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Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1796.

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Clarburgh and Tilne were part of them of the kings great Soc of Maunsfeild, as much as answered the tax for two bovats ¼. The land one car. There also 2 sochm. one vill. one bord. had six oxen in plow (or six bov. in car.) and two mills 32s. six acres of meadow, the value was 40s. (fn. 1) There was in Claverburch belonging to Sudton of the archbishop of Yorkes fee, which paid the geld for six bovats and an half. The meadow was four quarent, and an half long, and so much in breadth, and at the time of the Conquerours survey fourty five acres, pasture wood two leu: ½: long, two leu. broad. In Ofwardbec wapentak the kings part of this town may probably be that Cledreton, noted in Truswell. There was of the fee of Roger de Busli in Claverburch a manor which before the conquest one Reginald had, which paid the geld or tax for two bovats. The land of it being two car. (fn. 2) There afterwards Fulco the man of Roger had half a car. eight vill. one bord. with one car. ½. and seven acres of meadow, pasture wood four qu. long, two broad. In the Confessours time this was 6s. value, in the Conquerours 20. There also Ulchill had half a bovat for the geld, with Sac & Soc. The land being sufficient for two oxen, (or two bovats.) The very same Ulchill himself held it of Roger, and had there two bordars, with two oxen, and one acre of meadow, pasture wood two qu. long, one broad. This continued the old value it had before the conquest, viz. 16s. In Claverburge also of the land of the Taynes was a manor which Ulmer (named in Truswell) held for one bovat and an half to the geld, with soc and fac without an Hall. The land three bov. The same Ulmer held it of the king (William) and there had two vill. three bord. with half a car. and three acres of meadow, pasture wood six leu. long, three broad. In the Confessours time the value was 3s. when the Conquerours survey was taken 2s. There was another parcel which Archill did hold in this town in the time of king Edward the Confessour then valued at 4s. in king Williams, Erwin held it valued at 2s. there being two vill, and six acres of meadow.

(fn. 3) Ernald Flamang of Claverburg, by the consent of his heir Roger, gave to the church of St. Cuthbert of Radeford the fourth part of the church of Claverburg, and one bovat in Drayton, and a certain part of land in the field of Bolum: Roger his son was witness. John Flamang of Claverburg ratified the gift of Arnald Flamang his grandfather. (fn. 4) — Adam, son of John Flandrensis of Claverburgh, granted to the canons of Wirkesop, all the land which they held of his fee in the territory of Hayton, and of Claverburgk. (fn. 5) There was another charter of like import of Adam le Fleming, dated 5 Non. July, 1244, to which were witnesses, sir Simon de Headon, Robert de Wlfrington, & Robt. de Riparis. knights. (fn. 6) John, son of Adam le Fleming, released his right to the said canons. (fn. 7) Adam, the chaplain of Radeford, named before in Hayton, gave to Blyth what he bought and held of John Flemenge (the elder) and others, in Clarburgh and Haiton, as there is set down. (fn. 8)

(fn. 9) In the year 1258, 3 vel. 4 Non. May, amongst the rest of the churches belonging to the chapel of St. Mary and All Angels, called Sepulchers, near York minster. Sewall arch-bishop of York ordained that the vicar of Clarborough should have the altarage, with a toft and croft lying next to the church-yard, and the tythes of the inclosed crofts of the town, and the tythe of the mills of Bolum, and should find honest sustentation for the chaplain of Greeneley, and to another chaplain, if he should serve at Clareburgh, Wellum, and Bolum, and the Sacrist of the fore-mentioned chapel should give to the poor of this parish five marks yearly.

(fn. 10) Thomas Fitz-William held of Alice, countess of Augi, lady of Tikhill, in Clareburghe, and West Drayton, three parts of a knights fee, and she of the king of the old feoffment.

(fn. 11) John de Boughton gave half a mark, 3 E. 3. for licence of concord with Robert de Stokham, and Matilda his wife, concerning a plea of covenant of five acres of land, three rod of meadow, and two parts of a mess. with the appurtenances in Clareburgh and they had a Cirograph, (viz. a fine.)

(fn. 12) Sir Robert Waterton, knight, whose sister and heir Jane was wife of Leo lord Welles, and by him had four daughters and heirs, had lands in Clareburgh, Wellum, Wellowe, Amton, Scaftworth, Gringley, Walesby, and Boughton in this county, the manors of Metheley, and Woodhall in Metheley, Barley, and Houghton, and lands in Potterton in Yorkshire, the manor of Dobbledyke, and lands in Gosberton, Pinchbk. Spalding, Quadring, and Waterton in Lincolneshire, of which a partition was made by consent, 26 Apr. 2 H. 7. between sir Christ, Willughby, knight, son of (Robert lord Willughby, and) Cicely, the first daughter; sir Robert Dymmock, knight, son of (sir Thomas, and) Margaret the second; and Thomas Lawrence, esquire, son of (sir James Lawrence, and) Elianor, the third; and Katherine, first wife of sir Thomas de la Laund, knight, and after to Robert Tempest, esquire, the fourth daughter and heir of the said Jane lady Welles, sister and heir of the said sir Robert Waterton.

(fn. 13) Alexander Banester, and Marmaduk Faukys, 28 H. 8. claimed against William Banester, twenty mess. ten tofts, four hundred acres of land, fourty of meadow, one hundred of pasture, and fourty of furz and heath, with the appurtenances in Clareburgh, Wellum Morehouse, Bollome, Tylne, and Ordsall.

(fn. 14) Thomas Denman, and Thomas Dawes, in another recovery, 16 Eliz. claimed against Francis Denman, clark, two mess. &c. in Clareburgh.

(fn. 15) The free-holders in Clareburghe town 1612, Thomas Fee, gent. Alexander Sherbrook, senior, John Sherbrooke, senior, de Gringley Parva, Edward Clark, of the same, Thomas Seaton, Thomas Sowtheworthe of Wellam. George Browne, Richard Otter of Wellam, William Barker, John Otter of Clarebrough, Richard Sowthworthe, William Aston, Charles Oxenforthe of Bole, Alverey Keyworth of Moregate, William Childers of Moregate, Robert Parnell, William Howle, Richard Elsam, John Spybye, Thomas Eastwood, John Garlick of Heaton, Dennys Huddlestone, Richard Harpham.

(fn. 16) The vicarage of Clareburgh was 81. when the Sacrist of St. Maries Ebor was patron. 'Tis now 9l. 15s. 5d. value in the kings books, and the earl of Devonshire patron.

[Throsby] Clareborough.

Here the land is in a number of hands. We find in Thoroton's time, also, that the free-holders were numerous. This village lies open to the high road from East Retford to Gainsborough, about five or six miles from the former, and is I guess, a mile long. Many of the houses are tolerably well built.

The Church has a squat tower, with three bells, and is dedicated to St. John Baptist.

Patron, Duke of Devonshire, in 1776. Incumbent, Rev. Joshua Flint, Vic. K. B. 9l. 15s. 4d. It is a living discharged. In Bacon clear yearly value 35l. only. Valet per ann. in mans. cum toft 7s. Dec lan agn. &c. &c. decim. garb. & fœn. de scroft & toft. Sacrifta Sanctæ Mariæ Ebor Propr.


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