Parishes: Shelton

Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1790.

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'Parishes: Shelton', in Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 1, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1790) pp. 324-326. British History Online [accessed 24 April 2024]

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In Sceltune and Colingham, was a Manor of the Fee of Raph de Limesi, who had Thorpe and Holton, and one in Dordenthorpe in this Wapentak. This was rated to the Geld at five Bov. and an Half. The Land four Car. There were eight Soch. five Vill. (fn. 1) having three Car. and sixty Acres of Meadow, two Acres and one Virg. of Wood or Pasture. In King Edward the Confessors Time this was valued at 4l. but in the Conqueror's at 40s. In Scelton and Flodberge, of the Fee of Roger de Busli, was a Manor, which before the Conquest Alsi had, and paid for it to the Public Tax as seven Bov. ½. The Land two Car. ½ There Robert the Man (or Tenant) of Roger had one Car. six Vill. two Board. having two Car. There was a Church, and a Mill, and thirty Acres of Meadow. This in the Confessor's Time was 40s. in the Conqueror's but 30s. Value. Here was also of the Fee of Ilbert de Lacy, Soc to Sibetorp in Scelton, Alderton, Thelvinton, and Lorverton, as much as Paid the Tax or Geld for three Bov. The Land one Car. There six Vill. and and one Bord. had two Car. and thirty Acres of Meadow.

'Tis like the Prosterity of that Robert, had their Name from this Place: however it is certain that a Family of that Name here was very anciently.

Lucia, the Daughter of Edward Foliot, and Joane her Sister, 33 E. 1 (fn. 2) passed a Mess. and a Car. of Land in Shelton, by Fine to Walter Bedewynde.

The Manor and Advowson of the Church of Shelton, 7 E. 2 (fn. 3) by Fine were settled on John de Shelton, and Alice his Wife, and the Heirs of John.

In the 9 E. 2, (fn. 4) Sibthorp and Shelton, answered for one Vill. and Sir John de Charnels, John de Bedewynde, John de Schelton, John de Thorpe, and Simon de Sibthorpe were certified to be Lords.

A Fine was levied of this Mannor and Advowson, 10 E. 2, (fn. 5) between John de Shelton, and Alice his Wife, Quer. and Robert de Helpeston, Parson of Houton, Deforc. whereby they were settled on the said John and Alice for their Lives, and to remain after their Decease, to Nicolas de Widmerpole, and Alice his Wife, and the Heirs he should beget on her Body; and for Default of such Issue, to the right Heirs of the said Nicolas.

Thomas de Staunton, and Alice his Wife, 2 R. 2, f. and afterwards, 8 R. 2. levied a Fine of one Mess. in Newarke, and the Manor of Skelton, and Advowson of the Church to Thomas de Hatfeild, Bishop of Durham, and John de Popham.

Sir Thomas de Staunton, Knight, and his Parceners, 13 R. 2. (fn. 6) were found to have held half a Knight's Fee here of Roger de Clifford, and 15 R. 2, (fn. 7) of Thomas de Clifford, whose Son Thomas de Clifford was then found Heir of the said Thomas de Clifford, Knight.

Walter Parker, of Segbrok, Cousin of the Lady Alice, sometime Wife of Sir Thomas de Staunton, Knight, 7 H. 5, (fn. 8) released to Symon de Leke, (fn. 9) Knight, and his Heirs, all his Right in the Manor of Stoke nigh Newarke, called Oderball, and in the Manor of Shelton, and Advowson of the Church, with the Appurtenances in Shelton, and Flawburgh, and in one Mess. in Newarke.

The Manors of Kilvington, Shelton, and Overhall in Stoke, by Newark, with the Appurtenances, and eighteen Mess. twelve Tofts, fifty Bovats of Land, two hundred Acres of Meadow, with the Appurtenances in Thorpe, Elston, Staunton, Kilvington, Alderton, Flawburgh, Shelton, and Stoke by Newark, (fn. 10) were 18 H. 6. by Fine settled on Richard Willughby, and Ann his Wife (one of the four Daughters and Heirs of Simon Leke, of Cotham, Esq.) and the Heirs of their Bodies; remainder to the right Heirs of Anne.

Richard Bingham of Watnow, Esquire, and Anne his Wife, suffered a Recovery, 3 H. 8, (fn. 11) wherein Sir Henry Willughby, Knight, Anthony Fitz-Herbert, Serjeant at Law, Nicholas Fitz Herbert, Nicholas Puresey, Esquire, John Savage, Esquire, Nicholas Strelley, Esquire, and John Newton, claimed against them, the Manor and Advowson of Flaburgh, two Mess. two Tofts, one hundred and sixty Acres of Land, forty of Meadow, and forty of Pasture, with the Appurtenances in Bramcote, Shelton, Flaburgh, and Dalington. They suffered another, (fn. 12) 7 H. 8. wherein Sir William Mering, Knight, Rowland Digby, Esquire, Everard Digby, Esquire, Nicholas Strelley, of Linby, Esquire, Nicholas Strelley, of Strelley, Esquire, and John Digby, Gent. claimed against them, the Manors of Watnowe, Chaworth, and Shelton, and the Advowson of Shelton Church.

Robert Markham, Esquire, (fn. 13) suffered a Recovery, to Francis Leek, Esquire, and Thomas Markham, Esquire, of the Manor of Shelton, with the Appurtenances, and two Mess. one Cottag. two Tofts, one Dovecot, three Gardens, two hundred Acres of Land, forty of Meadow, sixty of Pasture, with the Appurtenances in Shelton, Dallington, and Flawborowe, and called to warrant George Purefey, Esquire, 10 Eliz.

(fn. 14) Sir Robert Markham, the Destroyer of that Family, sold it to Sir Thomas Bennet, an Alderman of London, whose Issue enjoys it at this Day intire and inclosed.

The Rectory of Shelton was 8l. (fn. 15) and Mr. Markham, and Mr. Bingham, Patrons, 'Tis now 6l. 15s. 2d. 0b. in the Kings Books, and Simon Bennet, Esquire, Patron.

[Throsby] Shelton

LORDSHIP is inclosed, and contains near 1000 Acres, Brough Maltby, Esq. who resides at Shelton, purchased it of the Marquis of Salisbury, five or six years since.—The Church, which is dedicated to St. Mary, is a mean looking place with a tower and two Bells.

Mr. Maltby is Lord and Patron. Incumbent Rev. Dr. Milnes, of Newark, supposed worth 100l. per ann. King's Book 6l. 14s. 4½d. Archiepisc pro. Syn. is. Archidiac. pro. Prox. 5s. Val. in Man. cum Gleb. 1l. 4s. 0d. in dec. garb. &c.


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