Baseford, and Algarthorpe, or, Eland-Hall

Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 2, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1790.

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Robert Thoroton, 'Baseford, and Algarthorpe, or, Eland-Hall', in Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 2, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, ed. John Throsby( Nottingham, 1790), British History Online [accessed 20 July 2024].

Robert Thoroton, 'Baseford, and Algarthorpe, or, Eland-Hall', in Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 2, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Edited by John Throsby( Nottingham, 1790), British History Online, accessed July 20, 2024,

Robert Thoroton. "Baseford, and Algarthorpe, or, Eland-Hall". Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 2, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Ed. John Throsby(Nottingham, 1790), , British History Online. Web. 20 July 2024.

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Baseford, and Algarthorpe, or, Eland-Hall.

There were many Mannors in Baseford of William Peverells Fee, and one which was Tayn-land, which Aluric had before the Conquest, paying to the Geld for four bovats. The Land was half a car. He continued to hold it of King William when the great survey was made, and there had one vill. holding one car. and one acre of meadow, and two mills 16s. and small wood one acre. (fn. 1) This held 20s. value, as it had been formerly. Alcwin had a Mannor here before the Conquest rated to the Geld at ten bovats. The Land was then twelve bovats. There afterwards Safred the man (or tenant) of William Peverell had one car. two vill. — bord. one sochm. having two car. and an half. There was a Priest, and three acres of meadow, and one acre of wood; this likewise kept the old value 20s. Two other Mannors here Alfeg and Algod had, which answered the tax for two car. and two bov. The Land whereof was so much. There Pagen and Safred, the men of William Peverell had one car. two vill. five bord. having two car. and three mills 25s. 4d. and six acres of meadow, and a small wood: this also kept the old rate 40s. There was besides these another parcel, one bovat for the Geld, with Escul held.

(fn. 2) Philip, son of Safrid, and Maud his wife, by the consent of William Peverell, gave to the Monks of Lenton, in honour of the High and undivided Trinity, twentyfour acres of their demesne, viz. a little essart at Broculstow, and a tilled place (or wong) called Trucchere Welle, and another called Thorniwang, another Copperodes, besides two bovats which William, son of Gilbert, held, and two which Alfer had in Baseford.

Robert, son of Philip de Baseford, confirmed the four bovats of the Villenage of Baseford, and the twenty-four acres of demesne which his father gave, and likewise confirmed to that Church of Lenton, all the Land in Aldesworth of his Fee, with a meadow called Brademedoe; he likewise released to the same Church a meadow, which he once sued the Monks for, viz. the upper Island which the water of Lene did anciently compass.

(fn. 3) One of these Mannors John de Orreby held, and Gilbert de Orreby, 52 H. 3, had Free Warren here. The Jury, 19 E. 2, (fn. 4) said that Simon de Orreby held Lands here during his life, of the Inheritance of Alveredus de Sulney, who was then found heir of the said Simon, and above 26 years of age.

(fn. 5) By an Inquisition taken 7 H. 6, it appears that Margery Langford, held some of Sulneys Lands here, and John de Cockfeild other, whose family held also another Mannor in this place, which went with Nuthall, as in that place is shown.

(fn. 6) Sir Raph Langford, Knight, was seised of eight mess. two hundred acres of Land, ten of meadow, ten of pasture, with the appurtenances in Baseford, which he passed to Anthony Fitz-Herbert, Serjeant-at-Law, and other, 14 Jan. 2 H. 8, to fulfill his last Will; he died 1 Feb. 5 H. 8, his grandchild Raph Langford, son of his son Nicholas, then above four years old being found his heir. This was a Family of principal note and great possession in Darbyshire, and other Counties.

(fn. 7) William Hollys the younger, Gent. 29 H. 8, claimed against Raph Langford, and Dorothy his wife, the Mannor of Baseford, and likewise the Mannors of Blakwell, Whitwell, and Cressewell in Darbyshire, and the Advowson of the Church of Whitwell.

(fn. 8) (fn. 9) In 37 H. 3, the Mannors of Berewast in the County of Northampton, of Lubbesthorp in Leicestershire, and Basford in this County, were confirmed to William de Cantelupe. George de Cantelupe, 1 E, 1, is found to have held nothing in demesne in Basseford, but that Stephen de Brokelstow held of him one mill, three acres of land, and two of meadow in Fee for xiis. iiiid. and likewise held of him in bondage, fifteen bovats and an half of Land, for lxiis. and seven cottages, which yielded xvs. iiiid. His two sisters were his heirs, of which Millecent de Montealto, who also married Eudo le Zouch, succeeded him in this place.

