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Pages xiii-xiv

Survey of London: Volume 6, Hammersmith. Originally published by London County Council, London, 1915.

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1. Sketch Plan of the Southern Portion of Hammersmith, showing the Buildings included in the Survey. Drawn by Walter H. Godfrey following xviii
2. Bradmore House, Wrought-iron Panel of Balustrade. Measured Drawing supplied by London County Council 3
3. Bradmore House, Cast-iron Fireback. Measured Drawing supplied by London County Council 4
4. St. Paul's Church, Chairs in Chancel. Measured Drawing by A. O. Collard 20
5. Banners Yard, Lower Mall. Drawn by A. O. Collard 52
6. Hampshire House, Monogram in Wrought-iron Gate. Measured Drawing by W. A. Webb and Joseph Seddon 58
7. Doves Place. Drawn by A. O. Collard 61
8. Linden House, Internal Door. Drawn by A. O. Collard 86
9. Ravenscourt Park, Basement Plan. Measured Drawing by Sydney A. Newcombe 98


1. ESSEX Azure, a cheveron engrailed Ermine between three eagles Azure.
2. MUSCHAMP Or, three bars Gules.
3. SHEFFIELD, EARL OF MULGRAVE Argent, a cheveron between three garbs Gules.
4. MOYLE Gules, a mule passant Argent.
5. IMPEY Gules, a cheveron between three leopards' faces Or, with three cinquefoils Gules on the cheveron.
6. HUTCHINSON Party palewise Gules and Azure crusilly Or, over all a lion Argent.
7. SMITH Azure, a lion Or, on a chief Argent a molet between two roundels Gules.
8. SCOTT OF ESSEX Party palewise indented Argent and Sable, a saltire countercharged.
9. NEVILLE Gules a saltire Argent, a molet for difference.
10. CLARKE Argent, a bend Gules between three pellets, with three swans Argent on the bend.
11. CRISP Or, a cheveron Sable with five horseshoes Or thereon.
12. BOX Azure, a lion passant Argent between three griffon's heads razed Or.
13. PEYTON Sable, a cross engrailed Or.
14. ANDERDON Sable, three shackbolts Argent.
15. CATHERINE OF BRAGANZA Argent five scutcheons Azure crosswise, each charged with five roundels Argent saltirewise a border Gules with seven castles Or therein.
16. RADCLIFFE Argent, a bend engrailed Sable, a quarter Argent with a horse's head Sable therein.
17. TRUSSELL Argent, a cross formy Gules, flowered at the ends.
18. WINDSOR Gules, a saltire Argent between twelve crosslets Or.
19. FROWYK Azure, a cheveron, between three leopards' faces Or.
20. PAYNE Argent, a fesse engrailed Gules between three martlets Sable, with three cinquefoils Argent on the fesse.
21. FINCH. LORD FINCH Azure, a cheveron between three garbs Or.
22. BARD Sable, a cheveron between ten martlets Argent, with five roundels Sable on the cheveron.