Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 2, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1790.

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'Aldesworth', in Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 2, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1790) pp. 250-252. British History Online [accessed 1 March 2024]

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Aldesworth, Dooms. Eldeurd, and Eldesworth.

Ældeswurth (fn. 1) at the foundation of Burton Priory, by Wulfric Spot, was reckoned with Clowne to be in this County, and numbered amongst those Towns which then belonged to that Monastery.

(fn. 2) In Elduerd, Alwin had a Mannor before the Norman Invasion, which answered the publick Tax for four bovats; it was afterwards waste, and William kept it; I suppose Peverell whose Fee it was.

(fn. 3) Hugh de Lambecote, and William his son and heir, put into the hands of Raph de Weldebof a certain Rent of 12d. yearly, in the Mill of Aldesworth to be paid to the Prior and Covent of Lenton, by the said Hugh and his heirs at Pentecost, which appeased the strife betwixt the said Prior and him concerning that Mill.

(fn. 4) Peter the Prior of Lenton, and the Covent of that place, restored and confirmed to Adam, son of Robert de Aldesworthe, the whole Land of Aldesworth, which Robert his father, and his Ancestors held, paying to the Priory a mark yearly at the Feast of St. Martin: this was in the time of H. 2, or his son's.

(fn. 5) In 21 E. 1, Robert de Aldisworth did suit the Peverell Court with only one man for the moyety of the Town of Aldisworth.

William de Bella aqua held the tenth part of a Knights Fee here of the Bishop of Lincolne.

(fn. 6) Cossell and Aldesworth, 9 E. 2, answered for a whole Villa, and Sir Richard de Willughby, Junior, Thomas le Belewe, John de Aldesworthe, and William de Cossall, were certified to be Lords.

(fn. 7) John de Aldesworth, 22 E. 3, is found to hold half a Knights Fee here of Raph de Crumwell, which Robert de Kynmerley sometime held, and Agnes de Belew a fifth part of a Knights Fee of Crumwell, who in Test. de Nev. is said also to hold of the Bishop of Lincolne.

(fn. 8) The Jury, in 7 H. 6, found that John Broxstow, Richard Baker, and Henry Mackworth, held each a third part of the half Fee in Aldesworth, which John Aldesworth sometime held.

(fn. 9) William Sallowe about 12 H. 4, had interest here: and about 6 H. 5, George Sallowe. (fn. 10) This seems to be Belews share, because they were concerned at Kertlington also, as 3 E. 4. (fn. 11) Agnes Marmion appears to have been after them. Edmund Lemyng, Clark, Walter Outhorp, Chaplain, and John Polffen, 18 E. 4, (fn. 12) claimed against Galfr. Pilkington, and Agnes his wife, the Mannor of Allesworth, with the appurtenances; and there was another Recovery the same time, (fn. 13) wherein Galfr. Pylkyngton, and Agnes his wife, claimed the same against John Vavesour, William Catesby, John Nevill, Thomas Kebell, and Nicolas Blakwall, Chaplain.

Bakers posterity remained here several descents. (fn. 14)


They had for their arms, Ermine on a Ghief Vert, two Boars heads Or. But the Township of late was Sir Henry Willoughbies of Risley, and Sir Roger Ayscoughs of Nuthall.

[Throsby] Awsworth,

a small hamlet. Has a little chapel, parishes to Nuthall, consecrated about thirty years ago. Earl of Stamford, presents. The lordship is divided property, Duke of Rutland, Lord Stamford and Lord Melvile, own here. Here is much boggy land.

Marsh, a common, with a few scattered dwellings, is in the possession of Lord Melvile.


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