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Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1796.

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King Henry, the son of king William, gave to the priory of St. Oswald of Nostle in Yorkshire, (fn. 1) three bovats in Warsop and Sulkholme, and two parts of a bov. of land, which king H. 2, also confirmed.

(fn. 2) The jury, 2 E: 1, said that the prior of St. Oswald paid to the lords of the manor of Warsop, for the town of Suckholme, two marks yearly. In the record of Nom. Vill. 9 E: 2, (fn. 3) Warsop and the Sok answered for an intire Villa, whereof at that time the king, John de Somery, and the prior of St. Oswald, were certified to be lords.

(fn. 4) The prior, 3 E: 3, claimed all forts of priviledges: but the jury could not find that in the manor of Sulkholme he or his predecessours had infangtheis or gallows; he had view of frank-pledge there, but it never happened in the juries knowledge that ever bread was baked there to be sold, that they might have had emendation of the assize.

(fn. 5) The demesne and manor of Suckholme, late belonging to the priory of St. Oswald, 1 July, 37 H: 8, was with all the appurtenances granted to Margaret Leek, the widow of John Leek, gent. for life, remainder to Henry Leek her son and heir, and the heirs of his body, remainder to the right heirs of the said Margaret, then extended at 11l. 13s. 9d. ob. per annum.

(fn. 6) It was in 1612, the possession of sir Charles Cavendish, and is now his sons, the duke of Newcastles. Here dwelt before the wars Mr.—Lukin, father of Mr: William Lukin, and Sam sometimes of Christs colledge in Cambridge, it is now the place of residence of Mr: John Rolleston, secretary to his grace the said duke of Newcastle.

(fn. 7) In 49 H: 6, and of the retaking his royal power again the first, John Craven enseoss'd William Craven his son, John Bride, junior, Thomas Chaterton, chaplain, Richard Merser of Warsop, Richard Colyngworth of the same, Raph Bekwith, Tho. Bekwith, Robert Craven, and Walter Graver, in all his lands and tenements, rents and services, with the appurtenances in Sukholme, witness William Champen of Sukholme, John Plumtre of the same, &c.

[Throsby] Sulkholm,

Sulkholm, is owned by the duke of Newcastle. It stands on the western borders of the county, and is called, in Thoroton's map, Soucam, and in others Stockholm. It is only a hamlet of the manor of Worksop:


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