(fn. 10) The Jury, 17 E. 2, found it not to the Kings damage, if he granted to Thomas le Zouch, that he should retain to himself five mess. and eleven virgats of land, with the appurtenances in Basford, which he had acquired of William de la Zouch.

(fn. 11) A Fine, 24 E. 3, of Lands in Baseford was levyed between Raph, son of Raph de Crumwell, and Maud his wife, Quer. and Raph de Crumwell, Chr. and Amicia his wife, Deforc. whereby they were settled on Raph, son of Raph, and Maud his wife, and the heirs of their bodies; remainder to Raph and Amicia, and the heirs of Raph. Another Fine was levied, 46 E. 3, (fn. 12) between Raph, son of Raph de Crumwell, Knt. and Elizabeth his wife, Quer. and Raph de Crumwell Chr. and Maud his wife, Deforc. of the Mannors of Baseford and Bleseby, by which they were settled on Raph, the son of Raph, and Elizabeth his wife, and the heirs of their bodies; remainder to Raph, and Maud his wife, and the heirs of Raph, quit from any other heirs of the said Raph, the son of Raph, and Elizabeth.

(fn. 13) Gervas Clifton, and Maud his wife, late wife of Robert de Willughby, 5 E. 4, granted to Anthony Wydevile Lord Scales and Newsells, these Mannors and many others, which were late Raph Lord Crumwells.

(fn. 14) William Shirbourn, 28 H. 8, claimed against William Hollys of London, the younger, Gent. the moiety of twenty mess. &c. in Basford, who called to warrant Edward Knivett, Esquire. He and Fitz-Williams were the heirs of the Lord Crumwell, as in Crumwell may be observed. Sir William Copley, in the right of Dorothy his wife, died seised of the moiety of the Mannor of Basforth, 28 Apr. 2 and 3 Ph. and Mar. as in Plumptre is said. These came to the Family of Hollis, and were by the last Earl of Clare save one, dispersed amongst Freeholders, but the principal Farm was by him repurchased in his life-time, which now, with Copleys Mannor, remains the Inheritance of the Earl of Clare.

Cokfeilds came to Taylboys, and the next descent to John Ayscough, son and heir of Sir Will. Ayscough the Judge, in whose family it continued till Sir Rog. Asycough sold it amongst Freeholders.

Another Mannor in Baseford was called Algarthorpe, and afterwards Eland-Hall, from the possessors of it of that name.

(fn. 15) Eustachius de Moreton, Lord of Wollaston confirmed the alms, which Robert de Moreton, his grandfather, and Adam his father gave to God and the Church of the holy Trinity at Lenton, and the Cluniac Monks there serving God, viz. 16s per annum, out of which that which Gerard de Algarthorp held of him and his ancestors, viz. 10s. at Pentecost, or within the Octaves, and 6s. within the Octaves of St. Martin. This was also confirmed by Adam, son of Adam de Moretuin, brother of the said Eustachius.

(fn. 16) Robert Daft paid 10s. in the time of Henry the third, for the fourth part of a Knights Fee, which he held in Algarthorpe.

(fn. 17) In 28 E. 1, by a Fine levied at York, Adam le Paumer, and Isabell his wife, passed the Mannor of Algarthorp to John le Paumer, the younger, and his heirs.

William de Eland the Kings Servants [valettus] who lately had the custody of the Castle of Nott. and the Bayliwick of the Honour of Peverell in the Counties of Nott. and Derb. for life, had the said Bayliwick, 26 Septemb. 10 E. 3, granted to him and his heirs, paying fourteen marks yearly. William, son and heir of William de Eland, 41 E. 3, (fn. 18) acknowledged himself to hold the Bayliwick of the honour of Peverell in the Counties of Nott. and Derby, of the King, by the Service of paying 14s. yearly. Will. Eland married Cecily, the co-heir of Robert, son of Sampson de Strelley, as in Radcliff may be noted. Stephen de Strelley, 28 E. 3, (fn. 19) passed Lands and Rents in Radclive and Lamcote, to William Eland, and Cecily his wife, and William their son. This Family had their chief residence at this Algarthorp, which gave it the name of Eland-Hall. (fn. 20) William Eland, Esquire, (possibly the grandchild of the first) about 8 H. 6, left his son William his heir above nine years old. William Eland died the 27 Decem. 17 H. 6, (fn. 21) and left his son and heir William, aged twenty weeks and four days, 3 Jun. when the Inquisition was taken, in the tutition of Margaret his widow, mother of the Infant. By an Inquisition taken at Nott. 31 Octob. 9 H. 7, it appears that Henry Eland (who it seems was brother and heir of Thomas Eland, and forty years old, 5 E. 4, (fn. 22) when his said brother left the Bayliwick of Peverell in both these Counties to descend to him) died 8 Sept. 9 H. 7, seised of this Mannor, there said to be held of Sir Henry Willoughby, as of his Mannor of Wollaton, some small parcels in Radcliff and Lamcote, and diverse other places, as Adbolton, Calverton, Bagthorp, Brigford at Brig end, and essart called Eland Close; and that Mary Eland, daughter of Thomas Eland, son of the said Henry, was his cousin and heir, then aged one year and one month. She married Roland Revell, and after his death the 8 Novemb. 23 H. 8, (fn. 23) (fn. 24) conveyed this Mannor, and all her Lands, Rents, and Services in Algarthorp, Basford, Adbolton, Oxton, Radcliff, Calverton, Lamcote, Eland, and elsewhere in the County of Nott. together with the Bayliwick of the honour of Peverell in the Counties of Nott. and Derby, to Randall Revell, because he had holden her in the great Suits she had with Nicholas Styrley, Esquire, concerning her said inheritance; and for that Hugh Revell his son, was her cousin and next heir, viz. son of Joan, sister of Thomas Eland, her father. It was afterwards sold to Thomas Hutchinson, of Duthorp, who gave it to John Hutchinson his second son, whose grandchild John Hutchinson was Lord of it. It is now sold to —

