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Pages xi-xiii

Survey of London: Volume 7, Chelsea, Part III: the Old Church. Originally published by London County Council, London, 1921.

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1. Plan of the Original Gallery 8
2. Plan of the Tombs in the Churchyard 62


1. MORE Argent, a cheveron engrailed between three moor-cocks sable, crests and legs gules.
2. WAVER Argent, on a fess sable three scallops or impaled with 1 & 4, ermine a cheveron sable, 2 & 3, on a fess sable three crowns or.
3. BATEMAN Three crescents each having a molet (properly star) between the horns.
4. HUNGERFORD Quarterly 1 & 4, sable, two bars argent, in chief three plates (Heytesbury); 2 & 3, Party palewise indented gules and vert, a cheveron or (Hungerford).
5. BUCKBY Sable, a cheveron between three bucks' attires or.
6. BRAY Argent, a cheveron sable between three bird's legs sable.
7. JERVOISE Sable, a cheveron between three eaglets argent.
8. JERVOISE Sable, a cheveron between three eaglets argent (Jervoise) impaling quarterly 1 & 4, sable, within a border gules, a cheveron between three spear-heads or, a molet for difference on the cheveron; 2 & 3, azure, three beacons burning or.
9. HAMEY Gules, a fess or, between a roebuck or in chief, and three molets of six points argent in base.
10. PALMER Argent, three palmer's staves sable.
11. STEWART Or, a fess checky argent and azure within a double tressure counterflowered gules (Stewart) impaling sable, on a cross between four fleursde-lis argent five pheons azure.
12. LAWRENCE Argent, a ragged cross gules; on a chief azure three leopards' heads or.
13. MERCHANT ADVENTURERS Barry nebuly argent and azure, a chief quarterly gules and or, on the 1st & 4th two roses gules barbed vert, on the 2nd & 3rd a leopard or.
14. COLVILE Azure, a lion argent, a label gules.
15. STANLEY Argent, on a bend azure three stags' heads caboshed or.
16. GORGES (ancient) Lozengy or and azure, a cheveron gules.
" (modern) Argent, a whirlpool azure.
17. GUILDFORD Or, a saltire between four martlets sable.
18. MILMAN Azure, three sinister gauntlets argent.
19. POWELL Quarterly 1 & 4, gules, a lion looking back or; 2 & 3 argent, three boars' heads sable.
20. BUCK Party fesswise nebuly argent and sable, three bucks' attires countercoloured, on a quarter azure a cup or.
21. CHEYNE Checky, or and azure, a fess gules, fretty argent.
22. HAMILTON Quarterly of four, 1 & 4, sable, a molet between three cinquefoils ermine, 2 & 3, sable, a human heart between three cinquefoils ermine (Hamilton) impaling quarterly, 1 & 4, argent, a lymphad sable, 2 & 3, or, a lion sable.
SACKVILLE Quarterly or and gules, a bend vair.
DACRE Quarterly of twelve, 1, azure, three lions or (Fiennes); 2, gules, three scallops argent (Dacre); 3, argent, three bars gules, a label azure (Moulton); 4, checky or and gules (Vaux); 5, azure, sown with fleurs-de-lis and fretty or (Morville); 6, azure, a chief or, three cheverons interlaced in base (Fitzhugh); 7, Barry of eight argent and gules a fleur-de-lis sable (Staveley); 8, azure, a bend between six crosslets or (Furneaux); 9, Barry argent and azure, on a bend gules three martolets or (Grey); 10, vair, a fess gules (Marmion); 11, or three cheverons gules a chief vair (St. Quintin); 12, Barry of ten or and azure, an eagle gules (Gernegan).
LOWFEILD On a lozenge, six pieces vert and or, a bull's head sable and two garbs on the or.
BOLNEY Or, in chief two molets and in base a crescent gules.
CULLIFORD Argent, a fess gules between three colts sable, impaling azure, a lion crowned between three crosslets or.
BANKS A cross between four fleurs-de-lis.
SLOANE Gules, a sword in pale point down, argent, hilt and pommel, or, between two boars' heads cut off at the neck, or. On a chief ermine a lion passant gules between two mascles sable.
CHAMBERLAYNE Gules an inescutcheon argent within an orle of eight molets or.