Little Greeneley

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Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1796.

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The greatest part of this hamlet was of the Soc to Dunham the kings land, to which there belonged in Greeneleige, as much as answered the ordinary tax of that time, viz. before the Conq. for two bovats, and the sixth part of a bovat. (fn. 1) The land being then also two car. There five sochm. and one bord. had two car. and pasture wood four qu. long and four broad. Another less parcel in Greeneleig was of the arch-bishop of Yorks fee, and Soc to Sudton, and Lund, and Scroby, &c. being us much as paid to the geld for one bov. and ¼.

(fn. 2) Mr. Alan de Bolleshoure brother and heir of Henry Norreis gave to his nephew Henry Norreis and his heirs, all his land which he had in the Clay, viz. in Greenley, and in Stretton, in Wyston, in Fenton, in Leirton, paying yearly to him and his heirs, a pair of gilt spurs at Whitsontide for all services. And he gave him likewise the moyety of the mills of Redford, with the suits, works, fishings, and all customs, paying to him and his heirs yearly four marks of silver: and he would acquit the said Henry and his heirs against the king concerning 20s. and a pair of gilded spurs, and other 20s. against the lords of Wheleley. The king 30 E. 1. (fn. 3) granted Alexander le Norreys upon his fine leave to give to Richard de Fenton during his life, with remainder to the said Alexander and his heirs, one mess. eighty acres of land, and ten acres and four of meadow, with the appurtenances in Greeneley; which were held of the king in capite. The jury, 9 E. 2. (fn. 4) found that Alexander le Norreys held of the king in capite (or chief) by the service of a pair of gilt spurs in Greeneley, Retford, and Wiston, one mess. sixty-six acres of land, &c. and in Claworth of Robert de Hardreshull one mess. thirty acres of land, &c. by the service of 24s. per annum, and that John le Norreys, son of the said Alexander, was his next heir.

Robert Blackwall, clark, one of the masters of the kings chancery, Robert Lytton, knight, John Morton, esquire, William Bolling, gent. and Roger Bryde, clark, 15 H. 7. (fn. 5) claimed against John Bolore, son and heir of William Bolore, one mess. eighty acres of land, eleven of meadow, forty of pasture, and 12s. rent with the appurtenances in Gryngley, East Radford, and Wellom.

(fn. 6) John Hercy, esquire, 1 Febr. 35 H. 8. had licence to alienate one mess. fourscore acres of land, twelve of meadow, forty of pasture, and 12s. rent with the appurtenances in Grinley, East Retford, and Wellome, to John Clark and his heirs.

(fn. 7) Lion Sherbroke, 8 Eliz. claimed against Brian Clark, one mess. one toft, one garden, one orchard, 100 acres of land, 100 of meadow, 100 of pasture, one hundred of wood, and one hundred of furz and heath, with the appurtenances in little Grynley by Grove, East Retford, and Wellom.

There were fifteen oxgangs of land of the Soc of Oswaldbek in this place, which were anciently the inheritance of Henry Norreys, and of late the inheritance of Robert Waring of Witford, gent. named in Staunton. It is within the parish of Clareburgh.

[Throsby] Little Greeneley.

A hamlet in the parish of Clareburgh.


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