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Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1796.

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Vol. I.

Page 9 Line 21 read Cartwright for Marmon

—24 —32—Warren —.Warrant

—57 —42—400 —4000

—112— the note is incorrectly written, but correct from the M. S.

—113— take out the colon after fight, and put it after "Clifton Hall"

—114—10—marly —marle

—137—13—"Mr. Timm" should have been omitted

—243 Lord of the manor of Carcolston, read Rober Lowe Esq of Oxton.

—270 Two last lines read gleb. agn. aux. instead of gled agr. anc.

Vol. II.

—4 Line 8 read Lindum for Lindom

—First line of the Note, read Causennas, for Causenna

—22 Line 11, read The present Building, &c. for Form the present Building.

—Line 15, read Decring's Time, for Deering's

—32 Line 29, read Has for Have.

—88 Line 2, read Edward for Henry.

—104 List of Vicars, read Rectors.

—129 Line 24 read without As

—197, line 5 from the bottom, read panegyric for panegeric.

Vol. III.

In part of Thoroton's account of Oxton, pages 44, 45, 46, read Oxton for Orton

Page 71 at the foot of the page read Rastast's for, Wrastall's.

—112 from AVERSHAM, line 3, read some for few

—ibid Three lines lower read stands for stand

—136 First line from Kneesal read Pierrepont for Pierpont

—384 line 4 read gaiety instead of gay

—1 line 3, additional collections, than is put for then,

—3 Elveston or Elveston, should have been Elveston or Elston

—6 line 12 read to be run, instead of to run.

In the names of Villages, in the additional account, the orthography is often put in the modern pronunciation.