Parishes: Clipston

Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1790.

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'Parishes: Clipston', in Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1790) pp. 138-140. British History Online [accessed 11 April 2024]

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When Plumtre Wapentake was in Use, this Town of Clipston was esteemed as Past of it, but now it is and hath been long, even from the Conquest, (fn. 1) of Binghamshou, though it yet remains of the Parish of Plumtre. It was also of Roger de Buslie's Fee; where before the Norman Invasion Ulviet had a Manor rated to the public Taxation (or Dane Geld) as three Carucats. The Land three Carucats. There Roger had in Demesne two Car. three Sochm. twelve Vill. one Bordar, having six Car. (or Plows.) There were twenty Acres of Meadow. In King Edward the Confessor's Days the Value of this was 60s. In King William's but 40s.

There is in Doomsday-Book mention of two Manors in Wareberge (now utterly lost, except it was some Part of Kinolton) whereof Godric, named in Plumtre, before the Conquest, had one, and paid for it to the Geld as twelve Bovats. The Land was twelve Bov. It was Waste, and the Fee of Roger de Busli. There were ten Acres of Meadow. In the Confessor's Time it was 20s. in the Conqueror's but 5s. Another Fredgis had rated to the Dane Geld at thirteen Bov. 1-half. The Land whereof was sufficient for two Plows, or two Car. There Rogerus Pictavensis, whose Fee it became, had one Car. and two Sochm. and one Bord. having one Car. and ten Acres of Meadow. This was 10s. in the Confessor's Time, and 12s. Value in the Conqueror's. It seems not to be far of from Cotegrave, Crophill, Guthorpe, Kinolton, and this Clipston, in which (fn. 2) Roger de Busli gave the Tythe of one Plow-Land or Carucat, to the Monastery of Blyth, amongst many other Things, in this very Foundation Charter thereof, bearing date 1088.

(fn. 3) John de Gatton is said to have held a Knight's Fee here, of the Earl of Lincolne, of the old Feoffment.

(fn. 4) Richard de Bingham, 22 E. 1. had a Charter of Free Warren in Bingham, Clipston, and Kinalton. There was a Fine, 1 E. 2. between Richard de Byngham, and Alice, his Wife, Quer, and Mr. Alan de Neuson, Defore. of the Manors of Byngham and Clipston, and of nine Mess. twenty-eight Acres, and eight Bov. of Land and an Half, and twelve Acres of Meadow, with the Appurenances in Guthorpe, Kinciton, Gotegrave, Nottingham, and Rotington, and the Advowson of the Church of Rotington, thereby settled on the said Richard, and Alice, and the Heirs Males, which the said Richard should beget on the Body of the said Alice; Remainder to William, Son of Alice Bertram, of Bingham, and the Heirs Males of his Body; Remainder to Richard, Younger Brother of William and his; Remainder to Thomas, Brother of the said Richard the Younger, and the Heirs Males of his; Remainder to the right Heirs of the said Richard de Byngham.— (fn. 5) It appears by another Fine, 2 E. 2, between the said Richard de Byngham, and Alice his Wife, Quer. and William Bertram, of Bingham, Deforc. concerning twenty Bovats of Land, with the Appurtenances in Guthorpe, Cotegrave, and Kynalton, settled as before on the said Richard and Alice, and so on William, Richard and Thomas, that he first had these Sons by her, and afterwards took her to Wife, for William is there said to be Son of the said Alice.

(fn. 6) In the Record called Nominœ Villarum, 9 E. 2. Basingfeild, Gamelston, Torlaston, and Clipston answered for a whole Villa, and the Lords then were certified to be Joan Luterell, John Barry, and Alice de Byngham.

(fn. 7) William de Bingham, Chr. 18 E. 3. by Fine, settled this Manor, and some other Lands, with those in Kinalton, on Richard de Bingham, and Amora his Wife, then in the Custody or Guardianship of Robert de Meaux. (fn. 8) Sir Richard de Bingham, Knt. 40 E. 3. by a Fine settled these Lands on his Son William, and Margaret his Wife, and the Heirs of their Bodies; reserving 100s. per Annum Rent, with Remainder to the right Heirs of himself the said Sir Richard. This William married another Wife called Isabell, and died before his Father the said Sir Richard, who died about 11 R. 2. (fn. 9) Robert, his Grandchild, by this William, being then found his Heir, and about four Years old.

(fn. 10) Which Robert, I suppose, lived not long, for there was a Fine, 1 H. 4. levyed between Sir Thomas de Rempston, Chr. Complainant, and Richard, late King of England, Chr. Deforc. of the Manors of Bingham and Clipston, on the Hill by Plumtre, &c. by which these Lands were settled on Sir Thomas Rempston, and his Heirs; but Isabell, the Wife of William de Bingham, had then her Life in this Manor, which descended to the Heirs of this Sir Thomas de Rempston, with Bingham, and his other Lands, as in Bingham more particularly may be seen.

(fn. 11) Sir Brian Stapleton, and Elizabeth his Wife, suffered a Recovery, 2 H. 8, of his Manor of Bingham, and Lands here.

(fn. 12) Lucy, who had been Wife of Edmund Holland, Earl of Kent, held in Dower after the Death of her said Husband, 2 H. 6, of the Inheritance of the Duchess of York, the Wife of Henry Bromslete, Knt. one of the Sisters and Heirs of the said Earl her Husband, of Margaret Duchess of Clarence, the second Sister of Edmund, late Earl of March, Son of Elianor, a third Sister of Alice, the Wife of Richard Nevill, Chr. deceased, within Age, and in the King's Custody the fifth, Sisters, Cousins, and Heirs of the said Earl, amongst other Things, the fourth Part of a Knight's Fee in Clipston, by Plumbtre, which the Lady of Bingham lately held, and another fourth Part in Hickling, which William Grey held.

(fn. 13) In 7 H. 8, William Perpoynt, Knt. claimed against Hugh Taylour, one Mess. one Hundred Acres of Land, twenty of Meadow, forty of Pasture, with the Appurtenances in Clipston-on-the-Hill, in the Parish of Plumtre, and the Advowson of the Chantry, or free Chapel there, called St. John's Chapel.

(fn. 14) This Lordship was purchased by Sir Henry Pierpont, and descended to his Son Robert Earl of Kingston, and remains the Marquis of Dorchester's.

[Throsby] Clipston

LORDSHIP, is very small, open field, not more than 600 acres of land, divided into 3 farms. Charles Pierpoint, Esq. one of the representatives of this county, owns the whole.

The hamlet consists of ten dwellings. It is a member of Plumtree.


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