West Burton

Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1796.

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'West Burton', in Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby, (Nottingham, 1796) pp. 300-301. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/thoroton-notts/vol3/pp300-301 [accessed 24 April 2024]

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Part of this was a Berue of the arch-bishop of Yorkes Soc of Lamon, besides which there was a manor which Speranoc had before the Conq. which paid to the geld for six bov. (fn. 1) The land two car. There afterwards Goysfrid, the man of Roger de Busli (whose fee it was) had one car. one sochm. one vill. two bord. having one car. ½ there was one fishing yielding two hundred eeles of small wood, one qu. long, one broad. In the King Edward the Confessours time the value of this was 20s. in the Conquerours 40s. having Soc in Evereton and Herewelle.

(fn. 2) In the retord of Nom. Vill. the fourth part of Bole, and the half of Burton, answered for a whole villa, of which John de Nassington canon of York was then lord, viz. 9 E. 2. Before that time, 56 H. 3, (fn. 3) Mr. Simon de Preston had mercat and fair at Burton in le Clay. This I suppose to be the arch-bishops fee.

(fn. 4) In the said record of Nom. Vill. 9 E. 2, Saundeby, and the half of Burton, answered for a whole villa, and the King and Robert de Saundeby were then returned lords; but the most ancient lord of this place, (after the record of Doomsday book) whom I have yet found, (fn. 5) was Gausridus de Malquinci, who gave to the canons of Radeford, (near Wirksop) the church of St. Elen of Burton; his wifes name was Matildis; his nephew Gausr. de Paveli was a witness, and confirmed the charter of the said Gaufr. de Manquinci his uncle, and gave lands in Saundeby to that priory. (fn. 6) Richard de Rutington gave to the said canons, (fn. 7) and confirmed the advowson of the church. of St. Elen of Burton upon Trent, (as both this and Burton Jorz may well be called, though neither of them now retain that addition,) and remitted likewise his whole right and claim in all the lands and tenements which Gausr. Manquinti his ancestor gave them. This Gaufr. and Matildis seem to lie buried at Ruddington, where they had interest and are named, as in that place may be seen, in Flauford church in the fields. There was a fine at Westminster 17 H. 3. (fn. 8) between Walter prior of Wyrkesop, quer. and Richard de Ritinton, deforc. of the advowson of the church of Burton, which was appropriated to that monastery, (fn. 9) to which also Richard de Rutington, son and heir of William de Rudington, gave and confirmed lands in this Burton upon Trent.

(fn. 10) The prior of Wyrkesop 53 H. 3, offered himself against Robert de Saundeby concerning the plea (quod permittat) that he should permit him to have common of fishing in the water of Burton.

(fn. 11) Henry de Ednestow, and the clark his brother, 16 E. 2, granted by their deed that if they might peaceably possess thirty acres in Burton in the Clay, which they bought of Philip do Baggesoure, and Hawisia his wife, without the interruption of them the said Philip and Hawisia, and their heirs; that then the recognizance of forty marks, acknowledged by the said Philip in the common bench should be of no force.

(fn. 12) In a recovery 20 H. 6, Katherin who had been the wife of William Sheffeild, claimed against Henry Warwike three mess. one toft, and four bov. of land in Burton and Stretton in the Clay. (fn. 13) In another 20 H. 7, Robert Nevill, William Clarkson, John Elton, chaplain, and John Shaa, claimed against William Spylman, and Anne his wife, the manor of West Burton, with the appurtenances; and three mess. four tofts, one hundred and forty acres of land, forty of meadow, sixty of pasture, and 20s. rent with the appurtenances in West Burton, Bole, Styrton in the Cley, Lytilburgh, Grynley, Sawnby, East Retford, Wellom, Wellom Morehouse, Clareburgh, and Moregate.

(fn. 14) The rectory of Burton 36 H. 8, late belonging to the priory of Workesop, and all mess. mills, houses, edifices, lands, tenements, meadows, &c. to it belonging, were granted to William Nevill, gent. and his heirs, 3 March. Both the manor and rectory were late the inheritance or possession or at the disposition of Edward Nevill of Grove, esquire, father of Sir Edward.

(fn. 15) The owners of West Burton town in 1612, are said to be Gilbert Nevell, George Holmes, John Williamson, gent. Edward North of Walkeringham, esquire, Robert Sturton of Sturton, Anthony Dickens of Bole, Thomas Oxenforth of Bole, Richard Cave of Bole, Anne Birche of Bole, and Thomas Bingham of North Wheatley.

[Pedigree] West Burton

Land is enclosed, and is chiefly owned by a Mr. Johnson. Here is some as good clay land as any in the neighbourhood.

The village consists of about seven or eight houses. The chapel is dedicated to St. Helen. The impropriators of the abbey of Newsted patron. Incumbent, Rev. John Shaw, cur. Certified value 12l. 13s. 4d.


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