In Basford Town 1612, were owners, William Lord Cavendish, Sir John Hollys, Sir John Byron, Sir Percivall Willoughby, Knights, Godfrey Copley, Esquire, George Strelley, Esquire, Mary Hutchinson, widow, George Hutchinson, gent. Geoffrey Brock, gent. John Speed, Clerc. Francis Byfeild, gent. John Kyme of Nott. gent. &c.

(fn. 25) The Rectory of Basford, 8 Jan. 4 Eliz. in the occupation of Roger Wood, late parcel of the possessions of Priory of Cateshy in the County of Northhamton, was granted to James Hardwicke and his heirs.

(fn. 26) This Church of St. Leodegarius of Baseford, with the Lands, Tenements, and Appurtenances there, was given by the before named Robert, son of Philip, to the Prioress and Nuns of Cateshy (of which place he seems to have been a principal founder:) his son William was likewise a Benefactor.

(fn. 27) The Rectory (it should be Vicarage) of Baseford was ten marks, when the Prioress of Cateswyke (or Catesby) had the Patronage. The Vicarage is now in the Kings Books 8l. 17s. 6d. and in his Majesties Patronage.

In the South Window of the Chancel:—

Arg. a Chevron between three Pots with Ears, and three feet a-piece, Gules, within a Bordure sable Besanty, Mounboucher, impaling Sable a Bend between six Escallops Or, Folejambe.

Azure a plain Crosse countercompony, Arg. and Gules, Cokfeild, impaling Folejambe; and Folejambe impaling Arg. a Bend Azure Crusuly Arg. (it should be Or,) Lowdham.

On the Church North Ile East Window:—

Paly of six Arg. and Azure, a Bend Gules, Annesley. Paly of six Arg. and Azure, Strelley. Arg. a Chief Gules, and Bendlet Azure, Crumwell. Arg. a Lion Rampant Queve Furche sable, Cressy. Arg. a Bend Azure Crusuly Or, Lowdham. Arg. on a Saltier engrailed sable, nine Annulets Or, Leek. Annesley with a Mullet on the top of the Bend.

Strelley, with a Cinquefoyle Gules in the middle, Strelley of Woodborough.

[Throsby] Baseford

Lordship, which was originally part of the forest has been lately enclosed. It is owned by the Duke of Newcastle, Dr. Brook of Mansfield, Mr. Wright, Banker of Nottingham, and others.

Eland-Hall, or Algarthorp Manor, within this parish, is noticed sufficiently above by Thoroton.

This village appears like a new town, in consequence of its manufactory and improvements. Here are corn-mills of considerable import, as are also the cotton-mills, which are near. The bleaching and dying businesses are carried on here to the greatest extent. Its vicinity to Nottingham has much aided its population.

Baseford Church is dedicated to St. Leodegarius, has a spire steeple, a nave and side aisles. In it no ancient epitaphs.

Patron the King. Pri Catesby in Com. North. Propr. Incumbent the Rev. Robert Stanley, V. K. B. 8l. 17s. 7d. Clear yearly value in Bacon 14l. 16s. 8d.—30l.— Archiepisc. pro Syn. 2s. Archidiac pro Prox. 2s. Val. in mans. cum un. acr. gleb. ibid. per ann. 10s. 8d. in decim. molend 1l. 4s. decim. proc. anc. fœn. &c.


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