Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1796.

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'Willoughby', in Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1796) pp. 164-167. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/thoroton-notts/vol3/pp164-167 [accessed 19 April 2024]

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In Wilgebi there was soe to Nortwell, of the arch-bishop of Yorks fee, as much as answered the tax before and after the Conquest, for three bov. and an half. (fn. 1) The land one car. There were four sochm. three vill. having two car. and sixteen acres of meadow.

In Wilgebi there was also of the fee of Roger Pictavensis, where before the Conquest Eruvin had had five bovats of land for a manor. The land (being then returned to be sufficient) for so many oxen. There were two car. with one vill. six bord. and four acres of meadow, when the Conquerours survey was made, being then valued at 10s. but in former times had been 20s. value. This if it belong not to Willughby, by Walesby, of the soc of Houghton, in Bassetlawe Hundred, I doubt should have been noted at Willughby on the Wolds in Rushcliff Hundred, were Erwin was certainly an owner, and Roger Pictavensis also, as in that place may be seen.

The most ancient owners which I have light upon in this place were the family of Malet, sir Walter, named in Southwell.

(fn. 2) By a deed without date, Robert, son of Alan Malet of Wilheby, passed to Hugh Lysurs, the land sometime Henry Malet's and lands sometime Alan Malets, and lands which he had of the gift of Henry Malet, his brother.

Stephen de Weston 8 E. 2. conveyed to Henry, son of sir Thomas Malet, knight, of Wyleby.

Peter de Lysurs, and Joane his wife, 4 E. 3. were concerned in lands, sometime Robert Malets. (fn. 3) John Lysurs, 50 E. 3. was of Willughby.

Sir Thomas Rempston, knight, Richard Bingham, Thomas Leek of Newark, William Scrimshire, &c. 21 H. 6. conveyed to William Foljambe one mess. &c. in Willughby, which they had of the gift of John Lysours, or of Peter Lysours, father of the said John.

(fn. 4) (fn. 5) By a fine 33 H. 6. William Foljambe, and Nanarina his wife, conveyed two mess. sixty acres of land, six of meadow, and six of pasture, with the appurt. in Willughby, in the parish of Norwell, and North Carleton, to John Markham, John Stanhope, and William Waren, who 34 H. 6. passed them to Laurence Hatfeild, and Alice his wife, who 36 H. 6. conveyed their lands in Norwell, Willughby, Sutton upon Trent, and North Carleton, to Richard Bingham, the justice, sir Richard Tunstall, knight, John Stanhope, John Wasteneys, esquire, and William Warren.

(fn. 6) This Laurence Hatfeild had another wife the daughter of William Marshall, by whom he had Stephen Hatfeild, and John, both merchants of the staple, in the time of R. 3. Stephen it seems married Elizabeth, the half sister of Edmund Molyneux, by whom he had Henry Hatfeild, (fn. 7) who in the year 1527, making his will, settled lands on Bartholomew, his brother, with some remainder to the heirs males of his uncle Edmund Molynux. Howbeit before he died, which was about seven years after viz. Jun. 27, 26 H. 8. he had by his wife Alice, one of the sisters and co-heirs of sir John Hercy, Elizabeth, six years old, and Barbara two, his daughters and heirs, both afterwards married to Thomas, and William, sons of Richard Whalley, of Screveton, esquire, as in that place is said.

(fn. 8) (fn. 9) Henry Ward, about 18 R. 2. had the manor of Willughby. Thomas Ward, 1 H. 5. conveyed the manor of Willughby, to Richard Stanhope, &c. On his seal within the circumscription of his name is a Bend within a Bordure engrayled, and is usually blazoned Arg. a Bend Az. a Bord. engrailed fable.

John Bekard, 26 H. 6. had part of the manor of Welowby, and 4 H. 7. enseoff'd sir Robert Markham, sir Gervas Cliston, John Stanhope, John Markham, esquire, Thomas, Robert, Richard Molyneux, gent. &c.

(fn. 10) There was a recovery 24 H. 7. wherein Stephen Hatfeild, William Clayton, clark, and Christopher Smith, chaplain, claimed against Robert Belwode, and Agnes, his wife, five mess. one garden, one hundred acres of land, nineteen of meadow, one hundred of pasture, twelve of wood, and 4s. 4d. rent with the appurtenances in Willoughby, North Carleton, and Newarke, and the fourth part of the manor of Willoughby, with the appurtenances, and seven mess. five gardens, five acres of land, one of meadow, ten of pasture with the appurtenances in Willoughby, North Carleton, Norwell, and Newark. Another 5 H. 8. (fn. 11) wherein the same persons claimed against Katherin Bekard almost the same parcels, and fourth part of the manor of Willoughby. Another recovery was 6 H. 8. (fn. 12) where the said Stephen Hatfeld, &c. claimed the like parcels, and fourth part against Edward Whyte, and Dorothy his wife — And another 8 H. 8. (fn. 13) where they claimed the like parcels, and fourth part of the manor against Elizabeth Bekard.

The one moyety of this lordship descended from Thomas Whalley, before named, and Elizabeth his wife, to Peniston Whalley, of Screveton, esquire, as in that place may be seen, who sold it to sir William Willoughby, barcnet, who left it with some other of his purchased lands, to Hugh Willughby, his natural son, under age, now deceased, 1675. The other moyety came to the family of Yarborough, by the daughter and heir of the said William Whalley, and Barbara, with which part of it still continueth.

[Throsby] Willoughby.

That moiety of land here, which was left to Hugh Willouby, as noticed above by Thoroton, went to Mary Willoughby, sister and heir to the said sir William, above named, who intermarried with Beaumont Dixie, esq; of Market Bosworth in Leicestershire, by whom he had sir Wollaston Dixie, bart., who by Dame Mary his wife, had with other children, Elizabeth, married to Francis Godolphin, esq; (of lord Godolphin's family) by whom he had one son, William Godolphin, esq; a major in the army, late owner of this lordship, who dying unmarried in 1681, in his 92d. year, this estate descended to the issue of his three deceased sisters, viz. Elizabeth married to James Burslem of Stanton near Burton-upon-Trent, Barbara to the Revd. John Mapletoft, prebendary of the city of Chester, and Mary to Colonel Cobbe, whose son, the Revd. Mr. Cobbe, first sold his share to Mr. John Curtis of Norwell; Godolphin William Burslem, esq; grandson to the said James, sold his to Samuel Bristow, esq; of Beesthorp, who also purchased two shares more of Mrs. Barbara and Susanna Mapletoft, daughters and co-heirs of the aforesaid Revd. John Mapletoft. Yarborough's moiety of this lordship, I suppose, went by marriage, or purchase, to the Dixie or Godolphin family, which the few remaining deeds dont show; but by virtue of an old family settlement with other lands devolved upon the late Revd. Dr. James Burslem, son of the said James, who soon disposed of it to Mr. Tibbits, banker in London. The other moiety of this lordship belongs to Samuel Bristow aforesaid. Joseph Pocklington, esq; has land here.

The houses that formerly stood here are decayed and gone. The ancient manor house which was large, with an adjoining chapel, was a ruin in 1785, when the very foundations were dug up, and the materials disposed of, by Mr. Bristow. In the ruined chapel was found a font decayed, and under a floor stone, the skeleton of a child.

Agnes, daughter of Laurence Hatfield, owner here, was mother of the celebrated martyr Thomas Cramner. (See Page 263, Vol. I.)


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