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Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1796.

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There was in Wateleg besides what was a Berue of Lanum, the arch-bishop of Yorks great manor, of the King's wapentac or Soc of Oswaldbec, which then belonged to Maunsfeld, as much as paid the geld or tax for two bov. The land two car. (fn. 1) There six sochm. one vill. had two car. pasture wood one leu. and one forth long, one qu. ½ broad. In King Edward the Confessours time it was valued at 3s. in the Conquerours at 7s. But the principal part of this place was of Roger de Buslies fee, where before his coming five Tayns had five manors which answered to the geld for nine bovats. The land eight car. There Roger had in demesne four car. four sochm. twenty-five vill. having twelve car. ½ and five acres of meadow, small wood one leu. long, one qu. broad. This continued the ancient value 8l.

(fn. 2) Martin de Watelege 5 Steph. gave account of 46s. 8d. of the pleas of G. de Clinton. William, son of Robert de Waytele, gave to the monks of Blyth 7s. 1d. rent (fn. 3) which he was wont to receive of certain tenants for land in Waytele, which he sometimes passed to Ela de Warenna for seven marks of silver.

(fn. 4) But it seems Raph Taisun (of which name one had pardon 5 Steph. by the Kings writ for 9s 9d. in the sheriffs account) was owner of Wetele, which eschaeted to the crown, (fn. 5) and sometimes Brian de Insula had it in ward, and then it was valued at 26l. 13d. King John let Nicholas de Lettris hold it, and then it was valued at 30l.

(fn. 6) The King 4 H. 3, commanded the sheriff of Notss. to give Roger de Monte Begonis possession of the land of Oswaldebec, and the manor of Wateleg, which was John Malherb his brother's, both which King John had granted to the said Roger, the first in see, the other for life only, but the sheriff was then to keep Claworth in the Kings hand still.

(fn. 7) Hubert de Burgo, 13 H. 3, had the manor of Watle, which he held of the countess of Ewe or Augi, as Raph Teisun was also said to do. (fn. 8) John de Burgo 44 H. 3, had free-warren in Watley. (fn. 9) John de Burgo the elder, (son of Hubert earl of Kent) 2 E. 1, (fn. 10) granted the manor of Wheteley, with very many other in several counties, to the king in fee, who then granted the said John for life, the tower of London, and castle of Colchester, and hundred of Tendring, 18 Decemb. at St. Martins in London. (fn. 11) Mr. Philip Boulton, 6 E. 1, remised to the king and his heirs, (fn. 12) ten marks rent of the gift and grant of John de Burgo, son of Hubert de Burgo, sometime earl of Kent, issuing out of tenements in Misterton, Stretton, Misne, and Bolum, belonging to the manor of the said John, viz. Whetelaye.

(fn. 13) In Nom. Vill. 9 E: 2. Whetley and the fourth part of Bole answered for an intire villa, whereof the the king was lord.

(fn. 14) Gausr. de Mauquinci gave to God, and the canons of Felley 12d. yearly, in that bovat of land which Roger, son of Swan, held of him in Whetley, for his own soul, and Maud his wifes. The witnesses were the prior and covent of Wirkesop, Will. son of Rich. de Rudington, Galfr. de Paveli, Joel the chaplain of Wirkesop, Thomas the dean, Math. the clark, &c. Laurence de Pavelli about 11 E 2. (fn. 15) held 40s. land and rent in Whetley of the arch-bishop of York, by the service of suit to his court from three weeks to three weeks.

(fn. 16) Michael de la Pole earl of Suffolk held before his forfeit the manor of Normanton, and Weston, and lands in South Wheteley.

(fn. 17) There was a fine, 2 H. 6. between Matthew Horneby, esquire, quer. and John Spencer of Winterton, and Isolda his wife, daughter and heir of Robert Knight of Stokwyth, deforc. of three mess. thirty acres of land, and the moyety of one acre of meadow, with the appurtenances in South-Bek Whetelay, whereby the premises were made the right of Matthew, quit from the heirs of Isolda.

The rectory was part of the chapelry of Tykhill, and disposed with that, as in Lowdham and other places may be noted.

(fn. 18) The owners in South Wheatley town 1612, are said to be Charles Markham, gent. and Thomas Markham, gent. in North Wheatley, Gilbert earl of Shrowsbury, Thomas Osborne, Thomas Bingham, John James, Thomas Cartwright, and Henry Bromehead.

(fn. 19) The rectory of South Wheatley was xl. and is now 6l. 14s. 2d. value in the kings books, the patronage still belonging to the chapter of Southwell.

(fn. 20) The vicarage of North Wheatley was ten marks when the abbat of Westminster was patron: 'Tis now 3l. 18s. 11d. ob value in the kings books, and the marquess of Dorchester patron.

[Throsby] Wheatleys.

North Wheatley land belongs, chiefly, to lord Middleton, open fields. South Wheatley is chiefly in the hands of Mr. Mason, of Eaton, enclosed.

The north town is computed to be five-times bigger than the south. Churches in both, in which, nothing material. North Wheatley church is dedicated to St. Peter.

Patron of North Wheatley, lord Middleton. Incumbent, rev. Mr. Bristow, vic. K. B. 3l. 18s. 11½d. Archiepisc. pro Syn. 4s. Archidiac. pro Prox. 6s. 8d. Val. per ann. in mans. cum gleb. 1l. 6s. in decim garb. fœn. lan. agn. &c. Abbey of Westminster, Propr. William Sacheverall, esq. and others presented in 1688— Lord Middleton, 1720, 1776, 1784.


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