rev. A. Donal Browne; Mrs. Anne Carey; Mrs. Richard Carr; Mr. E. J. Carter; Sir Hugh and Lady Casson; Sir Oliver Chesterton; Mrs. Gay Christiansen; Mrs. James Clark; Mrs. Henry Clayton; Mrs. James Colville; Mr. Stephen Croad; Lady Ursula d'Abo; Mr. Oliver Davies; Mr. P. Day; Mr. Simon Day; Prof. Isabel de Madariaga; Miss Margaret De Motte; Mrs. J. de Vere Hunt; Rev. John Dulfer; Mr. B. J. Fine; Mr. Alan Foster; the late Mrs. Rachael Francies; Dr. Hilary Grainger; Mr. Victor Gray; Mrs. John Guinness; Mrs. J. R. S. Guinness; Mr. Ferenc Gyorgyey; Mr. M. Hahn; Mrs. Pamela Haines; Mr. R. J. Hale; Mr. Leslie Harris; Mr. Michael Harris; Mrs. Antony Haynes; Mrs. Elizabeth Holbech; Mr. John Ingram; Mr. Simon Jervis; Miss Lesley Jones; Mr. Charles Kearley; Rt. Rev. Mgr. T. J. Kellecher; the Countess von Kervitzer; Mr. Oliver Lebus; the late Mr. Charles E. Lee; Mr. Owen Luder; Mr. Ewan Macleod; Mr. Barrett E. Manning; Rev. B. E. E. Marshall; Mr. Leonard Manasseh; Mr. W. R. M. Maxwell; Dr. Priscilla Metcalf; Mr. Neill Mitchell; the late Hon. Ivor Montagu; Rev. Herbert Moore; Dr. Nersessian; the Duke of Norfolk; Mrs. Belinda Norman-Butler; Mr. Michael Palmer; Dr. Stephen Pasmore; Mr. Robin Peedell; Mr. M. G. Rathbone; Miss A. B. Read; Mr. R. H. Reed; Major John Riley; Mr. Michael Robbins; Mr. Eric Roberts; Brig. and Mrs. J. M. H. Roberts; Rev. Ian L. Robson; Sir Oliver Scott; Mr. Brian Sewell; Mr. W. Shephard; Rev. Kenneth Slack; Mr. Denis Smith; Miss Sarah Smith; Miss May Stone; Mr. J. W. Sunley; Mrs. F. Tedeschi; Mrs. Alison Turton; Dame Ninette de Valois; Rev. John Vine; Mr. David Wainwright; Mrs. Jennifer Ware; Mr. Simon Weinstock; Professor Richard Westfall; Mr. Thomas Woodbridge.

Adoratrices Convent, Kensington Square; The Architectural Press; Arup Associates; Bailey's Hotel, Gloucester Road; Barkers of Kensington; Bath City Archives and Library; Berkshire Record Office: Brasenose College, Oxford; Blount, Petre and Company; Brenta Construction Ltd.; British Airways (Public Relations Department); British Library; British Telecom; Central Midwives Board; Chapman Taylor Partners; Chelsea Reference Library; Chesterton and Sons; Church, Adams, Tatham and Company (Reigate); Church Commissioners; City of Manchester Central Library (Local History Library); Civil Service Riding Club; Commercial Union Assurance Company Ltd.; Convent of the Assumption, Kensington Square; Cornwall Record Office; Council for the Care of Churches; Crown Estate Office; Derbyshire Record Office; Ealing Public Library; East Suffolk Record Office; East Sussex Record Office; Essex Record Office; W. and F. Eves Ltd.; GMW Partnership; Goldsmiths' Company; Guildhall Library; Hastings Central Library (Local Studies Library); House of Fraser Ltd.; House of Lords Record Office; Inderwick and Company Ltd.; Joseph and Partners; Lawrence, Barrett, Lloyd-Davis; Leonard Manasseh Partnership; London Regional Transport; Metropolitan Police, Property Services Department; Mewès and Davis; Museum of London; National Library of Wales; National Monuments Record; National Register of Archives; National Westminster Bank; Pembroke Record Office; Property Services Agency; Prudential Assurance Company Ltd.; Public Record Office; the Rawlplug Company Ltd.; Royal College of Surgeons of England; Royal Institute of British Architects; University of Glasgow Archives; Simmonds Brothers and Sons Ltd.; Upminster Branch Library; Victor Crichton Ltd.; Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine; Westminster City Libraries; Westminster Diocesan Finance Office; Westminster Hospital Archives; The Willett Estates; Wiltshire Record Office; Witham, Weld and Company; Woodbridge and Sons; Worcester Record Office; Yale Medical Library, U.S.A.; Young and Company (Wandsworth); Young Women's Christian Association (Park House).

The Council also acknowledges with its thanks the help received from other owners and occupiers who have allowed access to their buildings for inspection, measurement and photography, and also the co-operation of those firms that have permitted the use of their scaffolding for the study of buildings under renovation.

Owners of photographs and other illustrations reproduced in this volume are acknowledged in the List of Plates.